Germany: Seda Basay-Yildiz: NSU 2.0 is said to have threatened a lawyer again

January 13, 2019

The Frankfurt lawyer Seda Basay-Yildiz has once again received an “NSU 2.0”, signed threatening letter, reported the Süddeutsche Zeitung (“SZ”). Again data is to be used, which are only found in the reporting tab: In the letter the name of Basay-Yildiz’ family members, who are registered under your address.

“that’s not something you can find out about the social networks,” said Basay-Yildiz the “SZ”. This points again to the fact that the perpetrator has access to police data.

In August 2018 Basay had reimbursed Yildiz display due to a addressed to Drohbriefes, signed with “NSU 2.0”. The ensuing investigation revealed in December, an extreme right-wing cell within the Frankfurt police. Then, five officers were suspended from service.

The renewed threatening letter suggests, however, that even this time the police have been used data and it is directly related to the suspension of the Frankfurt police: “You brain-dead shit-Doner is obviously not aware of what you did to our police colleagues did”, citing the “SZ” from the letter.

As a lawyer Basay-Yildiz represented, among others, relatives of a murder victim in the NSU-process and last the to Tunisia expelled the Islamists Sami A. police officers had assured her now, there is no risk for you. But they had offered her at the same time, to obtain a permit for their own protection, reports the “SZ”. (DEUTSCH) (DEUTSCH) (DEUTSCH) (DEUTSCH) (DEUTSCH) (TURKCE) (TURKCE) (ESPANOL)

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