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UK/Bangladesh/India: UK lawyer alleges India deported him under Bangladesh pressure

July 13, 2018

Lord Alex Carlile, a member of the legal team of opposition BNP leader Khaleda Zia, was deported from New Delhi airport.

UK lawyer alleges India deported him under Bangladesh pressure

A senior UK lawyer has claimed that the Indian government deported him from the country at the behest of neighbouring Bangladesh government, which wanted to stop him from lobbying on behalf of a jailed opposition leader.

Lord Alex Carlile QC, a member of the legal team of Khaleda Zia, chairperson of the main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), who was jailedin February for five years on corruption charges, said that he was “shocked that India should have succumbed supinely to representations by the Bangladesh government”.

The BNP leader and five others were accused of embezzling over 21 million taka ($252,000) from foreign donations intended for the Zia Orphanage Trust – a charity named after former President Ziaur Rahman, Zia’s husband.





Bangladesh: Sheikh Hasina Complicit in Secret Detentions by Bangladesh Intelligence, Says Source

May 28, 2018

Interviews with a close political colleague of the prime minister are the first time that evidence has pointed towards the prime minister’s direct involvement. Under the current regime, there have been hundreds of secret detentions by law enforcement authorities, many involving the opposition.

Hummam Quader Chowdhury and Mir Ahmed Bin Quasem. Credit: Facebook

Bangladesh’s prime minister signed off on secret detentions by the country’s intelligence services as part of a widening crackdown on the opposition, a close associate has claimed.

Sheikh Hasina is said to have given the country’s military intelligence agency Directorate General of Forces Intelligence, known as DGFI, “clearance” to illegally pick up two men linked with the opposition who were secretly detained for months.

The whereabouts of one of the men remains unknown, 20 months after he was detained.

Bangladesh has faced severe criticism from human rights organisations over its record of enforced disappearances.

Under the current administration, there have been hundreds of secret detentions by law enforcement authorities, many involving the political opposition, with dozens of victims turning up dead or never returning.

The political associate of the prime minister said that the disappearances of both Mir Ahmed Bin Quasem, a British-trained barrister who was picked up from his flat in Dhaka in front of his wife and children, and Hummam Quader Chowdhury, who was taken from his car as his mother watched, were “authorised by the prime minister” in August 2016 after DFGI approached Sheikh Hasina with a “concocted” story about a conspiracy between them against the government.

Bin Quasem, also known as Arman, is the son of a Jamaat-e-Islami leader who was subsequently executed for crimes committed during the country’s independence war. Chowdhury’s father was a prominent leader of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party and was also executed for 1971 war crimes.

Whilst Chowdhury was released onto the streets of Dhaka in April 2017 after disappearing for seven months, Bin Quasem remains missing.






Bangladesh: Missing Bangladesh Hindu lawyer’s body found

April 1, 2018

Representational photo. Reuters

Bangladesh’s police on Wednesday recovered the bloodstained body of prominent Hindu lawyer Ratish Chandra Bhowmik, who had gone missing last week after he left home in the Rangpur district.

The police also arrested four persons, including his wife, suspecting their link to the murder.

Mr. Bhowmik, 58, had fought the state’s case in high-profile murder trials against Islamist extremists.

“Their confessional statements led us to the dead body from an under construction building near Bhowmik’s own house,” said Benazir Ahmed, Director General of police anti-crime Rapid Action Battalion, referring to Mr. Bhowmik’s family. He added that the lawyer’s wife, a teacher, and one of her arrested colleagues, were directly involved in the murder.

Police said mobile phone records gave them the clue to the murder leading to his wife’s arrest.







March 7, 2018

Image may contain: Shahanur Saikot

BANGLADESH: Continuous legal harassment against Bangladeshi lawyer, human rights defender and blogger Mr. Shahanur Islam

Dear Friends,

Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights urges your prompt and urgent intervention on the continuous legal harassment against Bangladeshi lawyer, human rights defender and blogger Mr. Shahanur Islam, who is implicated with a false and fabricated criminal charge due to his constant battle against gross human rights violations as well as fighting to ensure constitutional recognition of LGBT rights in Bangladesh.


