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China/Australia: Scholars at Risk Academic Freedom Monitor – Dr Feng Chongyi

March 24, 2017


March 24, 2017
Travel Restrictions
New Incident
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University of Technology Sydney

On March 24, 2017, Chinese officials barred Professor Feng Chongyi, a Chinese national, from flying to Australia, where he is a permanent resident and is a scholar of China studies at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). Sources suggest that he was prohibited from traveling outside the country based on national security allegations related to his human rights research.

Professor Feng, whose research focuses on China’s political economy and intellectual development, is a prominent scholar in mainland China and Australia, where he served as the head of UTS’s China studies department for 11 eleven years. He regularly writes for and is quoted in news publications, and has publicly criticized Chinese authorities’ treatment of dissidents, and their attempts to influence China’s overseas populations.

In March 2017, Professor Feng traveled to China to research conditions relating to human rights lawyers in the country, who reportedly suffered widespread repression starting in July 2015. Sources indicate that during his last week in the country, state security officers in Kunming visited Professor Feng and questioned him about his research and the individuals he had been meeting with. On the morning of March 24, while he made his way through a customs checkpoint at Guangzhou Airport, Professor Feng was reportedly barred from boarding his return flight to Australia. The next day, he made a second attempt to leave the country, and learned that he is being denied exit from China on allegations that he is a threat to state security.


Late March 27, 2017 the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) issued the following statement:

UTS media update – Associate Professor Chongyi Feng

The University of Technology Sydney’s (UTS’) first and foremost concern is with the welfare of Associate Professor Chongyi Feng and our focus is on his quick return to Australia.

We have been in regular contact with Dr Feng, including as recently as this morning. He is well and in good spirits. We have continued to provide support to him and to his family here in Australia. We spoke with his daughter here this morning to offer our support to her.

Additionally, we have been in contact with the Chinese Consulate in Sydney to convey our concerns for Dr Feng and to request their assistance for a speedy resolution.

We are also in contact with the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). We understand the Australian Government is taking the matter up although there are diplomatic constraints due to the fact that Professor Feng is not an Australian citizen and was travelling on his Chinese passport.

Dr Feng travels to China on a regular basis to undertake research, as is normal for China scholars. We hope this matter can be resolved soon so that he can continue his work.

UTS contact: Greg Welsh on details below

Greg Welsh
Deputy Director, Strategic Communication

University of Technology Sydney

Level 26, Building 1, 15 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007 (PO Box 123)
T +61 2 9514 1608 M +61 407 731 397 Egreg.welsh@uts.edu.au W uts.edu.au















China/Australia: Scholar Banned From Leaving China Studied Crackdown on Rights Lawyers: Colleague

March 27, 2017

Feng Chongyi in an undated photo.

Authorities in the southern city of Guangzhou have prevented a top Chinese academic currently based at an Australian university from returning home, citing “national security” concerns.

University of Technology Sydney associate professor Feng Chongyi was stopped from boarding his flight from China to Australia on Friday and Saturday, the Associated Press quoted Feng’s lawyer, Chen Jinxue, as saying.

Feng, a permanent resident of Australia, had been on a three-week research trip examining a recent crackdown on human rights by President Xi Jinping.

Chen said the travel ban on Feng, who remains a Chinese national, could be linked to his investigation of a nationwide police operation targeting human rights lawyers, law firms and activists that began in July 2015.

He said Feng is still being questioned by state security police at his hotel in Guangzhou.

“The relevant departments are still talking with him, arranging to have further ‘chats’ with him,” Chen told RFA on Monday. “This started yesterday and went on for two or three hours, and this morning they talked again for more than two hours.”

He said police had declined to give a specific instance of Feng’s having “endangered state security,” adding that Feng hasn’t been formally detained or arrested so far.

Earlier, Chen told AP that police had asked Feng to provide a list of people he met with during his trip, and details of the information they gave him.

But speaking to RFA, he said Feng was “not authorized to discuss” the interviews with anyone else.

He said it was still unclear if or when Feng would be allowed to leave China.






Bob Carr has released a statement on Feng Chongyi, says he is “making representations in Beijing and Canberra” about his case

China: Updates on 709 crackdown

March 27, 2017

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(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook)


China/Australia: Police stopping UTS academic from leaving China furious at foreign media reports

March 27, 2017

UTS academic Professor Feng Chongyi at the Guangzhou Airport on Saturday afternoon with his lawyers Chen Jingxue (at ...

Sydney academic Feng Chongyi posed for a photo at Guangzhou airport on Saturday afternoon, believing he was free to leave China after three days of police questioning.

The photo shows a beaming Professor Feng, from the Chinese studies department at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), flanked by his two lawyers, who wore more cautious expressions.

