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USA: Reporters, lawyers say they were detained at border, asked opinions of Trump: report

March 19, 2019

Reporters, lawyers say they were detained at border, asked opinions of Trump: report

A journalist and four immigration lawyers were stopped and questioned at the border in recent months, and at least one was asked about their political beliefs, NBC News reported Monday.

The four told NBC they were questioned at U.S.-Mexico border stations in Arizona and Texas.

NBC reports that their questioning comes in addition to a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) watch list of 59 lawyers, journalists and othersthat was previously uncovered by NBC 7 San Diego.

A CBP spokesperson had told NBC previously that the watch list was specific to San Diego.

Taylor Levy and Hector Ruiz, who give legal aid to asylum-seekers and whose names do not reportedly appear on the San Diego list, said they were questioned near El Paso, Texas.

Ruiz told NBC that agents who said they work on criminal and terrorism cases asked him about his political beliefs, specifically what he thinks of the Trump administration.

“They asked me what my opinion was on the administration, just generally. And how we are doing economically,” he said.

Levy said she was told she would be arrested if she did not answer agents’ questions and was told she could not speak with an attorney. Both said they were detained for hours.







USA/Ecuador/Canada: Prominent Lawyers Rally to Support Steven Donziger’s Demand that He Be Allowed to Present Evidence of Chevron Fraud

March 11, 2019


Ecuador Oil

Professor Charles Nesson is engaging in an united effort for justice against Chevron Corporation’s vital impact on the indigenous peoples and environmental health of the Ecuadorian Amazon. He now extends an opportunity for student pro-bono work in support of the case and indigenous human rights attorney and HLS alumnus, Steven Donziger ‘95.

If interested, please write to a2eon@law.harvard.edu.

Time commitment: 3 – 5 hours / week for the next 6 months

Topics and/or relevant background: Disciplinary procedure and proceedings, Human rights, Indigenous rights, Environmental law
Read more at MakeChevronCleanUp








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USA: In Defense of Harvey Weinstein’s Harvard Lawyer

March 3, 2019

Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. is upholding a vital civic good.

Ronald S. Sullivan Jr.

The law professor Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. is among the most accomplished people at Harvard. He has helped to overturn scores of wrongful convictions and to free thousands from wrongful incarceration. A sought-after defense attorney and the director of Harvard’s criminal-law clinic, he became the first African American in the institution’s history to be appointed as a faculty dean, a pastoral role that includes residing at Winthrop House among its undergraduates. But a vocal faction of students now want to force his resignation, an escalating controversy covered most thoroughly in The Harvard Crimson.

According to the Crimson, vandals spray-painted the doors of Winthrop House this week with down w sullivan!, Our rage is self defensewhose side are you on?, and your silence is violence. An online petition has circulated among those who want to end his role in residential life. Protesters assembled on campus to publicly show their displeasure. And Harvard administrators launched a “climate review” among the undergraduates in his charge, invoking procedures for “when climate concerns arise in a faculty-led unit.”

Sullivan faces this “clamor of popular suspicions and prejudices” because he agreed to act as a criminal-defense attorney for an object of scorn and hatred: Harvey Weinstein.

His detractors should know that by undertaking to represent such a client, Sullivan is participating in a tradition older than the nation itself. The British soldiers who opened fire on a crowd of Bostonians in 1770, killing five, were among the most reviled men in the 13 colonies. Harvard alumnus John Adams, a patriot with aspirations for political office, agreed to defend them at trial, even though he knew that he was risking not only his reputation, but the safety of his family, because aggrieved Bostonians felt that their safety was implicated.








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USA: No criminal charges for ICE agent accused of shoving Kansas City immigration lawyer

January 31, 2019

Image result for Lawyer Andrea Martinez

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement official who was videotaped shoving a Kansas City attorney to the ground last year won’t face criminal charges, the U.S. attorney said Thursday.

Lawyer Andrea Martinez said she suffered a fractured foot in the incident last June at an ICE office on North Ambassador Drive in Kansas City, North.

When asked for comment about the announcement Thursday, Martinez said in an email, “we are not releasing a press statement at this time.”

Martinez filed a complaint alleging unlawful use of force on the part of the official, Everett Chase. Her complaint was investigated by the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General.




