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Iran/The Philippines/China/Nigeria: LSO expresses concern over global human rights violations

July 16, 2019

Organization has issued statements condemning violations of legal professionals’ human rights

LSO expresses concern over global human rights violations

The Law Society of Ontario has expressed “grave concerns” regarding human rights violations against members of the legal profession across the globe.

“Lawyers should be able to exercise their legitimate duties without fear for their lives, for their liberty or for their security. The Law Society of Ontario urges all governments to comply with international human rights laws, including the United Nations’ Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers,” the society said in a statement.

The law society’s Human Rights Monitoring Group have issued public statements regarding the following lawyers:

  • Jiang Tianyong in China, who is being subjected to surveillance and restrictions on freedom of movement after his release from prison for “incitement to subvert state power.”
  • Nasrin Sotoudeh in Iran, who was convicted on seven charges, and sentenced to 33 years in prison and 148 lashes. According to credible reports, the charges stem solely from her human rights work and for having spoken out against the death penalty in Iran.





https://lso.ca/nouvelles-et-evenements/nouvelles/2019/le-barreau-est-tres-preoccupe-par-les-violations-des-droits-de-la-personne-a-l%E2%80%99encontre-de-membres-d (FRANCAIS)




China: Four Years on, China’s Crackdown Still Suppressing Human Rights Lawyers, Clients

July 9, 2019

Hunan human rights lawyer Xie Yang, who was detained in China's July 9, 2015 crackdown on rights lawyers and subjected to abuse including torture and deprivation of food and water, poses with his parents in an undated photo.

Four years after the ruling Chinese Communist Party launched anationwide crackdown on the country’s human rights lawyers, the country’s rights attorneys say they are now being prevented from practicing law at all.

Hunan lawyer Xie Yang, who was initially detained on July 11, 2015, then tortured while being held under “residential surveillance at a designated location” in a government guesthouse, said human rights are as essential to human existence as food and drink.

“Dignity and justice are what make us human,” Xie said. “[This is] not just [about] getting enough to eat.”

Xie, who was subjected to abuse including deprivation of food and water, and tortured again after being moved to the police-run Changsha No. 2 Detention Center following his formal arrest on Jan. 9, 2016, said the crackdown has largely achieved what the authorities set out to do.

“The terror campaign waged against rights lawyers was clearly prettyeffective, because now the majority of of [human rights] cases can’t find an appropriate lawyer to represent them,” he said.

“The vast majority of lawyers have been controlled via the system of annual license renewals and other methods.”







4th Anniversary of the ‘709 Crackdown’



Fourth Anniversary of the 709





Situation Still Dire for Rights Lawyers Four Years On


https://cn.ambafrance.org/Communique-de-l-Ambassade-de-France-en-Chine-sur-le-4eme (FRANCAIS)

https://www.lavanguardia.com/politica/20190709/463383368181/ong-pide-a-china-el-fin-del-hostigamiento-contra-abogados-de-ddhh.html (ESPANOL)

https://www.dw.com/de/alle-sind-vorsichtiger-geworden/a-49513921 (DEUTSCH)





 判決結案:4名監獄服刑:①周世鋒律師 ②胡石根 ③吳淦 ④王全璋律師;3名緩刑:①李和平律師 ②勾洪國(戈平)③翟岩民;7名刑滿釋放:①劉星(老道)②張衛紅(張皖荷)③姚建清 ④李燕軍 ⑤王芳 ⑥尹旭安 ⑦江天勇律師;1名免於刑事處罰:①謝陽律師

 取保候審解除:
12名律師:①王秋實 ②黃力群 ③隋牧青 ④謝遠東 ⑤李姝雲 ⑥王宇 ⑦包龍軍 ⑧任全牛 ⑨劉四新 ⑩李春富 ⑪謝燕益 ⑫張凱;4名律師助理:①劉鵬 ②方縣桂 ③高月 ④趙威(考拉);1名律所人員:①王芳;4名維權人士:①劉永平(老木)②林斌(望雲和尚)③唐志順 ④幸清賢;5名教會人士: ①嚴曉潔 ②黃益梓 ③張崇助 ④張制 ⑤程從平

限制出境 :46人(31/15)



(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook, 11/07/19)

China: Statement by the China Human Rights Lawyers Group on the Fourth Anniversary of the ‘709 Incident’

