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Iran: EU Parliament In Overwhelming Vote Blasts Iran’s Human Rights Record

September 20, 2019

FRANCE – Plenary hall of European parliament in Strasbourg, July 18, 2019

The European Parliament on Thursday, September 19 adopted a resolution condemning the Islamic Republic’s human rights record, calling Tehran to end “suppression of women” in Iran.

The new resolution was endorsed by 608 votes in favor, seven against and 46 abstentions.

While insisting that Iran must stop criminalizing the work of women’s rights defenders, including the work done by those peacefully protesting compulsory hijab, the European Parliament called on the authorities in Iran to abolish this practice.

Furthermore, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) demanded all EU countries with a diplomatic presence in Iran to use all the diplomacy tools in their power to support and protect human rights defenders on the ground.

MEPs also called on the Iranian authorities to immediately release all human rights defenders and journalists detained and sentenced merely for exercising their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

According to the resolution, at least eight journalists are currently in detention in Iran and that many have been systematically targeted by the authorities through criminal investigations, asset freezes, arbitrary arrest and surveillance, including those working for the BBC Persian service. Furthermore, the MEPs referred to a recent report by Iran Human Rights, noting that in 2018 the second-highest number of people in the world were executed in Iran.

The resolution, adopted by a show of hands, reiterates the European Parliament’s call on the government of Iran to immediately and unconditionally release human rights lawyer and Sakharov Prize Laureate Nasrin Sotoudeh, who has been sentenced to 38 years in prison and 148 lashes by an Islamic Revolutionary court.

Sotoudeh was arrested in 2018 and convicted for her peaceful activities defending women’s right to choose their own dress style. Although there is no written law in Iran for compulsory hijab, the police and courts spend huge resources to force women to use hijab. Resistance against the policy has increased among Iranians in recent years.

In the meantime, the resolution has stressed that all EU-Iranian dual nationals currently behind bars in the Islamic Republic should be immediately and unconditionally freed.


EU Parliament Censures Iran’s Suppression of Women

What Do Iranian Human Rights Activists Want from the West?


https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasrin_Sotoudeh (FRANCAIS)


The Netherlands: ‘We live in a narco-state’: murder of Dutch lawyer prompts fear and fury

September 19, 2019

Lawyers in gangland cases given emergency protection after unprecedented killing

Lawyers and prosecutors in major gangland drugs cases in the Netherlands have been given emergency protection after the unprecedented murder of a top defence lawyer prompted police and the media to claim that government naivety was turning the country into a narco-state.

Derk Wiersum was gunned down in the street as he left his home in the Amsterdam suburb of Buitenveldert on Wednesday morning. Police are searching for a 16- to 20-year old man in a black hooded top who fled the scene on foot.

Wiersum, 44, was acting for Nabil Bakkali, a crown witness in a case against 16 men accused of five murders between 2015 and 2017, whose brother was also shot dead last year shortly after authorities named Bakkali as a witness.

Dutch media compared Wiersum’s killing to the targeted Mafia assassinations of investigating magistrates in Italy in the 1990s or the lawless Colombia under the drugs baron Pablo Escobar.

Flags were at half-mast outside courtrooms across the Netherlands on Thursday and lawyers were to hold a minute’s silence as the justice minister, Ferd Grapperhaus, met officials from the public prosecutors’ office and representatives of Dutch lawyers’ associations to discuss the heightened security arrangements.






Netherlands: ICJ extremely concerned at killing of lawyer


https://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2019/09/18/derk-zag-in-nabil-iemand-die-zijn-hulp-nodig-had-a3973880 (NEDERLANDS)

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France: Angry French professionals march against Macron’s pension reform

September 16, 2019

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Lawyers, nurses, doctors, airline pilots are among many professionals are striking in Paris to protest the government’s pension reforms. Their different pension schemes total over ten billion euros – and they do not want to see it absorbed by the standardised system the government is proposing.


After last week’s mass public transport strike, on Monday over 700,000 skilled workers from 14 different fields are expected to be absent. It’s the first time professionals, from nurses to airline pilots, will march together under the same banner, “SOS retraites”, to defend their own specific pension plans.

