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India/Canada: Gurpreet Singh: Surrey chapter of Trinjan celebrates advocate for family of Asifa Bano

June 29, 2018

Lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat has faced threats after speaking up for the family of Asifa Bano, who was raped and killed in Indian-administered Kashmir.

An Indian woman who’s leading a fight for justice for the family of an eight-year-old victim of gang rape and murder in Kashmir was honoured at a community event in Surrey on June 24.

Deepika Singh Rajawat is legal counsel for the family of Asifa Bano, a Muslim nomad girl who was abducted by Hindu extremists in January. The horrific crime was part of a conspiracy to create fear in the minds of Muslims and force them to flee Kathua region in the Indian-administered area.

The body of Asifa, as she’s know by in India, was later found in a forest. The forensic evidence and police investigation established that she was held captive for several days inside a temple, sedated, and raped before being murdered.

The story did not end there. The arrests of the suspects, including a special police officer, sparked angry protests from those with allegiance to India’s ruling Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party.

They wanted those arrested to be released. So much so, they hoisted the Indian national flag during a march in support of the alleged perpetrators.


Rajawat has been facing threats on social media for standing up for Asifa, whose brutal rape and murder caused worldwide outrage. There have been angry protests in Canada, too.

In addition, Rajawat has also faced hostility from many male lawyers, including those defending the accused.

She was in Surrey to attend an annual community fair organized by Trinjan, a progressive group of women that’s been active in the South Asian community for many years. Amy Ghuman Sara, who has been instrumental behind Trinjan, is known for raising awareness for gender equality.





The eight-year-old was gang-raped and murdered in what appears to have been an organized attempt to send a message to Muslim nomads.

Deepika Singh Rajawat speaks at about 55:00


India/Kashmir/Canada: Deepika Singh Rajawat invited to Canada event

June 22, 2018

Image result for Deepika Singh Rajawat

Deepika Singh Rajawat-the lawyer of Kathua rape and murder case, has been invited to participate in the 16th annual Mothers and Daughters Festival in Surrey, British Columbia Canada.
The festival which is also known as ‘Mela Mawan Dhiyan Da’ will begin on June 24th. She will also be honored in the event for fighting injustice and working for underprivileged class of the society.
Organizers have provided air ticket expenditure besides her accommodation and meals for three nights in Canada.
The lawyer is expected to share her views with some media organizations and also she will get an opportunity to speak at other public forums.
Invitation letter reads that “You will inspire countless other women to stand up and make a difference in the world.”
Deepika Singh Rajawat is counsel for the family of the eight-year-old girl, raped and murdered in Kathua district.




Saudi Arabia/Canada: Detainment of activists brings Saudi-Canadian relationship into question

June 1, 2018

Loujain Al-Hathloul, who was detained alongside several other women’s rights activists by the Saudi Arabian government, is known for posting videos of herself driving to protest the country’s ban on women drivers.

The detainment of former University of British Columbia student and women’s rights activist Loujain Al-Hathloul could put a damper on Canada-Saudi Arabian relations, say legal experts.

Irwin Cotler, a human rights lawyer and former federal justice minister, says the arrest of Al-Hathloul and the current Saudi human rights record bring into question the reformist message of the country’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and the very basis of international trade agreements the country has with Canada.

Gail Davidson, executive director of Vancouver-based Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, described Saudi Arabia’s recent human rights message as “completely false,” and said Canada’s current trade relationship with Saudi Arabia is surprising given the circumstances. She referred to the takeover of the Canadian Wheat Board by a Saudi company, as well as the $15-billion armed vehicles purchase.

“Knowing about their human rights record, I’m surprised at the relationship that Canada has with Saudi Arabia, and the extent to which they have become powerful in Canadian affairs,” she said.