July 9, 2019

China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group

The world was shocked by the mass detention of Chinese human right lawyers on July 9, 2015 –– in what became known as the “709 Incident.” Following the secret sentencing of “709” lawyer Wang Quanzhang (王全璋), who was tried for the crime of “subversion of state power,” people thought that the “709 Incident,” at least for the time being, should have come to an end. But in fact, the opposite is true. The relevant authorities not only have not ended their persecution of human rights lawyers; on the contrary, they have intensified their efforts. After the roundup of human rights lawyers in the “709 Incident” in July 2015, four additional human rights lawyers, Jiang Tianyong (江天勇) Li Yuhan (李昱函), Yu Wensheng (余文生), and Chen Jiahong (陈家鸿) were detained, one after another, and even more human rights lawyers such as Liu Zhengqing (刘正清), Sui Muqing (隋牧青), Tan Yongpei (覃永沛), Wen Donghai (文东海), Chen Keyun (陈科云) and Liu Xiaoyuan (刘晓原) had their professional licenses to practice law revoked and canceled. Moreover, authorities throughout the country subjected human rights lawyers to innumerable administrative punishments and professional disciplinary actions, and filed court cases to investigate lawyers. Today, we once again commemorate the human rights disaster that took place in mainland China four years ago, and celebrate human rights lawyers who have made great sacrifices to defend freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

Four years ago, when the relevant authorities invoked “the law” to persecute and prosecute Chinese human rights lawyers, we human rights lawyers firmly believed that these unjust, illegal arrests and trials could not achieve a victory in the spheres of public opinion and morality. It was impossible to eliminate the ideals of the pursuit of freedom, dignity, and rule of law present in the hearts of the majority of the people. History is confirming our prediction with its most selfless attitude and standpoint. In the past four years, although the relevant authorities have exhausted all means to discredit human rights lawyers or force detained human rights lawyers to confess guilt, unexpectedly, those human rights lawyers are receiving more and more respect and attention from the people. The deeds of lawyers such as Gao Zhisheng (高智晟), Tang Jingling (唐荊陵), Tang Jitian (唐吉田), Jiang Tianyong (江天勇), Liu Wei (刘巍), and others are inspiring one group of human rights lawyers after the next to continue to bravely advance in pursuit of our ideals. Even though relevant authorities have expelled some human rights lawyers from the legal profession, more human rights lawyers are appearing everywhere; and although the judicial administration departments have forced many lawyers and law firms to demonstrate their acceptance of those rotten and insipid ideologies, in fact, more lawyers are recognizing that we are pursuing freedom, equity, and justice, and that these are our values.

Statement by the China Human Rights Lawyers Group on the Fourth Anniversary of the ‘709 Incident’

UN Experts: Speak Out on Legislative Measures Restricting Rights of Lawyers in China









https://www.nchrd.org/2019/07/un-experts-speak-out-on-legislative-measures-restricting-rights-of-lawyers-in-china-cn-version/ (CHINESE)

http://www.epochtimes.com/gb/19/7/9/n11373388.htm (CHINESE/ENGLISH)

https://www.dw.com/zh/%E4%B8%93%E8%AE%BF-709%E5%A4%A7%E6%8A%93%E6%8D%95%E5%AF%B9%E7%BB%B4%E6%9D%83%E5%BE%8B%E5%B8%88%E6%98%AF%E4%B8%80%E4%B8%AA%E6%B8%85%E6%B4%97/a-49518804 (CHINESE)

https://www.ntdtv.com/b5/2019/07/09/a102618677.html (CHINESE)

http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/19/7/4/n11365131.htm (CHINESE)

https://news.rthk.hk/rthk/ch/component/k2/1467484-20190709.htm (CANTONESE)

https://www.hk01.com/%E6%94%BF%E6%83%85/350027/709%E5%A4%A7%E6%8A%93%E6%8D%95-%E6%B3%95%E5%BE%8B%E7%95%8C%E7%B5%82%E5%AF%A9%E6%B3%95%E9%99%A2%E5%A4%96%E9%BB%98%E7%AB%99-%E7%B6%AD%E6%AC%8A%E5%BE%8B%E5%B8%AB%E5%AE%B6%E5%B1%AC-%E6%9C%83%E5%A0%85%E6%8C%81%E4%B8%8B%E5%8E%BB (CANTONESE)



A CHRLCG Statement to Condemn the Chinese authorities’ illegal attempts to interrupt Li Wenzu’s expedition in search of her husband and the extra-judicial detention of citizens

If lawyers had no human rights, would there be rule of law?











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Protest in Hong Kong, July 9, 2019

(Wilson Leung Facebook, 9/7/19)

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今天為「709大抓捕」的四周年,關注組在香港終審法院前舉行了7分09秒的律師默站,期間讀出了兩封由709四姐妹(王峭嶺、李文足、原珊珊及劉二敏)和 余文生妻子 許豔 所撰寫給香港人的信。

許豔 – http://bit.ly/2JnKoo0
709四姐妹 – http://bit.ly/30l7hy3

Today for the 709th year of the ” 709 manhunt the attention group held a 7-Minute-09-second lawyer’s station in front of the Hong Kong court of final appeal, and the 709 sisters were read in the period. A letter written to Hong Kong people by steep, li wen-FA, original Susan and Liu min-min) and the wife of yu wen-Sheng.