“It’s a hold up,” exclaims Jean-Paul Hamon, the president of the Federation of Doctors in France. “They want to grab what we saved.

“It is not a strike of the rich. We work on average 60 hours per week. The nurses, who have a tough job and earn a low salary, will have to contribute more towards their retirement – only to earn a pension of 900 euros per month. That’s enough to make us very angry.”


Unprecedented lawyers strike

The Chairperson of the Paris Bar, Christiane Feral-Schuhl, said that it is unprecedented for such a larger number of lawyers to mobilise for today’s strike. Half of France’s 700,000 lawyers work in and around Paris.

Like doctors, lawyers fear that their pension fund of around 2 billion euros will disappear under the government’s new system.

Lawyer Xavier Autain, a member of the umbrella SOS Retraite protest group, told RFI that his colleagues contribute some 80 to 90 million euros to the general pension plan for the rest of the population.

“We don’t understand why the government wants to switch us over to a general pension plan. Ours has been in existence since 1954 and we’ve managed it well with contributions which are higher than those set up under the general pension plan,” he says.





France: Plusieurs milliers d’avocats à Paris contre la réforme des retraites

le 16 septembre, 2019

Plusieurs milliers d’avocats, accompagnés de professionnels du soin (médecins, infirmiers etc.) ou du transport aérien (pilotes, hôtesses, stewards), tous opposés au “système universel” de retraites voulu par le gouvernement, ont commencé à manifester lundi à Paris pour défendre leurs “régimes autonomes”, a constaté un journaliste de l’AFP.

Plusieurs milliers d'avocats à Paris contre la réforme des retraites

Plusieurs milliers d’avocats, accompagnés de professionnels du soin (médecins, infirmiers etc.) ou du transport aérien (pilotes, hôtesses, stewards), tous opposés au “système universel” de retraites voulu par le gouvernement, ont commencé à manifester lundi à Paris pour défendre leurs “régimes autonomes”, a constaté un journaliste de l’AFP.

Le cortège de robes noires, également parsemé de quelques blouses blanches, est parti peu après 14H00 de la place de l’Opéra en direction de Nation, à l’appel du Conseil national des barreaux (CNB), rejoint par d’autres organisations professionnelles au sein du collectif SOS Retraites.

Au son des sifflets et des sirènes, les manifestants brandissaient des pancartes sur lesquelles on pouvait lire “une retraite pas la traite” ou encore “retraite plus chère justice précaire”.

“Robes noires, blouses blanches, uniformes vous êtes tous là, vous êtes des milliers, bravo !”, s’est félicitée la présidente du CNB, Christiane Feral-Schuhl, ajoutant: “nous n’avons jamais été aussi nombreux”.

“Non au régime universel”

“Nous représentons 700.000 professionnels qui soignent, qui défendent, qui transportent et qui veulent vivre de leur métier, et vivre de leur retraite. Nous disons non à la nationalisation de nos régimes autonomes, non au régime universel”, a-t-elle lancé.






Après la RATP, les avocats se mobilisent contre la réforme des retraites






La Fédération des barreaux d’Europe (FBE) soutient les avocats français qui manifestent contre la réforme des retraites











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France: Réforme des retraites : Les avocats descendent dans la rue ce lundi

le 16 septembre, 2019

MANIFESTATION Le Conseil national des barreaux (CNB) appelle à un rassemblement à 13 heures place de l’Opéra, avant un défilé jusqu’à Nation, et s’attend à une « mobilisation extrêmement forte » des avocats

Grève des avocats à Bordeaux, le 15 février 2018.

Après la RATP vendredi, plusieurs professions, dont les avocats « qui n’ont pas l’habitude de manifester », vont descendre dans la rue, ce lundi, pour défendre leurs « régimes autonomes » de retraite contre le « système universel » voulu par l’exécutif. Les médecins, les paramédicaux, les pilotes, les hôtesses et les stewards manifesteront, eux aussi.

« Pour la première fois dans l’histoire sociale de ce pays, des avocats, des professionnels du soin et des salariés du transport aérien réunis en collectif défileront ensemble pour dénoncer le projet de captation sans sommation de leurs régimes autonomes de retraite », a souligné dans le Journal du dimanche le collectif « SOS Retraites », créé par ces professions pour défendre la spécificité de leurs régimes.

La quasi-totalité des 164 barreaux français « mobilisés »

En pointe de la mobilisation, le Conseil national des barreaux (CNB) appelle à un rassemblement à 13 heures place de l’Opéra, avant un défilé jusqu’à Nation, et s’attend à une « mobilisation extrêmement forte » des avocats contre la réforme voulue par Emmanuel Macron. Cette manifestation doublée d’une grève des audiences qui s’annonce très suivie, avec la quasi-totalité des 164 barreaux français « mobilisés » selon la Conférence des bâtonniers. Partout ou presque, les avocats ont décidé de ne plaider aucune affaire et de demander le renvoi des procès.












Retraites : avocats, médecins et pilotes manifestent aussi !





Réforme des retraites : Le bâtonnier de Lyon dénonce un « hold-up gouvernemental »







Cameroon: Anger in Cameroon as Maurice Kamto’s trial adjourns

September 6, 2019

Anger in Cameroon as Maurice Kamto's trial adjourns

Angry residents of Yaounde express frustration as the trial of Cameroon’s main opposition leader, Maurice Kamto was adjourned on Friday.

Kamto’s trial for insurrection will now take place on October 8.

“While the charges against them were being read, one of them – counselor Christian Penda Ekoka – felt dizzy and I have to tell you what led to this discomfort. This audience was held in a sort of matchbox, forgive my use of the term. The room is very small and poorly ventilated. We were suffocating and I think this is what led to the discomfort that caused suspension of the hearing”, Kamto’s lawyer, Ntchale Michel said.

Residents reiterate their plea for the Anglophone crisis to be resolved.

“I traveled more than 600 kilometres to attend this trial. For me, it’s a historical trial. We are asking the Biya’s government to do two things, solve the Anglophone crisis and release the political prisoners. This will calm tensions”, psychologist and president of an association for the protection of human rights, Germain Ekwala said.

Maurice Kamto claimed to have won last year’s presidential election. He came in second against President Paul Biya in the polls. Kamto was put to trial along with 88 others in a military court for insurrection.

Human rights groups have denounced the jurisdiction of the military court to try the case.




http://www.rfi.fr/afrique/20190906-cameroun-premiere-interruption-le-proces-opposants-dont-maurice-kamto (FRANCAIS)

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Cameroon: Inside Kamto’s looming showdown with Cameroon’s military court

September 5, 2019

Inside Kamto's looming showdown with Cameroon's military court

Cameroon’s opposition leader, Maurice Kamto says he is relishing the opportunity of taking on Cameroon’s government when he goes on trial in the country’s military court on Friday.

Kamto, who was the runner-up in last year’s presidential election is accused of insurrection, despite a chorus of international protest.

The charges against Kamto

Kamto, together with several dozen of his political allies and supporters, faces charges of insurrection, hostility to the motherland and rebellion, crimes which, in theory at least, could carry the death penalty.

The head of the opposition Movement for the Rebirth of Cameroon (MRC), and about 100 party supporters were arrested in late January.

The arrests came after several months of peaceful MRC protests over the October 2018 presidential election, which they say was rigged in favour of President Paul Biya, who has been in power for 36 years.

Kamto’s defenders

The crackdown on the opposition caused outrage among rights groups and many western governments.

The trial goes ahead despite repeated protests from France, the United States and the European Union, who have been calling for his release from detention for eight months.

In March, the US assistant secretary of state for African affairs Tibor Nagy, told Radio France Internationale that Cameroon would be “very wise” to release Kamto because his detention is widely perceived as politically motivated.

Later the same month, European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini criticised the arrests and what she called the military court’s “disproportionate” proceedings against them.

International rights groups have also condemned the action against Kamto and his colleagues, calling for their release.


Cameroon: Kamto’s case opens today at Yaounde military tribunal



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