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Uganda: City lawyer succumbs to injuries after being attacked by mob

October 19, 2019

A UPDF soldier has been arrested for allegedly masterminding mob action against a lawyer who later succumbed to injuries.

The incident which occurred in Mutungo, Nakawa Division in Kampala on Monday is said to have been committed against Peter Kibirango by Sgt Gad Twijukye and other residents.

According to Mr Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Sgt Twijukye, who was arrested on Thursday evening, mobilised boda boda riders to lynch  Kibirango, on suspicion to have stolen a mobile phone and its charger.

Kibirango, who works with Orima and Co Advocates, is said to have gone to a mobile money agent to carry out a transaction holding a charger and phone in his hands.

Owoyesigyire said Kibirango reportedly placed his charger on top of a phone that was on top of the counter of the mobile money point. There was also another placed at mobile shop belonging to Sgt Twijukye, a soldier attached to immigration training school in Nakasongola.

City lawyer succumbs to injuries after being attacked by mob

City Lawyer Dies After Attack; Colleagues Seek Justice






Uganda: Nagirinya murder, kidnap of lawyers dominate ULS rule of law report

September 26, 2019

Maria Nagirinya

The murder of a social worker, Maria Nagirinya and the kidnap of several advocates in line of their duty, dominated the Uganda Law Society (ULS) 3rd quarterly Rule of Law report released in Kampala yesterday.


The report titled: ‘The State of the Rule of Law in Uganda’ highlighted the incidents that affected the rule of law in the country between July and September as well as offering recommendations.


“The right to life in Uganda remains constantly under threat. Despite the numerous recommendations that have been made in the previous ULS Rule of Law reports on issues threatening the right to life, there remains an increase in kidnaps, murders and robbery cases as has been reported during the review period,” the ULS report read in part.

The lawyers in their recommendations on this human rights concern, asked government to institute a specific inquiry into the serial killings and publish the findings and that those found culpable face the full arm of the law.
The other recommendation was that there should be a standard community policing with a proper policy and legal framework.





Uganda: Lawyer James Mubiru narrates ordeal after dramatic arrest

September 15, 2019

Image result for James Mubiru lawyer

James Mubiru, a human rights lawyer, who was brutally arrested outside the International Crimes division of the High Court Wednesday has spoken out on his ordeal during the two days he was detained.

Mubiru is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed health facility in Kampala





https://www.ntv.co.ug/news/akawungeezi/Munnamateeka-James-Mubiru-alojja-ebyamutuusibwako/4542248-5274454-jxsbvy/index.html (SWAHILI)

Uganda: Kidnapped Lawyer finally Rescued

September 6, 2019

Kidnapped Lawyer finally Rescued

After the alarming situation for the allegations over the kidnap of a city lawyer Bony Akol who was reported kidnapped at Najjeera, police has finally cleared the air that he is in the hands of security organs.

Patrick Onyango the police mouth piece Kampala metropolitan said that Akol was arrested by their sister security agencies for obtaining money of false pretence and is detained in a gazetted detention facility but in a good condition.

“He was arrested by one of our sister security agencies for obtaining money by false pretence.

In the picture Akol putting on a red t-shirts with the OC Tubba police post where a case of missing person was registered.

However the Uganda Law Society President Simon Peter Kinobe has asked members of ULS to emphasize the need to improve communication among staff, teamwork, and adding value to all spheres of themselves.

He has made this statement today at the wrap up of the four days capacity building training of Uganda Law Society saying the kidnaps are rampant and targeting everyone in the country.

Kidnapped Lawyer finally Rescued

Uganda Law Society Launches Hunt For Missing Lawyer


Uganda/Rwanda: Uganda’s security came for Rwandans, then for lawyers

August 12, 2019

On Wednesday, 31 July 2019, armed men picked up Patrick Mugisha, a partner at Mwesige Mugisha & Co. Advocates, from his chambers in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb. Mugisha was reported missing and a victim of abduction. It turned out that for almost a week he had been held without charge at one of ISO’s notorious illegal ungazetted detention centres in Kyengera, another Kampala suburb.

The Uganda Law Society immediately went to battle for its colleague. On 3 August 2019, its president, Mr Simon Peter Kinobe, wrote a strongly-worded letter and appeared on different television channels to denounce ISO, reminding its director-general Col Kaka Bagyenda of the constitutional violation against abductions, and even of the fact ISO has no arresting powers:

“As Uganda Law Society, we cannot continue to look on as a few individuals descend our country into chaos without reprisal. We cannot be observers in the perpetration of impunity with no call to action. We accordingly call upon all lawyers to action, to prosecute both criminally and in civil court the director of ISO Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda for these acts of impunity and, to demand the immediate unconditional release of our advocates illegally arrested and detained by the said ISO. Should ISO fail to comply with our demands to unconditionally release the detained citizens by Wednesday the 7th Day of August 2019, we shall have no choice but to further escalate the matter,” he wrote.

Mr Kinobe accused Col Kaka of “acting with impunity by kidnapping, intimidating, harassing and arresting lawyers without any reason,” Mr Kinobe warned, as he denounced the illegal holding of the lawyer, “beyond the statutory period of 48 hours,” before giving Col Kaka “up to August 7th to release the lawyer or they prosecute him!”


He has no mandate! Law Society president takes on ISO boss over illegal detentions


https://www.protect-lawyers.com/it/avvocato/patrick-mugisha/ (ITALIANO)

Uganda: Lawyer Ayena Odongo Released

July 19, 2019

Krispus Ayena Odongo, the former Oyam North County Member of Parliament has been released.

Ayena who was jailed last week at Lira Central Government was released on Friday by the Lira High Court Assistant Registrar, Genevieve Natukunda.

Ayena’s lawyer, Alex Adupa presented proof of payment of 73 million shillings to Col.Charles Okello Engola, the State Minister for Defense.

He says that money was paid to Engola on Thursday.

Trouble for Ayena started when the High Court in 2016 nullified Engola’s election as the Oyam North MP on grounds that there was variation in the academic papers presented in court by Col Engola and the one he presented to the Electoral Commission for his nomination.

Engola appealed against the decision of the High Court. However, the Court of Appeal overturned the decision of the High Court hence upholding the election of Engola as the Oyam MP and ordered Ayena to pay 73 million shillings.



Detention of Ongwen lead lawyer will not affect trial-ICC



Uganda: Prominent lawyer, Patrick Mugisha now a free man

August 4, 2019

Image result for Patrick Mugisha

Prominent lawyer Patrick Mugisha is a free man tonight, days after he arrested and held captive at a safe house in Kyengera. Mugisha was abducted by plain clothed men in Kabalagala on Wednesday. CCTV footage showed three plain clothed men leading him out of office into a waiting double cabin pick up. It is not yet clear why he was arrested but a family member says he confirmed to them that he was being held by Internal Security Organisation in a safe house in Kyengera. The family secured a





JUST IN: Missing city lawyer resurfaces


Missing city lawyer resurfaces



https://www.ntv.co.ug/news/akawungeezi/Munnamateeka-eyabuzibwaawo-yeralikirizza-famile-ye/4542248-5223172-7t6e5s/index.html (SWAHILI)

Uganda: Impunity must stop! Law Society issues ultimatum to ISO boss Bagyenda over missing lawyer

August 4, 2019

The Uganda Law Society (ULS) has given the director of Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Col. Frank Kaka Bagyenda, up to Wednesday, August 7 to release the lawyer held in the custody of the security organisation or they prosecute him.

In a strongly worded letter dated August 3, 2019, the ULS president, Mr Simon Peter M. Kinobe, accuses Col Bagyenda of usurping the powers of other security agencies and acting with impunity by kidnapping, intimidating, harassing and arresting lawyers without any reason.

“The ISO Director has now taken over the role of other security agencies and has turned ISO into a clearing agency for wealthy individuals to the detriment of regular citizens. Despite the lack of statutory mandate to arrest and detain, the same has continually detained citizens in places not gazetted by law and beyond the statutory period of 48 hours. The most notorious safe house used by ISO is in Kyengera protected by the military police under the command of the UPDF,” Mr Kinobe’s letter reads in part.

The Law Society’s concern comes after one of their own, Patrick Mugisha of Mwesige Mugisha & Co Advocates, was picked up by alleged security operatives on Wednesday 31st July 2019 from his chambers in Muyenga, a city suburb. According to ULS, security operatives came in a pickup double cabin Reg No. UAQ 597K and whisked him away from his chambers without informing any of his family or workmates of the reason for arrest. A video clip shared on social media shows armed men leading him out of his office building and directing him to the pickup.

Impunity must stop! Law Society issues ultimatum to ISO boss Bagyenda over missing lawyer

City lawyer goes missing






Uganda: Museveni Condoles with Family of Slain Kisoro Lawyer Sendegyeya

August 2, 2019

President Museveni, in his expression of condolences, gave assurances that efforts to have the culprits face the law are on-going.

President Museveni meeting late Abiriga's family last year. Courtesy photo

President Yoweri Museveni has visited the family of murdered Kisoro Lawyer, late Isaac Sendegyeya in Mukingu village, Kisoro Municipality.

39 year-old Isaac Sendegyeya was shot dead on Sunday morning of 21st July 2019 at the door of his home by unknown assailants as he returned home. President Museveni, in his expression of condolences, gave assurances that efforts to have the culprits face the law are on-going.

“Sorry for your loss. We shall find those criminals and they will face the law,” he said. President Museveni who was briefed on the situation as it was on the ground by family members at the time of murder, advised people to install cameras to help in such circumstances.

Police have arrested some suspects and investigations by security agencies into the murder are progressing. The late Sendegyeya is survived by a widow and two children.




He is innocent! Law Society boss defends Kabuleta, attacks police for abusing Computer Misuse Act


Uganda: Gunmen kill lawyer at his home

July 21, 2019

Image result for Isaac Sendegeya


Police are investigating the killing of Isaac Sendegeya, a lawyer based in Kisoro District, who shot dead at the entrance of his house in Nturo village, near Kisoro town.

Kigezi Sub region police spokesman, Mr Elly Maate said Sendegeya was murdered on Sunday at about 2am as he returned from Kisoro town.

Mr Maate said that police rushed to the scene of crime but it was already tempered with by relatives of the deceased who transferred the body to the sitting room.

“Nobody has been arrested in connection with this murder,” Mr Maate said.

He said police have recovered one bullet cartridge and the case has been recorded at Kisoro police station.

The Kisoro Resident District Commissioner Mr Peter Mugisha said porous borders with the Democratic Republic of Congo have contributed to rising crime in Kisoro District.



KISORO: Top lawyer Isaac Sendegeya shot dead

Kisoro top lawyer shot dead by unknown gun men

Celebrated Lawyer Ssendagire Shot Dead