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https://www.nzz.ch/international/saudiarabien-nimmt-frauenrechtlerinnen-fest-und-erklaert-sie-zu-spionen-ld.1387406 (DEUTSCH)

Saudi Arabia/Canada: ‘She is in danger’: Lawyers, activists call for action to free Loujain al-Hathloul

May 31, 2018

Human rights lawyers and activists are urging the public to put pressure on the federal and Saudi Arabian government to free women’s rights activist Loujain al-Hathloul, out of fears she could be jailed for years.

Al-Hathloul, a former University of British Columbia student, was detained by Saudi Arabian officials alongside several other prominent human rights advocates, in what many experts are calling a crackdown on activism in the country. Multiple human rights organizations and the president of UBC have released statements calling for their release.

Former UBC student Loujain Al-Hathloul has been detained in Saudi Arabia for her work as a women's rights activist. Lawyers and activist in Canada are concerned because if she is formally charged, she could remain in jail for years, like activist Raif Badawi.

“Time is not on our side,” said Jackie Hansen, women’s rights campaigner for Amnesty International Canada. “We want to make sure they’re released because if they’re charged, it makes it that much harder to secure their release from detention.”

Al-Hathloul has been an outspoken women’s rights advocate for years, and is known for posting videos online of herself driving, in protest of Saudi Arabia’s ban on driving for women. While the government has loosened their restrictions on women by overturning their driving ban, Hansen said the arrests are a message that “activism will not be tolerated.”

Gail Davidson, executive director of Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, which is preparing their own letter calling for Al-Hathloul’s release, said that Canada’s ties to Saudi Arabia, specifically a $15 billion contract to provide combat vehicles signed in 2016, could be used to her advantage.

“Canada had been very cozy with Saudi Arabia, so people that are wanting to lobby and appeal should put pressure on global affairs, and the prime minister,” she said.

In an email statement, Global Affairs Canada spokesperson Brittany Venhola-Fletcher said Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland has already alerted Saudi officials to their human rights record, and tweeted about the arrest of the women’s rights activists.

“Minister Freeland has raised Canada’s human rights concerns with her Saudi counterpart during her recent trip to Bangladesh. Canada will continue to promote gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, both at home and abroad,” Venhola-Fletcher said.

But Davidson fears that al-Hathoul will face a similar fate to other people with Canadian connections detained in Saudi Arabia, such as blogger Raif Badawi, whose wife and children were granted asylum in Canada, and human rights lawyer Waleed Abu al-Khair, who was defending Badawi. Both men are still in prison, despite many calls from international organizations for their release.




Rally held in support of former UBC student being held in Saudi jail for advocating women's rights




UBC president pens letter to Ottawa to help alumna jailed in Saudi Arabia






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Pro-government media outlets splashed the activists' photos online and in newspapers after thye were arrested, branding them 'traitors' for their supposed crimes


Kenya/Canada: Miguna reacts to his latest travel ban to Kenya

May 25, 2018

Miguna Miguna Reacts to Reports that He Has Been Blacklisted from Traveling to Kenya

Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna has given his thoughts on alleged government decision to completely restrict his entry to Kenya.

In a tweet on Thursday afternoon, the self-styled NRM-Kenya leader said he had not received comprehensive statement over the matter but mentioned that the notice published by Qatar Airlines was defamatory.

He said: “I’ve seen a DEFAMATORY “Bulletin” ALLEGEDLY from QATAR AIRWAYS claiming that the “Kenya Airport authorities” [sic], has banned me from “entering Kenya.” I’ve not been duly served with any such “notice.” I’ve instructed my advocates to establish its authenticity and deal with it.”

Earlier on, reports that the government had directed all airlines not to carry Miguna Miguna to Kenya emerged.

Qatar Airlines were first to publicly speak on the subject.

“Per the update received from the Kenyan Immigration Department, the below customer is not permitted to enter Kenya and has been blacklisted by Kenyan authorities,” the advisory read in part.

Qatar Airlines management called on its staff to be vigilant and ensure Miguna is not accepted to travel on any flights into the country.









