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Greece Temporarily Hosts 26 Female Lawyers From Afghanistan


Greece Temporarily Hosts 26 Female Lawyers From Afghanistan - Foreign Ministry

A group of 26 female lawyers and judges, along with their families, have arrived in Greece from Afghanistan and will stay there temporarily before being resettled in other countries, the Greek Foreign Ministry said Friday

A group of 26 female lawyers and judges, along with their families, have arrived in Greece from Afghanistan and will stay there temporarily before being resettled in other countries, the Greek Foreign Ministry said Friday.

“Twenty-six women judges and lawyers, accompanied by their family members, arrived in Athens last night via Tbilisi,” the ministry said in a statement.

The women and their families will stay in Greece until “the process for their transfer and settlement in other Western countries that have expressed their willingness to accept them is completed,” according to the ministry.

Earlier in SeptemberAthens accepted seven former Afghan female lawmakers with their families pending their resettlement in the United States.

In both cases, the Greek Foreign Ministry has been working with the Migration and Asylum Ministry to ensure that the country welcomes a certain amount of Afghan migrants who fled their homeland in fear of the Taliban (a terrorist group, banned in Russia), as stipulated by Greece‘s international humanitarian assistance commitments.









Lawyer Thanasis Kampagiannis

LWB Greece expresses its urgent concern and calls for international attention on a new crackdown on lawyers defending human rights and liberties in the context of the pandemic. LWB has been informed by reliable sources about the following alleged incidents:

On 6/12/2020, in the 12th anniversary of the murder by a police bullet of the 15 year old Alexis Grigoropoulos, the chief of police issued a decision forbidding to citizens to pay a tribute to the deceased child by leaving a flower to the monument of his death respecting all social distancing measures, and thus make a point about the struggle against injustice and police brutality and impunity.

In order to avert such a tribute of by-passers and ensure respect to the Chief’s decision, thousands of policemen were sent to the vicinity of the place where Alexis was murdered; the police had an order to detain by-passers in this area, allegedly because they did not comply with the measures taken due to the pandemic.

Two high profile lawyers went on spot to defend the rights of the people who, after the intervention of the police, had now become a “spontaneous gathering” of approximately 50 people, being denied of their freedom of movement without being given any information about the ground of such restriction.

The people’s lawyers also became target of the described attack to the Rule of Law.

Lawyer Thanasis Kampagiannis, a member of the Board of the Athens Bar Association, and lawyer Costas Papadakis, also widely known for his anti-fascist defense, were arbitrarily arrested while performing their duties.

They were initially „adduced“ to the police directorate, placed in a bus together with dozens of the people who had asked for their legal support.

The lawyers were then arbitrarily detained for hours.

After a few hours in detention it became clear, though, that the citizens, as well as the lawyers, were not adduced, but arrested, on the pretext of allegedly breaching pandemic’s restriction of movement measures; clearly, the lawyers, since the onset of their encounter with the policemen, were on spot in the context of their Function: they were asked by people to defend and uphold their human rights.




Two lawyers on duty arrested during rallies; they filed against Police



Greece: Athens Bar Association issued a scorching statement after two lawyers were arrested


Over 370 People Detained At Teen Murder Commemoration Protest In Athens -  Reports | Pakistan Point

Police detained a total of 374 people on Sunday in Athens, of which 135 were turned into arrests, for the violation of the Covid-19 lockdown measures during protest/rallies held on the occasion of the 12th anniversary of the assassination of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

Two lawyers, Thanasis Kampagiannis and Costas Papadakis were among those initially detained but were later released. According to SKAI TV, some of the suspects were transferred to the Attica Directorate of Foreigners. The same sources say that a total of twelve attempts at holding rallies were prevented.

The Athens Bar Association issued a press bulletin expressing its stern protestation to the Police and the Ministry of Citizen Protection over the detainment and arrest of its members, stating the act was a serious blow to the core of the rule of law and the essence of their legal practice.


Two lawyers on duty arrested during rallies; they filed against Police


Greece/Albania: Three convicts get life terms for killing lawyer

October 10, 2019


An Athens court handed life terms to three Albanian convicts on Thursday after finding them guilty of the murder of Athens lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos in 2017.

Following a prosecutor’s proposal for an exemplary punishment, the court sentenced Ibrahim Brahimai, who shot the lawyer, to life, plus an additional 11 years.

Claudian Lekotsai, the head of a criminal gang believed to have operated in Attica’s high-security Korydallos Prison, and Olti Dulce also received life sentences after being found guilty as moral instigators of the murder.

