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le 28 février, 2018

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L’avocate Nalova Bih et le Dr Ojong, annoncés à Yaoundé parmi les leaders arrêtés au Nigeria, se trouvaient toujours au Nigeria entre les mains des forces de sécurité nigérianes et auraient été libérés hier.

(Comité de Libération des Prisonniers Politiques – CL2P Facebook)






Cameroon: La détention de Agbor Balla et autres instruite à Banjul

le 3 janvier, 2018

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https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agbor_Balla (ENGLISH)

Cameroon/Nigeria: News of Ambazonia leaders’ extradition to Cameroon throws South West Region in mourning

January 30, 2018

An atmosphere of grief and melancholy, Monday, January 29, 2018, enveloped the South West Region when the Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, during a press conference in Yaounde, revealed that the Nigerian Government has finally handed over some Anglophones arrested in Nigeria to the Cameroon Government to face the music of law.

Among those extradited were leaders of the Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia led by the President, Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe.

Tchiroma’s January 29 press conference finally shed light on the whereabouts of the leaders who were arrested at Nera Hotel in Abuja, Nigeria on Friday, January 5, 2018, and held incommunicado.

Before the Communication Minister’s outing on Monday, French media organs like France 24, TV 5 Monde, Vision 4 and other print media were already awash with reports that the Ambazonian leaders were already in Yaounde, while both the Government of Nigeria and that of Cameroon maintained sealed lips.

After Tchiroma’s confirmation, the hitherto busy South West Regional capital, Buea went dead. Most tax drivers in circulation grounded their cabs and the general mood of the Region was like a national day of mourning.

It would be recalled that Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor, Dr. Fidelis Nde Che, Dr. Henry Kimeng, Prof. Awasum, Dr. Cornelius Kwanga, Tassang Wilfred, Barrister Eyambe Elias, Dr. Ojong Okongho and Barrister Nalowa Bih, were arrested in Nigeria while they were holding a meeting to discuss about the plight of thousands of Anglophones who have fled to Nigeria as refugees in the wake of the socio-political crisis rocking the country.









https://www.journalducameroun.com/nigeria-avocat-demande-retour-de-47-detenus-extrades-cameroun/ (FRANCAIS)


Cameroon/Nigeria: Nigeria: Southern Cameroonians Demand Release of Leaders Detained in Nigeria

January 23, 2018

A Southern Cameroon group pushing for an independent state has asked the Nigerian government to release its leaders being detained by Nigeria’s Defence Intelligence Agency.

Julius Ayuk Tabe and 11 other leaders of the group were picked up by the DIA after they arrived Abuja for a meeting over two weeks ago.

The group has been outlawed by the government of Cameroon for seeking the break up of the Central African country.

In a statement on Tuesday signed by Chris Anu, as Secretary of Communications and IT, Federal Republic of Ambazonia, the group demanded the release of the detainees.

The statement said that “the Federal Government of Nigeria abducted the President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Gov’t, Sisikou Julius Ayuk Tabe, with 11 leaders of the Interim Government.”

The Anglophone Cameroonians led by Mr. Tabe declared the secession of south-west Cameroon as “Federal Republic of Ambazonia” in October 2017.

The group accused the Nigerian government of violating the fundamental human rights of their leaders,having allegedly kept them incommunicado and denied them access to lawyers and family members.

He gave their names of the detainees as: Sisikou AyukTabe Julius, Nfor Ngala Nfor, Fidelis Nde Che, Henry Kimeng, Augustine Awasum, Cornelius Kwanga, Barrister Nalowa Bih, Barrister Eyambe Elias, Tassang Wilfred, Ojong Okongho, Ogork Ntui and Shufai Blaise Berinyuy.





Cameroon/Ambazonia/Nigeria: Southern Cameroon to Nigerian Govt – Release Our Leaders, They’re Like Awolowo, Azikiwe

January 16, 2018

Members of a group demanding the secession of the southwest of Cameroon, as Republic of Ambazonia, have demanded the release of their leaders detained by security operatives in Nigeria.

They said the detained leaders can be compared to Nigeria’s late leaders who fought for independence including Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo.

The secessionist leaders were taken into custody by the Nigerian Defence Intelligence Agency after they crossed the border into Nigeria for a meeting on January 5.

The Anglophone Cameroonians, led by their president, Julius Tabe, declared the secession of Federal Republic of Ambazonia from Cameroon in October 2017.

Various groups, including Amnesty International have warned against their extradition to Cameroon by the Nigerian government.

In a statement on Tuesday signed by Ambazonia’s secretary for communication and information technology, Chris Anu, the group condemned the silence of the Nigerian government since the arrest of its leaders.

It expressed dismay that Nigeria has not considered even a press statement on the matter.

“The Interim Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia (the former British Southern Cameroons), notes with dismay, the fact that since abducted at gunpoint on January 5th, 2018, the President, Julius Ayuk Tabe and 10 other members of his Cabinet have not been granted access to any lawyers and family members by the Nigerian Government which we are now aware that in complicity with the Cameroon regime in Yaoundé, engineered their abduction.

“We are demanding for the immediate and unconditional release of: Dr. Nfor Ngala Nfor, Dr. Fidelis Nde Che, Dr. Henry Kimeng, Prof. Che Awasum, Dr. Cornelius Kwanga, Mr. Tassang Wilfred, Dr. Ojong Okonghor, Barrister Nalowa Bih, Barrister Shufai Blaise Berinyuh and Barrister Eyambe Elias.”









http://www.cameroon-info.net/article/cameroun-secession-me-bogba-harmony-succede-a-sisiku-ayuk-tabe-a-la-tete-de-312963.html (FRANCAIS)

http://camer.be/65803/cameroun-crise-anglophone-yaounda-et-abuja-entretiennent-la-confusion-cameroon.html (FRANCAIS)

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Cameroon: Agbor Balla porte plainte contre le procureur général du Sud-ouest

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https://www.journalducameroun.com/en/attack-fathers-house-agbor-balla-writes-emotional-open-letter-southern-cameroonians/ (ENGLISH)

http://cameroon-concord.com/boko-haram/cameroon-anglophone-consortium-declares-agbor-balla-persona-non-grata (ENGLISH)


Cameroon: Assassination attempt on Advocate General Ayah Paul Abine and family

October 12, 2017

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http://www.camer.be/63387/6:1/cameroun-paul-ayah-abine-echappe-a-un-assassinat-cameroon.html (FRANCAIS)