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CCBE: The Council of Europe appoints a rapporteur for the drafting of a European Convention on the Profession of Lawyer/Le Conseil de l’Europe désigne un rapporteur pour préparer une Convention Européenne pour la profession d’avocat

March 9, 2017


http://www.ccbe.eu/fileadmin/speciality_distribution/public/documents/Pressreleases/2017/EN_NA_20170309_pr_0217.pdf (ENGLISH)

http://www.ccbe.eu/fileadmin/speciality_distribution/public/documents/Pressreleases/2017/FR_NA_20170309_pr_0217.pdf (FRANCAIS)

CCBE: Rapport annuel/Annual Report 2016


CCBE: How to improve the protection of threatened lawyers worldwide? Practical tools from the EU Human Rights Defenders mechanism

On March 30, the CCBE is organising, in
conjunction with ProtectDefenders.eu,
a workshop entitled “How to improve
the protection of threatened lawyers
worldwide? Practical tools from the EU
Human Rights Defenders mechanism”.
The objective of the workshop is to
present the online platform for the
protection of lawyers/human rights
defenders and its added value, and to
share information about the different
types of support which are available
for threatened lawyers (emergency
helpline, financial assistance, training,
temporary relocation…). The target
audience is the CCBE network “Defence
of the Defenders” i.e. the Bars and Law
Societies and International/European
lawyers’ organisations active in the
support of endangered lawyers. Human
Rights NGOs active in the support of
human rights defenders are also invited
to participate.
For more information or to register,
please email event@ccbe.eu.


http://www.ccbe.eu/fileadmin/speciality_distribution/public/documents/Newsletter/CCBEINFO59/FR_newsletter_59.pdf (FRANCAIS)

Day of the Endangered Lawyer/China: CCBE

January 2017


On 24 January, the CCBE supported the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2017 devoted to the situation of lawyers in China. This initiative is organised every year by the Day of the Endangered Lawyer Foundation and the European Democratic Lawyers (AED), with the support of several other lawyers’ organisations. Each year, there is a focus on a different country. This year the country chosen was China, given the particularly intense crackdown against lawyers which has happened since 2015. The CCBE participated in a demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy in Brussels, together with representatives of the Belgian Bar and other lawyer and human rights organisations. The CCBE also participated in the conference organised by the International Observatory for Lawyers in danger (OIAD) in Paris. Demonstrations happened in 19 countries around the world. More information about


http://www.ccbe.eu/fileadmin/speciality_distribution/public/documents/Newsletter/CCBEINFO58/FR_newsletter_58.pdf (FRANCAIS)