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Spain/Turkey: Dia del Abogado Amenazado (Madrid)


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Un año más, celebramos el Día del Abogado Amenazado para visibilizar las amenazas, asesinatos, hostigamientos y ataques que nuestros compañeros y compañeras de profesión sufren en todo el mundo por defender los derechos de la ciudadanía.

Una campaña de Avocats Européens Démocratescon el apoyo de la Fundación del Consejo General de la Abogacía Española y numerosos colegios de abogados de toda Europa.

Este año lo dedicaremos a Turquía. El informe sobre la situación de nuestros colegas turcos/as lo puedes leer/descargar aquí: http://ala.org.es/dia-del-abogado-amenazado-2019-turquia/

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Spain/Day of the Endangered Lawyer: 42 aniversario Abogados de Atocha (Madrid)

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(Fundación Abogados de Atocha Facebook, 06/01/19)





http://dayoftheendangeredlawyer.eu/backgrounds/ (ENGLISH)

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https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matan%C3%A7a_de_Atocha_de_1977 (PORTUGUES)


Spain/Brazil: This is Carlos García Juliá, sentenced for the killing of Atocha to 193 years in prison

Así es Carlos García Juliá, condenado por la matanza de Atocha a 193 años de cárcel

Carlos García Juliá he fired six shots with his Star Super model to which he had placed a 9 Parabellum cannon. The shooting of this young man whom the parish priest of San Ginés defined in the summary pages of the Atocha case as “normal, jovial, affectionate and well connected with the serious and honorable youth of the neighborhood, with exemplary religious and moral life”. they caused the death, according to the opinion of the autopsy and the ballistic analysis, of Javier Sauquillo and Serafín Holgado “. This was how the journalist José Martí Gómez described in the pages of La Vanguardia on September 20, 1984, one of the authors of the killing of Atocha of January 24, 1977, which has now been arrested in Brazil after fleeing Spain, using different identities to outwit the Spanish justice.

About García Juliá, who was 24 years old when he shot to kill in the law office of Atocha street in Madrid, weighed an arrest warrant by the National Court since he got a prison permit in 1992. Then, he decided to leave Spain and he lost track until he was arrested in Bolivia for drug trafficking. But he managed to escape from prison and the track was already lost.

This is how the Atocha events occurred chronologically:

– After 10 and a half at night, three right-wing gunmen enter face uncovered in a labor law firm located at number 55 in the Madrid street of Atocha. Apparently, they were looking for the person in charge of the then illegal transport union of Comisiones Obreras (CCOO), Joaquín Navarro, who had left the office a short time before.

When they did not find him, they decided to kill those who were there at that moment. Five people are killed. They started firing at the administrative Angel Rodriguez Leal, who died on the spot, and then gathered and strafed the other eight people who were on the floor – seven lawyers and a law student – all linked to the Communist Party and CCOO. Luis Javier Benavides and Enrique Valdevira died on the spot, while Francisco Javier Sauquillo and student Serafin Holgado died hours later at the hospital. Four people were seriously injured, but managed to survive: Dolores (Lola) González Ruiz – married to Sauquillo – Miguel Sarabia, Alejandro Ruiz-Huerta and Luis Ramos Pardo.

– March 12, 1977.-The perpetrators of the attack are arrested: Carlos García Juliá, José Fernández Cerrá and Fernando Lerdo de Tejada, members of the self-proclaimed Comando Hugo Sosa, linked to the Anticommunist Apostolic Alliance; as well as the then provincial secretary of the vertical transport union of Madrid, Francisco Albalejo. But there are four others involved more.




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Spain/Brazil: ATOCHA KILLER: Spanish terrorist, responsible for the Atocha Massacre, to be extradited after 24 years on the run

December 21, 2018

THE National High Court in Madrid has formally requested the extradition of Carlos Garcia Julia, one of the Atocha killers.

Neo-fascist Garcia Julia received a 193-year prison sentence which he served in Castilla y Leon for his part in slaughtering five lawyers and seriously injuring three others in their offices in January 1977.

In September 1991 he was allowed out on probation and three months later given permission to leave the country to work in Asuncion (Paraguay) on condition that he reported each month to the Spanish embassy.

Garcia Julia failed to comply and when the Spanish authorities learned of his arrest in Bolivia in 1996 on drugs charges, the courts revoked probation and requested his extradition.

By this time he had disappeared again after being granted a temporary release from the Bolivia gaol, finally surfacing in Brazil via Chile, Argentina and Venezuela.

An Interpol detention order finally got results and Garcia Julia, by then working as an Uber driver and known as Genaro Antonio Materan, was taken into custody.

