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Tunisia: The Italian Advocacy supports democracy and development in Tunisia by reopening the Hotel Imperial in Sousse (18-21 May, 2017)

March 29, 2017

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President Consiglio Nazionale Forense Andrea Mascherin, Councilman Francesco Caia (coord. of Human rights and Relations within Mediterranean countries, Adv. Abdelaziz Essid (Member of National Bar Association of Tunisia and Winner of Peace Nobel Prize 2015), President of National Bar Association of Tunisia Ameur Meherzi, Tunisian Ambassador in Italy Moez Sinaoui and Councilor of CSM Paola Balducci.

Initiative promoted by CNF and National Bar Association of Tunisia

The Consiglio Nazionale Forense together with the Tunisian National Bar Association and other Institutional and political Italian advocacies (together with friends and families) are organizing an International Conference which will take place at Hotel Imperial in Sousse from 18th to 21st of May 2017 (Tunisia). The Conference will focus on Democracy and Peace, by underlining the relationship between citizen security and respect for democracy and human rights.

The main aim of the Conference is to reopen the Imperial Hotel in Sousse where, on 26 June 2015, 39 tourists have been killed on the beach in a terroristic attack.



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Film Festival Forum
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Tunisia: Ameur Mehrezi : La marche nationale des avocats vers la Kasbah sera silencieuse

le 6 décembre, 2016

Le bâtonnier des avocats, Ameur Mehrezi était l’invité de la matinale de Wassim Ben Larbi sur Express FM ce mardi 6 décembre 2016 pour annoncer que la marche nationale entamée par les avocats vers la Kasbah sera silencieuse et pour donner une idée des futures procédures planifiées par l’ONAT en cas de non fléchissement du ministère des Finances.

Au micro de Wassim Ben Larbi, le bâtonnier a déclaré : « Le gouvernement et le ministère des Finances nous ont accueilli avec un projet de loi inattendu et nous avons décidé d’exprimer notre mécontentement ». A propos de la marche organisée, aujourd’hui, par les avocats mécontents vers la Kasbah, Ameur Mehrezi a précisé qu’elle sera silencieuse.

Sur le type d’imposition que le gouvernement voudrait imposer à la profession, le bâtonnier a surenchérit : « L’imposition que veut faire passer le gouvernement s’apparente à des pratiques de la Corée du Nord ! ». Répondant à la question de Wassim Ben Larbi : « Pourquoi la profession a-t-elle décidé de ne recourir qu’aux moyens de pression tels que les grèves et sit-in pour exprimer son mécontentement, au lieu par exemple de faire un recours auprès de la Cour Constitutionnelle » ? Ameur Mehrezi a répondu que : « Les grèves et sit-in sont des moyen légaux de revendication, le recours auprès de la Cour Constitutionnelle se fera si tous les autres moyens n’aboutissent pas ».









http://www.reuters.com/article/us-tunisia-economy-protests-idUSKBN13V1VH (ENGLISH)

Tunisia: Tunisia lawyers set for general strike against austerity budget

December 4, 2016

Tunisia lawyers set for general strike against austerity budget

Lawyers in Tunisia will begin an open general strike in all courts commencing 5 December over disagreements related to Tunisia’s 2017 finance bill, the board of the National Association of Tunisian Lawyers [ONAT] said on Saturday.

The lawyers are demanding that Articles 31 and 32 of the bill be annulled, while also calling for the resignation of Finance Minister Lamia Zribi. He recently suggested that of the country’s 8,000 lawyers, only around half pay their tax.

The new austerity budgest proposes all lawyers pay a tax ranging from roughly $8 to $25 per file presented to court.

The scheduled strike will be a continuation of action taken by the lawyers’ association against the finance bill, after last month saw a number of protests staged against new austerity measures.



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Tunisia: Solidarity with Tunisian lawyers 2016

December 4, 2016

Tunisia: Tunisian lawyers strike as tension over austerity budget mounts

November 24, 2016


Tunisian lawyers went on their second strike in a month on Wednesday to protest against new taxes and tighter fiscal controls in the government’s proposed budget for next year.

Their walkout put pressure on a government already under fire over planned austerity measures including a public sector wage freeze, higher company taxes and new taxes for the liberal professions such as law, medicine and engineering.

It came ahead of an important international investment conference in Tunis next week, during which the teachers union said it was also planning a major protest.

Several hundred lawyers in court gowns protested outside parliament in Tunis as lawmakers debated the budget inside. “Lawyers are free … down, down with this law,” they chanted.

The parliament chairman received a delegation of the lawyers to discuss their demands. Lawyers said their colleagues in other cities around the country also went out on strike.



Tunisia: Strikes against budget draft increase, UGTT latest to join

Tunisia: Tunisian lawyers go on strike over new, austerity-driven taxes

October 21, 2016

Thousands of Tunisian lawyers went on strike on Friday to protest at new taxes and tighter fiscal controls on their profession, extending a series of demonstrations against austerity measures in the 2017 budget.

Several hundred attorneys held a symbolic protest outside the palace of justice in downtown Tunis where, dressed in their court gowns, they chanted “Down down with the shameful law” and “We are united in the fight”.

Attorneys are the latest group to join protests against Prime Minister Youssef Chahed’s measures to cut the budget deficit and increase government revenues by levying new taxes and freezing public wage increases.

Under pressure from international lenders for reforms to cut spending, spur growth and create jobs, Chahed has proposed a broad package of initiatives, but he must also manage social unrest that his measures may trigger.

Thousands of lawyers stopped working for a one-day “Day of Rage” and threatened more such strikes if Chahed did not remove the proposed tax on law practices that was included in the 2017 budget approved by the cabinet last week.

“Lawyers are being exposed to a financial massacre… We reject this law strongly,” Ameur Mehrzi, the Tunisian Bar president, told reporters at the Tunis protest.