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Crimea/Ukraine/Russia: Crimean lawyers being threatened after situation with Kurbedinov — ombudswoman

December 10, 2018

Crimean lawyers being threatened after situation with Kurbedinov — ombudswoman

Lawyers in Russia-occupied Crimea have been receiving threats since the detention of their colleague Emil Kurbedinov, the Verkhovna Rada’s Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denysova has said.

At the same time, she voiced the belief that the fact that Kurbedinov has been arrested for five days has to do with his intentions to defend Bohdan Nebylytsia, one of the Ukrainian seamen taken prisoners of war by Russia, who happens to be the captain of the Nikopol warship that was seized by Russians on November 25.

“Following the situation with Kurbedinov, lawyers in Crimea have been receiving threats from law-enforcement bodies of the occupation authorities of Crimea,” Denysova wrote on Facebook on December 10.

As earlier reported, Russia-controlled Kyivsky district court in Simferopol (occupied Crimea) on December 7 arrested lawyer Emil Kurbedinov for a period of five days on suspicion of disseminating extremist information on the Internet.

On December 6, the occupation authorities of the Russian Federation detained in Crimea lawyer Kurbedinov who has, in particular, defended the rights of the Ukrainian naval personnel taken prisoners of war by Russia on November 25.











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Ukraine/Crimea/Russia: Russia-Imposed Authorities In Crimea Detain Prominent Lawyer

December 6, 2018

Crimean lawyer Emil Kurbedinov (file photo)

Russia-imposed authorities in Crimea have detained a prominent lawyer, Emil Kurbedinov, his colleagues say.

Attorney Lilya Hemedzhi told RFE/RL that officers from the Russian Anti-Extremism Center detained Kurbedinov on December 6 in Simferopol in a case linked to a social media post made before Russian forces seized Crimea from Ukraine and annexed the peninsula.

Hemedzhi said Kurbedinov is accused of writing a Facebook post in 2013 that, according to investigators, carried “elements of extremism.”

Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov said Kuberdinov’s detainment was another case of “pressure on lawyers involved in political cases in Crimea.”

Polozov also noted in a December 6 statement posted on Facebook that Kurbedinov is currently representing some of the 24 Ukrainian sailors seized by Russian special forces on November 25 along with three Ukrainian navy ships off the coast of Crimea.

“I call on the lawyers’ community, public organizations, and representatives of international organizations to immediately react to another gross violation of lawyers’ rights,” Polozov wrote.

Other clients of Kurbedinov in recent years have included defendants in Crimea charged in high-profile cases that human rights organizations and Western governments say are politically motivated.






Emil Kurbedinov, Front Line Laureate, detained over Facebook post









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RUSSIE/UKRAINE – 6 décembre 2018
Emil Kurbedinov, arrêté
L’avocat des tartares de Crimée, en Crimée occupée arrêté en vertu de la loi russe sur “l’extrémisme”
Emil Kurbedinov a été arrêté alors qu’il se rendait de son domicile à son bureau et a été transféré au ministère de l’Intérieur de la Crimée et de Sébastopol. Il est accusé d’avoir enfreint l’article 20.3 du Code administratif de la Fédération de Russie – diffusion publique sur sa page Facebook d’un symbole appartenant à une organisation «extrémiste». Il encourt jusqu’à 15 jours de prison et une amende pouvant aller jusqu’à 2 000 roubles. Il est actuellement en attente de son procès devant le tribunal de district de Kievskyi de Simferopol.

(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 06/12/18)

Crimea/Russia/Ukraine: Halya Coynash: Russia escalates attack on human rights lawyers in occupied Crimea

November 7, 2018

Russian-controlled enforcement officers burst into the offices of human rights lawyers in occupied Crimea on November 6, and handed prominent Crimean Tatar lawyer Emil Kurbedinov a ‘warning of the inadmissibility of extremism’. The surreal document was identical to that handed to two of Kurbedinov’s colleagues and a civic activist on October 27 when the officers disrupted a meeting of the Crimean Solidarity initiative. The warning could, supposedly, not be issued at that meeting since Kurbedinov was away on a work-related trip, though it is possible that this was simply a pretext for staging a second visitation.

Read more here.












