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Nigeria/Saudi Arabia: Chimamanda Adichie wins 2018 PEN Pinter prize for ‘outstanding’ literary work

October 11, 2018

Chimamanda Adichie has been endowed with the 2018 PEN Pinter prize for her outstanding work of literary merit that has defined the truth in human lives and societies.

The critically acclaimed author was given the coveted prize at an award-giving ceremony, which took place at the British Library in the United Kingdom, on Tuesday.

Adichie was selected by this year’s judges, Inua Ellams, Philippe Sands, Antonia Fraser and Chair of English PEN and Chair of Judges, Maureen Freely.

She is the first African to have clinched the award which is focused on defending and promoting freedom of expression, while removing barriers to literature.

At the ceremony, Adichie named Waleed Abulkhair, a lawyer and human rights activist, as the 2018 International Writer of Courage, a title awarded by the PEN Pinter winner each year.

Congratulating the Saudi Arabian lawyer and activist, she said: I am proud to share this year’s PEN Pinter Prize with activist, lawyer and writer Waleed Abulkhair.

“Waleed has dedicated his life to holding the Saudi authorities accountable for human rights abuses. He has dedicated his life to speaking out, to supporting the victims of those abuses.

“Waleed, like Harold Pinter, has shown a lucid dedication to telling his truth. But rather than being lauded for this dedication, Waleed has paid a heavy price – 15 years behind bars.

“I am deeply proud to share this prize with Waleed and I hope that this small act of solidarity will bring him some comfort, and will remind him that his struggle has not been forgotten, nor will it be in vain.






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Saudi Arabia: ‘Saudi Arabia should be shunned by civilised nations for human rights violations’

October 1, 2018


When advocating for basic human rights becomes dissent, stronger voices continue to rise in the hope that they will one day be heard. In an honour for such visionaries, on September 24, the Right Livelihood Award—known as the Alternative Nobel—was awarded to three jailed Saudi human rights activists—Mohammad al-Qahtani, Waleed Abu al-Khair and Abdullah al-Hamid—and two anti-corruption crusaders from Latin America.

The Saudi activists were chosen for ‘their visionary and courageous efforts, guided by universal human rights principles, to reform the totalitarian political system in Saudi Arabia.’ Mohammad al-Qahtani and Adullah al-Hamid have been active participants of Saudi Civil and Political Rights Association (ACPRA). Waleed, a lawyer and activist, was detained because he defended Samar Badawi and her blogger brother, Raif Badawi. Raif Badawi was a human rights activist who criticised the Saudi monarchy in his blog. For this, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and 1,000 lashes.

Daniel Arshack, Waleed Abu al-Khair’s attorney, also spoke to THE WEEK on the case and the way ahead.


As per a report in 2014, Waleed was not being treated as an innocent dissident, he was being denied food. What is the status of prison conditions now?

I believe that his conditions in prison improved after he went on a hunger strike. He was finally given some access to the Quran. Waleed has medical issues, including diabetes, that are not being adequately addressed. He has no access to newspapers and his mail and his right to visits are severely limited. Even I, as his lawyer, have been denied access to see him.

Daniel Arshack

Last heard in 2016, Samar Badawi was arrested. What is the status on possible freedom of the detainees including Samar, Raif Badawi and Waleed.

In 2016, Waleed’s former wife, Samar Badawi, was arrested for public advocacy of women’s rights and then released and a travel ban was placed against her. Then on July 30, 2018, she was arrested and imprisoned again and she continues to be detained based on her asking for equal rights for women in Saudi Arabia. Waleed was Samar’s lawyer before they were married. Later Waleed represented Samar’s brother, Raif Badawi, also an outspoken critic of the dictatorship who called for the establishment of a constitutional monarchy and was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes.





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Iran: Nasrin Sotoudeh Sends Heart-Breaking Apology to Son For Missing First Day of School

September 25, 2018

Detained human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has written a letter to her 12-year-old son, Nima, explaining why she and her husband—also detained in Iran’s Evin Prison—can’t be there for his first day of school.

“How could I witness the execution of juveniles in my country and be silent? How could I close my eyes to child abuse cases … to be able to accompany you to school on the start of the new academic year along with your father? I just couldn’t, my son. That was my sin,” wrote Sotoudeh, who has been detained since June 2018 on trumped-up national security charges.

“These days, I think about you more than ever. I think about you and your dear sister Mehraveh and how lonely you are… I shed tears of love so that these cruel times become more bearable for you,” said Sotoudeh.

For the second consecutive week, Sotoudeh, the country’s most prominent human rights defender, has sacrificed her visitation rights to protest the Tehran prosecutor’s demand that she attend visits draped head to toe in a hijab.

All women in Iran are required to cover their hair in public with a headscarf but conservative Iranian women use the head-to-toe hijab.

Sotoudeh, who has been on hunger strike for nearly a month, did not go to the prison’s family visitation hall during her allotted time slot on September 23, a source close to her family told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI).

“A day before the scheduled visitation, one of the authorities met with her husband, Reza Khandan, who is being held in Evin’s Ward 4, and asked him to call her on the phone and tell her to observe the hijab during meetings with her relatives,” according to the source who asked for anonymity.








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Saudi Arabia: 3 Saudi human rights activists awarded “Alternative Nobel”

September 24, 2018

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The Right Livelihood Award — known as the “Alternative Nobel” — was awarded Monday to three jailed Saudi human rights defenders and two Latin American anti-corruption crusaders.

The prize foundation said the 1 million kronor ($113,400) cash award for 2018 was to be shared by Abdullah al-Hamid, Mohammad Fahad al-Qahtani and Waleed Abu al-Khair “for their visionary and courageous efforts, guided by universal human rights principles, to reform the totalitarian political system in Saudi Arabia.”

The 2018 honorary award was given to Thelma Aldana of Guatemala and Colombia’s Ivan Velasquez “for their innovative work in exposing abuse of power and prosecuting corruption.”

Created in 1980, the annual Right Livelihood Award honors efforts that the prize founder, Swedish-German philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull, felt were being ignored by the Nobel Prizes.

Al-Qahtani and Al-Hamid were founding activists of the Saudi Association for Civil and Political Rights, known by its Arabic acronym HASEM. In 2013, they were sentenced to 10 and 11 years respectively. Soon after, other verdicts followed against nearly a dozen members. The sentences came in the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring.

Activist and lawyer Al-Khair, who defended a blogger sentenced to prison and lashings over his posts, was arrested in 2014 for signing a statement with dozens of others calling for reforms in the kingdom. He later received a 15-year sentence for “disobeying the ruler” and “harming the reputation of the state by communicating with international organizations,” likely over his work as an outspoken activist.





Laureates of the 2018 Right Livelihood Award announced





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Prix Ludovic Trarieux/Iran: Justice : l’avocat est-il une cible ? Entretien avec Maître Bertrand Favreau

le 23 septembre, 2018

Justice : l’avocat est-il une cible ? Entretien avec Maître Bertrand Favreau

Rencontre avec l’avocat qui a fondé le prix international des droits de l’homme Ludovic Trarieux, décerné à l’iranienne Nasrin Sotoudeh.

« Sud Ouest ». Comment avez-vous eu l’idée, en 1984, de ce prix Ludovic Trarieux (1) ?

Bertrand Favreau. À l’occasion de recherches sur la IIIe République, j’avais découvert le nom de cet avocat. Sa mémoire a été occultée par le barreau de Bordeaux dont il avait pourtant été le bâtonnier. Convaincu très tôt de l’innocence de Dreyfus, ce sénateur de…







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Prix Ludovic Trarieux/Iran: Droits de l’Homme : les barreaux européens priment une avocate iranienne emprisonnée

le 21 septembre, 2018

L'avocate iranienne Nasrin Sotoudeh, célèbre militante des droits de l'homme emprisonnée à Téhéran. Photo d'archive AFP / BEHROUZ MEHRI

L’avocate iranienne Nasrin Sotoudeh, célèbre militante des droits de l’homme emprisonnée à Téhéran, a été récompensée vendredi à Paris par le prix 2018 Ludovic-Trarieux, du nom du fondateur de la Ligue des droits de l’Homme en 1898.
Doté de 20.000 euros et décerné par des représentants de plusieurs barreaux européens, ce prix récompense chaque année un avocat ayant illustré “par son oeuvre, son activité ou ses souffrances, la défense du respect des droits de l’Homme”.

Les 25 avocats européens membres du jury, représentant les barreaux d’Amsterdam, Berlin Bordeaux, Cracovie, Bruxelles, Genève, Luxembourg, Paris, Rome, l’Institut des Droits de l’Homme des Avocats européens (IDHAE) et l’Union internationale des avocats (UIA), “ont lancé un appel aux autorités pour qu’elles libèrent immédiatement et sans condition Nasrin Sotoudeh”, dans un communiqué transmis à l’AFP.

L’avocate, déjà lauréate en 2012 du Prix Sakharov pour la liberté de l’esprit décerné par le Parlement européen, a été primée “à la majorité absolue au premier tour” pour “sa détermination et son engagement”, notamment auprès des femmes, selon le texte.
Âgée de 55 ans, Me Sotoudeh a défendu plusieurs femmes arrêtées en décembre et janvier pour avoir enlevé leur foulard en public afin de protester contre l’obligation faite aux femmes de porter le voile dans l’espace public en Iran depuis la révolution islamique de 1979. Elle a été arrêtée mi-juin, pour purger une peine de prison de six ans après avoir été condamnée par contumace pour espionnage, selon ses avocats, qui ont dénoncé ce verdict comme étant illégal.







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Prix Ludovic Trarieux/Iran: Nasrin Sotoudeh (Iran) nommée Prix Trarieux 2018

le 21 septembre, 2018

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(Thierry Bontinck  Facebook, 21/09/18)






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