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India: Govt opposes bail pleas of Rao, Gadling

July 24, 2019

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Justifying detention of Naxal sympathizers Vara Vara Rao and lawyer Surendra Gadling for their alleged role in a case of arson wherein 80 vehicles were torched at Surjagarh mining site in Gadchiroli in 2016, Maharashtra government on Tuesday informed that more names of Maoists and their sympathisers could be revealed as the probe progresses.




Speak against Modi govt’s revenge on activists before there is no one left to speak for us



Egypt: Detention of human rights ‘yellow vest’ lawyer renewed

July 19, 2019

A human rights lawyer who was detained in December for sharing a picture of himself wearing a yellow vest on Facebook in solidarity with protesters in France has had his appeal rejected by a court in Egypt.

Mohamed Ramadan was arrested for allegedly joining and promoting a terror group and inciting demonstrations and sentenced to 15 days in prison, but is still being detained seven months later.

At that time protesters in France demonstrating against high living costs and low wages wearing the trademark yellow safety vests forced French President Emmanuel Macron to cancel fuel tax increases and raise wages.

To prevent copycat protests ahead of the anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution authorities blocked the sale of vests and claimed to have found eight in Ramadan’s possession.

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Ramadan, who once defended human rights activists and political prisoners in Egypt, is being held in pre-trial detention pending further investigation, which is constantly being renewed.

In December, Ramadan’s lawyer said he was being held in solitary confinement and is suffering a series of health complications including high blood pressure and respiratory complications, and is not being given access to adequate health care.

Egypt: Detention of human rights ‘yellow vest’ lawyer renewed


Arrest of lawyer Mohamed Ramadan

Nicaragua: Nicaragua Urged to End Harassment of Attorneys Defending Political Prisoners

July 18, 2019

The court also reminded the Nicaraguan State that “hindering the work of advocates, as well as ignoring the provisional measures determined by the Inter-American Court, constitute incompliance with your international obligations.”

This Tuesday, July 17, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights posted on Twitter that they “urge an end to the harassment” of human rights defenders in Nicaragua.  The post referred to a recent episode where some six police patrol cars surrounded the building where the Defensores del Pueblo [People’s Defenders] have their office. The group is made up of lawyers who defend the political prisoners of Daniel Ortega’s regime.

They also reminded the State of Nicaragua that “hindering the work of [human rights] defenders, as well as disregarding the provisional measures determined by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, constitute acts of incompliance with your international obligations.”

The siege mounted against the lawyers began around 8:40 a.m. when six patrol vehicles, carrying some thirty members of the Police special forces, stationed themselves along the two access routes to the attorney’s offices, essentially surrounding the installations. The offices, located in the Los Robles sector of Managua, are coordinated by Dr. Julio Montenegro.

Later, one of the police commanders began to take photos and videos of those entering and leaving the building. They also detained and took data from vehicles attempting to enter the access roads that lead to the back part of the building, Montenegro denounced.

According to Montenegro, the siege occurred because the lawyers were receiving five people who had been involved in the occupation of the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN) in Managua between May and July of 2018.  These five were in the building to file a complaint regarding another five people who were detained the previous week.  One of these recent detainees, from the town of Sebaco, Matagalpa, is missing.

Nicaragua Urged to End Harassment of Attorneys Defending Political Prisoners





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UAE: 7th anniversary of imprisonment of rights lawyer Mohammed Al-Roken

July 17, 2019

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Today marks a sad anniversary: the 7th year of imprisonment of Mohammed Al-Roken, an Emirati lawyer committed to the defense of human rights and the rule of law. The UIA reiterates its request to the authorities of the United Arab Emirates: secure the immediate and unconditional release of our colleague! #UAE #FreeAlRoken #UIAIROL #Lawyers4Lawyers

(UIA Facebook, 17/07/19)




The Dark Side of the UAE







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http://www.libertas.sm/notizie/2017/11/13/san-marino-la-camera-penale-al-premio-ludovic-trarieux.html (ITALIANO)

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Turkey: Trial of Amnesty lawyer Taner Kiliç et al adjourned to October 9th

July 16, 2019


Turkey: ICJ Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review (UPR)

Turkey : IBAHRI and ICJ observe criminal trial on “Gezi Park” protests

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Turkey: Trial of lawyer & Amnesty International Honorary Chair Taner Kiliç et al today

July 16, 2019


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https://www.cducsu.de/presse/pressemitteilungen/tuerkei-muss-zum-rechtsstaatsprinzip-zurueckkehren (DEUTSCH)




The Philippines: Filipino lawyers at risk by state tagging

July 10, 2019

Filipino lawyers at risk by state tagging

Lawyers for Lawyers is deeply concerned over the ‘red-tagging’ of lawyers and lawyers’ groups in the Philippines as it puts lawyers’ safety and independence at risk. On 11 July, a court hearing takes place where members of the military must comment on a human rights lawyers’ request for protection.


The practise of labelling or “red-tagging”

In the Philippines, human rights lawyers are often criminalised and tagged as “communists” or “terrorists” because they are identified with their clients or their clients’ causes. Especially lawyers representing people who are accused of terrorist or drugs related crimes, or who have been critical to the government’s policies or behavior, such as journalists, political opposition leaders, and human rights defenders, are targeted.

This ‘red-tagging’ of lawyers and other individuals or groups is seen as a strategy used by State agents, particularly law enforcement agencies and the military,to encourage counterinsurgency programs and violent attacks against those perceived to be ‘threats’ or ‘enemies of the State.

Lawyers for Lawyers fears that the ‘red-tagging’ of lawyers put them in danger for simply doing their job.

Filipino lawyers at risk by state tagging

Stand for Human Rights, Support Call for UN probe in Philippines

Relentless red-tagging in Cagayan de Oro ‘scary and dangerous’




Rights group lauds Iceland’s resolution on PH rights situation