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Argentina/Israel/Iran: A small and long overdue step toward justice in the ’94 Buenos Aires Jewish center bombing

December 10, 2017

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The wheels of justice can grind exceedingly slow in places like Argentina, even when terrorism, mass murder and cover-ups at the highest level of government are involved.

But there’s a major development in the still-officially unsolved bombing of a 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish center in which 85 people were killed: A federal judge last week indicted ex-President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for treason and asked Argentina’s Senate to lift her immunity from arrest and detention.

He based the charges on the investigation of Alberto Nisman, the crusading prosecutor found shot to death in 2015 just hours before he was to testify at a closed-door hearing and unveil a criminal case against Kirchner and her allies.

Nisman was to name a Lebanese Hezbollah operative acting with top-level Iranian support and direction as the main bomber.

And he was set to charge Kirchner and then-Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman with whitewashing Iran’s involvement in the attack in return for a lucrative secret trade deal involving Argentinian grain in return for Iranian oil.

Investigators appointed by Kirchner officially labeled Nisman’s death a suicide, but a new forensic investigation in September declared that he’d been murdered.
The Senate now has eight months to decide whether to lift Kirchner’s immunity — and the sad fact is that it probably won’t.

That’s because President Mauricio Macri, who supports the investigation, does not command a majority in the Senate. And some officials fear arresting Kirchner will only make her a left-wing martyr.

But the saddest fact of all is that, after nearly a quarter-century, no one has yet been successfully prosecuted for a deadly act of terror — or for the murder of a prosecutor who tried to bring those killers to justice.






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Argentina/Iran/Israel: Argentina judge seeks arrest of ex-leader Fernández

December 7, 2017

Handout picture released by Argentina"s Senate press office showing Argentine former president and Buenos Aires senator Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner swearing-in for a new mandate as senator, at the Congress in Buenos Aires, on November 29, 2017.

A judge in Argentina says he is seeking the arrest of former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner over accusations she took part in a political cover-up.

Ms Fernández, who governed for eight years from December 2007, is now a senator and as such enjoys parliamentary immunity.

For her to be arrested, the Senate would have to lift that immunity with a two-thirds majority vote.

Senators said they would consider the judge’s request once they received it.

‘Criminal plan’

Federal judge Claudio Bonadio, who is seeking the arrest, alleges Ms Fernández was took part in “an orchestrated criminal plan” to cover up the alleged involvement of senior Iranian officials in a 1994 bomb attack against a Jewish centre in Buenos Aires.

She has always denied the allegations and has accused Judge Bonadio of pursuing a campaign of political persecution against her.

Judge Bonadio also ordered that Héctor Timerman, who was foreign minister under Ms Fernández, be placed under house arrest in connection with the same case.

Two more close allies of Ms Fernández were arrested on Thursday morning. They are Carlos Zannadi, a senior legal official in the Fernández administration, and political activist Luis D’Elía.

Argentina’s deadliest terror attack

Judge Bonadio presides over a commission which is investigating the 1994 bombing of the Israeli-Argentine Mutual Association (known as Amia for its initials in Spanish), a Jewish community centre in Buenos Aires.

Firemen, policemen and rescuers search in rubble as a crowd looks on after a bomb exploded at the Israeli-Argentine Mutual Association (Amia) in Buenos Aires on 18 July 1994,Image copyrightAFP
Image captionThe Amia building collapsed in the bombing, which killed 85 people

Eighty-five people died in the bombing, which was Argentina’s deadliest terror attack.

Judge Bonadio re-opened the case against Ms Fernández after it had been dismissed by another federal judge in February 2015.

The allegations of a cover-up in the highest echelons of government were originally made by special prosecutor Alberto Nisman, whose sudden death in January 2015 is still being investigated.










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Iran: Demand the Judiciary to #FreeNarges Now

November 28, 2017


The Appeals Court has upheld the 16-year prison sentence against prominent human rights activist Narges Mohammadi. She was sentenced to 10 years for “membership in the [now banned] Defenders of Human Rights Center,” five years for “assembly and collusion against national security,” and one year for “propaganda against the state.” She will become eligible for release after serving 10 years in prison.

(Center for Human Rights in Iran Facebook)





Argentina/Israel/Iran: Will New Reports and Court Proceedings Shine a Light on the Death of Alberto Nisman and the AMIA Bombing?

November 21, 2017

The mysterious murder of Alberto Nisman, Hy”d, the prosecutor charged with investigating the 1994 bombing of the headquarters of Argentina’s central Jewish communal organization (AMIA), aroused suspicions from the moment it was made public. For an investigator’s body to be found just a week after accusing his country’s then-president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, of conspiracy to shield the perpetrators of a lethal terror attack, on the very night before he was to present his findings to the Argentine Congress, seemed to most observers like more than mere coincidence.