“He had spoken with the police and was under the impression it was OK to leave China,” says one of his lawyers, Chen Jingxue.

But it was not to be.

Less than an hour after that photo was taken Professor Feng was leaving the airport with his lawyers and heading back into the legal limbo he now finds himself.

On Saturday evening he was stopped from leaving the country by immigration officials for a second time and told only “people will be in contact with you”.

Professor Feng is now living out his own “hotel California” odyssey in China, as he is allowed to move freely around the southern city of Guangzhou, but can’t leave the country.

“The most frightening thing is that there are no clear rules to follow,” said his other lawyer Liu Hao.

His lawyers said Professor Feng met with the State Security Police again on Monday morning and they indicated there was little prospect of him leaving the country in the coming days.


















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China/Australia: UTS professor Feng Chongyi told he is suspected of threatening state security

March 26, 2017

UTS professor Feng Chongyi has been detained in China.

Fears are growing for the welfare of a leading Sydney academic who has been blocked from taking a flight out of China for two days running.

Feng Chongyi, an associate professor of China studies at the University of Technology, Sydney, was prevented from boarding a plane at Guangzhou airport on Friday morning and again on Saturday night.

Two Chinese lawyers who are in contact with Dr Feng say he was advised verbally by security police that he was under suspicion of threatening state security.

He had not been shown any documentation before being stopped from leaving China, they said.

The lawyers said Dr Feng was at a Guangzhou hotel and had been told he was free to travel within China.

Dr Feng had been meeting Chinese human rights lawyers for his research before being “caught” in Guangzhou by the police.










http://www.bbc.com/vietnamese/world-39402416 (VIETNAMESE)

China/Australia: China Bars Professor at Australian University From Leaving, Lawyer Says

March 26, 2017

A Chinese-born professor at an Australian university who has often criticized Beijing’s crackdown on political dissent has been barred from leaving China and is being questioned by state security officers as a suspected threat to national security, his lawyer said on Sunday.

The confinement of Feng Chongyi, an associate professor at the University of Technology Sydney, or U.T.S., unfolded over the weekend while China’s premier, Li Keqiang, visited Australia to promote deeper trade and diplomatic ties. Professor Feng’s case could cloud those ties.

The lawyer, Chen Jinxue, said Professor Feng had not been arrested or formally charged.

The professor has been staying in a hotel in Guangzhou, a city in southern China, and has been repeatedly questioned by national security officers after being stopped by entry-exit checkpoint officials on Friday and Saturday from taking flights back to Australia, Mr. Chen said from Guangzhou, where he was accompanying Professor Feng.

“He’s been told he’s suspected of involvement in a threat to national security,” Mr. Chen said by telephone, adding that Professor Feng declined to comment.











http://www.epochtimes.com/b5/17/3/25/n8966822.htm (CHINESE)


China: A Joint Statement to Call on China to ensure the Right to a Fair Trial (Chinese & English)

March 23, 2017

Call on China to Ensure the Right to a Fair Trial

A Joint Statement by Legal Professional Groups & Human Rights NGOs

on the forthcoming Trials of

The cases of the 709 Crackdown

(23 March 2017 – Hong Kong/ Taiwan)  Since 9 July 2015, the Chinese government has questioned, summoned and/or detained over 300 human rights lawyers, law firm staff and human rights defenders in a manoeuvre now commonly known as the “709 Crackdown”.  Some of these individuals were subsequently indicted for their “crimes”.  In early August 2016, four individuals – human rights lawyer Zhou Shifeng and defenders Hu Shigen, Gou Hongguo and Zhai Yanmin – were convicted and sentenced in a deeply flawed trial process that breached both domestic and international laws. [1]

Lawyers Li Heping, Xie Yang and Wang Quanzhang as well as legal activist Wu Gan have been indicted following the Crackdown.  It has remained a concern that no trial arrangements have thus far been made for the cases. To caution against repeating the rights violations that took place in the August 2016 hearings, we, the undersigned, solemnly call on the Chinese government to abide by its laws and Constitution as well as international human rights standards by ensuring that respective judicial processes, when take place, will be conducted in full compliance with the basic principles of due process, including the right to a fair trial.  Specifically, we are concerned about violations related to independent and impartial courts; the presumption of innocence; the right to counsel; and an open trial. We also express our grave and continued concern about the status of lawyer Jiang Tianyong, who has been held in secret detention since 21 November 2016. We also express our grave and continued concern about the status of lawyer Jiang Tianyong, who has been held in secret detention since 21 November 2016.[2]

(FIN) Joint Statement on Fair Trial (ENG) (20170323)

(FIN)rev Joint Statement on Fair Trail (CHI) (20170323 1135)