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China: Family of Detained Chinese Rights Lawyer Denied Visit, Details of His Location

February 5, 2018

File photo of lawyer Yu Wensheng, who had taken up politically sensitive human rights cases and was taken away from his Beijing home by around a dozen police officers on Jan. 19, 2017.

The family members of detained Chinese human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng, who is currently detained on suspicion of subversion, have been denied permission to visit him, while another prominent rights lawyer is fighting a decision to have him debarred from the profession, RFA has learned.

Yu was placed under criminal detention on Jan. 20, on suspicion of “obstructing public servants in the course of their duties,” but has since been transferred from Beijing to Xuzhou city in the eastern province of Jiangsu on a more serious charge of “incitement to subvert state power.”

His family traveled to Xuzhou in the hope of paying him a visit, but were denied permission by the local police department, Yu’s wife Xu Yan told RFA.

“We went to the Tongshan district police department in Xuzhou and asked to visit Yu Wensheng, and for contact details for the officer in charge of his case so we could find out more about his case,” Xu said.

“Two police officers came out, and told us we’d have an answer regarding our request for a meeting within 48 hours, but that they’d have to ask what to do regarding the officer in charge of the case,” she said. “So today, we still have no result on either of these things.”

Xu said she had also asked the address of the place where Yu is currently being held under “residential surveillance.”

“They didn’t tell me,” she said. “As his relative, I wanted to deposit some money for Yu to use, but they wouldn’t let me do that either.”





China/Germany: Germany calls for release of Chinese rights lawyer arrested for inciting subversion

February 1, 2018

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The German commissioner for human rights on Wednesday called for the immediate release of disbarred rights lawyer Yu Wensheng, who was arrested by the Chinese authorities on Jan. 19 and later charged with inciting subversion.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has overseen a sweeping crackdown on human rights activism in China that has seen hundreds of rights lawyers and activists detained, dozens arrested and some handed lengthy prison sentences.
Yu, an outspoken critic of the government clampdown who had worked to defend fellow lawyers who were arrested in the sweep, was disbarred on Jan. 15, days before he was detained by authorities outside his home in Beijing.






https://www.lorientlejour.com/article/1097881/chine-lallemagne-reclame-la-liberation-dun-avocat-pekin-sinsurge.html (FRANCAIS)

http://www.lemonde.fr/asie-pacifique/article/2018/02/05/l-avocat-chinois-des-droits-humains-yu-wensheng-detenu-au-secret_5251964_3216.html (FRANCAIS)

Egypt/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Berlin January 24, 2018

January 24, 2018

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http://verbaende.com/news.php/Tag-des-bedrohten-Anwalts-Bedrohung-der-unabhaengigen-Anwaltschaft-in-der-Tuerkei?m=120029 (DEUTSCH)


Egypt/Turkey/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: Germany January 24, 2018

January 17, 2018

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Einladung zur Podiumsdiskussion von Amnesty International & dem Deutschen Anwaltverein

Die Lage der Anwaltschaft in der Türkei 
Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018, 18.30 Uhr

DAV-Haus, Littenstraße 11, 10179 Berlin
(S-/U-Bahnhof Alexanderplatz, U-Bahnhof Klosterstraße)
Sehr geehrte Damen & Herren,
allein aufgrund ihrer Berufsausübung werden Anwältinnen und Anwälte in vielen Ländern verfolgt und verhaftet! Die Anwaltschaft sieht sich häufig der Bedrängnis ausgesetzt, wegen der Vertretung eines (mutmaßlich) Kriminellen selbst kriminalisiert zu werden.Amnesty International und der DAV wollen in diesem Jahr am 24. Januar, am „Tag des bedrohten Anwalts“, den Blick gezielt auf die derzeitige Lage der türkischen Anwaltschaft richten. Seit dem Putschversuch im Juli 2016 berichten uns türkische Kolleginnen und Kollegen über immer schärfere Repressionen und Einschränkungen ihrer beruflichen Tätigkeit. Viele von Ihnen wurden bereits verhaftet oder mussten aus Sicherheitsgründen das Land verlassen. Wir möchten deshalb im Rahmen einer Podiumsdiskussion ganz konkret beleuchten, welche Auswirkungen der in der Türkei ausgerufene Notstand auf die Anwaltschaft hat. Mit Blick in die Zukunft wollen wir auch Möglichkeiten besprechen, wie wir unsere türkischen Kolleginnen und Kollegen unterstützen können.


https://anwaltverein.de/de/?md-ov-uuid=13b6165f-f6f7-11e7-8b0a-3085a9ee268b (Berlin)

Einladung -Tag des bedrohten Anwalts (Nürnberg)

Flyer_Tag des Verfolgten Anwalts_2018 (Hannover)



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China: US and Germany call for release of Chinese activist ‘Super Vulgar Butcher’

December 28, 2017

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Avery Ng (C) holds a poster of jailed Chinese activist Wu Gan, known by the online pseudonym ‘Super Vulgar Butcher’.

