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Afghan lawyers and judges in danger


Today, January 24, marks the Day of the Endangered Lawyer. As a Canadian lawyer I want to draw attention to the challenges facing some members of the legal profession in Afghanistan. Since the Taliban government assumed power in the country more than a year ago, the risk of retaliation and danger have only increased for many lawyers and judges, particularly women, advocates say.

For Nasrin (whose name has been changed to protect her identity), leaving Afghanistan was the last resort.

She had spent decades developing pioneering legislation and policies as a judge and legal advocate. When the Taliban took over in August 2021, everything changed. Facing death threats, she ultimately left. “I didn’t have any choice,” she told me. “I left my country, my house.” Now she and other legal activists are warning about the ever-increasing risks that lawyers and judges in the country still face and the need for countries like Canada to step up their efforts to help at-risk Afghans.

“If a woman wants to be a leader, like head of a court … it’s a very big position, but it is very dangerous,” Nasrin says.

Judges like Nasrin, as well as prosecutors, have been threatened with reprisals from the people they tried and the Taliban themselves. She is in contact with colleagues in the legal profession who remain in Afghanistan, and says the situation is worse than a year ago, as lawyers and judges fear for their safety.

“The first line is judges, the second line is defence lawyers and prosecutors … they are searching to find them,” she says.

The development of the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) in 2008 was part of a broader effort to build a non-governmental body that would regulate the legal profession and provide resources to support lawyers and access to legal services. But in November 2021, it was dismantled by armed Taliban soldiers and the Ministry of Justice gained possession of the AIBA’s database, containing contact information of members. The organization is now relaunching itself in exile, from Brussels.




International Day Of The Endangered Lawyer: “We Strongly And Unequivocally Condemn The Repressive Tendencies Of The Taliban Government In Afghanistan Towards Lawyers”- Maikyau


https://charidy.com/AfghanWomen (PLEASE CONTRIBUTE!)









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Afghanistan: DAY OF THE ENDANGERED LAWYER – 24 January 2023


The FBE supports all those in danger in Afghanistan.  Since the capture of Kabul by the Taliban in 2021, the situation of lawyers, judges, and prosecutors in Afghanistan has worsened. Many were left stranded when Government evacuation efforts ended. The international  legal community campaigns to persuade governments to rescue legal professionals at risk. However, most governments evacuated their own nationals and those who had been employed by the respective Government or related bodies. Most Afghan legal professionals did not fall into either category, even though they had served those Governments’ interests by upholding the rule of law in their country. Many were actively involved in the prosecution of members of the Taliban and  are in great danger. The international legal community must act now to persuade more assistance to evacuate lawyers, prosecutors, judges and legal professionals at risk and to offer safe havens in their respective countries.

The FBE endorses the report of the Coalition for the Day of the Endangered Lawyer and urges all to implement recommendations in particular:

  • The international community, in their diplomatic efforts toward the de facto authorities in Afghanistan, are urged to ensure the maintenance of a free and independent legal profession, in order to safeguard fundamental rights, including women’s rights, the independence and integrity of the administration of justice, and the rule of law.
  • The international community is urged to take all necessary measures to ensure that the lawyers at risk who remain in Afghanistan can safely leave the country. In particular:
  • To immediately implement evacuation and resettlement programmes for Afghan lawyers remaining in Afghanistan or located in neighboring countries.
  • To ensure respect for the principle of non-refoulement at all times.
  • To make humanitarian visas available to enable Afghan lawyers in need to access international protection legally and safely.
  • To ensure that all States suspend deportations and summary returns of Afghan nationals to Afghanistan or third states.
  •  To ensure that all States thoroughly investigate allegations of ill-treatment of Afghan nationals, especially in the States’ border regions and in removal centers in their territories.







https://2k86.mj.am/nl3/9MUI9jpjAKJgvmFwBU6sEA (FRANCAIS)

London: a Human Rights Solidarity and Arrested Lawyers Initiative action

Brussels (Facebook, CCBE – Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe )

Afghanistan: International Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2023


The 24th of January has been designated as the annual International Day of the Endangered Lawyer in memory of the “Massacre of Atocha” occurred this day in 1977 when four lawyers and a co-worker were murdered and four others were heavily injured at their address at Calle Atocha 55 in Madrid.  

The purpose of this International Day is to draw the attention of government officials, international institutions, civil society, the media and the general public to the plight of lawyers in a particular focus country, to raise awareness about the threats the lawyers in that country face in the exercise of their profession. 

This year, the International Day of the Endangered Lawyer focuses on Afghanistan. 

The Coalition for the Day of the Endangered Lawyer has prepared a report about the justice system in Afghanistan, describing the extremely dire situation confronting Afghan lawyers today. 

The European Young Bar Associations, as part of the Coalition, strongly supports the recommendations provided in the Report addressed to the de facto authorities in Afghanistan, the international community, the European Union and its Member States, in order to improve the situation of Afghan lawyers in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world. 

