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Morocco/Spain: Sahara : Morocco expels seven people, including five Spanish lawyers

May 20, 2019

Five Spanish lawyers were expelled, Sunday, by the Moroccan authorities after they arrived at Laayoune airport, Europa Press reports.

Maria Dolores Travieso, a lawyer defended pro-Polisario activist Aminatou Haidar in the past, Ruth Sebastian Garcia, Lourdes Baron, Ramon Campos and Sidi Mohamed Taleb Buya were accompanied by two Norwegian observers from an NGO called Rafto, said the agency.

These seven people went to the Sahara as «observers for the trial of Nezha Khalidi, who is affiliated to Equipe Media group in Laayoune».

The decision of the Moroccan authorities was denounced, Sunday, by pro-Polisario platform Futuro Sahara.

On Thursday, New York-based NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) slammed the Moroccan authorities in a statement, for «using a law designed to keep people from falsely claiming professional credentials to bring criminal charges against people trying to expose abuses».






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Egypt: #حبس_احتياطي| تجديد حبس الحقوقي “عزت غنيم” 45 يوماً


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قررت غرفة المشورة بمحكمة جنايات #القاهرة، المنعقدة بمجمع محاكم طرة، اليوم الأحد 19 مايو، تجديد حبس “عزت غنيم“، المحامي والحقوقي والمدير التنفيذي للتنسيقية المصرية للحقوق والحريات، 45 يومًا في القضية رقم 441 لسنة 2018 حصر تحقيق نيابة أمن الدولة العليا.

والقضية المتهم بها المحامي عزت غنيم، هي ذاتها المتهم فيها الصحفي معتز ودنان، الذي أجرى حوارا مع المستشار هشام جنينة، والصحفيين الشابين «حسن البنا مبارك، ومصطفى الأعصر» والمدون وائل عباس، وفاطمة موسى وآخرين.

وتوجه النيابة للمتهمين في القضية تهمًا بالانضمام لجماعة أسست خلافا لأحكام القانون والدستور الغرض منها تعطيل مؤسسات الدولة ومنعها من ممارسة عملها، ونشر أخبار كاذبة، وهي تهم منافية للحقيقة، بحسب حقوقيون، يعتبرونها مكررة؛ للانتقام من المدافعين عن حقوق الإنسان والصحفيين.




(التنسيقية المصرية للحقوق والحريات Facebook, 20/05/19)

N.B.: On May 19, 2019 the detention of rights lawyer Ezzat Ghoneim was renewed for a further 45 days.

Committee for Justice gets UN support for the case of human rights defender “Ezzat Ghoneim”


Calls for Egypt to release disappeared lawyer after ‘nervous breakdown’


Egypt issues arrest warrants for forcibly disappeared lawyers

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Bangladesh: New Arrests Over Social Media Posts

May 17, 2019


Bangladesh authorities made a series of new arrests in their crackdown on the right to free speech, Human Rights Watch said today. The arrests were based on vague charges such as “hurting religious sentiment” or undermining “law and order.”

Those arrested include Abdul Kaium, a human rights activist; Henry Sawpon, a well-known poet; and Imtiaz Mahmood, a lawyer. All three were detained and charged under section 57 of the draconian Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Act or its more abusive successor, the Digital Security Act 2018.

“Arresting activists, poets, and lawyers for exercising their right to free speech is straight out of the authoritarian playbook,” said Brad Adams, Asia director. “The Bangladesh government should stop locking up its critics and review the law to ensure it upholds international standards on the right to peaceful expression.”

A group of writers, artists, and journalists staged a protest in Dhaka’s Shahbagh square on May 15, saying they would go on an indefinite strike beginning on May 17 if Sawpon and Mahmood were not released. Both Sawponand Mahmood were granted bail on May 16; Kaium remains in detention.








Algeria: Judicial Harassment of Human Rights Lawyer

May 7, 2019

Lawyer, Mr. Salah Dabouz, former president of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH).

An Algerian human rights lawyer is facing charges and restrictions on his activities, apparently for exercising his right to free speech, Human Rights Watch said today.

Salah Dabouz, a former president of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH), is facing a trial for Facebook posts in which he criticized the prosecution of members of the country’s Mozabite ethnic minority. A court has also ordered him to report three times a week to authorities in Ghardaia, 600 kilometers from his home in Algiers. The Algerian authorities should drop all charges against him that are based solely on the exercise of his free speech rights and end the onerous reporting requirement.

