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Singapore: Criminal and Human Rights Lawyer Fined $6,000 for a Poem on Death Penalty that “Scandalised the Judicary”

August 7, 2017

Mr Eugene Thuraisingam, a prominent criminal and human rights lawyer, was found guilty of contempt of court and fined $6,000 by Justice See Kee Oon in the High Court earlier today for a poem he penned. The poem, which concerned the “cruel and unjust law” (i.e. Misuse of Drugs Act) that led to the hanging of Mr Thuraisingam’s client, Ridzuan, was published on his Facebook page a few hours before Ridzuan’s execution at 6am on 19 May 2017.

Our five stars dim tonight.
Our son will be no more.
Killed at the hands of strangers.
At the orders of those who do not care.

Our five stars dim tonight.
For a cruel and unjust law.
The fate of a life, in the hands of one.
Who himself doesn’t really care.

Our five stars dim tonight.
With our million dollar men turned blind. 
Pretending not to see.
Ministers, Judges and Lawyers. 
Same as the accumulators of wealth.
Hiding in the dimness, like rats scavenging for scraps.
When does the new car come?

Our five stars dim tonight.
For a law that makes no sense.
A law that is cruel and unjust. 
Just as its makers, executors stand.
Jeffrey has died. Ridzuan is next.
Killed not in our names, but by the decree of one.

Fear not my friend, we tread through this darkness.
The sons of this soil have spoken.
Regardless of race. Regardless of language. Regardless of religion.
As our lungs shout as one, the stars will shine again!

The people have spoken.

The underlined parts were found to be in contempt of court. In the AGC’s opinion, the excerpt, when read by the average reasonable man, would be interpreted to mean that judges have subordinated their judicial duty to financial greed. The defence revealed that on 29 May, the AGC requested the Law Society to refer Mr Thuraisingam to a Disciplinary Tribunal. The Law Society who then informed Mr Thuraisingam that the AGC found his poem to be in contempt.








Singapore: M Ravi’s HDB flat to be foreclosed – Help required

July 21, 2017

Human rights lawyer M Ravi has been hospitalised since 17 July (he is still in hospital).

On the day that he was hospitalised – he was supposed to appear in court as the bank mortgagee had sued to foreclose on his 3-room HDB flat, for the arrears of $7,452.

Although the mortgagee’s lawyers were informed by telephone on that day that he was hospitalised and a letter was sent two days later (19 July) attaching medical documentary evidence that he was unable to attend court on that day (17 July)  – the court replied on 20 July that “In the morning of 17 July 2017, Summons 2375 of 2017 was dismissed and judgement was granted to the Plaintiff”.

M Ravi has been fighting for so many constitutional law cases (such as the Hougang by-election – whether the Government must hold a by-election, the amendment to the Elected Presidency, etc); as well as fully or partly pro bono for so many cases, like Roy Ngerng’s defamation suit, Han Hui Hui’s illegal demonstration and public nuisance at Hong Lim park, several death penalty cases, etc.

I believe he has never asked for funding for himself, but only for Singaporeans – like his recent fund raising to challenge the amendment to the Elected Presidency.





Singapore: M. Ravi and another man charged with criminal trespass into law firm at People’s Park Centre

June 30, 2017

Lawyer M. Ravi and another man were charged in court on Friday (June 30) with criminal trespass into a law firm at People’s Park Centre where Ravi used to work.

The 48-year-old, who has been barred from applying for a practising certificate for two years from last October, and Lai Yew Thiam, 56, are accused of entering law firm Eugene Thuraisingam’s branch office on the fifth floor of People’s Park Centre in Chinatown at 2.16pm on Tuesday with intent to annoy a security consultant.

Ravi, whose full name is Ravi Madasamy, was knowledge management head at the firm and was based at the Chinatown office.

The Straits Times understands that he lost his job earlier this month (June) and was told to vacate the premises by June 16.

He was arrested by the police on Thursday for the alleged offence.

Two weeks ago, the High Court dismissed his application for a constitutional challenge against the elected presidency after the court found that he had no legal standing to bring the challenge.

The judge also found that recent changes to the elected presidency, as well as the entire scheme itself, which Ravi had said were unconstitutional, had been validly passed and were legally effective.

On Friday, the prosecution applied for Ravi to be remanded for psychiatric evaluation but District Judge Adam Nakhoda turned it down.

The judge said he did not believe that there was evidence to show that Ravi was unable to understand the proceedings and the charge against him.

Earlier, Ravi said that he was claiming trial to the charge by reason that he was a lawful co-tenant at the People’s Park Centre office, and paying rent.

He said, among other things, that when the police officer questioned him, he said he did not want to answer because he wanted “the right of silence as a constitutional expert”.









Singapore: LRWC Urges Law Society of Singapore to Dismiss Complaints Against Human Rights Lawyer Mr. M. Ravi | Letter

August 19, 2015

LRWC urges the Disciplinary Tribunal of the Law Society of Singapore to dismiss the complaints currently alleged against human rights lawyer Mr. M. Ravi by the Law Society of Singapore.

Mr. Ravi is respected internationally as a prominent member of the Singapore legal community specializing in cases involving human rights. Due to a relapse in Mr. Ravi’s bipolar condition, Mr. Ravi has attracted complaints from the Law Society of Singapore. These complaints are currently before the Disciplinary Tribunal. LRWC urges the Disciplinary Tribunal to honour Singapore’s international law obligations when reviewing the complaints against Mr. Ravi, and to conclude that the complaints are not sufficiently grave to warrant further disciplinary action.


Singapore: Discontinue disciplinary action against lawyer M. Ravi |LRWC Letter

August 12, 2015

LRWC has asked the Law Society of Singapore to discontinue disciplinary action against internationally known human rights lawyer M. Ravi and to take all additional steps necessary to ensuring the reissuance of his Practice Certificate.