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Egypt/Italy: Regeni family lawyer detention extended (2)

September 20, 2017

 (foto: ANSA)

The detention in jail of Ibrahim Metwaly, an Egyptian human rights activist and legal consultant to the family of Giulio Regeni, has been extended by 15 days, his lawyer Ezzat Ghonem told ANSA on Wednesday. Metwaly was arrested at Cairo airport on September while on the way to take part in a session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.
Regeni was an Italian postgraduate student who was tortured and murdered in Egypt last year.
Egypt has denied suggestions its security forces, frequently accused of brutal repression of opposition, had anything to do with the death of Regeni, a 28-year-old who was researching Cairo street seller unions.







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https://www.amnesty.it/appelli/lavvocato-diritti-umani-ibrahim-metwaly-devessere-rilasciato/ (ITALIANO)

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#FreeMetwaly Firmate l’appello Mondiale di Amnesty per la sua liberazione..! https://www.amnesty.it/appelli/lavvocato-diritti-umani-ibrahim-metwaly-devessere-rilasciato/

N.B.: To clarify Ibrahim Metwaly is not the lawyer of Guilio Regeni’s family and he has nothing to do with that case. Unfortunately many of the press have mistakenly published the story with this piece of information. This could actually harm him during the course of the ongoing interrogation by the State Security Prosecution.



September 15, 2017

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Ibrahim Metwaly, human rights lawyer and co-founder of the Families of the Disappeared in Egypt group, was detained on 10 September while on his way to Geneva to address the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances. After being held incommunicado for two days by Egyptian security forces, the Prosecutor has now ordered his detention for a further 15 days, pending investigation.

View report in English







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Egypt/Italy: Egypt acknowledges secret arrest of rights lawyer

September 13, 2017

FILE -- In this Feb. 12, 2016 file photo, the family of Giulio Regeni follows his coffin during the funeral service in Fiumicello, Northern Italy. Egyptian prosecutors have ordered the detention for 15 days of a lawyer who assisted the family of an I

Egypt on Wednesday acknowledged the detention of a human rights lawyer who went missing on his way to a U.N. conference on forced disappearances, accusing him of disseminating fake news.

Ibrahim Metwally, who was arrested at Cairo International Airport three days ago and initially held incommunicado, may have been targeted because he provided legal aid to the family of Giulio Regeni, an Italian graduate student who was abducted and tortured to death in 2016 during a police crackdown in Cairo.

Regeni’s killing sparked a major diplomatic row with Italy, which said Egyptian authorities had not fully cooperated with investigators and withdrew its ambassador in protest last year. On Wednesday a new ambassador arrived, signaling an improvement in relations.

Egyptian authorities have denied any involvement in Regeni’s killing, but activists say it bore the hallmarks of police brutality. Regeni went missing in Cairo on Jan. 25, 2016, when police were out in force to prevent protests, and his body was found days later, bearing the signs of intense torture.

The Supreme State Security Prosecution on Wednesday acknowledged Metwally had been detained, and ordered him held for 15 days in Cairo’s sprawling Tora Prison complex pending investigations. It said he was interrogated Tuesday night.















http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-actu/2017/09/13/97001-20170913FILWWW00193-egyptedisparitions-forcees-le-responsable-d-une-ong-arrete.php (FRANCAIS)

Egypt/Italy: Lawyer investigating death of Cambridge student killed in Egypt disappears as he attempts to leave country

September 12, 2017

A lawyer who was investigating the abduction and murder of a Cambridge University student in Cairo has himself disappeared – while en route to a conference to discuss state-sanctioned disappearances.

Ibrahim Metwaly was scheduled to fly to Geneva to address a UN meeting about forced disappearances and the case of Giulio Regeni, 28, who was carrying out research on Egypt’s trade unions when he disappeared on January 25, 2016.

Two weeks later his battered, tortured body was found dumped by the side of a main road outside Cairo, amid suspicions that he had been kidnapped and killed by the Egyptian security forces.

Mr Metwaly, who has represented the Regeni family as they push for the truth about what happened to their son, was last heard from when he spoke to his family on the telephone on Sunday morning.

There were reports that he was arrested at Cairo airport before he was able to board his plane.

He is the founder of a group called Stop Enforced Disappearances which aims to determine the fate of Egyptians who are “disappeared” by the security forces.

Mr Metwaly’s own son disappeared four years ago and has not been heard from since.

Italy has long suspected that Egyptian security agencies carried out the murder of Mr Regeni, who was a PhD student at Girton College.






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https://www.wired.it/attualita/politica/2017/09/11/arrestato-legale-egiziano-regeni/ (ITALIANO)

Italy: Criminal lawyer’s car set on fire, followed by threatening phone calls



Hanno dato fuoco alla sua macchina perché difende un ragazzo accusato di omissione di soccorso. Ma l’avvocato Pierluigi Barone non cede: «Paura? Io sono un legale e non mollo i miei clienti. Questo modo di fare violento mina i principi base della Costituzione e della civiltà. E noi non possiamo cedere».

Diritto alla difesa sempre più nel mirino di coloro che ignorano i principi basilari di uno Stato di Diritto. Dopo i violenti attacchi sul web contro i legali degli stupratori di Rimini e le aggressioni ai difensori degli indagati per l’omicidio del giovane Emanuele Morganti ad Alatri, oggi tocca all’avvocato Pierluigi Barone. La storia è nota: la sua auto è andata in fiamme davanti la sua abitazione di Lugo. Poi un telefonata anonima al suo studio: «Il tuo cliente è un assassino», riferendosi ad uno dei cinque giovani, difeso da Barone, indagato con gli altri per omissione di soccorso per la morte del 18enne Matteo Ballardini, trovato morto lo scorso aprile da un passante sul sedile passeggero della sua auto, dove era stato abbandonato all’alba dai compagni con cui avrebbe trascorso la sarata consumando droghe.


Egypt/Italy: Egitto: scomparso l’avvocato della famiglia Regeni


Egitto: scomparso l’avvocato della famiglia Regeni

E’ ufficialmente scomparso Ibrahim Metwaly, uno degli avvocati egiziani della famiglia Regeni. Il legale, da anni attivo nelle battaglie per i diritti umani negati dal regime di Al Sisi, ieri avrebbe dovuto prendere un volo per Ginevra, dove era atteso a una conferenza stampa delle Nazioni Unite, proprio per denunciare le gravi violazioni che continuano in Egitto.

A quanto si apprende, Metwaly sarebbe stato prelevato in aeroporto e da lì si sono prese le sue tracce. La denuncia è partita dai colleghi dell’Egyptian Commission for Right and Freedom. L’avvocato, 53 anni, ha perso un figlio che non è mai stato ritrovato. Fin dalla scoperta del corpo martoriato di GiulioRegeni, si era battuto per riuscire a ricostruire la verità su quanto successo.

Ora il suo misterioso rapimento, che lascia intendere quanto sia ancora complicata la situazione nel Paese. Dove, dalla prossima settimana, riaprirà anche la sede diplomatica italiana e arriverà il nuovo ambasciatore Giampiero Cantini.






http://www.ansamed.info/ansamed/en/news/nations/jordan/2017/09/12/alfano-to-meet-egyptian-counterpart-on-sept.-14-in-london_28aa3f46-8bb8-4ae3-89d2-393e8889e289.html (ENGLISH)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Giulio_Regeni (ENGLISH)

Ibrahim Metwaly, 53 ans, l’un des avocats égyptiens de la famille de Guido Regeni, l’enquêteur italien tué en Egypte entre janvier et février 2016, a disparu  alors qu’il était sur le point d’embarquer sur le vol Egyptair MS 771 pour Genève, pour participer à une conférence de presse des Nations Unies pour dénoncer les graves violations qui se poursuivent en Égypte. ll semble qu(il a été intercepté et disparu à l’aéroport du Caire, selon ses collègues de la Commission égyptienne du droit et de la liberté. Son retour était prévu pour le 16 septembre.

http://www.idhae.org/observatoire-fr-wews1709.htm (FRANCAIS)

(Ibrahim Metwaly, the lawyer of Italian student Giulio Regeni who was abducted and tortured to death in 2016, has disappeared.)


Italy/Tunisia: 350 Italian lawyers against terrorism: initiative of Consiglio Nazionale Forense


May 22, 2017

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350 Italian lawyers have reopened the Hotel Imperial of Sousse, the resort that on June 26th 2015 was the theater of a cowardly terrorist attack in which 39 people were savagely killed while they were on the beach. Together with their Tunisian colleagues and representatives of other Bar associations of the Mediterranean area with a collective dive in the sea they symbolically wanted to say no to terrorism, forming on the beach a human chain.
“Italian lawyers and Tunisian lawyers sustain democracy and peace” was the theme of the conference.
The fight against terrorism, respect of fundamental rights and women’s role in the Mediterranean were the key themes of two round tables.
An opening ceremony was held during which the Tunisian minister of Justice, Ghazi Jeribi, and the Italian vice minister of Tourism, Dorina Bianchi, attended.
“The Holy Father Francis extends his personal and cordial regards expressing appreciation for the initiative, directs to reflect, to encourage and to sustain every effort for a more lasting, untiring search of the peace”, which was read in a telegram sent by the Vatican secretary of State Cardinale Pietro Parolin.
The initiative received the medal of representation from the President of the Italian Republic.
“The sea dive is also a symbolic gesture to help resume tourism in Tunisia” the lawyer Francesco Caia said, coordinator of the human rights and international relationships committee of the Consiglio Nazionale Forense, which organized  the event  from the Italian side.
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Dalla #Tunisia alla manistazione di #Milano , insieme per costruire canali di solidarietà e non confini.