Name & Identity of the Victim : Mr. Shahanur Islam @ Saikot @ Dulal, Secretary General and Honorary Executive Director of Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR). He is an enrolled as an Advocate under the Bangladesh Bar Council as well as is a member of district Bar Association Naogaon and Dhaka. He is also an International Member of Amnesty International and administrator of the online LGBT Bengali portal বৈচিত্র্য.বাংলা

In the course of his professional duties, he deals with many legal cases against perpetrators at court. He has also conducted many fact-finding missions on human rights violations as well as issued local and international urgent appeals requesting attention to concerned authorities. Due to his vital role for the protection and promotion of human rights and criminal justice in Bangladesh, he was the recipient of the Asia JusticeMakers Fellowship-2010, awarded by International Bridges to Justice (IBJ), Switzerland

Name & Identity of the Perpetrators  : i) Md. Jahurul Islam, Member, District Council, Naogaon, President, Jubodal (youth wing of Bangladesh Nationalish Party (BNP), Biashbari Union Council Branch, Badalgachhi Upazila, Naogaon;

  1. ii) SM Jobayer Hossain, Sub-Inspector of Police, Badalgachhi Police Station, Naogaon;

iii) Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Assistnt Sub-Inspector of Police, Badalgachhi Police Station, Naogaon;

  1. iv) Jalal Uddin, Officer in Charge, Badalgachhi Police Station, Naogaon.

Date & time of the Incident                         : December 21, 2017 around at 6:00 am

Number and date of General Diary             : Badalgachhi Police Station GD # 886, December 23, 2017

Number and date of the case                      :Badalgachhi Police Station Non-Government Register Prosecution # 1, January 29, 2018

Section                                                         : 427 & 506 under Penal Code of Bangladesh

Date of Issue Warrant of Arrest by Court            : February 14, 2018


On December 23, 2018, Md. Jahurul Islam, Member of District Council, Naogaon as well as President of Jubodal (youth wing of Bangladesh Nationalish Party (BNP), Biashbari Union Branch, Badalgachhi Upazila, Naogaon intentionally made a false and fabricated allegation against Mr. Shahanur Islam @ Saikot @ Md. Dulal Hossain and others two member of his family. In his allegation Md. Jahurul Islam stated that on December 21, 2017 around at 6:00am Mr. Shahanur Islam and his other two family members intimidated him with death threats using deadly weapon after committing mischief and thereby causing damage to his crops, for an amount of 5000.00 taka.

After receiving the allegation, Badalgachhi Police Station, Naogaon registered a General Diary being Badalgachhi Police Station GD number 886, dated on December 23, 2017 against Mr. Shahanur Islam @ Saikot @ Md. Dulal Hossain and others two members of his family with a charge of mischief causing damage and criminal intimation to Md. Jahurul Islam.

Then on January 2, 2018, SM Jobayer Hossain, Sub-Inspector of Police, Badalgachhi Police Station, Naogaon prayed to the concern Senior Judicial Magistrate to investigate the issue. After obtaining permission, Mr. Hossain submitted the prosecution report being Non -Government Registered Prosecution Number 1/2018 against Mr. Shahanur Islam and his other two family members under section 427 & 506 of the Penal Code to the concerned court on January 29, 2018 through interconnecting and conspiracy with each of the perpetrators.

Then on February 4, 2018 the concerned court took the allegation in cognizance and issued the summons against Mr. Shahanur Islam and his two family members to present before the court on February 14, 2018 and asked the Badalgachhi Police Station to ensure the execution of Summon to Mr. Shahanur Islam and his others two family members.

Then on February 12, 2018, Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Assistnt Sub-Inspector of Police, Badalgachhi Police Station, Naogaon executed the summons forging the signature of Mr. Shahanur Islam and his other two family members through interconnecting and conspiracy with each of the perpetrators and submitted the report of Summons execution to the concerned court.

Then on February 13, 2018, the concerned court issued the Warrant of Arrest against Mr. Shahanur Islam and his other two family members. Then on February 22, 2018 Mr. Shahnur Islam voluntarily surrendered before the concerned court and the learned court granted him bail.

It is to be noted that Mr. Shahanur Islam was flying back from Dubai to Dhaka by Emirates Airlines Flight number EK 0582 at the date and time of the alleged offence.


This is not an isolated instance of such kind of legal harassment on lawyers, human rights defenders and bloggers in Bangladesh. It is a very common phenomenon for professionals like lawyers, human rights defenders and bloggers of Bangladesh to face attacks, harassment, ill treatment, death threats from members of political parties, terrorist threats and attacks from law-enforcement agencies and security forces. It is well known that Bangladesh has cultivated one of the leading cultures of impunity to alleged perpetrators of human rights abuses. Instead of improving the country’s human rights record the government of Bangladesh has paved the way to attack the rights of  citizens through various means of violations.


  1. BIHR strongly urges the authorities to take the issue of legal harassment made against Mr Islam seriously and to fully and immediately investigate this recent incident of legal harassment made against Mr. Shahanur Islam, the result of which must be made public, in order to identify all those responsible, bring them before a competent, independent and impartial tribunal and apply to them the penal sanctions provided by the law;
  2. Take all necessary measures to guarantee, in all circumstances, the physical and psychological integrity, safety and well-being of Mr. Shahanur Islam;
  3. Put an end to all acts of harassment against Mr. Shahanur Islam as well as against all human rights defenders in Bangladesh;
  4. Guarantee the respect of human rights and fundamental freedoms in accordance with the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and other international human rights instruments ratified by Bangladesh.


Please write letters to the relevant authorities to investigate this alleged incident of violence ensuring the security of the Mr. Shahanur Islam and his family. We trust that you will take immediate action regarding this serious matter and look forward to your favorable response.


  1. Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid
    President of People’s Republic of Bangladesh
    President’s Office
    Bangabhaban, Dhaka
    Tel: +880 2 9568041-50
    Fax: +88-02-9585502 (Secretary)
    Email: president@bangabhaban.gov.bd
  2. Mrs. Sheikh Hasina
    Prime Minister
    Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
    Office of the Prime Minister

Tejgaon, Dhaka
Fax: +880 2 811 3244 / 3243 / 1015 / 1490
Tel: +880 2 882 816 079 / 988 8677
E-mail: pm@pmo.gov.bd or ps1topm@pmo.gov.bd or psecy@pmo.gov.bd

  1. Mr.Justice Mahmud Hossain

Chief Justice of Bangladesh
Supreme Court of Bangladesh
Dhaka 1000
Fax: +880 2 956 5058 /+880 2 7161344
Tel: +880 2 956 2792
E-mail: chief@bdcom.com or supremec@bdcom.com

4. Mr. Anisul Huq

Ministry of Law, Justice & Parliamentary Affairs
Bangladesh Secretariat ,Dhaka-1000
Tel: +880 2 7160627 (O)

Fax: +880 2 7168557 (O)
Email: info@minlaw.gov.bd

5. Mr. Asaduzzaman Khan
Ministry of Home Affairs
Bangladesh Secretariat,Dhaka-1000
Tel: +880 2 7169069 (O)

Fax: +880 2 7160405, 880 2 7164788 (O)
E-mail: minister@mha.gov.bd

6. Kazi Reazul Hoque
National Human Rights Commission
10th Floor, Gulfeshan Plaza
BTMC Bhaban (8th Floor)
7-9 Kazi Nazrul Islam Ave, Kawran Bazar,
Phone PABX # 88-02-55013726-28

FAX # 88-02-55013725;

E-mail: info@nhrc.org.bd

7. Dr. Mohammad Javed Patwary
Inspector General of Police (IGP)
Bangladesh Police
Police Headquarters

6,Phoenix Road,

Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
Fax: +880 2 956 3362 / 956 3363
Tel: +880 2 956 2054 / +880 2 717 6451 / +880 2 717 6677
E-mail: ig@police.gov.bd

We trust that you will take immediate action regarding this serious matter.

Thank You

Urgent Appeal Desk

Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR)

27, Bijoy Nagar, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Cell: +88 017 20308080, email: bihr.bd@gmail.com







Bangladesh: SCBA president, secretary get bail

February 11, 2018

Zainul Abedin and KM Mahbubuddin Khokon

The High Court today granted anticipatory bail to Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) President Advocate Zainul Abedin and its Secretary Barrister KM Mahbubuddin Khokon in three separate criminal cases.

The cases were filed with Ramna Police Station on charges of preventing law enforcers from discharging their duties during the agitation by BNP-led alliance on February 8 when a lower court convicted and sentenced BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia in a corruption case.