The full text is as follows:

709 four sisters-http://bit.ly/30l7hy3

China: 1413 Days and Counting: Li Wenzu’s Fight for Her Husband’s Freedom

July 9, 2019

1413 Days and Counting: Li Wenzu’s Fight for Her Husband’s Freedom

On June 28, 2019, Li Wenzu was finally able to meet her husband, Wang Quanzhang, after being separated from him for 1,413 days. She says she found her husband, once reserved and calm, agitated and anxious. He sounded emotionless when he saw his wife and son. He had lost a great deal of weight but told her he put on a few pounds because the prison was treating him well. He told them not to visit him in the coming months, despite the long period of separation.

After having fought hard for the past four years just to see her husband in person, the meeting was far from what Li expected.

Wang Quanzhang is a human rights lawyer who worked on issues considered sensitive by the Chinese government. He is the last lawyer imprisoned in connection with the lawyers crackdown that started exactly four years ago on July 9, 2015. Nearly 250 human rights lawyers and activists were targeted in the so-called “709” crackdown.

Li and her son Quanquan received no news about Wang for more than three years after he was taken into custody. The only exceptions were an arrest notice that came in January 2016 and a notice of the sham trial in December 2018, which she was barred from attending. Wang was sentenced to four years imprisonment for “subverting state power.” Even now, no one in his family has seen the verdict.

Li and the lawyers she hired made countless requests to meet Wang in the detention center. It was only last month that any of them could even see him once.


Statement by the China Human Rights Lawyers Group on the Fourth Anniversary of the ‘709 Incident’


Campaign for Direct Elections of Beijing Lawyers Association, 2008-2009






China: Campaign for Direct Elections of Beijing Lawyers Association, 2008-2009

July 8, 2019

China Change Logo


In 2008, encouraged by a sense that China was opening up to more democratic norms, a group of lawyers in Beijing sought to directly elect the Beijing Lawyers Association, which was controlled by the government and did not serve lawyers’ genuine interests. In this exclusive interview, nine lawyers tell the story of their endeavor, the government’s response, and how the lawyers and law firms that participated were punished for their roles in the effort.

HD edition is available for screening.

Campaign for Direct Elections of Beijing Lawyers Association, 2008-2009




July 8, 2019

One of the two assailants who attacked lawyer Jorge Menezes has been sentenced to one year and nine months of imprisonment, the Court of First Instance announced on Friday morning. Meanwhile, the other has been acquitted, considering that his identification is “questionable”.

Walking his 5-year-old son to pre-school on the morning of May 16, 2013, lawyer Jorge Menezes was suddenly ambushed in Sintra Square by two mainland assailants who swung at him with bricks strapped to their hands. The attack reportedly had all the hallmarks of organized crime with, according to some, an obvious triad connection.

The Public Prosecutions Office (MP) and the Court of First Instance disagreed. In Friday’s sentencing, just one of the two defendants – both Chinese nationals from the mainland – was sentenced and to less than two years in prison.

Courts | One found guilty in attack on lawyer Jorge Menezes



Person of the Year | Jorge Menezes: Lawyer by conviction

China: Chinese Rights Lawyer, Wife Made Homeless After Police Pressure Landlord

July 3, 2019

Lawyer Xie Yanyi (R) and his wife Yuan Shanshan (C) on a family outing, in undated photo.

A prominent rights lawyer detained during a nationwide crackdown on his profession by the ruling Chinese Communist Party has been made homeless along with his family, after police forced them to leave their rented accommodation in a suburb of Beijing.

Xie Yanyi was released from criminal detention on bail in January 2017, buthasn’t been able to practice law, as the authorities have refused to renew his license.

Xie and his wife Yuan Shanshan were recently forced to move yet againfrom their rented home in Miyun, a town on the outskirts of Beijing, when their landlord refused to renew their lease, citing pressure from the local police, the Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch website reported.

Fellow rights lawyer Li Jinglin said their treatment was similar to that meted out to many colleagues and their families.

“Lawyers are getting together to mitigate the hardship faced by the families of detained rights lawyers,” Li said.

“Everyone contributes a little money to the fund every month, to help out people whose husbands are in jail, or families who are in difficulty,” he said.



Xie Yanyi


China: Joint Statement to the 41st Session of the UN Human Rights Council | Joint Statement