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(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 09/11/18)

Russia/Crimea: Russia launches new attack on Crimean Solidarity & lawyers defending political prisoners

October 28, 2018

Russian enforcement officers have carried out a second raid on a meeting of the human rights initiative Crimean Solidarity, with the actions of the masked men this time evidently aimed at instilling fear among all those present.  Two Crimean Tatar lawyers Lilya Hemedzhy and Edem Semedlayev were issued ‘warnings’, as was civic activist Dilyar Memetov, one of the coordinators of Crimean Solidarity.  Indeed, the brazen nature of the intrusion and of the officers’ ostentatious photographing of the participants elicits concern that this was a warning to all those who demonstrate solidarity with the victims of persecution.

At the meeting in Simferopol on 27 October, officials from the de facto prosecutor’s office turned up, together with unidentified individuals in masks, who later proved to be from the so-called Centre for Countering Extremism, and some uniformed police officers.  The masked men hovered around photographing people, while the ‘prosecutor’s office’ officials accosted Hemedzhy, Semedlyaev and Memetov, who is the son of political prisoner, Remzi Memetov.

They claimed to have information about single-person pickets which the two lawyers and Memetov were organizing.  Semedlyaev has posted the ‘warning’ in his name, which he considers to be pressure on him as a lawyer.  The ‘warning’ is of the inadmissibility of infringing Russia’s law on ‘extremism’ and on protests.  It claims that the ‘prosecutor ‘has received information that Crimean Tatar activists supporting Hizb ut-Tahrir, the peaceful pan-Islamic organization which it calls ‘terrorist’ are planning “mass protests under the guise of single-person pickets” in support of people suspected of involvement in Hizb ut-Tahrir.





Statement against persecution of lawyers and human rights defenders in the occupied Crimea

The Systematic Repression of Lawyers in Central Asia and Eastern Europe

September 12, 2018

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OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting 2018
Warsaw, Poland
September 12, 2018
Working Session 4

The Systematic Repression of Lawyers in Central Asia and Eastern Europe

Freedom House is gravely concerned by an apparent systematic crackdown on the legal profession by a number of OSCE participating States. Since 2017, restrictive legislative changes and punitive measures targeting individual lawyers were especially egregious in Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, and Crimea. The intense persecution of the legal profession undermines individuals’ essential right of equal access to justice, especially those who openly call for government accountability, such as human rights defenders, journalists, social and political activists. Often, legal action is the only available recourse for individuals and associations to seek redress for violations of their fundamental rights and freedoms.

Due to governments’ threats both to lawyers and their would-be clients, the number of lawyers able to take on human rights cases is dwindling. Without a strong, independent judiciary and lawyers free from harassment, however, governments cannot claim to be fulling their obligations to protect the fundamental human rights of their citizens. Attacking the legal profession appears to be the final step in dismantling a system in which citizens can find recourse against unjust treatment by their own governments within the existing legal framework.

In Azerbaijan, the national parliament amended the ‘Code of Civil and Administrative Procedure’ and the ‘Bar Act’ in October 2017 to state that only members of the Azerbaijan Collegium of Advocates can represent clients in court, substantially cutting the proportion of lawyers to the population to one of the lowest rates in the region.[1]Furthermore, authorities summarily disbar prominent human rights lawyers and deny accreditation to junior advocates. Lawyers including Khalid Baghirov, Aslan Ismayilov, Alaif Hasanov, Elchin Namazov, Yalchin Imanov, Farhad Mehdiyev, Muzaffar Bakhshaliyev, Annaghi Hajibeyli, Aliabbas Rustomov, and Intigam Aliyev have all had their bar membership suspended or revoked shortly after raising human rights concerns on behalf of clients or criticizing the government.[2] Junior lawyers are unable to join the Collegium of Advocates due to its bias against lawyers connected to human rights cases. Samed Rahimli, known for taking on political contentious cases, describes his interviewers from the Collegium of Advocates as being openly hostile towards him and accusing him of trying to destroy the collegium. This systematic persecution of human rights lawyers has left the country with only six practicing human rights lawyers, according to Intigam Aliyev, a human rights lawyer previously jailed for his work.[3]






Crimea/Front Line Defenders: 2017 FLD Award – Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov


June 2, 2017

Crimea/Front Line Defenders: 2017 Front Line Defenders Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk

May 26, 2017

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Defending human rights activists and political prisoners is some of the most dangerous work a lawyer can do in Crimea. After years taking on these risky cases, Crimean Tatar lawyer Emil Kurbedinov was today awarded a top international prize for human rights activists. In Dublin, on 26 May 2017, Front Line Defenders named Emil the 2017 Laureate of its annual Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk.