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Israel/Palestine: The Inspirers: Israeli lawyer fights legal battles on behalf of Palestinians

March 23, 2019

Almost six thousand Palestinians are currently detained in Israeli prisons, most are charged with “security-related offenses,” and conviction rates hover around 95 percent. Lawyers who take on Palestinian cases go up against a system of occupation that’s considered illegal by international law.

However, Gaby Lasky, an Israeli lawyer who fights some of the toughest legal battles on behalf of Palestinian clients, says it’s her moral obligation.

It was the slap and kick that went viral. And landed Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi in Israeli military prison for eight months while some Israeli ministers were calling for a life sentence. Gaby Lasky secured the lesser sentence. She has been representing Palestinians in Israeli courts for twenty years.

Mohammed Khatib, another client of Lasky, is also an attorney and an activist. He’s up for indictment on charges of assaulting a soldier, participating in a non-approved march and obstructing justice.

In cases against Palestinians, charges tend to be general. For example, passive resistance is always termed “assault.”

Lasky, a former Israeli army officer, today is considered a traitor by many Israelis. She said she is dancing with the wolves and has gotten threats, but she doesn’t back down.




https://www.liberation.fr/planete/2018/02/20/gaby-lasky-tres-occupee_1631072 (FRANCAIS)

Israel/Palestine: Lawyer among seven Palestinians detained from West Bank

March 18, 2019


Israeli forces detained at least seven Palestinians, including a lawyer, in multiple overnight raids across the West Bank, said the Palestine Prisoner’s Society (PPS).

Israeli military vehicles raided the northern West Bank city of Jenin, where soldiers detained three Palestinians after storming their families’ houses.

PPS confirmed that Israeli forces detained two Palestinians, including a lawyer, from the northern West Bank district on Nablus.

In the southern West Bank, PPS confirmed that two Palestinians were rounded up from Bethlehem district.

Israeli forces frequently raid Palestinian houses almost on a daily basis across the West Bank on the pretext of searching for “wanted” Palestinians, triggering clashes with residents.

These raids, which take place also in areas under the full control of the Palestinian Authority, are conducted with no need for a search warrant, whenever and wherever the military chooses in keeping with its sweeping arbitrary powers.







Israel/Palestine: Following Protests, Police Release Wife of Palestinian Lawyer Under Investigation

March 6, 2019

Palestinian and Israeli lawyers say Amal Barghout’s detention was entirely designed to exert pressure on her husband, who was arrested last week alongside senior figure in a militant group

FILE Photo: Ofer prison.

The Ofer military court in the West Bank released on Wednesday Amal Barghout, the wife of an attorney who was arrested in Ramallah last week alongside a senior figure in a Fatah-linked militant group. Tarek Barghout has been undergoing questioning by the the Shin Bet for the past week.

Amal Barghout was arrested early on Tuesday morning. About 30 Palestinian and Israeli lawyers immediately filed motions calling for her unconditional release, arguing that there were no suspicions against her and that her detention was designed entirely to exert pressure on her husband.

Tarek Barghout was arrested alongside Zekariya Zubeidi, a senior figure in the Palestinian Prisoners’ Ministry, formerly of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades. Both are suspected of recent involvement in terrorist activity, according to the Israeli military spokesperson’s office and the Shin Bet.


France/Israel: Meet the French-Palestinian lawyer held by Israel for a year without charge

November 1, 2018

Following his release, Salah Hamouri speaks with MEE about his situation and Palestinians’ broader struggle for freedom

For more than four hundred days, Salah Hamouri languished in prison, deprived of his freedom and family, and uncertain when he would ever be let out.

On 30 September, the Franco-Palestinian lawyer was released from Israeli custody after spending 13 months in administrative detention – an Israeli policy largely used against Palestinians to hold them without charges or trial for periods of up to six months, renewable indefinitely.

Hamouri had already been imprisoned by Israel between 2005 and 2011 after being accused of being involved in a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-led (PFLP) assassination plot targeting right-wing Rabbi Ovadia Yousef – accusations the young man, the son of a Palestinian father from Jerusalem and a French mother, has repeatedly rejected.

In total, more than eight years of 33-year-old Hamouri’s life have gone up in smoke.

Hamouri’s wife, Elsa Lefort – who herself was banned from entering Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories in 2016 when she was six months pregnant – slammed Israel’s “relentlessness” vis-a-vis her husband in an interview with Middle East Eye in August (available only in French).

Hamouri’s case has led to intense mobilisation by pro-Palestine activists in France, who have called on the French government to intercede on his behalf.

Speaking with MEE after his release, Hamouri discussed his detention, the weakness of French diplomacy vis-a-vis Israel, and his determination to remain in Palestine despite Israeli pressure.



