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China: Interview with Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Wang Yu on Fighting the Good Fight

June 20, 2018

As all mothers do, Chinese human rights lawyer Wang Yu wanted to protect her child. But she couldn’t—not in China, she explained.

Speaking to The Epoch Times, Wang recounted how the Chinese authorities tried to silence her by threatening her son’s well-being, an experience she calls “the most terrifying experience” of her life.

In 2008, Wang was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for seeking legal redress against local authorities. The experience made her realize “the darkness of justice and arrogance of power” in China—and that was when she found her calling in representing dissidents and minority groups.

Most recently, on June 8, Chinese authorities in the Inner Mongolian city of Ulanhot have banned Wang from traveling abroad and refused to allow her to renew her passport. The authorities told her she is now considered a threat to national security.


Brazil/Colombia/Guatemala/Honduras/ Mexico/The Philippines: Stop the Killings

June 21, 2018

Stop the Killings Report.jpg

“Stop the Killings” analyzes the root causes of the killing of HRDs in Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines.

The report is based on original research by Comitê Brasileiro de Defensoras e Defensores de Direitos Humanos – CBDDH, (Brazil), Programa Somos Defensores (Colombia), UDEFEGUA (Guatemala), ACI-Participa (Honduras), Comité Cerezo (Mexico) and iDEFEND, Karapatan and Pahra (Philippines).

With a forward from United Natiosn Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders Michel Forst and introduction by Front Line Defenders Exective Director Andrew Anderson, “Stop the Killings” is a vital resource for understanding the current and alarming increase of killings of human rights defenders globally.

Turkey: From Diyarbakır Bar to Minister Soylu: We are Right There Where You Murdered Tahir Elçi

June 19, 2018

Diyarbakır Bar Association, which was accused of being a supporter of PKK by Soylu, Minister of Interior, has replied to him: “We are not afraid; rather, we are right there where you murdered Tahir Elçi…”

Board of Directors of Diyarbakır Bar Association has made a statement concerning the declaration of Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu who said “Diyarbakır Bar is a supporter of PKK”, urging Soylu to do what is necessary if he is really behind his allegations.

While making evaluations about the incidents that occurred in Suruç on a TV program of TRT Haber on June 18, 2018, Soylu said:

“I should mention that unbelievably cowardly allegations are being made against us which proves that Diyarbakır Bar Association and Diyarbakır Chamber of Commerce and Industry are sympathizers of PKK. Directly and honestly, I declare that it is a supporter of PKK. If PKK does not express an opinion against our all actions, incidents and acts of law it is Diyarbakır Bar which passes a remark”.

In response the bar briefly said:

“Süleyman Soylu, if you are backing your allegations, we are urging you to do whatever is necessary. As Diyarbakır Bar Association Chair and Board Members, we await your anti-terror teams and prosecutors.

“We are not afraid; rather, we are right there where you murdered Tahir Elçi…”

Turkish Interior Minister Soylu defames Diyarbakır Bar Association in Southeast as terror affiliated (TURKCE) (TURKCE) (TURKCE) (TURKCE) (KURTCESI) (FRANCAIS)



Saudi Arabia: Unrelenting Crackdown on Activists

June 20, 2018

Women walk past a poster of Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, February 12, 2018. © 2018 Reuters

Saudi authorities have arrested two more women’s rights activists in recent days in what appears to be an unrelenting crackdown on the women’s rights movement, Human Rights Watch said today. Saudi activists have reported that the authorities have placed travel bans on numerous others since May 15.


On June 6, Saudi authorities arrested the writer and activist Nouf Abdelaziz, who had publicly expressed solidarity with three women’s rights activists arrested in May, along with at least 14 other activists and supporters. On June 10, the authorities arrested Mayaa al-Zahrani, an activist and friend of Abdelaziz, after she reportedly posted a letter Abdelaziz asked her to make public in case of her arrest. In the letter, addressed to her fellow Saudis, Abdelaziz explained who she was, stressing that she committed no crime: “I am not a provoker, not a vandalizer, not a terrorist, a criminal or a traitor… I have never been [anything] but a good citizen who loves her country and wishes for it nothing but the best.” Both women are being held incommunicado.
“The Saudi government appears determined to leave its citizens without any space to show even rhetorical support for activists jailed in this unforgiving crackdown on dissent,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch. “Nouf Abdelaziz and Mayaa al-Zahrani’s only ‘crime’ seems to be expressing solidarity with their fellow imprisoned activists.”
On June 4, the local newspaper Okaz reported that nine detained activists, four women and five men, will soon be referred to the Specialized Criminal Court, which was originally established to try detainees held in connection with terrorism offenses, to be tried for committing three “serious” crimes: “cooperating with entities hostile to the kingdom,” “recruiting persons in a sensitive government agency to obtain confidential information to harm the interests of the kingdom,” and “providing financial and moral support to hostile elements abroad.”


Okaz earlier reported that, 15 days into the activists’ detention, an investigating body had announced that all nine detainees had confessed to the latter two accusations. If convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison.
Among those arrested are the prominent women’s rights activists Loujain al-Hathloul, Eman al-Nafjan, and Aziza al-Yousef; Ibrahim al-Modaimeegh, a lawyer; Mohammad al-Rabea, an activist; and Abdulaziz al-Meshaal, a philanthropist. They face charges similar to those against several imprisoned activists currently serving lengthy prison terms, including Waleed Abu al-KhairFadil al-Manasif, and Nadhir al-Majed. Immediately following their arrest, in a coordinated campaign, local media outlets publicly accused those detained of treason. (ESPANOL)

India: No anticipatory bail for lawyers in Sterlite case

June 19, 2018

Hearing on lawyers’ bail plea accused of staging anti-Sterlite protests adjourned till June 18

The Madurai Bench dismissed the anticipatory bail petitions filed by two advocates, accused of instigating violence during the protest against Sterlite in Thoothukudi on May 22.

The court noted that the petitioners, being organisers of the protest, should not shy away from responsibilities and face police interrogation.

The petitioners – S Vanchinathan and K Hariraghavan, advocates and members of People’s Rights Protection Centre who were apprehending arrests contended that they did not indulge in any kind of violence and that they were present at the spot only to provide legal assistance to the protesters by facilitating talks with the government authorities.

However, the Additional Advocate General (AAG) Chellapandian who appeared on behalf of the State opposed granting advance bail and contended that the petitioners had violated the prohibitory order and also instigated the protesters.

Urgent Information from Advocate V Suresh. General Secretary, PEOPLE’S UNION FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES.

Information has just been received that Adv. Vanchinathan of Madurai who has been counsel for many cases filed on behalf of Thoothukudi citizens and anti Sterlite protest groups, has been arrested at 01.00 am today by Chennai police. This is a direct assault on lawyers practicing in the human rights field and should be strongly opposed. The TN government and the police are trying to silence all democratic forces and produce a chilling effect to scare other lawyers from appearing in sensitive cases challenging undemocratic and anti-constitutional policies and actions of the government.

Advocate Vanchi nathan was arrested in Chennai Airport for Tutucorin incident in Crime no. 190 of 2018 Sipcot Police station u/sec 147, 148, 188, 353, 506 (2) and sec. 3 TNPPDL Act. He is the State Co-ordinator of People’s Right Protection Center and practicing law at Madurai Bench of Madras High Court at Madurai. It is the cowardice act of Tamil Nadu government killing the innocent unarmed people of thoothukudi and putting blame on public spirited activist who helped the people of thoothukudi legally and morally.

(Facebook, June 21, 2018)

Release People’s Advocate Vanchit Nathan immediately and unconditionally!

(IAPL – Indian Association of People’s Lawyers Facebook, 21/6/18)

France: Bure : 50 avocats défendent leur collègue placé en garde à vue

le 20 juin, 2018

« Plusieurs perquisitions et interpellations sont menées depuis ce mardi matin dans au moins cinq lieux de vie de militants opposés au projet Cigéo d’enfouissement de déchets nucléaires, dont l’emblématique « Maison de la Résistance » située sur la commune de Bure. Sept d’entre eux seraient gardés à vue à l’heure actuelle, pour des faits remontant à plusieurs mois et faisant l’objet d’une instruction judiciaire.

Plus préoccupant encore, l’avocat de nombreux militants a été lui-même interpellé ce matin lors d’une perquisition à son cabinet parisien et placé en garde à vue. Un tel procédé porte non seulement atteinte au droit à une défense effective mais constitue également une gravissime remise en cause du plein exercice de la profession d’avocat, pourtant garanti par la loi et la Convention européenne de sauvegarde des droits de l’Homme.

Alors que les perquisitions, les interpellations et les condamnations se multiplient dans la Meuse depuis l’hiver dernier, l’ampleur et la gravité de l’action policière de ce jour marquent une nouvelle étape dans la répression des mouvements d’opposition au projet Cigéo. Nous dénonçons avec force ces méthodes disproportionnées et choquantes qui foulent aux pieds les libertés fondamentales les plus essentielles : le droit de se défendre et le droit de défendre. »

Premiers signataires :

Xavier SAUVIGNET (avocat au barreau de Paris )


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Chad: Tchad: un procureur menacé après deux assassinats au tribunal

le 20 juin, 2018

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Le procureur de la République d’Iriba, dans l’est du Tchad, a été menacé de mort après l’assassinat lundi de deux accusés au sein même du tribunal de cette ville, a appris mercredi l’AFP auprès du ministre tchadien de la Justice.

Alors que le procureur était “en train d’auditionner un présumé criminel dans son bureau, des hommes sont entrés pour abattre” l’accusé, a déclaré à l’AFP le ministre, Djimet Arabi.

“Ensuite ils sont sortis pour abattre un deuxième (accusé) qui venait également pour être auditionné”, selon le ministre. Menacé par les proches des deux victimes, “le procureur a trouvé refuge chez le préfet à qui nous avons demandé de le protéger”, a affirmé Djimet Arabi.

Les parents des victimes ont également “tenté de s’en prendre au président du tribunal”, a-t-il ajouté.

Le ministre de la Sécurité publique, Ahmad Bachir, doit effectuer mercredi un déplacement dans la région.

“Nous déplorons et condamnons les menaces qui pèsent sur les magistrats” tchadiens, a réagi Djonga Arafi, secrétaire général du Syndicat des Magistrats du Tchad.