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Honduras: Another Lawyer Killed In Honduras, 153 Since 2002

December 4, 2018

A Honduran lawyer was brutally gunned down in a restaurant near the Supreme Court on Monday. Only 10% of the murders of lawyers go punished in the country.

The Honduran Human Rights Commission says that 153 lawyers have been murdered in Honduras between 2002 and 2018, and 90 percent of these cases have gone unpunished. The national commission released a statement on Monday after lawyer Reynaldo Barahona was found murdered.


As many as 130 of the cases took place between 2010 and 2018 alone, said the rights body, that condemned the planned assassination of Barahona brutally shot at Monday morning by armed men wearing bulletproof vests who converged on the lawyer as he ate breakfast in a restaurant near the country’s Supreme Court in Tegucigalpa. Local media says the defender was riddled with bullets in the restaurant where police and military officials were also dining.

The Honduran state agency called on the authorities to establish effective security mechanisms to protect against these homicides.

“It is urgent that Honduran authorities establish security mechanisms to safeguard the physical integrity and life of legal professionals and their families,” the commission underlined.




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HONDURAS – 3 décembre 2018
Reynaldo Barahona
Abattu en face de la Cour suprême de justice à Tegucigalpa.
Il avait demandé une protection car il figurait sur une liste des personnes à exécuter établie par les services spéciaux. Elle lui avait été refusée.

La menace a été exécutée…


(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 06/12/18)


UK/Colombia/Egypt/China/Honduras etc: Occupational hazards

October 22, 2018

Turkey arrest

Lawyers all over the world risk losing their liberty – and worse – when they seek to uphold fundamental human rights. Jonathan Rayner reports


Across the world in places once deemed ‘safe’, the rule of law is under pressure to give way to populism and authoritarianism – meaning lawyers’ clients and their own support for justice are putting them personally at risk. In Colombia, 120 lawyers were murdered in 2017. President Erdogan’s crackdown in Turkey has seen 22 advocates put on trial for ‘terrorism’, and the list of countries where similar incidences are occurring is long – including China, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Venezuela, Morocco, Peru, the Philippines, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and Kenya. Yet international solidarity between lawyers is strong, and many are organising to protect and support persecuted colleagues in a battle for justice that can feel like it must be fought street-by-street.


English lawyers, and this is perhaps to over-dramatise matters, have been at imminent risk of violent death since 1591. That was the year that Shakespeare wrote Henry VI part two and placed the words, ‘The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers’, into the mouth of a rebellious Dick the Butcher. Some 427 years later, the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2018 was marked by lawyers in 35 European and other cities worldwide. They were showing solidarity with their persecuted Egyptian counterparts, the same way that in the previous two years they had demonstrated their support for imperilled lawyers in China and Honduras.

Egypt, China, Honduras – three nations on three different continents. The threat to lawyers, although small in the UK, is global. Dick the Butcher’s rantings have been supplanted by something altogether more sinister: extra-judicial executions, state-sanctioned wrongful imprisonment and harassment, electronic surveillance and an autocratic disregard for the rule of law. Sir Patrick Elias, president of the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk and a retired Appeal Court judge, says the problem is widespread: ‘It flourishes wherever there are dictatorships.’



Brazil/Colombia/Guatemala/Honduras/ Mexico/The Philippines: Stop the Killings

June 21, 2018

Stop the Killings Report.jpg

“Stop the Killings” analyzes the root causes of the killing of HRDs in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines.

The report is based on original research by Comitê Brasileiro de Defensoras e Defensores de Direitos Humanos – CBDDH, (Brazil), Programa Somos Defensores (Colombia), UDEFEGUA (Guatemala), ACI-Participa (Honduras), Comité Cerezo (Mexico) and iDEFEND, Karapatan and Pahra (Philippines).

With a forward from United Natiosn Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders Michel Forst and introduction by Front Line Defenders Exective Director Andrew Anderson, “Stop the Killings” is a vital resource for understanding the current and alarming increase of killings of human rights defenders globally.





Honduras: Asesinan a abogado de alcalde de Arizona, acusado por defender el río Jilamito en Atlántida


Carlos Hernández, era el apoderado legal del alcalde de Arizona, Arnoldo Chacón, quien recientemente, junto a otros 4 integrantes del MADJ fueron acusados del delito de usurpación por detentación en contra del Estado de Honduras y la empresa Generación Eléctrica (INGELSA), debido a su defensa del río Jilamito, hecha y sostenida desde el Campamento Digno en Defensa del Río Jilamito, instalado en Arizona, desde mayo del 2017.

San Pedro Sula. 10 de abril de 2018.