In addition to the limitations on fundamental human rights and reprisals against lawyers, judges and prosecutors that should be condemned, as an association representing young lawyers, the EYBA express its concern especially for the limitations to education and access to the legal profession imposed by the Taliban’s Ministry of Justice which affect the new generations, more than others. 

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” (M.L.K).

Click here to download the full report:

Final version of the Report -Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2023- 2 (1)

Click to access 202301-stm-sr-ijl-sr-afghanistan-day-endangered-lawyer.pdf





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Protests in Tunisia against persecution of political activist lawyer Ayachi Hammami


The protests were organized by political groups in the country in collaboration with lawyers and judges who have also opposed the dismissal of 57 judges by President Kais Saied last year

Hundreds of people participated in a protest in front of the Tunis Court of First Instance on Tuesday, January 10, against the continued persecution and harassment of Ayachi Hammami, coordinator of the Committee for the Defense of Dismissed Judges. The government under President Kais Saied had dismissed 57 judges through a decree in June last year.   

The protesters denounced the state intimidation and harassment of political dissidents under Saied’s rule, and demanded the restoration of the 57 judges who were dismissed.   

Hammami was summoned to the court after he was accused last week of “spreading rumors with the aim of undermining the rights of others and harming public security” and “spreading misinformation,” according to TAP.  

TAP reported that a case was filed against Hammami after his appearance in a radio show where he claimed that the judges dismissed last year were “wronged” by the government. He also alleged that the Ministry of Justice had “committed an offense” by not following court decisions.  

President Saied had dismissed the 57 judges after alleging that they were indulging in corruption and sheltering people involved in terrorist activities. Saied claimed that the dismissal of the judges was part of his larger project of “political reform” to rid the country of corruption and inefficiency. Days before he sacked the judges, he had appointed himself as the head of a new watchdog with powers of appointing and dismissing judges without any opposition.  

Speaking in the court, Hammami claimed that the case against him was “politically motivated” and revealed the state of freedom of expression and right to dissent in the country. He also accused President Saied of trying to take control over the Tunisian judiciary and reduce its powers, TAP reported.  



https://www.avocatparis.org/actualites/tunisie-mobilisation-et-actions-du-barreau-de-paris (FRANCAIS)







Afghanistan: Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2023


Every year on the 24th of January, the International Day of the Lawyer in Danger mobilises the international community on the difficulties and threats to the practice of law. The situation of lawyers in Afghanistan was chosen for the year 2023. Lawyers have been targeted since the Taliban government took power on 15th of August 2021.

The impossibility or even the prohibition for women to practice their profession and the obligation for men to obtain a new licence under the control of the terrible Taliban Ministry of Justice, undermine the free exercise of lawyers’ profession. Not to mention the dramatic deterioration of the rule of law, jeopardising the lives of thousands of Afghans, including many lawyers, forced to flee or hide in the country.

On the occasion of this international day, the OIAD is organising a conference on the 20th of January 2023 in Lyon entitled “The defence of defence in times of crisis”, which will provide an opportunity to discuss the situation in Afghanistan, but also in Ukraine and Iran.


Join us, in person or online, for this mobilisation day. The debates will be fully translated into English, French, Spanish and Italian.

We also invite you to participate in the OIAD’s workshops.

Consult the agenda for the 20th of January 2023 HERE.

Link to register for the conference: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_5s45W-_oQtaFBkzQkAR9vg


2023: Afghanistan






https://protect-lawyers.org/2022-afghanistan/ (FRANCAIS)








https://protect-lawyers.org/it/2022-afghanistan-3/ (ITALIANO)

https://protect-lawyers.org/de/2022-afghanistan-4/ (DEUTSCH)



Iran: Two more rights lawyers convicted, sentenced and prevented from leaving the country


The #Mahshahr Revolutionary Court sentenced lawyer #Fereshteh_Tabanian to three months in prison for alleged “propaganda against the regime.”

(Hrana Facebook, 21/12/22)







Peine de mort en Iran : le barreau de Paris se mobilise


Samedi 17 décembre, le barreau de Paris participera au rassemblement organisé par « Ensemble contre la peine de mort », aux côtés de tous les avocats parisiens en robe, en faveur de l’arrêt des exécutions en Iran, Place de la Bastille, à 15h.

Le Barreau de Paris, l’Union Internationale des avocats, la Fédération Nationale des Unions de Jeunes Avocats, Ace-Avocats, ensemble, le Syndicat des Avocats de France et Femmes et Droit se joignent au rassemblement organisé par « Ensemble contre la peine de mort » et les collectifs « Iran Justice », « Femme Azadi », « Avocats ZZA », « Azadi4iran », «Actions for Iran», «Neda d’Iran», « Soutien à la lutte du peuple iranien », avec le soutien logistique de l’association Homa, le samedi 17 décembre à 15h, Place de la Bastille. Ils manifesteront en robe, afin de demander l’arrêt immédiat des exécutions perpétrées par le régime iranien.

En l’espèce, depuis le 8 décembre, par deux fois, des manifestants ont été exécutés en Iran à la suite de procès expéditifs et inéquitables.