Zafeiropoulos’ widow, Vicky Zafeiropoulou, expressed her gratitude for the verdict, noting however that nothing would change for the three convicts, who are already in prison for other crimes.

“Nothing will change for me or my children either,” she said.


One Albanian arrested for the murder of lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos

Albanian Duo Planned to Wound Greek Lawyer, But Killed Him

Prominent lawyer shot dead in his office in downtown Athens

Greece: Greek Anarchist Group Vandalize Lawyer’s Office; Threaten Judges

May 4, 2019

A leading member of the Greek anarchist group Rubicon (Rouvikonas) was arrested late Friday after a raid against a law office in Athens.

Footage posted on social media show the group smashing equipment at the law agency’s office that also serves as a debt collection agency on behalf of a bank.

According to police the 53-year-old man is a leading Rouvikonas activist.

In another development, acknowledged Rouvikonas leader Giorgos Kalaitzidis has threatened judges on his Facebook account if they do not grant a furlough to November 17 convict Dimitris Koufontinas.

Greek Anarchist Group Vandalize Lawyer’s Office; Threaten Judges




Greece: Lawyers indicted in prison ‘mafia’ case released on conditions

April 22, 2019


Prominent criminal lawyers Alexandros Lykourezos and Theodoros Panagopoulos who were arrested last Friday over their alleged involvement in the so-called Korydallos prison “mafia,” were released on bail on Monday evening, after their marathon statements to a prosecutor and an investigative magistrate.

Lykourezos was banned from leaving the country and had to pay 50,000 euros in bail. He will also have to appear to his local police station. Panagopoulos was also slapped with a travel ban.

The two men deny any part in the racket.


Greek Lawyers Tied to Prison Mafia Conditionally Released

Greek “Prison Mafia” Suspects Released on Bail




Alexandros Lykourezos

https://www.tilegrafima.gr/nea/alexandros-lykourezos-eleftheros-me-perioristikous-orous/ (GREEK)

https://www.policenews.eu/44387/o-alexandros-lykourezos-spai-ti-siopi-tou-gia-ti-mafia-ton-fylakon/ (GREEK)

https://www.griechenland.net/nachrichten/politik/25628-verdacht-auf-kriminelle-organisation-staranawalt-auf-kaution-in-freiheit (DEUTSCH)

Greece: Crackdown on high-profile Greek lawyers

April 19, 2019

Image result for lawyer Theodoros Panagopoulos

Several high-profile lawyers in Greece have recently been arrested and detained. Colleagues criticize this as arbitrary “procedural extremism” by the judiciary, and there has been a failure of the Athens Bar Association to effectively respond to these attacks.  The Minister of Justice has engaged in extensive wiretapping and surveillance of lawyer-client communications, reported assassination or death contracts and reprisals against lawyers for taking on sensitive cases, leakage of files and lawyers’ communications to the press, all of which put lawyers in acute danger. Recently, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights published a report about the situation of human rights defenders that mentioned Greece among the CoE’s countries (Azerbaijan, Russia, Poland) where defenders are most harmed.

The lawyers involved are:

Alexandros Lykourezos, 85 years old, is probably the most famous Greek lawyer, his law office is one of the oldest and goes back more than 120 years.  The prosecutor, instead of calling him to apologize, issued an arrest warrant as if he was a fugitive, and he had to spend the night in the police cell of the anti-terrorist unit. He is still held on the 12th floor of the General Athens Police Directorate. His lawyer says that issuing an arrest warrant against an 85 year old respected lawyer is not only illegal and breaching the presumption of innocence, but is “not sober”. Other high profile lawyers characterized it as “a crime against justice”  http://lykourezoslawoffices.gr/?fbclid=IwAR0mUDsZNqBkt1dmdORp_U6TeolkHQW08CSTby_HmOjjWRu9d_uWiHy45yM 


Georgios Antonopoulos also teaches civil law in the Law School of University of Athens, and he has been on remand now for three weeks. http://www.lawgreece.gr/?page=article_list&cat=1&fbclid=IwAR07rM0tTPiTV1KYhzhNaaEMJaER8yfBHRA0RXAm046GH6-Q0CZ6jh9oqsE
A woman lawyer, Chryssa Kioumourtzi,  was also placed in remand for having “close contact” with a prisoner. Intercepted communications showed that they had been flirting, and communications were leaked to the press by the authorities.  The media went into her Facebook account and retrieved private pictures. She allegedly informed the prisoner about the “spaces” in the Court of Appeals, and this was considered as participation in a criminal organization. He is reportedly in a very bad psychological condition. http://www.ereportaz.gr/ayti-einai-i-ksanthia-dikigoros-poy-profylakistike/?fbclid=IwAR38kZYF1urR_myAj2Fvi_K_0pmjbU0y7aQPPgplOIagrnCcojyARHPxV0Q
All these lawyers were arrested by the anti-terrorist police following the issuance of arrest warrants although they are highly respectable, with well-established offices and addresses.  

