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Day of the Endangered Lawyer/China: Day of the Endangered Lawyer: spotlight on China

February 14, 2017

Day of the Endangered Lawyer: spotlight on China

24 January 2017 was the Day of the Endangered Lawyer. This international initiative was dedicated to the harassment undergone by Chinese lawyers.

24 January 2017 was the Day of the Endangered Lawyer. Hold every year by several lawyers’ organisations, this international initiative is the occasion to raise awareness among the civil society on the situations of jeopardised lawyers in a given country. 2017’s edition was dedicated to China because of the persecutions undergone by lawyers committed to the defence of the rights of their fellow citizens. In Paris, a colloquium took place at the “Maison du Barreau” (Bar Association offices).

The human rights lawyers’ movement in China

For several years, and particularly since 2015, lawyers have been undergoing a crackdown aiming at detering them from taking charge of so-called “politically sensitive” cases. Despite the risks, around 500 of them are still working on the defence of the fundamental rights of their fellow citizens.





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Day of the Endangered Lawyer/China: The Hague

January 24, 2017

Speech by Jeroen Brouwer (former president of the Dutch Bar Association) on the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2017. Watch how a street near the Chinese Embassy in The Hague is “renamed” in Wang Yu Lane as a tribute to the Chinese lawyer Wang Yu.

Demonstration in front of the Peace Palace on the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2017.

(Dag Van De Bedreigde Advocaat Facebook)

https://www.odage.ch/medias/commissions/documents/Droits%20de%20l’Homme/Communiqu%C3%A9%20de%20presse%20-%20Journ%C3%A9e%20internationale%20des%20avocats%20en%20danger%20du%2024%20janvier%202017.pdf (GENEVE)

Day of the Endangered Lawyer/China: España


Prosiguen los arrestos e interrogatorios a abogados de derechos humanos en China

El 12 de enero, el abogado Li Chunfu volvió a su casa después de ser liberado por la Policía china. Habían pasado más de 530 días desde que fue arrestado en agosto de 2015. “Ayer le dijo a su esposa que sentía que le estaban picando insectos dentro de su cuerpo y que le habían devorado corazón”, informó su cuñada a la plataforma chinachange.org. “Nunca imaginé que 18 meses de cárcel le atormentarían hasta el punto del colapso mental, dejándolo roto y paranoico”, lamenta.

Los médicos le han diagnosticado esquizofrenia. En sus pocos momentos de claridad, Li Chunfu ha contado a su esposa que “la Policía le golpeaba para forzarlo a confesar”. También, según su testimonio, le obligaron a tomar pastillas cuyo efecto desconocía. Le dijeron que eran para la presión arterial alta, un problema que no sufre.


Day of the Endangered Lawyer/China: Hyderabad, India

February 4, 2017

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The IAPL – Indian Association of People’s Lawyers (IAPL), Andhra Pradesh and Telangana States Chapter held a Public meeting on 29-01-2017 between 5 PM to 9 PM at Sundarayya Vigyana Kendra Mini Hall, Bagh LIngampally, HYDERABAD to observe the International “Day of the Endangered Lawyer” and to deliberate on the issue of lawyers being persecuted for defending the people’s movements particularly the Dalits, Adivasis, Marginalized endangered ethnic groups, democratic movements etc.

Justice B. Chandra Kumar, Venkanna Mallikanti, Raghunath Verose & other advocates representing different associations addressed the meeting.

(IAPL – Indian Association of People’s Lawyers Facebook)

Day of the Endangered Lawyer/China: Day of Endangered Lawyers: Making sure they’re not forgotten

February 13, 2017

Activists in Hong Kong demonstrate for the release of rights lawyers detained in the Chinese mainland. Photo: rfa.org

As families in Hong Kong gathered to celebrate the Lantern Festival on Sunday, our thoughts were on civil rights activists and rights lawyers who are still behind bars or under house arrest in the mainland since the so-called “709 crackdown on dissent” that took place in July 2015.

In May 2015, more than 600 mainland lawyers petitioned the authorities to release 20 civil rights activists who were arrested after they rallied to the defense of the family of Xu Chunhe, a civilian man who had fallen victim to the excessive force used by mainland police and died in Heilongjiang province.

However, rather than addressing their demand, the mainland authorities used their petition as a pretext to mount an all-out crackdown on dissent from July 9 2015.

Within two months, more than 300 mainland rights lawyers, law firm staffers and human rights activists who had been committed to defending the rights of dissidents were rounded up and detained by the police on charges ranging from instigating subversion and endangering national security to disturbing public order. They were held without a proper trial.

To make things worse, many detainees were subjected to inhumane treatment in jail such as torture or solitary confinement.

Almost two years on, many of them have either remained in custody or virtually become unaccounted for. As a result, hundreds of families are separated. Many of the victims’ families are tormented by the fact that they might not be able to see their loved ones again.




Day of the Endangered Lawyer/China: Mobilisation du CNB dans le cadre de l’Observatoire international des avocats en danger pour la Journée de l’avocat en danger le 24 janvier 2017

le 6 février, 2017

Dominique Attias, vice-bâtonnière du barreau de Paris  -	Jean Jacques GANDINI, avocat honoraire et ancien président du SAF -	Stuart Russel, Comité de surveillance des attaques contre les avocats, International Association of People's Lawyers -	Pascale Taelman, Président de l’association des avocats européens démocrates (AED) -	Karine Metayer, Conseiller juridique senior, Conseil des barreaux européens (CCBE)  -	Bertrand Favreau, président de l'Institut des droits de l'homme des Avocats européens (IDHAE)

La Journée de l’avocat en Danger est une initiative internationale mise en place depuis plus de 7 ans par plusieurs organisations d’avocats (AED, Fondation de la Journée de l’avocat en danger et l’IDHAE notamment) qui permet, chaque 24 janvier, de mobiliser les sociétés civiles autour de la situation de confrères menacés dans un pays particulier.

La Journée de l’avocat en danger 2017 a été dédiée à la situation des avocats en Chine, victimes depuis des années de nombreuses mesures de représailles et de harcèlement de la part des autorités chinoises en raison de leur engagement pour la défense des libertés civiles, politiques, sociales et économiques de leurs concitoyens.

A Paris, Le Conseil national des barreaux et le barreau de Paris au sein de l’OIAD, AED, l’IDHAE, le SAF, l’AFAJA et la FNUJA ont uni leurs forces pour faire de cette journée un moment de mobilisation fort des avocats. Une manifestation d’avocats en robe a ainsi été organisée devant l’ambassade de Chine en France et a rassemblé de très nombreux avocats ainsi que plusieurs journalistes venus couvrir l’évènement. A l’issue de cette manifestation qui appelait à la libération de plusieurs avocats chinois actuellement détenus, dont plusieurs au secret et soumis à la torture, une pétition a été déposée à l’entrée de l’ambassade.


Day of the Endangered Lawyer/China: CCBE

January 2017


On 24 January, the CCBE supported the Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2017 devoted to the situation of lawyers in China. This initiative is organised every year by the Day of the Endangered Lawyer Foundation and the European Democratic Lawyers (AED), with the support of several other lawyers’ organisations. Each year, there is a focus on a different country. This year the country chosen was China, given the particularly intense crackdown against lawyers which has happened since 2015. The CCBE participated in a demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy in Brussels, together with representatives of the Belgian Bar and other lawyer and human rights organisations. The CCBE also participated in the conference organised by the International Observatory for Lawyers in danger (OIAD) in Paris. Demonstrations happened in 19 countries around the world. More information about


http://www.ccbe.eu/fileadmin/speciality_distribution/public/documents/Newsletter/CCBEINFO58/FR_newsletter_58.pdf (FRANCAIS)