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Egypt: Arrest, arbitrary detention and ill-treatment of Mr. Tarek Hussein

June 20, 2017

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EGY 001 / 0617 / OBS 066

Arrest /Arbitrary detention /Ill-treatment

The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a partnership of FIDH and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), requests your urgent intervention in the following situation in Egypt.
Description of the situation:
The Observatory has been informed by reliable sources about the arrest, arbitrary detention and ill-treatment of Mr. Tarek Hussein (known as Tito), human rights activist and lawyer at the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR)[1].

According to the information received, on June 17, 2017, at dawn fifteen masked officers and plain clothes officers from the Central Security Forces stormed out Mr. Tarek Hussein’s house, arrested him and confiscated his laptop and cell phone. During his arrest, Mr. Tarek Hussein requested to see the arrest warrant but was not shown any and was physically and verbally assaulted instead, including upon his arrival at Khanka’s police station.

He was subsequently brought before the Al-Khanka District Prosecution, where he was accused of “joining an illegal organization” and “calling for a protest”.

On June 18, 2017, the Al-Khanka District Prosecution ordered Mr. Tarek Hussein’s release on a 2000 EGP (approx. 99 euros) bail, which has been duly paid. However, as of publication of this appeal the latter had not been released yet and is still held at Khanka’s police station.
In addition, allegations of ill-treatment including physical and verbal assault were reported while in detention. It has been reported that Mr. Tarek Hussein is being detained in poor conditions which include sharing an overcrowded cell with eighty co-detainees, and being denied food and changing clothes for two consecutive days. Mr. Hussein’s relatives, who have been in contact with the prison’s authorities, were told that “he deserves to die”.

Mr. Tarek Hussein’s arrest and arbitrary detention occur amidst protest over Tiran and Sanafir islands’ transfer to Saudi Arabia, which he has been vocally opposing[2].

The Observatory is extremely concerned about the ongoing arbitrary detention of Mr. Tarek Hussein despite the Court order to release him on bail. The Observatory believes his arrest and arbitrary detention are linked to his human rights activities and consequently urges Egyptian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release him, and withdraw the accusations against him.


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A letter to the head of the lawyers’ syndicate from the lawyer, and vice-secretary of Freedom in Al Dostour Party, Tarek Hussien, detained since the dawn of Sunday despite a prosecutor’s decree to release him on bail: [Translation]

Mr. Sameh Ashour, head of the lawyers’ syndicate, my warmest greetings. I write these words to you on the fifth day of my detention by the Ministry of Interior and the third day of my illegal detention despite the general prosecutor’s decision to release me on bail on Sunday June 18th 2017. Before I tell you what happened during these days may I remind you of your words to us during the pledge ceremony for the new members of the syndicate “A lawyer cannot be lower in standing than a judge or a deputy prosecutor, as we are partners in the justice system”.
On the first day of my detention I was blindfolded for four hours and during the interrogation I was asked about my job so I said I am a lawyer and I am registered in the lawyers’ syndicate as they replied “syndicate… let the syndicate do you any good then”. On the second day and after my return to Al Khanka police station after the prosecution’s decision to release me I was assaulted and beaten by one of the junior officers in the station. When he found out I was a lawyer he increased his insults. On the fourth day I spent 19 hours in an inhumane transport van that took me at 6:00 am from Al Khanka police station to New Banha court to Abu Zabal Prison to Al Khalifa detention then to Zainhoum court and then to Al Salam police station then to Al Marg police station and finally it arrived in Ain Shams police station at 1 am. 19 continuous hours of torment while I tumbled inside a metal box that is melting under a harsh sun after days of deprivation from food, water and rest. As a result I vomited blood more than once.
After the prosecutions’ decree to release me on bail on Sunday June 18, 2017, Al Khanka police station decided to prevent the execution of the decree in realization of the threats of some of the officers to keep me detained for a long time and prevent me from spending Bairam with my family. Consequently they discovered a variety of charges against several people who share my name in the municipalities of Cairo, Giza, Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh! They alleged that they are verdicts against me and with an insidious frameup they tormented me by my putting me on “rounds” to the stations of Ain Shams, Al Daher, Imbaba, Al Marg, Nasr City, Al Montaza in Alexandria and Al Hamam in Marsa Matrouh to prove that I am not the alleged accused. It is crystal clear that these verdicts have nothing to do with me and some of them go back to when I was a child of five years old! Another of them accuses me of profligacy of martial assets when I was fifteen years!
Dear Mr. Head of Syndicate, I regress to remind you of what you said to us during the pledge ceremony “A lawyer cannot be lower in standing than a judge or a deputy prosecutor, as we are partners in the justice system” and I ask you to exercise every possible effort to implement it in reality and that the syndicate should move to stop this insidious plot unlawfully targeting a lawyer who is registered in your syndicate and to empower me with my legal rights to release as soon as possible so I could spend Bairam with my family, which is the least I deserve.
Thank you
Lawyer/ Tarek Hussien


http://www.shorouknews.com/news/view.aspx?cdate=22062017&id=22c24534-c8ac-41ca-8b80-f5d31ea8207c (ARABIC)

http://www.almasryalyoum.com/news/details/1151575 (ARABIC)




http://www.idhae.org/observatoire-fr-page4.1.egy180617.htm (FRANCAIS, SIGNEZ LA PETITION!)

http://www.euromedrights.org/fr/activistes-droits-humains-prison-egypte/ (FRANCAIS)

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المحامي الحقوقي طارق حسين لا يزال قيد الاحتجاز التعسفي منذ 17 يونيو، بالرغم من صدور قرار بإخلاء سبيله.


Egypt: Popular anger at islands transfer highlights Egypt’s polarized society

June 20, 2017

A legal battle over a controversial Egyptian-Saudi maritime border demarcation agreement on two Red Sea islands threatens to spill over onto the streets, as protests condemning the deal erupt in Cairo and other major Egyptian cities.

Under the agreement signed on April 8, 2016, Egypt is to cede control of the two islands, Tiran and Sanafir, to Saudi Arabia. The government says the islands are in fact Saudi Arabian but have been in Egyptian custody since 1950. Many Egyptians are skeptical and believe the government is giving the islands to Saudi Arabia as gifts in gratitude for the generous aid the kingdom has pumped into Egypt since the 2013 ouster of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

On June 16, dozens of demonstrators marched through the streets of downtown Cairo in defiance of an anti-protest law in place since November 2013 to protest parliament’s approval of the transfer of sovereignty of the two islands.

“Most of those taken into custody are activists and members of political parties who oppose the agreement,” he told Al-Monitor, adding that many of them were arrested outside their party offices or in police raids on their homes. He described the latest wave of arrests that has also targeted members of his own Bread and Freedom Party as “a vicious security campaign reminiscent of Nasser’s dawn raids” — in reference to the rounding up of dissenters in late night raids by former military ruler Gamal Abdel Nasser’s secret police, often without arrest warrants.

“All those arrested in Cairo for opposing the islands deal have been released on bail save for two who remain in police custody,” he said, adding that the activists arrested in provinces outside the capital are still detained.

Human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein — a member of both the liberal Al Dostour Party and the Freedom for the Brave campaign (a civil society organization working to advance the rights of detainees) who was arrested at his home in a dawn raid on June 17 — is among those still in police custody despite prosecutors at El Khanka police station ordering his release on bail for 2,000 Egyptian pounds (around $110) the day after his arrest. He has been charged with “inciting protests” and “having ties to a terrorist group.” Police told his defense lawyers that they had to make sure there are no other charges against Hussein before releasing him. Hussein had twice before been convicted — and later acquitted — in separate cases and, ironically, on widely conflicting charges of “belonging to a terrorist organization” (in reference to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood) and attempting to overthrow Morsi, who hails from the Islamist group.


186 km in a Hot Tin Box

Lawyer and rights defender, Tarek (Tito) was ordered released on a bail of £E2,000.00 three days ago. The bail was paid immediately but Tarek has not been released. First he was beaten in the police station. Then they said they’d send him round other police stations because of “other cases against him”.

This post from Mohamed Eissa El Sarawe who was able to see Tarek and speak to him as he sat in the police transport outside Zeinhom Court: “In the morning a police transport moved Tarek from Khanka police station (where he was being held) to al-Salam police station. They passed by Abu Za3bal prison to pick up some prisoners. The car then moved to Banha Courthouse and then to Zeinhom where they were bringing prisoners to court. Tarek had vomited blood and we asked him to break his fast but he said no, he would continue. We asked the policeman in charge of the transport what would happen next. He said they would go back to al-Salam police station then they were due at Ein Shams police station at around one in the morning. So why is this happening? We’ve learned that the CID of Khanka police station said to Tarek ‘let’s see if the people behind you can do you any good’. “

For those unfamiliar with our geography and our transports: The police transport is a metal truck with two benches along the sides. It has no ventilation system and no suspension. The heat in Cairo yesterday was 34 degrees. So yesterday, Tarek, as punishment, was placed in a hot metal box and shaken around for 186 km.

Mona Seif asks “Is Tarek being punished because everyone has a story about his helpfulness and chivalry? Or because he and his brother were in prison before and got out? Or because he’s chosen to be a rights lawyer and help those in need? Or because of his membership in the Dustour Party and his belief that there should be real party work in Egypt connecting to public concerns? Or because he’s one of the people who worked to prove that Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian?”

Latest: One hour ago Tarek’s brother wrote that they’ve been unable to find out anything about his whereabouts today.



Egypt: “Released” human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein still in detention, in a Kafkaesque maze

June 20, 2017

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Latest news on Tarek Hussien:
He’s been dragged since 6:00am this morning from one police station to the other and lawyers haven’t been informed so they have been running around trying to follow him and they haven’t been able to see him till this minute! The weather is unbearable and he’s been vomiting blood:(
This has to end today! They are claiming Tarek was falsely accused for 11 charges, one of them is claiming he was married in 1990 and stole from his “wife”..Tarek is 24 years old!! You do the math!!
منقول من سامية چاهين..
اخر ما وصلنا:
طارق لف النهارده لفة رهيبة من الساعة ٦ الصبح بيتمرمط من الخانكة ودوه بنها لأبو زعبل لقسم الخليفة ولسه حينقلوه تاني لقسم عين شمس او السلام مش متأكدين. ويا عالم بكرة فين. طارق تعبان جدا ورجع الصبح دم. انتم عايزين ايه بالضبط؟؟ مش هاين عليكم تخلوا سبيله قبل ما تعيوه؟؟؟
ومش مديين فرصة للمحامين يلحقوه في اي مكان. كل شوية يرحلوه عشان ما حدش من المحامين يشوفه.



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Egypt: Although bail paid human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein still not released

June 20, 2017

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الجديد بخصوص طارق..

ظهر علي طارق أكتر من ١١ قضية ف أقسام مختلفه ومنها قسم منتزة ف الإسكندرية والنهاردة ثلاث قواضي انا مش عارف طارق ده زعيم عصابة واحنا ما نعرفش ولا إيه.

أنا اصلا مش عارف اعمل ايه ومش عارف ممكن نعمل إيه ولا حرجع البيت اقول لامي إيه ده اقل حاجه علي ما نثبت إن القواضي مش بتاعته فيها ٦ شهور ع الأقل .

حد يقولنا فين نقابة المحامين اللي اصلا علشان تقبل محامي فيها لازم فيش وتشبيه ، اخويا واضح التعنت معاه منشنوا كل الناس واي حد الضغط والكلام عنه هو اللي ف أيدينا .

وللعلم فيه قواضي من ٢٠١٠ يعني طارق كان عيل أصلا صغير وف إعدادي .

اخويا محامي مش بلطجي ولا زعيم عصابة أخويا مش بلطجي بس اللي بيحصل معاه بلطجه وتعنت واضح
#الحرية_لطارق_حسين .

الداخلية رافضة تنفذ قرار النيابة وبتبلطج زي ما البرلمان والحكومة رفضوا ينفذوا الحكم القضائي بتاع تيران وصنافير وفي الاخر احنا اللي نتحاكم بتهمة إهانة القضاء
الحرية الجدعان

(Facebook.  Human rights lawyer Tareq Hussein was arrested by the police on June 17, 2017, and on June 18 bail of 2,000EGP was paid for his release, but he is still not released.)

Egypt: Human Rights Lawyer Tarek Hussein “released”

June 18, 2017

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Human rights lawyer Tarek Hussein, who was arrested by police on June 17 and taken to an undisclosed destination, was ordered released on June 18, 2017 on a 2,000 EGP bail.



https://www.agenzianova.com/a/59468b77b55b11.45088189/1589072/2017-06-18/egitto-proteste-tiran-e-sanafir-14-manifestanti-rilasciati-su-cauzione (ITALIANO)

UPDATE: June 19, 2017

Once again I ask my non-Arabic speaking friends for support for my son and friend Tarek Hussien..unfortunately the Egyptian authorities have not released Tarek till now!
His bail was paid but they are keeping him locked till this minute with another 50 people in a tiny room in a very hot country like Egypt..he wasn’t allowed and food or a change of clothes for the past 48 hours!
Please talk about Tarek Hussien and all the political prisoners in Egypt don’t belittle a post on FB or a tweet in Twitter it might save one person’s life..
Tarek is a human rights lawyer his place is in courts defending others not in jail!
Thank you once again..

منقول من محمود أخو طارق ..