Turkey: Day of the Endangered Lawyer January 24, 2019 – Photos

February 2, 2019


image1 (5)

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The Hague Supreme Court

event invitation






Brussels, Turkish Embassy



DAY OF THE ENDANGERED LAWYER MARKED: ‘If Lawyers Lose Their Voice, Citizens Lose Their Breath’







Greece/Turkey: Εκδήλωση για τις διώξεις δικηγόρων και δικαστών στην Τουρκία


εκδήλωση AED

Με αφορμή την Παγκόσμια Ημέρα του δικηγόρου σε Κίνδυνο (Day of the Endangered Lawyer), το  ελληνικό τμήμα της ΑED  (AVOCATS EUROPEEN DEMOCRATES) διοργανώνει την πρώτη του παρέμβαση με μία εκδήλωση αφιερωμένη στις διώξεις δικηγόρων και δικαστών στην Τουρκία.

Στην εκδήλωση θα μιλήσουν ο Κ.Ε. (δικαστής από την Τουρκία), ο Cengiz Aktar (καθηγητής Πολιτικών Επιστημών στο ΕΚΠΑ), η Γιώτα Μασουρίδου (μέλος της Ένωσης Δικηγόρων για την Υπεράσπιση των Θεμελιωδών Δικαιωμάτων) και ο Βασίλης Παπαστεργίου (μέλος του Δ.Σ. του ΔΣΑ).

Επίσης, μέσω Skype θα παρέμβει η δικηγόρος Elvan Olkun από την Τουρκία, ενώ χαιρετισμό θα απευθύνει ο πόεδρος του ΔΣΑ, Δημήτρης Βερβεσός.

Η εκδήλωση θα πραγματοποιηθεί αύριο (Πέμπτη 24 Ιανουαρίου) στις 3.00 το μεσημέρι στον ΔΣΑ (Ακαδημίας 60), στην αίθουσα «Μιχάλη Επ. Ζαφειρόπουλου».

Τα στοιχεία της εκδήλωσης





Updated Report: Incarceration of Turkish Lawyers | Unjust Arrests and Convictions (2016-2018)



http://www.idhae.org/OBSAV-DEL190124-TUR.htm?fbclid=IwAR2lT2R_herNRCBWt1zG_ma-sTKaPBW0id9a1EBmy0Z2LDZk1w6CvqL60iw (FRANCAIS)



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Germany/Turkey/Greece: Critical of German justice, lawyer to take NSU case to European court

January 18, 2019

NSU avukatlarından Daimagüler: 1600 kez tehdit edildim

Mehmet Daimagüler, one of the lawyers for the families of victims in Germany’s notorious National Socialist Underground (NSU) case, says he would take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Addressing a conference on the NSU and racism in Germany at Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul yesterday, Daimagüler said he did not trust German courts and did not expect much from the legal process in Germany regarding the neo-Nazi gang.

The NSU, composed of three members, were behind the murders of eight Turkish and one Greek immigrant and a German policewoman between 2000 and 2007. Two members killed themselves when the police closed in on them, while the sole surviving member, Beate Zschaepe, was sentenced to life in a trial that concluded last year.

“I don’t trust German courts and that’s why we filed a compensation lawsuit [for the victims]. If the German government, state administrations did their jobs properly, if police did not look into the murders through a racist angle, people would not get killed,” the lawyer said.

The lawyer said he was certain cases against the NSU would be “lost,” referring to appeals to the sentence for Zschaepe and the gang’s accomplices who got away with lenient sentences. “But we will take these cases to the European Court of Human Rights afterwards,” he said.

Daimagüler also spoke about threats the lawyers of victims faced. “I’ve received about 1,600 threats so far but I didn’t take them seriously. Barking dogs seldom bite,” he added. However, he expressed concern about threats to fellow lawyer Seda Başay Yıldız. “It was discovered that threats were linked to a police station and had everything from the address of her residences to the address of her parents. It is also a big scandal that police told Yıldız that they can’t protect her properly and suggested she buy a gun to defend herself,” he said.


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