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Australia: Man arrested at Sydney Airport over ‘shooting murder’ of lawyer, 65, at cafe – just minutes before he was about to board an international flight to Bali

February 13, 2018

A man has been arrested at Sydney International Airport in relation to the shooting murder of criminal lawyer Ho Ledinh late last month.

The 65-year-old was gunned down as he sat outside Happy Cup cafe in a prominent shopping strip in Bankstown, in the city’s west, on January 23.

A 38-year-old man was arrested by NSW homicide squad as he prepared to board a flight to Bali just before 10am on Tuesday.

He has been taken to Mascot Police Station, where he is assisting with inquiries.

A man has been arrested at Sydney International Airport in relation to the shooting murder of lawyer Ho Ledinh (pictured) late last month

Strike Force Eugene was set up in response to the shooting of Mr Ledinh, a leading lawyer in the city’s west who had represented gangland clients.

Mr Ledinh was brutally murdered when a gunman wearing a hi-vis top rushed inside the Happy Cup cafe, shot him up to four times and fled as he fell to the floor.

Despite the best efforts of paramedics and a close friend, crying out ‘say something, please!’, they could not revive him.








Australia: Death threats, kidnapping and murder: The cost of being a criminal lawyer

January 27,  2018

DISGRUNTLED criminals can dole out their own rough justice and slain Sydney solicitor Ho Ledinh may prove to be a case in point.


The murder of the Bankstown criminal lawyer last week has highlighted the risks attached to a profession that sees suited members of legal fraternity rubbing shoulders with hardened thugs.

Leading lawyers who count Sydney’s most high-profile organised criminals among their clientele have recounted tales of being intimidated by bikies, badmouthed by terrorists, threatened with a kneecapping and even targeted in a botched kidnapping.

Solicitor Brett Galloway has been the long term legal representative for former Nomads bikie boss Sam Ibrahim.

In the late 90s, as Mr Galloway tells, it, he sent Ibrahim, who hadn’t coughed up his legal fees, a letter telling him he wouldn’t act for him anymore.

“He rang me and said ‘I’m going to f**king kill you’,” Mr Galloway said.





Australia: Gunman still on run after Bankstown City Plaza murder of lawyer

January 23, 2018

Police guard the crime scene where the criminal lawyer was shot dead.

A massive manhunt continues for a gunman after the murder of a criminal lawyer in Bankstown on Tuesday afternoon.

The victim, Ho Ledinh, was at the Happy Cup cafe at Bankstown City Plaza when he was shot dead at point-blank range at about 3.40pm.

Hours after his “best friend” was gunned down, 59-year-old Van Nguyen remained at the scene showing bystanders photos of Mr Ledinh happy and smiling.

Mr Nguyen said Mr Ledinh – a criminal lawyer, originally from Vietnam who once owned the Bankstown cafe where he was shot, was a great man.

The pair had coffee at the cafe on Tuesday morning for about half an hour, before Mr Nguyen bade his friend goodbye.

Several hours later, he got a phone call saying Mr Ledinh had been shot and was dead.















Australia: ‘A targeted attack’: Street locked down after a lawyer is SHOT DEAD execution style in front of terrified shoppers at a cafe on a busy western Sydney shopping strip with the gunman on the loose

January 23, 2018

Vietnamese-born lawyer Ho Ledinh (pictured) was killed while dining at the Happy Cup Cafe in Bankstown's Old Town Plaza at 4pm on Tuesday after a gunman shot him several times in the pelvic region

A man who was shot and killed in a ‘targeted attack’ inside a cafe in Sydney’s west has been revealed to be a well-known criminal lawyer.

Vietnamese-born lawyer Ho Ledinh was killed while dining at the Happy Cup Cafe in Bankstown’s Old Town Plaza at 4pm on Tuesday, after a gunman shot him several times in the pelvic region.

