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Venezuela/Argentina: Argentine Human Rights Lawyer Is Latest Venezuelan Detainee to Flee

March 19, 2018

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An Argentine-Venezuelan rights lawyer became the latest activist to escape detention by President Nicolas Maduro’s government and flee Venezuela over the weekend.


“I am so happy to be free, but so sad for what’s left behind,” Marcelo Crovato, 51, told Reuters after reaching Colombia from where he was flying to Argentina later on Monday.


Crovato was detained at his Caracas home in 2014 while working for a rights group defending young protesters during a wave of demonstrations against Maduro’s socialist government. Forty-three people were killed and thousands were injured during the unrest.


He spent 10 months at a prison where he had once served as director, before being granted house arrest.


Speaking by telephone from Colombia, Crovato declined to give full details of his escape for fear of retaliation against friends or relatives by Venezuelan intelligence agents.



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Venezuela: Venezuela frees 85-year-old government opponent after day of detention

February 3, 2018

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Venezuela late on Friday freed an 85-year-old activist, who is the sole survivor of a clandestine group that fought a 1950s military dictatorship, after he was detained by intelligence agents for a day.

The family of lawyer Enrique Aristeguieta and the political party Justice First said he was taken from his home in Caracas in the early hours of Friday, with no explanation from authorities.

“Full freedom for Enrique Aristeguieta and we’ll also achieve that for Venezuela,” said hard-line opposition leader Maria Corina Machado.

Aristeguieta is an outspoken opposition campaigner who regularly compares what he calls the “narco-tyranny” of socialist President Nicolas Maduro to the 1952-1958 dictatorship of Marcos Perez.





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Venezuela: UN Watch Condemns Venezuela for Arrest of 85-year-old Activist

February 2, 2018

UN Watch Condemns Venezuela for Arrest of 85-year-old Activist

UN Watch, a Geneva-based monitoring group, condemned Venezuela for arresting an 85-year-old activist in the middle of last night, taken from his home in Caracas at 3:00 a.m. by security forces.

Agents of the Sebin intelligence service have detained Enrique Aristeguieta Gramcko, an eminent lawyer, historian, and former politician who is active in two groups that have criticized the repressive Maduro regime. He is the president of the Great National Alliance (GANA), and a board member of Soy Venezuela.

“Venezuela’s arbitrary detention of Mr. Aristeguieta Gramcko is a breach of due process, and violates the government’s basic obligations as a member of the UN Human Rights Council,” said Hillel Neuer, executive director of UN Watch.

“We demand the immediate release of Mr. Aristeguieta Gramcko and all other political prisoners, and we call on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein to speak out immediately to demand his freedom. We continue to demand an urgent session of the UNHRC to address ongoing gross and systematic abuses by Venezuela’s Maduro regime.”

Mr. Aristeguieta Gramcko played a crucial role in the birth of Venezuelan democracy. He was a member of the Junta Patriotica, a congressman, ambassador to the Caribbean, deputy minister of home affairs, governor of the Nueva Esparta state, and president of the Supreme Electoral Council.

He is a widely-respected figure in Venezuelan society, revered over many years for his tireless defense of political and civil liberties and democracy in Venezuela.

There is currently no information about his whereabouts.




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Venezuela/EU/Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought: Call for EU sanctions ahead of human rights award

December 12, 2017

2017 Sakharov Prize laureate Democratic opposition in Venezuela

The EU’s top human rights award will be officially presented to Venezuela’s opposition and political prisoners on Wednesday.

The Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought comes after deadly anti-government demos in the country earlier this year.

Last month, Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma, an opponent of President Nicolas Maduro, escaped house arrest and made it to Spain.

Speaking to Euronews, he says the EU needs to hit Venezuela with sanctions.

“Canada and the US have made sanctions against individuals, and not against the whole country. They’re meant to hit people in connection with drug trafficking, corruption and human rights violations. The EU too should follow this path,” Ledezma stressed.

“But there has been a step forward with the EU’s embargo on arms being used by the government of Nicolas Maduro to commit crimes against human rights.”

Venezuela is in crisis, with deep splits between supporters of Maduro’s socialist government and the opposition. The government rejects global criticism.

The Sakaharov prize – named after a Soviet scientist and dissident – is awarded annually. Last year, it was went to two Yazidi women who escaped the so-called Islamic State in Iraq.

Wednesday’s ceremony will be held in Strasbourg.











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Democratically elected mayor of Caracas, leader of the Venezuelan opposition, and political prisoner from 2015 until his escape last month – Antonio Ledezma works ceaselessly to fight for the freedom of his people.

Just yesterday, Ledezma and Julio Borges received the Sakharov Prize awarded by the European Parliament to the Democratic Opposition in Venezuela.

We are honoured to have Antonio Ledezma speaking at the upcoming Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy 2018. #GS18

(Geneva Summit Facebook)

Venezuela/Canada: Phone-tapping, fear and threats: Why an ex-Venezuelan judge is seeking refuge in Canada

November 16, 2017

The Globe and Mail

A former Venezuelan judge who says she was forced under threat to sign arrest warrants for President Nicolas Maduro’s political opponents is seeking refugee protection in Canada.

In an exclusive interview with The Globe and Mail, Ralenis Tovar said she and her family fled Venezuela on July 28, claiming refugee status when they landed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

After more than three years of what she described as threats, stalking and a kidnapping attempt by members of the Maduro regime, Ms. Tovar said her fear peaked in June when another judge involved in the sentencing of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was murdered. Ms. Tovar, who claims she was once forced to sign an arrest warrant for Mr. Lopez, knew it was time to leave.

“Nelson Moncada was found murdered and [he] was involved in Leopoldo Lopez’s case too. I felt that it might be the government who, in one way or another, was trying to get rid of people who were involved in that case,” Ms. Tovar said in Spanish through her counsel Victor Korsun, who translated for her.

Ms. Tovar, 47, fled with her 13-year-old daughter and husband. They are currently living in a Toronto hotel until they can move into an apartment in December. In the meantime, they are awaiting a hearing with the Immigration and Refugee Board.

The Caracas-born lawyer left behind friends, family and a 17-year career as a judge in the Venezuelan capital. She says she started to notice the judiciary losing its independence in 2009, but things intensified in 2013 when Mr. Maduro became President.






Venezuela: Venezuela: violations de Caracas soumises à la CPI

le 13 octobre, 2017

L’ancienne procureure générale du Venezuela Luisa Ortega, en exil, va donner un dossier à la CPI sur des exécutions extrajudiciaires et d’autres violations menées par son gouvernement. Elle a rencontré vendredi à Genève le Haut commissaire aux droits de l’homme.

Ce document pour la Cour pénale internationale (CPI) sera accompagné “d’un ensemble d’expertises” qui prouvent ces exécutions, a-t-elle dit à quelques journalistes après sa discussion avec Zeid Raad al-Hussein. Après s’être réfugiée fin août en Colombie, Luisa Ortega, entrée en dissidence, avait entamé une tournée à travers l’Amérique latine, au Brésil, au Costa Rica et au Mexique.

Elle avait présenté des indications à charge sur la corruption présumée du gouvernement. Son successeur a expliqué qu’il n’ouvrirait pas d’investigations contre le président Nicolas Maduro sur ces allégations. Luisa Ortega avait été congédiée de ses fonctions début août par la nouvelle Assemblée constituante controversée, acquise au chef de l’Etat.

De son côté, M. Zeid a dénoncé en septembre devant le Conseil des droits de l’homme de possibles “crimes contre l’humanité” dans ce pays, accusations qualifiées de “mensonges” par le gouvernement. Il a demandé un mécanisme international d’investigations sur les violences de ces derniers mois entre le régime et les opposants qui ont fait au total au moins plus de 120 victimes.



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Venezuela/USA: Persecuted Venezuelan Judges Flee to US to Serve as Supreme Court in Exile

October 11, 2017

magistrados - tsj exilio

The five Venezuelan judges living under the protection of the Chilean embassy in Caracas escaped to the United States through Colombia, Chilean officials announced.

The judges, persecuted by the regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro, reportedly decided to leave the safety of the embassy in order to form a Supreme Court of Justice in exile.

“The Chilean government reports that on October 9 of this year, the Venezuelan citizens to whom our country granted political asylum, left the residence of the Ambassador of our country in Caracas,” the Chilean Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Sources close to the judges said they escaped to Colombia by crossing the border city of Cúcuta and from there traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with members of the Organization of American States (OAS) and other Venezuelan exiles.