Once extradited and having broken probation, he must now serve the remaining 3,855 days of his sentence.




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Spain/Brazil: Spain starts Brazil extradition bid for gunman in 1977 attack

December 11, 2018

Spain starts Brazil extradition bid for gunman in 1977 attack

(Carlos Garcia Julia pictured in 1977 and the memorial to the attack outside the lawyers office in Calle Atocha. Photo: Wikimedia CC)

Spanish prosecutors on Monday demanded the extradition of a Spanish man convicted over the 1977 killing of five leftists in Madrid, after his arrest in Brazil last week.

Prosecutors at Madrid’s High Court want to ask Brazil to extradite Carlos Garcia Julia, who was detained in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s biggest city, on December 5th.

But their request still has to be approved by Spain’s High Court and then by the Spanish government.

Garcia Julia was among a group of gunmen linked to a far-right organisation who, on January 24, 1977, attacked a law firm working for labour unions.

They killed four Communist lawyers and an administrative staff member in the attack, on Madrid’s central Calle Atocha. Garcia Julia was among those convicted in 1980 of the killings.

In 1991, a judge granted Garcia Julia parole and allowed him to move to Paraguay but he disappeared shortly after.

He is believed to have moved around Latin America before finally settling in Brazil where he was reportedly working as an Uber driver using a fake name.






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Belgium/Spain/Catalonia: Abogados europeos dan apoyo a Boye y reclaman su amparo


La asociación Abogados Europeos Demócratas han expresado su indignación ante el acoso que sufren los abogados de los exiliados Gonzalo BoyePaul Bekaert, Michèle Hirsch y Christophe Marchand “por su eficiente defensa” del presidente Carles Puigdemont y los consellers Lluís Puig, Meritxell Serret y Antoni Comín.

Abogados Europeos exige que se ponga fin a estos ataques y se dirige a los Colegios de Abogados de los respectivos letrados a fin de que insten a las autoridad españolas a adoptar las medidas necesarias para que los abogados sean protegidos en el desarrollo de su actividad profesional.

El comunicado tiene lugar después de que el abogado Gonzalo Boye pidiera el amparo del Colegio de Abogados de Madrid ante las amenazas, injurias y calumnias que asegura que está recibiendo en el ejercicio de su tarea profesional. Curiosamente, el decano de los abogados madrileños hizo una nota en favor del magistrado Pablo Llarena el mismo día que Boye pidió el amparo.

La asociación denuncia que los cuatro abogados han sido víctimas de manifestaciones de odio y declaraciones difamatorias que atacan su reputación y su independencia a la hora de ejercer su profesión. También recuerda que han sido objeto de amenazas contra su integridad física.




https://confilegal.com/20180904-hoy-arranca-en-bruselas-el-proceso-por-la-demanda-de-los-fugados-contra-llarena-y-no-va-a-ser-rapido/ (ESPANOL)

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https://confilegal.com/20180903-el-decano-de-los-abogados-de-madrid-se-pronuncia-a-favor-de-apoyar-a-llarena/ (ESPANOL)


Communiqué AED Defense Avocats 09.2018 Français

http://www.aeud.org/2018/09/harcelement-des-avocats/#.W45H_54GjXw.facebook (FRANCAIS)

https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/puigdemont-s-lawyer-paul-bekaert-helped-separatist-terror-suspects-c2tbd68hv (ENGLISH)

USA/Spain: Penn lawyer who defended immigrants could face her own deportation

August 19, 2018

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2015, Esperanza Franco headed south to the border, where she worked defending immigrants who faced deportation.

Now she’s the one who might get kicked out of the country.

Franco says her former employer’s mishandling of a work-visa application — she came here from Spain five years ago  — has put her in danger of losing her legal status. She fears that in less than a month, she could end up being jailed in the same Arizona detention center where she has gone to visit clients.

“I’m going through so much stress,” Franco said. “I’m waking up in the middle of night, with back pain.”

The paradox of her situation is not lost on Franco, 28, who put her legal knowledge and Spanish-language skills to work in Tucson at the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project, a nonprofit advocacy group.


https://www.univision.com/arizona/ktvw/noticias/inmigracion/esta-abogada-ayudaba-a-inmigrantes-en-centros-de-detencion-y-ahora-esta-a-las-puertas-de-su-propia-deportacion?hootPostID=e77659c51ce15984992748738b784230 (ESPANOL)

https://mundohispanico.com/noticias/abogada-que-defendia-a-inmigrantes-ahora-enfrenta-su-propia-deportacion-video (ESPANOL)