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The Netherlands: ‘We live in a narco-state’: murder of Dutch lawyer prompts fear and fury

September 19, 2019

Lawyers in gangland cases given emergency protection after unprecedented killing

Lawyers and prosecutors in major gangland drugs cases in the Netherlands have been given emergency protection after the unprecedented murder of a top defence lawyer prompted police and the media to claim that government naivety was turning the country into a narco-state.

Derk Wiersum was gunned down in the street as he left his home in the Amsterdam suburb of Buitenveldert on Wednesday morning. Police are searching for a 16- to 20-year old man in a black hooded top who fled the scene on foot.

Wiersum, 44, was acting for Nabil Bakkali, a crown witness in a case against 16 men accused of five murders between 2015 and 2017, whose brother was also shot dead last year shortly after authorities named Bakkali as a witness.

Dutch media compared Wiersum’s killing to the targeted Mafia assassinations of investigating magistrates in Italy in the 1990s or the lawless Colombia under the drugs baron Pablo Escobar.

Flags were at half-mast outside courtrooms across the Netherlands on Thursday and lawyers were to hold a minute’s silence as the justice minister, Ferd Grapperhaus, met officials from the public prosecutors’ office and representatives of Dutch lawyers’ associations to discuss the heightened security arrangements.






Netherlands: ICJ extremely concerned at killing of lawyer


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Tajikistan: officials must end intimidation of lawyers, including the Bar Association Chairperson

September 10, 2019

The ICJ today expressed concern that a Government anti-corruption agency has engaged in acts of intimidation against the Chairperson of the Union of the Lawyers of the Republic of Tajikistan, Saidbek Nuritdinov, and 15 other lawyers.

The intimidation apparently relates to the lawyers’ defence of Abdulaziz Abdurahmonzoda, a lawyer facing trial on charges of fraud, who was allegedly ill-treated in detention by officers of the city Department of the Agency for Financial Control and Combating Corruption of the Republic of Tajikistan (Anti-Corruption Agency).

After the lawyers representing Abdurahmonzoda alleged that he had been ill-treated, the judge of the Sino district of Dushanbe city hearing the case, Ahmadzoda Farogat, requested the Prosecutor General’s Office to investigate the allegations.

Following the initiation of the inquiry of the allegations of ill-treatment, the Head of the Anti-Corruption Agency of Dushanbe, allegedly sent requests to a number of district courts of Dushanbe to obtain information about civil and criminal cases in which Saidbek Nuritdinov had participated as a lawyer.

Tajikistan: officials must end intimidation of lawyers, including the Bar Association Chairperson


http://notorturetj.org/news/saidbek-nuritdinov-antikorrupciya-okazyvaet-davlenie-na-advokatov (RUSSIAN)

The Philippines: Extrajudicial killing of jurists as part of a pattern of widespread and systematic violations of human rights | Joint Written Statement to the 42nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council

September 9, 2019

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Joint written statement* submitted by Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, Lawyers for Lawyers, and International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL),non-governmental organizations in special consultative status, and Asian Legal Resource Centre,  non-governmental organization in general consultative status.

The Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales, the International Association of People’s Lawyers (IAPL), and the Philippines National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL), NGO(s) without consultative status, also share the views expressed in this statement.

Philippines: Extrajudicial killing of jurists as part of a pattern of widespread and systematic violations of human rights 

1.     Introduction

Since 30 June 2016, the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (the Philippines) has engaged in a campaign of extrajudicial killing in violation of the Philippines’ international law obligations. Since President Rodrigo Duterte (President Duterte) took office on 30 June 2016, up to 27,000[1] persons have been extrajudicially killed with impunity, as part of a “war on drugs.” The Philippines’ official number is 5,526.[2] The victims include 45 lawyers, prosecutors and judges (jurists) assassinated between August 2016 and July 2019, and 134 human rights defenders (defenders).[3] This pattern of gross and systematic violations contravenes the Philippines’ obligation to prevent and remedy violations of the right to life. The widespread murders of jurists also cause violations of the rights to legal representation and fair trials.

In few cases are suspects in custody or charges pending against suspects. In the majority of cases there has been no effective investigation or minimal progress on investigations. In addition to 45 jurists murdered, eight lawyers have survived murderous attacks, and one has been abducted and disappeared. A court worker and two paralegals are also among the additional victims. The online Appendix to this report lists the jurists with dates of death and status of investigations.[4]

Philippines: Extrajudicial killing of jurists as part of a pattern of widespread and systematic violations of human rights  | Joint Written Statement to the 42nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council


Thousands of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines: “A pattern of gross and systematic violations of human rights,” say seven legal organisations to the UN | Press release

Colmenares: There’s proof that EJKs are state-sponsored


Prosecutor in bulletproof vehicle shakes off gunmen

DOJ rejects 3 OSG witnesses in sedition raps vs Robredo, 32 others

Ex-Daraga mayor tagged in Batocabe slay freed after posting bail


Oro church leaders, journos, lawyers ready for march vs red-tagging

Filipino lawyers attacksed Sept 2019 (IAPL MONITORING COMMITTEE REPORT)

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PHILIPPINES – 6 septembre 2019
Dix avocats abattus depuis le 1er janvier 2019 – 1 survivant

Le 6 septembre 2019, Datu Khadaffy Dilangalen Blao, 30 ans, a été tué par balles dans une mosquée de Barangay Olandang.

Le 5 septembre 2019, Irineo Cabugoy, 73 ans, a été abattu alors qu’il déjeunait avec sa famille dans un McDonald’s à Antipolo, dans l’État de Rizal.
Le 2 septembre 2019 : Inocencio dela Cerna a été touché par des tirs de deux hommes armés en tandem devant l’immeuble Quimonda, à Cebu.
Il a survécu parce qu’il a pu conduire son véhicule jusqu’à un poste de police situé à proximité. Il avait récemment défendu Niño Rey Boniel, membre du conseil d’administration de la province de Bohol, dans l’affaire d’enlèvement et de détention illégale de sa femme, ancien maire de la ville de Bien Unido.
Auparavant, 7 avocats avaient été assassinés aux Philippines au cours de l’année :
En 2018, 16 avocats ont été victimes d’attaques de tueurs à gages, aux Philippines. 4 ont miraculeusement survécu aux balles, 12 sont morts. Voir : Ces avocats en danger dans le monde, Edition 2019, pp. 52 à 57).
( Photos : Anthony Trinidad et Inocencio dela Cerna).

(L’Observatoire des Avocats 08/09/19)

Jamaica: Female lawyer killed in ‘Ochi’ identified; mom battling for life

September 14, 2019

Grief has struck the resort town of Ocho Rios in St Ann with the news of the heinous murder of a prominent female attorney there and the wounding of her mother while both were inside a vehicle on Milford Road on Friday.

The deceased has been identified as Sashakay Fairclough.

She was an attorney at Murray and Tucker law firm in Ocho Rios up to the time of her death. Police sources said her mother remains hospitalised in critical condition.

Reports reaching Loop News are that sometime before 6 pm, the two women were travelling in a vehicle when they were approached by gunmen who opened hitting them several times.

The attorney reportedly died at the scene, while her mother who was reportedly driving the vehicle at the time of the attack, was hospitalised.

As news of the incident spread throughout the town and, by extension, the parish, persons rushed to social media sites, including Facebook, to express shock at the young attorney’s killing.




Jamaica lawyer murdered

JAMAÏQUE –13 septembre 2019

Sashakay Fairclough, 29 ans, a été abattue par des hommes armés alors qu’elle se trouvait à l’intérieur d’une automobile dans une section d’Ocho Rios, à St Ann.
Une parente qui conduisait le véhicule au moment des faits, a été transportée à l’hôpital avec des blessures par balle.
Avocate connue, Sashakay Fairclough, avocate à la Jamaïque qui a reçu une formation de barrister à Londres, est la petite-fille d’Osmond Theodore Fairclough, reconnu comme le père fondateur du People’s National Party (PNP) en 1938.

(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 14/09/19)

Turkey: Court orders pro-Kurdish leader Demirtas released

September 2, 2019

A court in Ankara has ordered the conditional release of a top pro-Kurdish politician. However, Selahattin Demirtas will likely remain in jail after being convicted of spreading “terrorist propaganda.”

A supporter of the pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) holds a mask of their jailed former leader and presidential candidate Selahattin Demirtas (Reuters/U. Bektas)

A court in Turkey ruled on Monday that top pro-Kurdish politician Selahattin Demirtas should be released from jail on terrorism-related charges. However, he will remain in prison, his lawyers said, because he is also serving a sentence for a separate crime.

Demirtas has been in pre-trial detention since November 2016, one of many opposition lawmakers, activists, academics and journalists who were arrested in the wake of a failed coup in July of that year.

The Ankara court “ruled unanimously” that the Kurdish Peoples’ Party (HDP) co-chair “should be released immediately,” since his defense had been completed. However, he will remain behind bars because he must also serve a four-year and eight month sentence for “terrorist propaganda.”

Demirtas could face 142 years in prison if found guilty in the main trial, for which he had been in detention for nearly three years.

Seen as major rival to Erdogan

In July, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruled that Demirtas’ conviction on spreading terrorist propaganda should be vacated. The ECHR found that Demirtas had been calling for a peaceful solution to Turkey’s “Kurdish problem,” saying that his statements “could not be regarded as amounting to incitement to engage in violence, armed resistance or rebellion.”

Ankara has long accused the HDP of having ties to the outlawed Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), which is listed as a terrorist group by Turkey and several of its major allies.


Turkish court rules to release Demirtaş in one case on eve of ECtHR hearing



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https://taz.de/Gerichtsentscheidung-in-der-Tuerkei/!5623119/ (DEUTSCH)

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TURQUIE- 2 septembre 2019
Lors de la 11ème audience du procès de Selahattin Demirtaş, Coprésident du HDP , a été remis en liberté lors da 11ème audience de son procès à Ankara, dans le complexe pénitentiaire de Sincan. Mais ilne sortira pas de prison pour autant car il purge une condamnation à 4 ans et 8 mois de prison, prononcée en 2018.
L’audience s’est déroulée en l’absence de Demirtaş et de ses avocats, qui ont annoncé qu’ils se préparaient pour l’audience devant la Grande Chambre de la Cour européenne des Droits de l’Homme prévue le 18 septembre prochain. (Voir Ces avocats, 2019, p. 128)

(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 07/09/19)

OIAD/France: Un observatoire pour les avocats en danger

le 9 août, 2019

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De longue date, les avocats parisiens ont su mettre en avant leur engagement pour le respect des droits de la défense et la protection de leurs confrères. En France bien sûr, mais aussi à l’étranger avec une tradition d’échanges avec les avocats du monde entier. Un travail qu’accomplit aujourd’hui l’Observatoire international des avocats en danger.

Il semble inconcevable d’imaginer un système juridique qui fait valoir les droits de tous les justiciables sans se représenter le rôle de l’avocat. Si son intégrité et son indépendance paraissent être le minimum requis pour qu’il puisse exercer son métier, ces fondamentaux ne sont hélas pas toujours respectés à travers le monde. Avocats assassinés, emprisonnés ou persécutés, les exemples d’atteinte violente à la profession ne manquent pas, de la Turquie à la Chine en passant par l’Égypte, le Mexique ou l’Inde. À ce sujet, le rapport 2018 de l’Institut des droits de l’Homme des avocats européens (IDHAE) ne dénombrait d’ailleurs pas moins de 379 avocats « en danger parce qu’ils tentent de faire leur métier ».

Une thématique sur laquelle le barreau de Paris s’engage également : le 22 mai dernier était organisée une présentation débat autour du rapport de Human Rights Watch : « Des avocats traduits en justice : poursuites abusives et érosion du droit à un procès équitable en Turquie », à la maison du Barreau à Paris. Une rencontre qui faisait écho à un autre événement mis en place par les avocats parisiens le 24 janvier, la Journée internationale de l’avocat en danger, qui était justement consacrée à la situation turque cette année. Le 11 avril dernier encore, c’était Shirin Ebadi qui était accueillie. Avocate et juge iranienne, Prix Nobel de la paix, elle a dû fuir son pays en 2009 en raison de son combat pour les des droits de l’Homme et vit depuis en exil. Toutes ces actions sont menées sous la bannière de l’Observatoire international des avocats en danger (OIAD), une initiative lancée conjointement avec le CNB et deux barreaux étrangers en 2015 pour défendre les avocats menacés au cours de l’exercice de leur métier. L’Observatoire effectue un travail de veille et d’information pour tenter d’enrayer les atteintes au droit à la défense à travers le monde. Avec une structure qui se veut inclusive et ouverte à tous les barreaux, il a déjà été rejoint par 30 d’entre eux en qualité de membre actif.

Entretien croisé avec Basile Ader, vice-bâtonnier du barreau de Paris, et Anne Souleliac, administratrice de l’OIAD.

Un observatoire pour les avocats en danger


Turkey: Four More Lawyers from People’s Law Bureau Arrested

June 25, 2019

Attorneys Ebru Timtik, Ayşegül Çağatay, Görkem Ağdede, and Nadide Özdemir have been arrested after beign taken into custody on June 20.

The attorneys from the Contemporary Lawyers’ Association (ÇHD) and the People’s Law Bureau (HHB) and three other people who were detained on June 20 were brought to the İstanbul Courthouse this morning (June 25).

Attorney Timtik, who was sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison for “membership of a terrorist organization,” has been arrested and sent to jail.

CLICK – 18 Lawyers Sentenced to Prison for 159 Years, 1 Month, 30 Days in Total

Today, Timtik also gave a statement in another lawsuit that was filed against her for the same offense.

“There is already an unlawful verdict on me by the İstanbul 37th Heavy Penal Court but the judiciary, not abiding by its own verdicts, has opened a repeating investigation,” Timtik remarked.


Factsheet on Turkey’s state of emergency dismissals

Report on criminal liabilities with regard to torture incident took place in Ankara Police Headquarters between 20 and 31 May 2019.

Four woman lawyers have been arrested in Istanbul


https://bianet.org/bianet/insan-haklari/209748-hhb-den-dort-avukat-daha-tutuklandi (TURKCE)

https://www.gazeteduvar.com.tr/turkiye/2019/06/25/halkin-hukuk-burosu-uyesi-4-avukat-tutuklandi/ (TURKCE)

https://www.amnesty.de/mitmachen/petition/juristische-schikanen-gegen-eren-keskin-beenden?ref=23652 (DEUTSCH)

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(L’Observatoire des Avocats Facebook, 20/06/19)