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Decision to disband the Sudanese Bar Association committee halted until appeal


The Sudanese Supreme Court ordered a temporary halt to the implementation of the decision to dissolve the Sudanese Bar Association (SBA) Steering Committee yesterday, after the SBA had submitted an appeal. The SBA called the original Supreme Court ruling “a political move”.

The decision, issued earlier by a Supreme Court judge, stipulates that the execution of the ruling may be suspended until a submitted appeal is decided upon so as not to create a vacuum in the work of the SBA which would harm the interests of lawyers.

The Steering Committee’s defense team had submitted an official appeal against the Supreme Court’s decision to dissolve the Steering Committee and to halt its activities at the end of December, lawyer and member of the defence team of the SBA Steering Committee Satee El Haj confirmed to Radio Dabanga.

“The battle to defend the Steering Committee takes place within several areas, including the legal, the media, and the political,” he said.

The Supreme Court earlier decided to suspend all activities of the SBA Steering Committee and prohibited its entire membership from taking part in any activity or work related to the association.

The Supreme Court said in a letter addressed to the chairman and members of the committee that the ruling comes “within the framework of precautionary measures to implement the decision of the competent department of the Supreme Court”.

Political move

“The Supreme Court ruling is mainly a political move with a legal cover in an attempt to return the employees of the former regime to power in the trade unions,” El Haj explained.

He ruled out the possibility that the SBA will be handed over to the affiliates of the defunct regime considering the appeals submitted.

El Haj called on “all supporters of democratic transition to rally around the SBA steering committee and prevent the remnants of the Al Bashir regime from returning to their posts”.

The current SBA appealed against the Supreme Court decree, issued on Oct 24, to reinstate the unions and federations that were dissolved by the now-disbanded Empowerment Removal Committee* in March 2019 and cancel all the procedures that resulted from ERC’s work, but the Appeals Committee rejected the appeal.



Judiciary halts activities of Sudanese Bar Association Steering Committee





Sudanese Bar Association attacked by former regime lawyers, police crack down on Lawyers House


Police prevented lawyers from the Sudanese Bar Association (SBA) from entering the Lawyers House, denied them food and water, and deployed additional reinforcements. This came after the house witnessed an attack by members of the former regime’s Lawyers Syndicate as authorities decided to reinstate unions from the Al Bashir era.

On Thursday, the police prevented lawyers from the Sudanese Bar Association (SBA) from entering the Lawyers House in Khartoum and deployed additional military reinforcements in the vicinity of the house after members of the former regime’s lawyers syndicate violently confronted members of the SBA steering committee on Tuesday.

Lawyer Rehab El Mubarak told Radio Dabanga that the policemen in charge of securing the building of the Sudanese Bar Association prevented lawyers from entering the house yesterday morning. The police have surrounded the building.

These same forces prevented the entry of water and food for the lawyers present in the house on Wednesday in an attempt to force them to leave the house and close it. A number of the lawyers inside suffer from diabetes so food and water are essential.

Dozens of lawyers are protesting inside the house, refusing to leave and hand over the house to remnants of the former regime.

The Lawyers House witnessed an assault on Tuesday, at which point the lawyers released the following appeal: “The Sudanese Lawyers House lawyers are being attacked with batons and tear gas, stones were thrown at the house, and shots were fired by members of the dissolved National Congress Party regime and armed groups wearing civilian clothes”.

They called “on unions, other professional bodies, the resistance committees, and other revolutionary forces that reject the coup and believe in democratic and civil transformation to head towards the Sudanese Lawyers House in El Amarat Street 61, support those present in it, and provide protection to them in the absence of the police performing their duty”.

The police were allegedly involved in the attack and it took until Wednesday morning for the SBA steering committee to regain control of the building. The police forces however did not retreat and surrounded the building.

Lawyer Hala Abu Garoun told Radio Dabanga that a police force wearing civilian clothes carrying skewers, sticks, and stones stormed the Lawyers’ House after the members of the former regime’s union withdrew.  

This was after the Lawyers Syndicate members had entered the building and told the SBA lawyers to leave. They attacked lawyers by beating them and throwing stones.

Some lawyers sustained injuries.







Islamist lawyers attack Sudanese Bar Association


A group of lawyers loyal to the dissolved National Congress Party (NCP) on Tuesday launched an attack with sticks and tear gas on the Sudanese Bar Association headquarters, in an attempt to seize it.

The attack follows a decision by the Appeals Committee of the Transitional Sovereign Council to reinstate a committee elected by the Islamist lawyers in 2018 and to annul the election of a steering committee that drafted a transitional constitution to end the current political crisis in Sudan.

The steering committee held a press conference to brief the public opinion about the decision of the Appeals Committee. But some Islamist members of the dissolved union flanked by other groups, attacked the lawyers with sticks and tear gas and destroyed some of the union’s properties.

Osman al-Zain, a Sudanese lawyer, told Sudan Tribune that the attack started after the end of the press conference.

“The dissolved National Congress Party is responsible for the attack on the union headquarters and use of forces to impose their lawyers,” al-Zain said.

For their part, the Emergency Lawyers, an independent group of lawyers defending the anti-coup protesters, appealed to “pro-democracy lawyers to gather at the lawyers’ headquarters immediately” to defend it and expel the Islamists.

Also, the Resistance Committees in the neighbourhoods close to lawyers’ premises (Al-Sahafa and Al-Dium) called, through social media, on their members to support the attacked lawyers to repel the “remnants of the ousted regime”.