The United States and Germany have called for China to release a prominent human rights activist who was jailed this week for eight years on subversion charges, in a rare rebuke that called on the government to view dissidents as partners rather than enemies.

The two countries were “deeply disappointed” by the sentence of Wu Gan, better known by his online nom de plume “Super Vulgar Butcher”, according to a joint statement by the US and German embassies in Beijing. Wu’s sentence was the harshest in a spate of politically motivated trails targeting civil rights lawyers and activists.

“We call on the Chinese authorities to release Wu immediately,” the two embassies said in a joint statement. “We urge Chinese authorities to view lawyers and rights defenders as partners in strengthening Chinese society through development of the rule of law.”

Another prominent attorney, Xie Yang, was tried on Tuesday but was not given any punishment after he retracted claims he has been tortured in custody.

“As Xie has been exempted from punishment, we urge China to allow Xie to resume his professional activities without preconditions and be free of any restrictions,” the US and Germany said.









Syria/Germany: Syrian torture survivors speak out

December 21, 2017

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Euronews reporter Hans von der Brelie speaks with Syrian victims of torture who are seeking justice in Germany.

“My wrists were bound together with iron chains,” said the man who calls himself Abu Firas. “They put me onto an iron bar under the ceiling so that my feet were two centimetres above the floor.”

“They hung me on my hands from the ceiling,” Abdul Karim Rihawi told Euronews.“They beat me with an iron stick.”

“My finger felt like it was the size of a football,” said Yazan Awad. “I felt my arms were very long because my shoulders became dislocated (by this torture). I looked and saw my arms far away. “

Sometimes, when emotions run high, Nahla Osman takes her clients for a walk alongside the river Main. Osman was born in Germany to parents from the Syrian city of Aleppo. She helps victims of torture. She and her brother run a law firm in the German city of Rüsselsheim.

She has compiled hundreds of witness reports detailing torture on a massive scale inside Syrian prisons and will file criminal complaints using the principle of universal jurisdiction which Germany enforces.

Next, we headed to an organisation tracking war criminals around the globe: the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights where we met prominent Syrian human rights lawyer Anwar al-Bunni, and Syrian civil rights activist Yazan Awad, both torture survivors.







http://fr.euronews.com/2017/12/21/tortures-en-syrie-ils-reclament-justice-en-allemagne (FRANCAIS)

http://arabic.euronews.com/2017/12/21/syria-torture-victims-seek-justice-in-european-courts (ARABIC)

https://www.twreporter.org/a/bloody-syria-human-right-lawyer (CHINESE)


Germany/Uganda: German Africa prize winner: ‘There are grave rights violations in Uganda’

November 23, 2017

Ugandan lawyer Nicholas Opiyo talked to DW about the deteriorating human rights situation in Uganda and the intimidation and harassment he, and other activists, face in their country.

 Nicholas Opiyo, wearing a grey suit and black tie, speaking with Deutsche Wele ouside a building

Nicholas Opiyo is a leading human rights lawyer and the founder of the human rights organization, Chapter Four Uganda. He has been working tirelessly since 2005 to promote civil liberties in Uganda, often for free.

Opiyo will be awarded the German Africa prize at a ceremony in the German capital, Berlin, this evening (23.11.2017). The German Africa Foundation gives the prize to honor “outstanding individuals for their long-standing endeavors to foster democracy, peace, human rights, art, culture, the social market economy and social concerns.”

Opiyo spoke to DW in Berlin about the dangers of being a human rights activist in Uganda and the questionable democratic practices of Uganda’s government.





http://www.dw.com/fr/lavocat-ougandais-nicholas-opiyo-laur%C3%A9at-du-prix-allemand-pour-lafrique/a-41510304 (FRANCAIS)

http://www.africa-live.de/deutscher-afrika-preis-an-nicholas-opiyo-aus-uganda/ (DEUTSCH)