Le barreau de Paris craint que le rythme des exécutions s’accélère et a appelé à se mobiliser pour que la peine de mort ne soit pas utilisée comme une arme de répression à l’encontre de celles et ceux qui demandent la fin des lois et politiques discriminatoires en Iran au travers d’une résolution. Cette résolution portée par le barreau de Paris et le Conseil National des barreaux a d’ores et déjà été signée par 17 barreaux. Le barreau de Paris insiste sur la nécessité d’une action forte et coordonnée de la société civile, des gouvernements et des organisations internationales afin de dissuader la République islamique d’exécuter des manifestants.




https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/dec/16/european-mps-seek-to-publicise-plight-of-jailed-iranian-protesters (ENGLISH)

Click to access EN_HRL_20221213_Iran_Threats-against-Mahsa-Amini-s-family-lawyers-and-continuing-arrest-of-lawyers.pdf







Iran Arrests Prominent Iranian Lawyer Kamfiroozi


Iranian authorities have arrested well-known lawyer Mohammad Ali Kamfiroozi, IranWire reports.

Kamfiroozi was arrested on a Tehran street before his house was searched by security agents.

The lawyer has been defending several protesters who are being prosecuted over their involvement in nationwide protests that erupted after the September death of a young woman in the custody of morality police.








Iran holding protesters at secret prisons, says lawyer who fled


Anti-government protesters arrested in Iran‘s city of Mashhad are being held at secret prisons that lack proper amenities, a lawyer who fled the country with her family over fears for their safety has said.

Thousands of Iranians are believed to have been arrested for taking part in the nationwide protests that broke out in mid September and show no signs of abating despite a violent crackdown that has claimed nearly 400 lives, according to human rights groups.

Lawyer Marzieh Mohebi said she came to know of at least one such “black site” for detainees in Mashhad in the weeks before she fled the city.

“I am aware of new places designated for prisoners in Mashhad which do not meet the criteria for prison. They don’t have toilets, places for eating, or a medical facility for treating wounds,” Ms Mohebi told The National.

The families of some detainees have no idea where their children are, she said.

“The families of those prisoners are being kept in the dark by the Islamic Revolutionary Court and Ministry of Justice. They are in a very bad situation.”

Ms Mohebi, who has been practising law for more than two decades, was lauded by state media in 2017 for the pro bono legal assistance provided by the Soura Women Lawyers Association that she founded. She declined to say what circumstances prompted her to flee Iran, except that she feared for her family’s safety.

Iran’s judiciary said two weeks ago that it had issued arrest warrants for 1,000 people in relation to the protests, which were sparked by the death in custody of Mahsa Amini, a young woman arrested by the morality police in Tehran on charges of breaching the country’s strict dress code.






https://www.letemps.ch/monde/une-avocate-iranienne-denonce-impossible-defendre-manifestants (FRANCAIS)


Lawyer Hossein Ahmadiniaz: ‘Help Iranian protesters’


‘Respect the law! Women, life, freedom!’ On October 8, about two hundred lawyers demonstrated with those slogans in front of the building of the Bar Association in Tehran.

It was a contribution to the protests in Iran following the death of 22 year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for ‘improperly’ wearing her hijab. But the police immediately put an end to it, with tear gas and violence. Five lawyers were arrested, four are still in custody. Hossein Ahmadiniaz, the well-known Iranian human rights lawyer who fled his country in 2018 and who has been supporting his colleagues in Iran from the Netherlands ever since, says: “The demonstration was completely legal and the president of the judiciary had just said that day that protests would be accepted in accordance with the law.”

A total of twenty lawyers have now been detained. “Like Said Jalilian and Milad Panahipour, who accompanied journalist and activist Hossein Ronaghi, when he had to report to the Public Prosecution Service. On arrival, all three were attacked by the security services. They have been captured and tortured. Baba Paknia, a lawyer who gave advice on social media about the legal rights of detainees, saying among other things that you could relax, choose a lawyer and that torture is prohibited, is now incarcerated himself.”


Little is known about the condition of these lawyers and the 20,000 demonstrators whom Ahmadiniaz said were arrested. “No one actually gets access to a lawyer, there is no supervision whatsoever over what goes on in the prisons. The judiciary is completely subordinate to the regime. Since the protests, 250 people have been killed by security forces, some by torture, others being shot during demonstrations.”

Before his flight, Ahmadiniaz had many clients who suffered the terrible consequences of the lawlessness. “When my client Ramin Hossein Panahi, a Kurdish journalist and activist, had to appear in court, I pleaded for his release. His body showed signs of torture. Our law prohibits torture and removes any evidential value from statements obtained by force. Nevertheless, Ramin was executed by order of the ayatollah in 2018.” As a lawyer you are therefore powerless in such a system, Ahmadiniaz confirms, but sometimes other than legal means help. ‘For 28 girls who were victims of an explosion in a heating system at school, I was able, through demonstrations and campaigns via social media, to ensure that they received the same compensation as boys, while the state only wanted to pay half.’




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