Most initial reports from the government and law enforcement authorities labeled the shooting death, which took place in January 2015, a suicide. While the veracity of this was highly doubted in the public eye, the move largely smothered any possibility of further inquiry into Nisman’s demise as well as investigations and indictments connected to the bombing itself.

Yet for more than a year, the government of President Mauricio Macri, who wrested power from President Kirchner later in 2015, has encouraged authorities to thoroughly investigate Nisman’s death once again, an effort bolstered by the declassification of all documents related to the case.

In the coming weeks — even days — it looks as if the justice long called for by the many who took to the streets following Nisman’s death might be taking shape.










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Iran: Previously Imprisoned Human Rights Lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh Refuses to Appear in Court

November 20, 2017

“I know I will not be treated fairly by the judiciary.”

A prominent Iranian lawyer who was previously imprisoned for her peaceful defense of human rights has refused to comply with a summons by the Revolutionary Court in Evin Prison because “I know I will not be fairly treated,” she told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).

“I know the court will not follow legal procedures and I will be tried under unfair circumstances,” Nasrin Sotouteh told CHRI on November 20, 2017. “Therefore I will not appear in court; I know I have not broken any law.”

The summons, issued on November 16, 2017, warned she would be arrested if she did not comply with the order within three to five days.

“I have no idea why I have been summoned,” Sotoudeh told CHRI. “I represented Parastou Forouhar after her family home was burglarized, and I have defended children who have been sexually abused. Perhaps these cases have touched raw nerves,”

Forouhar is due to appear at Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran on November 25, 2017, to face the charges of “propaganda against the state” and “insulting the sacred,” brought by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry.



https://persian.iranhumanrights.org/1396/08/nasrin-sotoudeh-summon/ (FARSI)

Iran: Narges Mohammadi Calls on MPs to End the “Illegal” Torture of Solitary Confinement in Iran’s Prisons

October 14, 2017

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Imprisoned prominent human rights activist Narges Mohammadi has called on members of Iran’s Parliament to investigate and end the “illegal” practice of solitary confinement of prisoners.

“As a defender of human rights who has been tortured by this practice, I consider it my duty to take every opportunity to express my protest against solitary confinement, the suffering victims of which I continue to see in Evin Prison,” wrote Narges Mohammadi in a letter from the prison where she is serving a 16-year sentence for peacefully advocating for human rights.

“I am sure you are aware that under the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and based on the opinion of the Supreme Administrative Court, keeping suspects in solitary confinement is not only illegal, but also a clear violation of the constitutional and basic human rights and dignity of prisoners, instituted by the security and judicial agencies without rules or limits,” she wrote.

Article 39 of Iran’s Constitution forbids “all affronts to the dignity and repute of persons arrested, detained, imprisoned, or banished.”

The letter, published by the Defenders of Human Rights Center on October 8, 2017, addressed members of Parliament’s Article 90 Committee, which is authorized by the Constitution to investigate citizens’ complaints against the executive, legislative and judicial branches of state.

In her letter, Mohammadi—a 45-year-old mother of twins who is currently being held in Evin Prison’s Women’s Ward—mentioned 15 other cellmates who she said have spent a total of 140 months in solitary confinement throughout different periods of their incarceration.



Imprisoned Human Rights Defender Narges Mohammadi awarded APS’ Sakharov Prize 2018


Argentina/Iran/Israel: Argentine Judge Summons Ex-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in Ongoing Probe of Cover-up of Iran’s Responsibility for 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish Center Bombing

October 9, 2017

The Argentine federal judge investigating the allegation that ex-President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s administration conspired with Iran to hide Tehran’s culpability for the deadly 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires announced on Monday that Kirchner has been subpoenaed to appear before him on October 26.

In the latest sensational development in a case that has proceeded for over twenty years without a single conviction, Judge Claudio Bonadio banned Kirchner and fourteen other defendants from leaving the country until they have provided their testimonies.

Bonadio’s case is based on the original complaint that was to have been submitted by late special prosecutor Alberto Nisman in January 2015, which laid out the charge of complicity with Iran against Kirchner, her foreign minister Hector Timerman and several other officials. Nisman was found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment the night before he was due to present his complaint to Argentina’s Congress; the initial spurious claim that Nisman committed suicide was finally disproven last week, when an official report from from Argentina’s Gendarmeria Nacional concluded that the federal prosecutor had been beaten, drugged, and then shot execution-style.






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