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Italy: Barbarie, brutale aggressione ad un altro avvocato, la vittima è Stefania Valente. Tutti attorno a lei


Un’aggressione ai danni di un avvocato di Gela, Stefania Valente, subita mentre era da sola, e portava a spasso il proprio cane nei pressi della sua abitazione. Un’aggressione vile, codarda, perché compiuta nei confronti di una donna e perché  concepita e posta in essere approfittando di un momento in cui lei, essendo sola, non avrebbe mai potuto difendersi adeguatamente. Un’aggressione inconcepibile, ma che, purtroppo, è l’ennesima  subita da un avvocato. Ultimo episodio, da noi narrato, l’incendio doloso dell’auto di proprietà del presidente del Consiglio dell’Ordine di Siracusa, utilizzata dalla moglie, anche lei avvocato, che anche per questo ha sentito il bisogno di esternare subito la propria solidarietà alla professionista.  Lei, Stefania, un avvocato conosciuta e riconosciuta come preparata, seria, aperta ad un contributo alla professione forense al di là del proprio particolare. È presidente dell’associazione degli avvocati matrimonialisti di Caltanissetta, superimpegnata nell’associazione presieduta dal collega Gian Ettore Gassani, che ha annunciato che sarà al fianco della collega per tutto l’iter processuale. Il fatto comunque è estremamente grave, anche perché dalle prime indagini, secondo quanto rivelato da alcune testate, sembra che l’aggressione sia legata all’attività professionale svolta dall’avvocato, a cui va la solidarietà dell’editore, del direttore e della redazione tutta. Un grazie anche al maresciallo dell’Arma Marco Lazzaro, che ci ha per primo informato dell’accaduto, non mancando di sottolineare la propria vicinanza all’avvocato, alla quale è legato da rapporti di amicizia. Gli stessi che, in questo momento, sentono per lei molti avvocati italiani, e certamente tutti i lettori le lettrici di questa testata.

La Camera minorile vicina all’avv. Valente. Gli avvocati combattono su diversi fronti, le istituzioni ci tutelino

Gela, avvocato aggredito: solidarietà da colleghi e amici

Gli avvocati del Consiglio dell’ordine condannano aggressione a collega, “valuteremo azioni a tutela”

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Italian Defense Lawyers, Judges and Law Professors targeted because of their function.

(Avvocati minacciati / endangered Lawyers Facebook, 6/6/19)

Kazakhstan: Statement on disbarment Sergey Sizintsev

June 26, 2019

Statement on disbarment Sergey Sizintsev

Lawyers for Lawyers is concerned about the recent disbarment of Sergey Sizintsev, a senior partner at the De Facto law firm in Kazakhstan and former Executive Director of the Republican Bar Association.


According to our information, Sergey Sizintsev served as the Executive Director of the Republican Bar Association from 2016 to 2018. In this capacity, he actively criticized the law ‘On the Professional Activities of Advocates and Legal Assistance’, adopted in July 2018, which could undermine the independence of the legal profession in Kazakhstan. Moreover, he made public statements in multiple international and national settings with respect to issues related to the independence of the legal profession and has been critical about the work and functioning of the Ministry of Justice.

On 23 October 2018, Sizintsev was unexpectedly dismissed from his position as Executive Director of the Republic Bar Association. In March 2019, disbarment proceedings against him were initiated by the Ministry of Justice, based on Article 44 of the 2018 law ‘On the Professional Activities of Advocates and Legal Assistance’. The official ground for these proceedings was that Sizintsev from 2016 to 2018 occupied the function of Executive Director of the National Bar Association, while at the same time continuing his legal practice and received salary for both functions.

On 21 May 2019, Sergey Sizintsev was disbarred by the Petropavlovsk Court. The court stated that Mr Sizintsev violated the law ‘On the Professional Activities of Advocates and Legal Assistance’, which would prohibit legal practice alongside paid employment that is not related to educational, scientific or creative activities.

Statement on disbarment Sergey Sizintsev (KAZAKH) (FRANCAIS)


June 26, 2019


Final hearing of Najet Laabidi’s case

On 27 June 2019, lawyer and woman human rights defender Najet Laabidi is due to appear before the military court of first instance of Tunis for the final hearing of her case. She is charged with “attributing to a public official (…) illegal acts related to his job without proof” under Article 128 of the Tunisian Penal Code.

The charge was filed by Judge Leila Hammami, the president of the military court of first instance of Tunis, who claimed that Najet Laabidi had made declarations that defamed her without proof.


On 11 May 2017, the 8th Misdemeanour Chamber of the Tunis Court of First Instance found human rights lawyer, Najet Laabidi, guilty of “attributing to a public official (…) illegal acts related to his job without proof” and sentenced her to six months imprisonment under Article 128 of the Tunisian Penal Code. The verdict came after over one hundred lawyers pleaded in favour of Najet Laabidi on 10 May 2017. She intends to appeal the Court’s decision.

Najet Laabidi is a human rights lawyer and former member of the executive bureau of Tunisian human rights group, Liberté Equité. She is the legal representative of victims of reported torture in what is known as the “Barraket Essahel” case. The Barraket Essahel case goes back to 1991, when authorities said they had uncovered a plan orchestrated by officers to topple President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and establish an Islamist regime. Between May and July 1991, 244 army officers were arrested, many of whom were reportedly tortured by state security agents in the Tunis headquarters of the Interior Ministry. (FRANCAIS)

China: Lawyers key to the rule of law – even China agrees but only lip service

June 26, 2019

Lawyers have an essential role in upholding the Constitution and realising the rule of law – at the Human Rights Council 41st session this week, even China agreed. So why does the Chinese government continue to harass, intimidate and persecute lawyers who defend human rights ask 4 NGOs on 25 June 2019: Lawyers for Lawyers, International Bar Association, International Service for Human Rights and Lawyer’s Rights Watch Canada. In a joint statement the NGOs call on the UN expert on independence of judges and lawyers, and the Council and its members, to press for accountability. 

‘The Chinese delegation recognised the need for balance in regulation between lawyers’ and judges’ rights, on the one hand, and their professional responsibilities, on the other hand’,says Sarah M Brooks, Asia Advocate at ISHR. ‘But it is hard to take this claim seriously, as Chinese authorities continue to adopt  abusive laws and measures, using them as a “sledgehammer” to restrict fundamental freedoms’.

This includes in particular lawyer Jiang Tianyong, who – since his nominal release from prison on 28 February 2019 – has been subject to invasive surveillance, restrictions on his freedom of movement, and refusal of independent medical exams. Worse, he is unnecessarily and inhumanely kept from joining his family in the U.S.

Lawyers key to the rule of law – even China agrees but only lip service

Joint oral statement to Human Rights Council

Lawyer Jiang Tianyong Freed From Prison but Not Free, Health Deteriorating (FRANCAIS)

South Africa: Man gunned down in downtown Joburg believed to be a lawyer

June 25, 2019

A man was shot dead outside a law firm in Newtown, central Johannesburg, on Tuesday morning.

Johannesburg police are investigating a case of murder after a man, believed to be a lawyer, was shot dead outside a law firm in the city’s central business district on Tuesday.

Police spokesperson Constable Moloto Kgatla said the incident happened in Newtown at around 8am on Tuesday morning.

“The gentleman had just got out of his vehicle. He went to the boot of the car to take out something. As he was approaching his place of work, a man who came out of nowhere shot him several times,” said Kgatla, adding that the man died at the scene.

“The man who shot him fled the scene in another vehicle.”

In a video circulating on social media, the victim can be seen reversing his car into a parking spot. He gets out and takes a bag out of the boot. As he is walking on the pavement, another man is seen coming from behind, shooting the victim several times before fleeing the scene.

The motive behind the killing is not known and police have not arrested anyone in connection with the incident.

Morocco: Le Maroc empêche de nouveau la présence d’avocats

le 25 juin  2019

Ces expulsions d’avocats et d’observateurs surviennent après celle, enregistrée le 19 mai dernier, d’une autre délégation d’avocats espagnols qui devait se rendre au Sahara occidental occupé pour assister au procès, prévu le 20 mai, de la journaliste sahraouie.

Les autorités marocaines ont empêché l’accès à El Ayoun occupée aux avocats espagnols Miguel Angel Jerez, Jose Maria Costa et Ines Miranda, a rapporté hier l’APS citant les médias espagnols.

Ils sont accrédités par le Conseil général du droit espagnol (CGAE) pour assister au procès de la journaliste sahraouie Nazha El Khalidi, prévu hier, 24 juin. Elle est poursuivie pour ses activités de défense des droits de l’homme dans les territoires sahraouis occupés.

Arrivés dans la capitale du Sahara occidental occupé en provenance de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, les juristes espagnols ont été empêchés par la police marocaine de descendre de l’avion et ont dû rentrer le même jour aux îles Canaries, ont poursuivi les mêmes sources.

Selon le site d’information sahraoui Equipe Media, deux autres observateurs internationaux n’ont pas aussi été autorisés samedi à se rendre à l’aéroport de Casablanca (Maroc) pour assister au procès de la journaliste sahraouie.

Ces expulsions d’avocats et d’observateurs surviennent après celle, enregistrée le 19 mai dernier, d’une autre délégation d’avocats espagnols qui devait se rendre au Sahara occidental occupé pour assister au procès prévu le 20 mai contre la journaliste sahraouie, avant d’être reporté au 24 juin.

La journaliste sahraouie Nazha El Khalidi jugée à El Ayoun sans témoins internationaux

Cameroon/France: Au Cameroun, la résistance en robe noire des avocats-activistes

le 25 juin, 2019

Deux ans et demi après les manifestations qui ont marqué le début de la crise dans les régions anglophones, les robes noires sont toujours en première ligne face au pouvoir. De la lutte contre la « francophonisation » du système judiciaire à la dénonciation de la répression, ces avocats-activites sont de tous les combats. Au grand dam du barreau, qui cherche à tempérer leurs ardeurs.

« Coups de matraques, gaz lacrymogène et canons à eaux ». Deux ans et demi après, les images de « la tragique journée du 8 novembre 2016 » n’ont pas quitté Me Sama Tambe, l’une des victimes de la violente répression policière qui s’est abattue ce jour-là sur les avocats de Bamenda.

Comme nombre de ses pairs, il s’était joint à la marche pacifique organisée par des membres anglophones du barreau camerounais, pour dénoncer « la francophonisation » du système judiciaire. Ces derniers reprochaient notamment l’absence des versions anglaises d’importants textes de lois et la surreprésentation de magistrats francophones – « très souvent monolingues » – dans cette région anglophone.

Au Cameroun, la résistance en robe noire des avocats-activistes – (ENGLISH) (ENGLISH)