طيب للي يهمه الأمر بخصوص طارق

انا مش عارف أعمل إيه بقالي ثلاث ساعات واقف علي رجلي وف الشمس علشان اقدر ادخل لطارق اكل ولبس علشان بقاله يومين بلبسه وبدون اكل ، و مأمور قسم الخانكة قالي تعالي قبل المغرب ب ١٠ دقائق علشان ندخل لك الاكل ولما روحت له ف الوقت ده رفض يدخلوا الاكل والبس برضوا .

سألت ع الخروج قالوا بردوا منعرفش حاجه ده امن دولةرغم إننا دفعنا الكفاله من اربع ساعات ، كلمت كل اللي ممكن نكلمه وبردوا محصلش اي حاجه وانا مش عارف اعمل ايه وعندي إحساس رهيب بالقهر والعجز وانا شايف اخويا بيتنكل بيه كدا قدامي .

وانا بقول لطارق انت اخدت إخلاء سبيل قالي انا جعان ياعم بقالي يومين مكلتش ومش بنام قاعد لأني واقف علشان العدد ف الاوضه كبير ٨٠ واحد معاه .

وقالي اعمل اي حاجه لو حقعد ساعة ساعة كمان زيادة هنا أعمل اي حاجه انا بموت بموت كلم اي حد اعمل اي حاجه المهم اتنقل من المكان ده .

أنا معرفش اعمل ايه وحولت اعمل كل حاجه لكني عاجز عن اني اعمل شئ بس قادر اتكلم عنه يمكن يخرجوا ويبات معانا النهاردة وياكل ويشرب معانا

أرجوكم إدعوا له واتكلموا عنه معايا وانا حصبر نفسي ب جملة ربنا غالب اللي علمهالي طارق
#الحرية_لاخويا .


“Tarek was beaten by the police after they took him back to his jail cell where he had been staying with another 80 people! A tiny place in 40+ degrees Celsius with 80 human beings!
In almost 3 days he’s been given a piece of bread with a piece of cheese!
Tarek was supposedly granted bail yesterday and the full amount was paid but he wasn’t released..
Today he was dragged back to court for another case that his lawyers had no idea existed!!”

(Facebook, June 19, 2017)


Egypt: Human Rights Lawyer Tarek Hussein Arrested and Detained

June 17, 2017

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Egyptian police stormed the house of lawyer and human rights activist Tarek Hussein, arrested him and have taken him to an unknown location.


منذ قليل .. داهمت قوات الأمن منزل المحامي طارق حسين (طارق تيتو) وقاموا بإلقاء القبض عليه.

(Egyptian Center for Economic & Social Rights Facebook)

http://www.idhae.org/observatoire-fr-page4.1.egy170617.htm (FRANCAIS)




https://www.agenzianova.com/a/0/1588953/2017-06-17/egitto-delusione-tra-gli-attivisti-per-fallimento-proteste-contro-cessione-isole-tiran-e-sanafir-2 (ITALIANO)


UPDATE: **BREAKING** He was released on June 18th on a 2000 EGP bail.

Egypt: Stop the onslaught against civil society

June 7, 2017

Front Line Defenders

The undersigned civil society organisations express our serious concern over the recent escalation of restrictions on civil society and the public vilification of human rights defenders in Egypt. We call on the Egyptian authorities to uphold their international obligations and ensure that civil society and human rights defenders can work in a safe and enabling environment without fear of reprisals.

On 24 May 2017, President Abdel Fatah El Sisi signed a highly restrictive law that provides the government with extraordinary powers over NGOs and stifles the activities of civil society. The bill was approved by Parliament in November 2016 but was put on hold after an outcry by local and international civil society organisations to prevent the President from passing it into law. Law 70 of 2017 severely limits the functioning of civil society organisations and unduly restricts the rights to freedom of expression and association. It introduces hefty fines and prison terms for civil society groups who publish a study or a report without prior approval by the government or engage in activities that do not have a developmental or social focus. These new restrictions make it practically impossible for human rights organisations to carry out their work.

Over the past few years, Egyptian authorities banned 24 human rights defenders and NGO staff from traveling abroad, and froze the assets of seven human rights organizations and 10 human rights defenders. These punitive measures have been implemented by an investigative judicial panel appointed to investigate the activities of human rights organizations.

The stifling of the activism of Egyptian feminists and WHRDs such as Azza Soliman and Mozn Hassan who work on critical issues of violence against women, the closure of the El Nadeem center, and the travel ban against WHRD, Aida Seif el-Dawla, etc, are typical of the tools normally used against WHRDs under repressive governments.

We urge the Egyptian authorities to repeal Law 70 of 2017, close the ongoing criminal investigation into the work of human rights groups and ensure a safe and enabling environment in which civil society organisations and human rights defenders can carry out their work without fear of reprisals.


(N.B. Azza Soliman is also a human rights lawyer)