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Spain: Spanish court accuses Puigdemont’s lawyer Boye of money laundering

October 21, 2019

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Spain’s National Audience has started an investigation against Gonzalo Boye, a lawyer known for his work defending Carles Puigdemont and Quim Torra. According to court sources, instructing judge María Tardón has charged him with alleged money laundering and summonsed him to testify this Wednesday, 23rd October, at 12pm local time, alongside two other people. Firstly, Spanish police searched his residence in Villaviciosa de Odón, near Madrid. Then they went to search his office in the Spanish capital itself.

The case is apparently unrelated to another search by Spanish police today, of the Catalan Association of Municipalities in Barcelona.

Spanish police started their search of Boye’s house first thing this Monday. At the same time, they searched two further property in the region, belonging to two alleged front men, as part of an investigation over money laundering linked to drug trafficking, according to police sources. Boye previously represented Sito Miñanco, an important Galician drug trafficker.

According to the police sources, Boye was present during the search. The two alleged front men were also in attendance at the other searches. Details of the case are currently under seal.

Agents of the UDEF (Economic and Fiscal Crime Unit) led the operation. The investigation is apparently entirely unrelated to Boye’s work defending Catalan president in exile Carles Puigdemont. The searches come eight days before Puigdemont is to appear before a Belgian court for the first hearing on the new European Arrest Warrant he faces.




Spanish police search house of Puigdemont's lawyer


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Turkey: Judicial farce must end with acquittal of human rights defenders

October 8, 2019

More than two years after they were first detained, the honorary chair and the former Director of Amnesty International Turkey and nine other human rights defenders must be acquitted of the absurd charges they still face, said Amnesty International ahead of their trial which resumes tomorrow in Istanbul.

Taner Kılıç, Amnesty Turkey’s Honorary Chair, and İdil Eser, the organization’s former Turkey Director, are being tried alongside nine others on baseless allegations of “membership of a terrorist organisation”.

“After more than two years and without a shred of credible evidence presented to substantiate the absurd charges made against them, it is now time to end this judicial farce and acquit Taner and the Istanbul 10,” said Kumi Naidoo, Amnesty International’s Secretary General.

“Over the course of eight hearings, the prosecuting authorities have failed to present any credible evidence of any criminal wrongdoing, yet the threat of conviction has hung over these 11 human rights defenders but also as a warning to anyone else standing up for human rights in Turkey.”

Taner Kılıç spent more than 14 months in prison before his release on bail in August 2018. Eight of the Istanbul 10 spent almost four months each behind bars before they were bailed in October 2017.





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International Bar Association/South Korea: Sessions on persecution of lawyers, Annual Conference, September 22-27, 2019

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Spain/Euskadi: Mass trial of Basque activists in Spain ends with plea deal

September 16, 2019

Defendants accused of Eta membership in case alleged by critics to be politically driven

The audiencia nacional court building in Madrid, where 47 people were charged with Eta membership.

A mass trial of 47 lawyers, doctors, psychologists and political activists began and ended in 25 minutes in Madrid on Monday. A plea deal allowed the accused to avoid sentences of up to 20 years on charges of membership of the now-dissolved armed separatist group Eta.

Defendants agreed to a deal that recognised the charges against them, but which will see the majority of defendants sentenced to suspended sentences of two years each, while two others face jail time of five months.

The abrupt resolution took place on the first day of the trial at Madrid’s audiencia nacional, and came as verdicts were expected in the mass trial of 12 Catalan separatist politicians next month. Similar plea deals were also reached in two trials of Basque political activists in January and April 2016.

Prosecutors in the latest Basque case had argued that the 47 accused were members of a network called koordinazioa taldea, or coordination group, which the state alleged constituted a key part of Eta’s overall strategy. They faced charges that they formed part of Eta’s “prison front”, alongside other allegations such as financing terrorism.

The defendants and their supporters had maintained the terrorism allegations were an attempt to criminalise people who advocate for the human rights of Basque political prisoners, fugitives, their families and those affected by state violence, such as victims of torture.


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Western Sahara/Morocco/Spain: Sahara occidental : L’avocate espagnole Cristina Martinez empêchée de se rendre à El Ayoun occupée

le 20 août, 2019

L’avocate espagnole Cristina Martinez a été empêchée, dimanche, pour la deuxième fois en moins d’un mois, par l’occupant marocain de se rendre dans la ville d’El Ayoun occupée, a rapporté hier l’APS, relayant des médias espagnols.

Arrivée dimanche à l’aéroport de Casablanca avant de se rendre à El Ayoun occupée, l’avocate espagnole s’est vue interdire de continuer son chemin vers la capitale sahraouie par des agents marocains sans lui fournir de motif à ce sujet, a indiqué l’agence de presse espagnole, Efe. «La police marocaine m’attendait à la porte de l’avion. Sans m’expliquer, ils m’ont informée que je ne pouvais pas me rendre dans les zones occupées du Sahara occidental», a déclaré Mme Martinez, qui a déjà été expulsée par les autorités d’occupation marocaines le 6 août dernier.

L’avocate espagnole devait assister, en tant qu’observateur international, au procès illégal convoqué par le régime marocain contre 8 militants sahraouis arrêtés le 19 juillet dernier, après les manifestations pacifiques de célébration de la victoire de l’équipe d’Algérie de football lors de la finale de la Coupe d’Afrique des nations.

Ce jour-là, la célébration avait culminé avec le meurtre d’une jeune manifestante sahraouie, Sabah Othman Omeida, et plusieurs cas de blessés graves parmi les manifestants causés par l’intervention violente des agents de la police marocaine, venus réprimer les Sahraouis. Selon des sources médiatiques locales, la jeune militante sahraouie a été tuée par un véhicule de la police marocaine qui a foncé à pleine vitesse sur la foule sortie célébrer pacifiquement la victoire de l’équipe algérienne face à la sélection sénégalaise.
Au cours de ces manifestations, des dizaines d’autres militants sahraouis ont été arrêtés arbitrairement par les forces d’occupation marocaine et aucun détail n’a été communiqué sur leur état de santé et leur lieu de détention.

Durant l’année 2019, le Maroc a expulsé plus de 30 observateurs internationaux, avocats et journalistes qui devaient se rendre au Sahara occidental occupé pour s’enquérir, notamment, de la situation des droits de l’homme et des conditions de détention des militants politiques sahraouis.

Sahara occidental : L’avocate espagnole Cristina Martinez empêchée de se rendre à El Ayoun occupée



Une avocate espagnole souhaitant se rendre à Laâyoune de nouveau refoulée


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Spain/Brazil: Brazil authorizes extradition of one of the perpetrators of the 1977 Madrid massacre

August 14, 2019

Los compañeros de los abogados asesinado portan el féretro de una de las víctimas de la matanza. El 26 de enero de 1977, dos días después del atentado, se celebró el funeral, que estuvo acompañado por una increíble multitud de españoles que manifestaron libertad y justicia

The extradition of the Spanish Carlos García Juliá, convicted of participating in the massacre of left-wing lawyers committed in Madrid in 1977, was authorized by the Brazilian Supreme Court.

The Brazilian authorities thus complied with the Spanish Government’s request for the extradition of the former right-wing militant of the far-right Força Nova party, one of the perpetrators of the massacre in which three labour lawyers, a law student and an administrative officer were shot dead.

García Juliá, who served 14 of the 193 years in prison to which he was sentenced in 1980, was on the run and was arrested on December 2018 in the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo, where he lived under a false Venezuelan identity.

The Spanish court asked the Government to ask the Brazilian authorities to extradite García Juliá, on the understanding that the sentence imposed on him was not prescribed and that he had to serve 3,855 days in prison.

In a public hearing held on Tuesday, the Brazilian Supreme Court (STF) authorized the extradition of Spanish because it considered that the necessary requirements, such as the typification of crimes and the non-configuration of a political crime, were met.

In an opinion sent to the Supreme Court, the Attorney General of the Republic of Brazil, Raquel Dodge, recommended extradition by “not verifying” that the petition filed by the Spanish authorities “was filed with a view to harassing or punishing the extradited by political opinion.”

However, details of the extradition process have not yet been released.

The former Força Nova militant, who was 24 years old when he committed the massacre, was convicted in 1980 of five homicides and four attempted homicides at the law office of the trade union Commissions Operarias, located at 55 Atocha Street in central Madrid.

Brazil authorizes extradition of one of the perpetrators of the 1977 Madrid massacre



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Day of the Endangered Lawyer

France/Iran: Le soutien du barreau de Draguignan à l’avocate iranienne Nasrin Sotoudeh

le 4 juillet, 2019

Le regard déterminé de Nasrin Sotoudeh s’affiche désormais sur le mur du parvis du pôle culturel Chabran.

Cette avocate iranienne de 55 ans, lauréate du prix Sakharov du Parlement européen, a été condamnée par les autorités iraniennes à trente-trois ans de prison et 140 coups de fouet, pour incitation à la débauche.« Elle a commis deux crimes, a indiqué ce jeudi le bâtonnier Philippe Schreck. Celui d’être une femme, celui d’être une avocate, mais aussi celui d’avoir défendu des jeunes filles iraniennes coupables d’avoir ôté leur voile en public. »Ce jeudi soir, le barreau de Draguignan s’est associé au barreau national français, pour saluer son courage et exiger sa libération.Et pour que ce combat soit plus largement connu, la communauté Dracénie Provence Verdon a mis à disposition ce lieu culturel symbolique.« Il accueille 1.500 personnes par jour, a indiqué Olivier Audibert-Troin, et nous inaugurons en quelque sorte le mur des libertés. »Maître Nasrin Sotoudeh est inscrite depuis le mois de mars dernier au tableau de l’ordre des avocats, comme membre honoris causa du barreau dracénois.
« Nous nous battons pour la libération d’une avocate dracénoise », a conclu Me Schreck. 


https://www.change.org/p/lib%C3%A9rez-l-avocate-iranienne-nasrin-sotoudeh-freenasrin (SIGNEZ LA PETITION!)





https://www.amnesty.org/en/get-involved/take-action/iran-free-nasrin-satoudeh-now/ (SIGN THE PETITION!)

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Merci à OLivier Audibert Troin et à l agglomération pour leur soutien dans ce combat pour la liberté et l égalité #barreaudedraguignan

(Ordre Des Avocats Draguignan Facebook, 4/7/19)

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#CRBO Réunion de la Conférence Régionale des Bâtonniers de l’Ouest à#SaintMalo (Ille-et-Vilaine) les 5 et 6 juillet 2019. À Saint-Malo, ville ouverte sur le monde, devant la mer sans limite, celle-là même qui baigne aussi les côtes persanes, autre berceau de grands explorateurs, les Bâtonniers de l’Ouest expriment leur soutien à l’Avocate iranienne Nasrin Soutoudeh. Le Barreau de Saint-Nazaire est représenté par les Bâtonniers Emmanuel Kierzkowski-Chatal, Bruno Denis et Benoît Gaborit.

(Ordre des Avocats de Saint-Nazaire Facebook, 6/7/19)