Mr Ledinh – of Ledinh Lawyers – previously owned the cafe where he was shot and was described by close friend Van Nguyen as ‘a wonderful father’.

Detectives believe the shooting to be a ‘targeted attack’ as they continue to hunt the offender.

Mr Ledinh was a prominent lawyer with offices in Bankstown and he previously represented Phillip Nguyen, who was jailed for the shooting death of policeman Bill Crews in 2010.






Maldives: Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) Speaks out in Support of 56 Lawyers Summarily Suspended in Maldives After Calling for Judicial Reform

September 20, 2017

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (ALHR) has joined a number of prominent international non-governmental organisations in calling on the Supreme Court of the Maldives to rescind the indefinite suspension of 56 lawyers who signed a joint petition raising concerns over the conduct of the judiciary and calling for judicial reforms and independence.

Following receipt of the petition, the Department of Judicial Administration published an announcement via Twitter stating that 56 lawyers would be indefinitely suspended from legal practice and investigated for obstructing the independence of the judiciary, remarking on the duties of the judiciary and attempting to influence the courts by preparing and signing an illegal document against the jurisdiction, procedures and decisions of the courts in violation of various laws, including the Constitution of the Maldives.

It is reported that the lawyers’ petition had raised several rule of law concerns including the Court’s alleged tendency to rule on critical matters late at night and suspend dissenting lawyers without due process. The UN Human Rights Council has previously raised concerns about violations of the right to a fair trial and allegations of political bias by the judiciary of the Maldives, however the Maldivian Government rejects all such criticism as unlawful infringements against the judiciary.

ALHR President Benedict Coyne said, “It appears that none of the 56 lawyers have been allowed to exercise their right to defend themselves or be heard before a professional disciplinary body and have no redress mechanism available to challenge their suspension.”




Australia: Dutton Claims Lawyers Who Represent Asylum Seekers for Free Are “Un-Australian”

September 13, 2017

Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton announced on August 28 that 70 asylum seekers were being issued with new “final departure” visas. These people had their fortnightly welfare payments cut off, and were given three weeks to vacate their accommodation.

The move could affect up to 370 former offshore detainees who were transferred to Australia due to medical reasons. The cohort are the last asylum seekers to have made it to Australian shores, and were the focus of the recent ‘Let Them Stay’ campaign.

Dutton recently told the Daily Telegraph that “the con” was up. He acknowledged that these people had come to Australia for medical care, but claimed that “through tricky legal moves they are now prevented from returning to their country of origin, Manus or Nauru.”

The minister added that the cost of providing for each of these asylum seekers within the Australian community is $120,000 a year, but neglected to mention that the cost of detaining them offshore is $573,000 per annum.

Shock jock radio

The minister then appeared on Alan Jones’ 2GB radio program. He asserted that the asylum seekers were performing these “tricky legal moves” with the help of lawyers representing them on a pro bono basis.

When Jones posed the question, “But this is un-Australian, isn’t it?” Mr Dutton replied, “Well, of course it is.” The minister further implied that these lawyers “have been playing the game” for far too long, and that the nation was “not going to be taken for a ride.”





Australia: Lawyers representing asylum seekers are ‘un-Australian’: Peter Dutton

August 28, 2017

Refugees at the Manus Island regional processing centre protesting earlier this month.

Lawyers representing asylum seekers trying to stay in the country are “un-Australian”, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has declared.

Mr Dutton said the government had been frustrated by its constitutional responsibilities to asylum seekers, and lashed out at lawyers acting on behalf of those in detention.

“These lawyers have been playing the game with these people who are willing participants and we’re a generous nation, but we’re not going to be taken for a ride,” he told Alan Jones on 2GB radio on Monday.

On Sunday, Fairfax Media revealed the Turnbull government planned to end income support for up to 100 Australian-based asylum seekers and give them just three weeks to find a home, a move Opposition Leader Bill Shorten described as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s “weakest move yet”.