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France/Israel/Palestine: #LibérezSalah

le 23 mai, 2018

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Le tribunal réuni mardi 22 mai 2018, à Jérusalem a confirmé le maintien en détention administrative de Salah Hamouri jusqu’au 30 juin 2018 et a émis la forte possibilité que cette détention soit renouvelée à l’issue de l’emprisonnement actuel.

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(Liberté pour Salah Hamouri Facebook)




https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salah_Hamouri (ENGLISH)


France/Israel/Palestine: Salah Hamouri’s Administrative Detention Order Renewed

February 26, 2018

Today, 26 February 2018, the decision was taken by the occupation Minister of War, Avigdor Lieberman, to renew the administrative detention order of Salah Hamouri. His order has been renewed for four months, to begin on 28 February 2018. This means that Salah will continue to remain in prison till at least 28 June 2018, at which point he would have been in prison for ten months.

Despite the claim that Salah represents a ‘security threat’, Addameer maintains that Salah has been imprisoned as a result of his human rights promoting activists and his activism. As a documentation field officer, Salah’s is responsible for meeting with ex-prisoners and detainees, and their families, to collect information regarding their detainment and the conditions in which they were kept. Additionally, Salah passed the exam for entrance to the Palestinian Bar Association three days before his arrest.

Due to the fact that his wife has been banned from entering Palestine, this extension of his imprisonment means that there will be another four months where he cannot see his young son. It means another four months where his family will be split across continents. Ultimately, Salah could just leave this all behind as he is a French national. Though this is why his sacrifice is all the more admirable. Despite the cost, he chooses to stay and struggle towards self-determination.

It is evident that closed door diplomacy has achieved little. The requests from French authorities have fallen on the deaf ears of the occupation.

We call on the occupation authorities to cancel their renewal and release Salah immediately. Additionally, the French and EU representatives must publicly condemn the illegal imprisonment of their citizen.






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#liberezSalah #FreeSalah

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[AUDIENCE DU 01/03/18]
📍 Salah Hamouri a été présenté ce matin devant le tribunal à Jérusalem. Salah a annoncé devant la cour qu’il boycottait ce tribunal qui n’est qu’une mascarade de justice et qui ne lui permet en aucun cas de prétendre à un procès équitable.
➡️ Cette audience a uniquement pour but de prendre acte de la décision émise le 26 février par le ministre israélien de la Défense, Avidgor Liberman, de prolonger de 4 mois la peine de Salah. Comme toutes les précédentes, elle ne permet en aucun cas qu’un véritable procès se tienne puisque les éventuelles charges contre les détenus administratifs ne sont jamais énoncées et publiques de sorte que la défense ne peut donc pas faire triompher la justice.
Afin de dénoncer ce simulacre de justice ainsi que tout le système de la détention administrative, les 450 Palestinien-ne-s incarcérés sous ce régime mènent actuellement un mouvement de boycott des tribunaux. Le juge a annoncé que cette audience était donc repoussée au 5 mars. Salah a annoncé qu’il boycottera une nouvelle fois l’audience.

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(Liberté pour Salah Hamouri 1/3/18 Facebook)

France/Israel/Palestine: Intervention de Maitre Berenger Tourné lors de la Nuit de la liberté Free Salah Hamouri qui s’est déroulée le 16 février 2018, à Ivry-sur-Seine

le 16 février, 2018

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La défense de Salah Hamouri que j’ai l’honneur d’assurer, ici en France, c’est-à-dire à lointaine distance, pourrait s’apparenter à se battre contre un moulin à vent, alors qu’il n’est aucun prétoire pour plaider sa cause, ni ici en France, ni même là-bas, en Israël, si j’en crois mes confrères palestiniens, Sahar Francis et Mahmoud Hassan, auxquels j’adresse un salut confraternel et admiratif.

Salah Hamouri, j’avais déjà pu le défendre, en quelque sorte par procuration, il y a à peu près cinq ans, lorsque le CRIF intenta un mauvais procès au Président de l’AFPS de l’époque, qui n’était autre que M. le député Jean-Claude Lefort, dont on sait les peines et soins pour la Palestine et le combat permanent, depuis bien plus d’une décennie, pour la liberté et l’honneur de celui qui deviendra son beau-fils.

Alors qu’il m’est à nouveau confié sa défense, me voilà assez démuni, n’ayant comme autre contrepartie que les pouvoirs publics et les institutions françaises, dont mon propre ordre, auxquels je voudrais, dès lors, par votre entremise, m’adresser ce soir.

Je voudrais tout d’abord leur dire quelques mots sur le sort réservé à Salah Hamouri, qui n’a pas, en tant que notre compatriote, notre concitoyen, droit à tous les égards que sa nationalité française devrait pourtant lui faire bénéficier.










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#LiberezSalah #FreeSalah

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