“Algerian authorities should stop using repressive laws and crippling sign-in orders intended to shut down criticism of their conduct,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

Police in Algiers arrested Dabouz on April 7, 2019 and transported him the same day to Ghardaia, where judges of the first instance court notified him of two pending cases related to his Facebook posts. The judges released him provisionally but placed him under judicial control, obliging him to sign in twice a week at the court. Later in April, they increased the reporting requirement to three times a week, Dabouz told Human Rights Watch.

Dabouz said that he faces a total of 14 counts.



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South Sudan/Kenya: South Sudan activists’ bodies dumped in river: state agents

May 6, 2019

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The bodies of two prominent South Sudan activists were dumped in Achwa River in Nimule after being killed, intelligence sources said.

The sources said the two critics of President Salva Kiir’s government Mr. Dong Samuel, a lawyer and human rights defender and opposition politician Izbon Agrey Idri corpses were transported from Juba to Nimule where they were dumped in the river.

“They were taken the same day they got killed in Juba,” one intelligence source told Africa Review.

He added that the river was a notorious dumping site of people executed by the state agents.

“When they dump these dead bodies there, they tie them with stones so that the corpses will not float in the water,” he said.


Former SA soldier Will Endley helps UN finger South Sudan government for alleged murder






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South Sudan/Kenya: Investigate Apparent 2017 Killing of Activists

April 30, 2019

UN Experts Report Says, ‘Highly Probable’ Security Service Killed Dong, Aggrey

South Sudanese authorities should promptly undertake an independent and effective investigation into the apparent extrajudicial execution of two outspoken critics of the government, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch said today. Previously unidentified assailants snatched Dong Samuel Luak, a prominent South Sudanese lawyer and human rights activist, and Aggrey Ezbon Idri, a member of the political opposition, from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya in January 2017.


On April 30, 2019, the United Nations Panel of Experts on South Sudan issued a report finding that South Sudan’s National Security Service (NSS) kidnapped Dong and Aggrey in Nairobi on January 23 and 24, 2017 respectively. The UN experts said that the two men were flown to South Sudan on a commercial plane chartered with the help of South Sudan’s embassy in Nairobi on January 27. They were detained in the NSS headquarters at Jebel in the capital, Juba, then moved to the NSS training facility on President Salva Kiir’s farm in Luri, near Juba. The panel of experts concluded that it is “highly probable” that the two were executed there on January 30, 2017.


“The UN experts panel’s finding that Dong and Aggrey were most likely murdered days after their abduction while family and friends were stonewalled by Kenyan and South Sudanese authorities shows shocking cruelty,” said Jehanne Henry, associate Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “South Sudanese authorities should stop blocking this case and grant independent investigators access to security facilities in Jebel and Luri.”








Rights group calls on South Sudan to investigate 2017 activist




It is time for accountability for the enforced disappearance of Samuel Dong and Aggrey Idri

South Sudan’s execution of two activists is a shocking betrayal of the struggle for freedom


https://www.hrw.org/fr/news/2019/04/30/soudan-du-sud-enqueter-sur-les-meurtres-presumes-de-deux-activistes (FRANCAIS)

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http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-actu/2-opposants-du-gouvernement-du-soudan-du-sud-tres-probablement-assassines-20190430 (FRANCAIS)

Egypt: African Rights Session Amid Dire Abuses

April 24, 2019

The 64th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), the African Union’s top rights body, will take place from April 24 to May 14 in Sharm al-Sheikh. (c) 2019 Private.

Egypt is hosting an Africa human rights session beginning April 24, 2019, while its government is presiding over the worst human rights crisis in the country in recent decades, 15 African, Egyptian, and international organizations said today.

The 64th Ordinary Session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights (ACHPR), the African Union’s top rights body, will take place from April 24 to May 14 in Sharm al-Sheikh. In addition to its systematic failure to respect and protect human rights at home, Egypt has also led efforts to undermine the commission’s independence. The commission should strongly raise Egypt’s human rights abuses at the meeting.

“Egypt is trying to appear like a country open for human rights delegates and sessions while, at the same time, crushing all dissenting voices and its once-vibrant human rights community,” said Michael page, Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “We know that many Egyptian and international organizations are not allowed to work freely in Egypt and cannot voice concerns without severe retaliation from the government.”

In September 2017, officials stopped Ibrahim Metwally, a lawyer and co-founder of the Associations of the Families of the Disappeared, from traveling for meetings with UN officials in Geneva. Security agencies arrested him at the airport and held him incommunicado for a few days. He is still held in “pretrial detention” for farcical charges.


Egypt: African rights summit amid dire abuses


The lawyer “Ibrahim Metwally” is facing deliberate medical negligence inside his imprisonment.





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Ibrahim Metwally