As the attack was broadcast on social media, the police intervened late on Tuesday and put an end to the violent attack.





The Appeals Committee of the Sovereign Council issued a decision to cancel the dissolution of the Sudanese Bar Association by canceling the decision of the Committee to dismantle the empowerment of the regime of Omar al-Bashir (the dissolved National Congress).  The decision was issued on October 28, 2022.

In the period after the coup of October 25, 2021, there are many bodies belonging to the National Congress Party ( NCP ) that were completely returned through the decisions of the current Sovereign Council or through the judiciary, and many companies and organizations had previously been suspended were returned.

The recent decision to freeze the work of the steering committee of the Sudanese Bar Association challenges the credibility of the army and other security authorities that they intend to make any settlement to resolve the current crisis.  The Steering Committee is the one which drafted the transitional constitution, which was agreed upon by major powers, and work is now underway to conclude an agreement on its basis.

The decision of the Appeal Committee of the Sovereign Council on 28 October is attached

https://www.rfi.fr/fr/afrique/20221029-soudan-les-islamistes-manifestent-%C3%A0-khartoum-contre-la-m%C3%A9diation-de-l-onu (FRANCAIS)

Sudan: Lawyers demonstrate against detention of lawyer Wagdi Salih in Khartoum










https://www.alrakoba.net/31766130/%D9%88%D8%AC%D8%AF%D9%8A-%D8%B5%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AD-%D9%8A%D8%B3%D8%AA%D8%AC%D9%8A%D8%A8-%D9%84%D8%A5%D8%B9%D9%84%D8%A7%D9%86-%D9%85%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%86%D9%8A%D8%A7%D8%A8%D8%A9-%D8%A8%D8%AA%D8%B3/ (ARABIC)

https://www.zonebourse.com/actualite-bourse/La-coalition-civile-du-Soudan-presente-une-vision-pour-la-sortie-des-militaires-de-la-politique–42024303/ (FRANCAIS)



https://nl.marketscreener.com/beursnieuws/laatste/Soedanese-burgercoalitie-presenteert-visie-op-militaire-terugtrekking-uit-de-politiek–42024303/ (NEDERLANDS)

Sudan: Another lawyer arrested today: Huzefa Omer from Kasala, East Region


تصريح صحفي

إعتقال محامي

قامت القوات الأمنية بأعتقال الزميل المحامي /حذيفة عمر من داخل قاعات المحكمة بمدينة كسلا ويعد ذلك إنتهاك واضح وصريح لقانون المحاماة الذي يضم في فحواه ونصوصه بعدم القبض على اي محامي دون الرجوع الى النقابة لرفع حصانته اولا ومن ثم القبض عليه.

تكررت ظاهرة التعدي على المحامين والقضاة من قبل الشرطة والقوات الأمنية بصورة واضحة ، عليه نؤكد نحن في( محامو الطوارئ) بأنه لن نسمح ونصمت عن هذه الانتهاكات ضد المحاميين وسنقوم بمتابعة جميع الإجراءات لإطلاق سراح المحامي/ حذيفة عمر ونناشد جميع المنظمات الدولية لحقوق الإنسان بتسليط الضوء عليها وتسجيل جميع الانتهاكات التي تمت في حق الشعب السوداني .


7 أغسطس 2022م

(Facebook, 07/08/22 محامو الطوارئ )


Sudan: Emergency Lawyer Saleh Bushra arrested and charged with murder of demonstrator






Sudan: Darfur lawyers decry detentions in Sudan


The head of Sudan’s No to Oppression of Women initiative, Amira Osman, who has been detained (File photo: Supplied)

The Darfur Bar Association and its partners condemned the detention of Badreldin Siddig, lawyer and member of the resistance committee active in the Sheikh Abu Zeid neighbourhood adjacent to the Libya Market in Omdurman, and Abdelmajeed Arbab, Coordinator of the Libya Market Unit, and other activists.

In a statement yesterday, the lawyers also condemned the detention of nine medical staff members of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Khartoum on Monday. The DBA described the detention campaign as “malicious and unjust”, and holds the military regime fully responsible for any harm or damage inflicted on them.

The authorities in Kadugli, South Kordofan, detained Azahir Mohamed on January 19 for publishing an article on her Facebook account about the army’s recruitment of minors in Kadugli, before releasing her on bail four days later.

She is one of the activists in South Kordofan who are circulating information on social media that the 14th Infantry Division command in Kadugli recruited hundreds of minors.





Sudan: Rights lawyer brutally attacked in police station







https://www.lorientlejour.com/article/1286201/khartoum-quadrillee-et-coupee-de-ses-banlieues-avant-des-manifestations.html (FRANCAIS)


Unknown forces threaten Darfur lawyer in Sudanese capital


Deputy head of the Darfur Bar Association, Nafeesa Hajar (File photo)

A group of men riding in a shaded vehicle blocked the car of Nafeesa Hajar, deputy head of the Darfur Bar Association (DBA), when she was heading home in Khartoum on Tuesday evening.

The group, whose identity was not revealed, threatened the lawyer if she and her colleagues would continue to provide legal aid to detained protesters and those who were sexually harassed and raped during the December 25 demonstrations.

The DBA said in a statement yesterday that more of its lawyers have been intimidated in the same way.

The Association stated that it will continue to do its work, which is “providing legal aid to those affected by human rights violations and championing rights and freedoms issues”.

The Darfur lawyers will submit a memorandum to the Attorney General requesting “to take these threats seriously as well as the criminal infringement that may result from them”.