El abogado y ex fiscal del Ministerio Público, Carlos Hernández fue asesinado al interior de su bufete ubicado en el municipio de Tela, justamente en la esquina opuesta a donde hace una semana ultimaron a una doctora, en Tela Atlántida.

Carlos Hernández, era el apoderado legal del alcalde de Arizona, Arnoldo Chacón, quien recientemente, junto a otros 4 integrantes del MADJ fueron acusados del delito de usurpación por detentación en contra del Estado de Honduras y la empresa Generación Eléctrica (INGELSA), debido a su defensa del río Jilamito, hecha y sostenida desde el Campamento Digno en Defensa del Río Jilamito, instalado en Arizona, desde mayo del 2017.

Previo al proceso judicial en su contra, Arnoldo Chacón fue víctima de allanamientos domiciliarios ilegales por parte de los cuerpos de seguridad del Estado, hostigamientos y persecución debido a su condición de candidato a alcalde afín a las luchas por los bienes naturales y a su oposición abierta dentro de la corporación municipal al otorgamiento de permisos de construcción a la empresa INGELSA.





https://www.frontlinedefenders.org/en/case/carlos-hernandez-killed (ENGLISH)

Egypt/Honduras: These 6 gender activists are shaking up the world

December 8, 2017


Space for the feminist movement is shrinking. Gender activists face double layers of restrictions compared to their male counter-parts because they are challenging patriarchal systems. These brave women and non-binary activists continue to fight for equality despite facing repression from not only governments and religious or militant groups, but also from within their own homes and communities.

They are targets of microaggression, rape and death threats, online harassment and intimidation. Sadly, too often, the threats are not idel and gender activists are arrested, murdered or face sexual violence. To commemorate the International Day for Women Human Rights Defenders on 29 November, we interviewed six dedicated gender activists – from the Philippines, United States, Poland, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Honduras – who are shaking up the world.


Azza Soliman, Egypt

Photo: Rene Clement. Some rights reserved.Women’s rights lawyer and founder of the Center for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance, Azza Soliman, is facing some of the most severe restrictions one can face as a women human rights defender. After twenty years of supporting survivors of domestic violence in Egypt with legal assistance, she is accused of receiving foreign funding for activities against national interest. If convicted she could face life in jail. Azza’s bank account has been frozen and she is banned from leaving Egypt while waiting for the verdict from the court.

“Government media is accusing me of not being a proper Muslim woman because I’m divorced and I don’t wear a head scarf. They try to attack my personality. Now, I am scared to walk in the street because the defamation is an indirect invitation for people to attack me.”

In spite of these immense difficulties, Azza has managed to fight back. She prioritises self-care through therapy and has also taken actions against the restrictions. “I am running a case against the British bank in Egypt that froze my account and also the World Bank because it supports this bank financially in Egypt. I continue fighting with the support from local communities in Egypt and all the solidarity messages I receive from all over the world. It is good to know that I am not alone in this.”


Honduras: STOP au massacre des avocats au Honduras

le 27 juin, 2017

Displaying image.png

(L’Observatoire IDHAE Facebook)

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Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Final report of the day of the endangered lawyer 2016 with the focus on Honduras


The AED (European federation of 10) lawyer organizations and the Foundation day of the endangered Lawyer are glad to present to you the final report about the last day of the endangered lawyer 2016 (Honduras), also with great thanks to the ELDH and their members for their great efforts).

As we have not received all relevant information it is possible that not all the activities in all the cities have been highlighted. There were activities between Tegucicalpa and Manilla ,and between Alanya and Toronto.

We really hope that the project will continue growing all over the world. We have received again very enthusiastic reactions from lawyers from new cities in other continents for next year 2017.

We hope to receive next year again more news about actions/manifestations in Asia, Australia, Africa, North- and South America. We want to thank you on behalf of the lawyers in Honduras for all your support in 2016 . In the final report you can read about a follow-up,and you can read unfortunately about 6 new killings of lawyers (now already 8)

Basic report about China

This year – for the 7th celebration  of the DAY OF THE ENDANGERED LAWYER – we have made a general report without individual cases and pictures, which you find attached. Much more news about the specific problems the Chinese lawyers have to face, you will find on the internet and in very recent press articles which have been published all over the world.

A month ago more than 100 lawyer organizations and human rights organizations have co-signed the letter to the Chinese president. You find attached a final statement and press information, with thanks to Kit Chan about the fate of the lawyers involved in the 709 crackdown. Beside the lawyers mentioned and involved in the crackdown cases there are many lawyers to mention who have been harassed. They were involved in very different human rights cases or cases against the government. At least we have to mention the cases of the lawyers among many other cases: