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Algeria: Marche des avocats à Tizi Ouzou et Bejaia

le 19 septembre, 2019

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Les avocats des wilayas de Tizi Ouzou et de Bejaia ont entamé ce matin une marche pour soutenir les détenus d’opinion et dénoncer le régime en place.  Ils scandent : « Etat civil et non militaire », « le peuple veut la chute de Gaid Salah », « libérez la justice », ou encore « pas de vote avec la bande».  Les avocats de Bejaia affirment qu’ils descendront dans la rue, en scandant « Gaid Salah dégage ! ».

La marche des avocats intervient au lendemain du discours du chef d’Etat-major, Ahmed Gaid Salah, qui a annoncé hier, à partir de la 6è Région militaire à Tamanrasset, avoir donné des instructions à la gendarmerie nationale pour limiter l’accès à la capitale aux manifestants les vendredis, jour de manifestation populaire contre le régime.

Des membres du Comité  National pour la Libération des détenus (CNLD)  se sont rassemblés ce matin devant le tribunal de Sidi M’hamed d’Alger pour réclamer la libération des détenus d’opinion.

Marche des avocats à Tizi Ouzou et Bejaia





Amnesty international appelle le pouvoir algérien à cesser la répression

South Sudan: Arbitrary Detention, Repression, and Persecution of Lawyers | Oral Statement to the 42nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

September 17, 2019

Mr. President,

Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada thanks the Commission for its oral report. We share the Commission’s concern about the securitization of the state and the absence of accountability mechanisms in South Sudan.[1]

LRWC deplores the enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings of lawyer and human rights activist Dong Samuel Luak and political opposition member Aggrey Idri, who were abducted from the streets of Nairobi in January 2017.[2] Both men were vocal critics of the South Sudanese government. In April 2019, the UN Panel of Experts on South Sudan reported that it has corroborated evidence strongly suggesting that these men were kidnapped by the National Security Service (NSS), transported from Kenya to Juba, and executed at an NSS detention facility in Luri on January 30, 2017.[3]

We are alarmed by the apparent cooperation of Kenya in the enforced disappearances of Mr. Dong and Mr. Aggrey, and by the failure of Kenya and South Sudan to impartially and thoroughly investigate these cases. Those responsible have not been held accountable and the families of the victims continue to be denied access to adequate remedies for the losses they suffered.

We call upon the Council to urge the Governments of Kenya and South Sudan to:

South Sudan: Arbitrary Detention, Repression, and Persecution of Lawyers | Oral Statement to the 42nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council





Thailand: The Attorney General ruled not to prosecute Lawyer June for not allowing police to search her car, due to her lack of intention to comply with the order

August 30, 2019

On 27 August 2019, Ms. Sirikan Charoensiri, known as Lawyer June, went to meet the inquiry officer who was responsible for her case at Chanasongkram Police Station, Bangkok, to hear the Attorney General’s order not to prosecute her on an allegation of concealing evidence.  The order was due to the fact that there was no intention to hide any evidence since she only complied to the recommendation from military court officers to keep the belongings of the alleged fellow activists by her side. Furthermore, the police made the request to search her car during the night and without providing any reasonable legal grounds.

For the other charge of not complying with an official order without reasonable grounds or explanation, the responsible prosecutor issued an order to dismiss the case due to be barred by prescription.  As a result, the criminal proceedings against lawyer Ms. Sirikan for two such allegations have been terminated.

Today the representatives from the embassies of Canada, Sweden, Germany, the United States, the European Union, and officials from human rights organizations including Amnesty International (Regional Office) came to observe the proceedings.

Detailed accounts of the final non-prosecution order and the termination of legal proceedings

On 26 July 2019, the office of the Special Prosecutor issued notification document No. 0013.3/1076 to Chanasongkram Police Station giving a final order not to prosecute and to terminate the proceedings against lawyer Sirikan.  In summary, the document provided the following details:





https://www.tlhr2014.com/?p=13465 (THAI)

https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sirikan_Charoensiri (FRANCAIS)

Thailand: Ensure truth, justice, and reparations for victims of enforced disappearance | Written Statement to the UN Human Rights Council

August 29, 2019

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Joint written statement* submitted by Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, non-governmental organization in special consultative status, and Asian Legal Resource Centre, non-government organization in general consultative status

Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR), NGO without consultative status, also shares the views expressed in this statement.

Unforgotten in Thailand: Ensure truth, justice, and reparations for victims of enforced disappearance

  1. Introduction: Persistent impunity for enforced disappearances

 A pattern of impunity for enforced disappearances[1] persists in Thailand despite years of promises to ratify the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (UNCED)[2] and to pass legislation making enforced disappearance a crime.[3] The United Nations (UN) Working Group on Enforced and Involuntary Disappearances (WGEID) reports 82 unresolved cases of enforced disappearances since 1980.[4] This number represents a fraction of Thailand’s enforced disappearances since the 1950s,[5] as families and witnesses remain silent for fear of reprisals.[6] Those most vulnerable to enforced disappearances belong to minorities or indigenous peoples. Also at risk are human rights defenders (defenders) or peaceful government critics.[7]Thailand’s current laws foster impunity for enforced disappearance; when a body is not found, murder charges are not laid.[8] No public officials have ever been held accountable for suspected involvement in enforced disappearances. The persistent pattern of impunity for enforced disappearances constitutes a grave violation of Thailand’s obligations under customary international law and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) to which Thailand acceded in 1996.[9]

The risk of enforced disappearances is heightened by the practice of incommunicado detention of political opponents, suspects in national security cases, and suspected insurgents in southern provinces.[10]

Thailand: Ensure truth, justice, and reparations for victims of enforced disappearance | Written Statement to the UN Human Rights Council


15 years since disappearance Somchai Neelapaijit

Thailand: at event marking 15th anniversary of the enforced disappearance of Somchai Neelapaijit, ICJ calls for effective measures to tackle the crime









https://www.un.org/fr/events/disappearancesday/ (FRANCAIS)

enforced disappearances

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Afghanistan: human rights defenders under increased attack – new briefing

August 28, 2019

Afghanistan’s human rights community are facing face intimidation, harassment, threats and violence amid intensifying attacks from both the authorities and armed groups, Amnesty International said in a new briefing released today (28 August).

While violence escalates in Afghanistan – last year saw the highest levels of civilian deaths on record – human rights defenders and activists have been largely ignored by the Afghan government and the international community.

In the briefing, Defenceless Defenders: Attacks on Afghanistan’s Human Rights Community, Amnesty reveals how the Afghan government has repeatedly failed to investigate attacks on activists, sometimes accusing them of ‘fabricating’ their claims and even telling them to take up arms to defend themselves.

Violence, threats and killings

In the briefing, Amnesty details how human rights defenders and activists have been intimidated, harassed, threatened, shot at, and killed in attacks that the Afghan authorities have failed to investigate and prosecute.

•           Hasiba* is a lawyer who defends women who have suffered domestic violence, are seeking divorce, or who face criminal charges. Since 2017, Hasiba has received repeated threats of violence, including acid attacks. The police registered her case, but took no further action, forcing her to close her law firm for seven months.


Human Rights Defenders Face Increased Attacks in Afghanistan



Shocking Attack on American University of Afghanistan, ALEP’s Partner in Kabul


https://mapdow.com/les-attaques-degenerent-contre-les-defenseurs-des-droits-de-lhomme-de-lafghanistan-rapport/ (FRANCAIS)

Egypt: Ezzat Ghoneim produced before the court

August 28, 2019


After having been disappeared for nearly five months, human rights defender Ezzat Ghoneim was produced before the Criminal Court of Tura on 9 February 2019. He continues to be held in preventive detention, which is being renewed every 45 days. The human rights defender is facing charges of “defamation” and “joining an illegal group”.

Human rights defender Ezzat Ghoneim disappeared from Al Haram police station 10 days after he was granted conditional release on 4 September 2018. He remained unlawfully detained until 13 September 2018, when police officers informed his wife of his alleged release.

On 4 September, Cairo Criminal Court ordered the release of Ezzat Ghoneim on bail.

On 9 May, the State Security Prosecutor renewed the detention of Ezzat Ghoneim for an additional 15 days pending investigation.

On 4 March human rights lawyer and executive director of the Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms (ECRF), Ezzat Ghoneim, was detained by State Security in Cairo.

Ezzat Ghoneim is a human rights defender and lawyer focusing on fair trial guarantees and enforced disappearances. Since 2014, he has served as executive director of the Egyptian Coordination for Rights and Freedoms (ECRF), an Egyptian human rights organisation which works on arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, freedom of expression, medical negligence and torture inside prisons.


Committee for Justice gets UN support for the case of human rights defender “Ezzat Ghoneim”





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Cameroon: Cameroun : le procès de Maurice Kamto fixé au 6 septembre

le 22 août, 2019

Le tribunal militaire de Yaoundé a fixé au 6 septembre la date d’ouverture de son procès. L’opposant camerounais sera jugé aux côtés de plusieurs de ses partisans pour « insurrection et hostilité contre la patrie ».

Le tribunal militaire de Yaoundé a fixé au 6 septembre la date d’ouverture de son procès. L’opposant camerounais sera jugé aux côtés de plusieurs de ses partisans pour « insurrection et hostilité contre la patrie ».

Arrivé en deuxième position lors de l’élection présidentielle du 7 octobre 2018, Maurice Kamto avait été arrêté aux côtés de 150 personnes, à la suite d’une manifestation le 26 janvier 2019 à l’appel de son parti, le Mouvement pour la Renaissance du Cameroun (MRC), qui considérait la victoire de Paul Biya, au pouvoir depuis 1982, comme un « hold-up électoral ».

Mi-février, le président du MRC et plusieurs de ses partisans avaient été présentés devant le tribunal militaire de Yaoundé, où une information judiciaire pour « hostilité contre la patrie » et « insurrection », entre autres accusations, a été ouverte à leur encontre.

Le tribunal a finalement fixé l’ouverture de son procès au 6 septembre, a annoncé Emmanuel Simh, son avocat et troisième vice-président du MRC.

M. Kamto avait été convoqué mardi devant cette juridiction militaire qui lui a notifié cette date, a précisé son avocat.




Cameroun: Début du procès du principal opposant à Paul Biya le 6 septembre

Amnesty international demande la libération « immédiate » de Maurice Kamto





https://www.journalducameroun.com/en/cameroon-military-tribunal-begins-hearing-case-against-maurice-kamto-on-september-6/ (ENGLISH)

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maurice_Kamto (ENGLISH)

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