Kenya/Canada: Miguna files new petition for return trip to Kenya

May 18, 2018

Miguna files new petition for return trip to Kenya

Embattled lawyer Miguna Miguna has filed a fresh case seeking court orders to grant him unconditional entry into Kenya.

This come barely a day after he cancelled his trip back to the country.

In the application, Miguna wants the court to direct that his perforated passport be released to the Kenya National Commission Human Rights(KNCHR).

Through his lawyer John Khaminwa, Miguna said the human rights agency will then present it to Immigration on the day he decides to return.

The fiery lawyer is accusing the Kenyan Government, Interior CS Fred Matiang’i and Immigration Department of not obeying court orders.

According to him, he has been denied his right to appear in court and present his evidence.

“The Government is deliberately seeking and acting to impede and obstruct the ability of the court to administer justice effectively or at all to hear and determine the petition expeditiously,” reads the petition that was filed at the Milimani Law Court.

According to the court documents, KNHCR wrote to Maj. Gordon Kihalangwa on May 5, giving notice of Miguna’s intended return on May 16.

In the notice, the organization asked the government to comply with the previous court orders to issue Miguna with a valid passport and purchase a flight ticket for the lawyer from Toronto to Nairobi








Kenya/Canada: I’m not returning today, go on hunger strike, Miguna tells patriots

May 16, 2018

NRMKe leader Miguna Miguna at JKIA after he was denied entry to Kenya in March, 2018. /EZEKIEL AMING'Á

Firebrand lawyer Miguna Miguna has postponed his trip back to Kenya citing states’ failure to issue him with a valid passport.

“I was determined to arrive home on schedule, however, just before my departure, I reluctantly cancelled my flight to Nairobi and postponed my next arrival date,” he said.

Miguna said he has instructed his lawyers to move to court with a view of challenging the Department of Immigration refusal to issue him with a valid Kenyan passport.

“We will provide you with my new arrival date as soon as the court gives further directions on this matter,” he said in a statement.

Miguna further asked NRMKe patriots to engage in peaceful protests “against the illegitimate regime’s continued violation of his rights and those of millions of Kenyans”.

“Hold processions, sit-ins, street protests, hunger strikes, and use all media at your disposals against the escalating tyranny and the culture of impunity,” he said.

The self-declared NRMKe leader claimed that NASA is dead and with ODM having essentially joined Jubilee, the NRMKe is the new Kenyan opposition.

“We will and must march on until we defeat those trying to institutionalise the culture of impunity. We must establish a merit based democratic society,” he said.














https://www.agenzianova.com/a/5afc0d94552723.36375657/1924272/2018-05-16/kenya-deputato-opposizione-miguna-miguna-posticipa-suo-rientro-nel-paese (ITALIANO)


Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

In view of the refusal by the Department of Immigration to issue me with a valid Kenyan passport and facilitate my unconditional re-entry into Kenya as ordered by the High Court and formally requested by the Kenya National Commission for Human Rights on my behalf, and on advice from legal counsel, I have instructed my advocates to immediately bring to the attention of the court the continued willful contempt of its orders.

I was determined to arrive home on schedule, however, just before my departure, I reluctantly cancelled my flight to Nairobi and postponed my next arrival date.

We will provide you with my new arrival date as soon as the court gives further directions on this matter.

Meanwhile, I urge all Kenyan patriots and members of the National Revolutionary Movement of Kenya (NRMKe) to engage in peaceful protests against the illegitimate regime’s continued violation of my rights and the rights of millions of Kenyans, its continued refusal to obey court orders, its looting of hundreds of billions of public resources and failure to adhere to and respect the constitution.

Hold processions, sit ins, street protests, hunger strikes and use all media at your disposals against the escalating tyranny and the culture of impunity.

NASA is dead and with ODM having essentially joined Jubilee, the NRMKe is the new Kenyan opposition. We will and must march on until we defeat those trying to institutionalize the culture of impunity. We must establish a merit based democratic society.


(Dr. Miguna Miguna Facebook, 16/5/18)