Today, the HC granted bail to Zainul and Khokon, also vice-chairman and joint secretary general of BNP respectively, till submission of the police report to the lower court in the cases.



Egypt/Day of the Endangered Lawyer/Bangladesh: Joint Statement JusticeMakers Bangladesh, Lawyers for Lawyers Bangladesh Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights

January 23, 2018


Solidarity with Egyptian lawyers

Appeal to the Egyptian Government – Respect the rights of Egyptian lawyers

Egypt is going through the most serious human rights crisis in its history. Every day security forces arbitrarily displace 3 or 4 people (AI Secretary General, 18 Dec. 2016).

In 2018 the focus of all activities concerning the Day of The Endangered Lawyers will entirely focus on Egypt. Today in Egypt, human rights activists, lawyers, and journalists, all have to live with their phone calls being tapped, and with intimidation and threats from the authorities. After the overthrow of President Mohammed Morsi the human rights situation has deteriorated dramatically. The government has restricted severely freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and freedom of association. The authorities have taken harsh actions against dissidents, ten thousands have been arbitrarily arrested, and many of them tortured during custody. Security forces that killed demonstrators have not been held accountable. After harsh unfair trials, hundreds of people have received prison or even death sentences. Victims of this persecution include not only alleged members and supporters of the Muslim brotherhood but also any other opponents to the present government, in particular alleged members of left organizations and human rights activists.


  1. Immediately and unconditionally release and compensate all detained lawyers and other human rights activists;







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Bangladesh: বসা নিয়ে বাগবিতণ্ডা : ভ্রাম্যমাণ আদালতে এবার আইনজীবীর সাজা

দিনাজপুরের বীরগঞ্জে এসি ল্যান্ডের কক্ষে বসা নিয়ে বাগবিতণ্ডার জের ধরে সিনিয়র এক আইনজীবীকে ভ্রাম্যমাণ আদালত বসিয়ে সাজা দিয়েছেন বীরগঞ্জের এসি ল্যান্ড বিরোদা রানী রায়। ভুক্তভোগী আইনজীবীর নাম অ্যাডভোকেট নিরোদ বিহারী রায়।

গত মঙ্গলবার সকালে একটি নামজারির মামলায় শুনানি করতে গেলে তাঁকে ৫০০ টাকা জরিমানা, অনাদায়ে এক দিনের করাদণ্ড দেওয়া হয়।

সাজা দেওয়ার সময় এসি ল্যান্ড তাঁর বক্তব্যে ‘আমি আমার ক্ষমতা দেখালাম, পারলে আপনি আপনার ক্ষমতা দেখান’ এমন উক্তি করেছেন বলে অভিযোগ করেন ভুক্তভোগী সিনিয়র আইনজীবী নিরোদ বিহারী রায়। পরে জেলা আইনজীবী সমিতি বিষয়টি জেলা প্রশাসককে জানালে তাত্ক্ষণিকভাবে এসি ল্যান্ড বিরোদা রানী রায়কে কুড়িগ্রামের ভূরুঙ্গামারী উপজেলায় বদলি করা হয়।

এ ঘটনায় জেলা আইনজীবী সমিতি আজ বৃহস্পতিবার ও আগামী রবিবার দুই দিনের প্রতিবাদ কর্মসূচি ঘোষণা করেছে।

জানা গেছে, মো. সাহেব আলী নামের এক ব্যক্তির একটি জমির খারিজ আবেদনের (পুরাতন নাম বাতিল করা বা নামজারি) শুনানি ছিল গত মঙ্গলবার এসি ল্যান্ড অফিসে। সাহেব আলীর প্রতিপক্ষ হলেন মো. খায়রুল ইসলাম গং। সাহেব আলীর আইনজীবী হচ্ছেন নিরোদ বাহারী রায়। আর প্রতিপক্ষ খায়রুল ইসলাম গংয়ের আইনজীবী হলেন অ্যাডভোকেট নুরুল ইসলাম ও শিক্ষানবিশ আইনজীবী মোহাম্মদ ওয়ারিস উল ইসলাম অলি।


(A lawyer in the north of Bangladesh was arbitrarily convicted.)