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Ghana: Supreme Court to hear Sosu’s suspension appeal

February 14, 2018

Francis Sosu 1

The Supreme Court has given approval for suspended Human Rights lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu to file an appeal against a three-year suspension imposed on him by the General Legal Council (GLC).

The court president over by Justice Yaw nullified an earlier judgement by the Appeals court that prevented Mr Sosu an application for stay of execution of the punishment, which prevents him from practicing law in Ghana.

In the wisdom of the court it will be an abuse of the fundamental human rights of Mr Sosu if he is prevented a hearing.

Mr Sosu has seven days to file his processes after which the court will hear the case.

It will be recalled that the GLC banned Mr Sosu from practising for three years on two major offences including overcharging a client.

The Council added that he had flouted the Professional Conduct and Etiquette rules by advertising his legal firm’s name and address on social media platform, Facebook.

Dissatisfied with the GLC’s decision, he went to the Court of Appeal to quash the suspension. But before the appeal would be heard, he also filed a motion seeking to halt the implementation of the suspension.

But on Wednesday, 26 July, the court presided over by Mr Justice Henry Anthony Kwofie dismissed the motion pending a determination of the substantive appeal case.

The judge said the jurisdiction of the court had not been triggered appropriately.







Egypt/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Ghana


The Petition the was submitted on behalf of Endangered Lawyers in Egypt 🇪🇬 and copied the Ghana Bar Association

(Francis-Xavier Sosu Facebook)



Ghana: Lawyer Sosu’s ban; read the full transcript of a meeting between him and GLC

December 24, 2017

Celebrated human rights lawyer, Francis-Xavier Sosu was baned June this year by the General Legal Council for finding the lawyer guilty of overcharging a client, touting and personal advertising.

At one of the meetings at the GLC, this is what transpired.


AY: Mr. Sosu, you were invited here by this committee because, I think early this year on Facebook, you appeared to have advertised yourself in such a way that we do not think as a lawyer it has to be done. Yes. How say you?

FX: Well, I would say that I never had the intention of doing so.

AY: You never had the intention of….

FX: …of doing so

SA: But by accident….it was by accident? Well, if it is not intentional, then it was accidental.

FX: My Lady, I thought I was only giving back information and didn’t know….

SA: For what purpose? Who? Who are you informing? Your client knows you had issued the writ or you had taken the step that he was hoping you would take on his behalf. After that, at that stage of matters, whose business is the rest, apart from you trying to do..working assiduously for your client?

AY: And also this is not a public sort of…

SO: ..interest..

AY: ..yes public interest …yes, it’s private. Somebody goes to court and says his fundamental human rights are…his privacy is being abused..then you go wayward.




Ghana: Embattled Sosu sues General Legal Council for violating his right to fair trial

December 18, 2017

Renowned human rights lawyer, Francis-Xavier Sosu, has filed a writ at the Human Rights High Court, seeking an order to enforce his fundamental rights to a fair trial as guaranteed under the 1992 Constitution.

He also filed an interlocutory injunction restraining the General Legal Council (GLC), the regulator of the legal profession in Ghana, from taking any further disciplinary proceedings in respect of him pending the determination of his human rights by the court.

He has exhibited one of his previous proceedings, where he alleges he was abused and threatened by the Disciplinary Committee members.

The exhibit, according to him, shows the Committee members made serious pre-judicial, political and religious statements against him.

Mr Sosu was handed a four-year suspension earlier this year by the GLC after he was found guilty of professional misconduct contrary to the code regulating legal practice in Ghana.





Ghana: I’ll quit law practice in Ghana due to ‘demigods’ – Lawyer

December 8, 2017

Xavier Sosu Law

Human rights lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu has revealed his willingness to quit the practice of law in Ghana, stating he cannot stand the level of injustice and arbitrariness of the General Legal Council.

Mr. Sosu who has been handed a three-year ban from practicing for professional misconduct, has accused members of the Council of destroying young lawyers in the country in order “to seek relevance”.

“To be frank with you, I’m so prepared right now to quit legal practice in Ghana. Oh of course, I’m prepared to quit. Me, i can’t stand injustices,” he said on Onua FM’s Yen Sempa morning show Friday.

He told host of the show, Bright Kwesi Asempa that members of the Council, which has recently been criticised for its posture, “have formed themselves into a cartel” and intimidating layers, especially the young ones.

In his estimation, the General Legal Council, which is the main regulatory body for the conduct and administration of legal education and profession in Ghana, has now become lawless with no regard for due process whatsoever.

“You constitute yourself into a body which is so arbitrary, which is so lawless,” he said, adding “Once a while, we must call a spade a spade in this country”. He made reference to his disciplinary hearing to support his argument, suggesting he was humiliated, insulted and mocked at by some senior judges on the Council.





Ghana: GBA demands power to punish own members

October 3, 2017

Sc Judges

The Ghana Bar Association wants the Legal Profession Act, 1960 (Act 32) amended to take away the power to discipline its members from the General Legal Council.

The General Legal Council is the main regulatory body for the conduct and administration of legal education and profession in Ghana.

The serving Chief Justice is the Chairperson of the Council, and the Judicial Secretary is its Secretary together with other appointed members including the three senior-most Supreme Court Justices, the Attorney-General and her nominee, the President, Vice and Secretary of the Ghana Bar Association and the Ashanti Regional Bar President.

Section 18 of Act 32 demands that any complaint by a person relating to the conduct of a lawyer shall be referred to a Disciplinary Committee set up by the General Legal Council.

Following the suspension of renowned human rights lawyer, Francis Xavier-Sosu by the Council for three years for professional misconduct, there were calls questioning why GBA is not clothed with the powers to discipline its own members.

The Association appears to have gotten the concerns of its members and the general public as it calls for the amendment of Act 32 in a 5-page resolution passed at its 2017/2018 annual conference held in Sunyani in September.

“The GBA calls for the amendment of the Legal Profession Act to vest the Bar with the authority to discipline lawyers,” the statement mentioned as one of the matters affecting the legal profession.





Ghana: Death threats for lawyer defending Denkyira-Obuasi suspects

August 5, 2017

Denkyira Boase Arrests 1

The lawyer defending four of the suspected lynchers of Major Maxwell Adam Mahama says he has received several threats for taking up the case. Lawyer George Bernard Shaw says the threats range from verbal abuses to death wishes on him.

He said he had his first brush with the verbal abuses at the Cape Coast High Court, where he was verbally attacked for representing the suspected killers in court.

Speaking on TV3’s Hot Issues on Saturday, the British-trained lawyer said his windscreen was at one-time smashed with stones by some unknown persons while leaving the court.

The lawyer is representing four suspects including the Denkyira-Obuasi Assemblyman, William Baah, who is accused of organizing the youth to lynch the erstwhile army captain. He insists they are innocent until proven otherwise, beyond all reasonable doubt.

“I do not stand for evil, I stand for justice.” He told host Winston Amoah that the threats against him went to the extent of some men of God praying for him to die.