Turkey: Turkey more oppressive than ever – rights activist

January 28, 2019

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Turkey’s anti-democratic mentality has not changed since its foundation, but it has never been as oppressive as today, said award-winning Turkish human rights lawyer Eren Keskin.

Over the years, Keskin played a vital role in strengthening civil society awareness in Turkey. She became involved with the Human Rights Association (IHD) three years after its 1986 founding and headed its Istanbul branch for years.

She has been arrested and imprisoned numerous times, accused of terrorist ties for defending Kurdish rights, and won several international honors for her activism, including the Aachen Peace Award, the Theodore Haecker Prize, and just last year, the Helsinki Civil Society Award.

“Turkey’s undemocratic mentality has not changed since its foundation,” said Keskin. “There is no change in the mind or understanding of the state. I have been part of the struggle for human rights for nearly 30 years. I have not experienced a period in which freedom of thought and freedom of expression have been contravened this much. Turkey is more oppressive today than ever.”

Keskin said she had been brought before the courts more than 100 times and convicted on numerous occasions.

“I see the struggle for the defence of human rights as respect for those who have died. It is out of respect for them that I am part of the struggle for human rights,” she said. “We experienced a lot of pressure, but our friends were killed. They were killed fighting for human dignity. I am lucky to be alive…I was assaulted twice with firearms, imprisoned and threatened with death, but never gave up.”





Eren Keskin, MEA nominee 2019, speaks out fearlessly: Turkey more oppressive today than ever




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USA: Michael Cohen’s claim that President Trump is threatening his family, explained

January 23, 2019

Michael Cohen’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee next month was supposed to be the first bombshell hearing from the new Democratic House of Representatives.

But on Wednesday, Cohen announced that he was withdrawing his commitment to appear — because, his lawyer said, of “threats against his family” from President Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

On several occasions over the past month and a half, Trump has publicly floated ominous innuendos about how Cohen’s father-in-law (and in one instance, Cohen’s wife) could be tied to criminal activity. Trump’s claim was that Cohen was trying to get a lighter sentence by giving purportedly false information about him, because he didn’t want to have to give accurate information about … something involving his father-in-law.

Finally, last Sunday, Giuliani made the subtext text by asserting on CNN that Cohen’s father-in-law “may have ties to something called organized crime.”

All this took place after Cohen’s plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller was announced — and amid intense speculation about just what Cohen might have told Mueller about President Trump. Cohen had previously pleaded guilty to tax and campaign finance crimes, and he ended up with a three-year prison sentence, which he is set to begin serving in March.

So Trump’s and Giuliani’s comments look a whole lot like an effort to retaliate against or intimidate a witness who flipped on Trump — by circulating unproven smears about his family and even alluding to a potential Justice Department investigation into them.






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USA/Turkey: The International Day of the Endangered Lawyer



International Law Section

This January 24th, as we do each year, our Section will pause to consider the International Day of the Endangered Lawyer. This year, the focus is on Turkey due to the recent widespread arrests, detentions and dismissals of members of the legal profession in that country.

To demonstrate our support for the harassed, silenced, pressured, threatened, persecuted, tortured, disappeared and/or murdered legal professionals in Turkey, we call your attention to the following information and materials. By way of background, in the wake of the July 15, 2016 attempted coup, thousands of Turkish judges have been removed from the bench and imprisoned. Turkish prosecutors, and, in particular, bar leaders, have been arrested and jailed. Journalists in Turkey have been similarly attacked, together with thousands of civil servants, teachers, health care workers, police, and military personnel. It is a purge staggering in its breadth.

The FBA is committed to bringing this issue to the fore, and does so under the leadership of the Honorable Delissa Ridgway. Judge Ridgway has coordinated the publication of an official statement to be issued by FBA President Maria Vathis which will bring national attention to this important issue, and cement FBA’s role as a national thought leader raising awareness about serious human rights and rule of law abuses around the globe.

For the benefit of the entire membership, we provide the following links that will serve as a tutorial on the history surrounding this topic:





Updated Report: Incarceration of Turkish Lawyers | Unjust Arrests and Convictions (2016-2018)


http://www.idhae.org/OBSAV-DEL190124-TUR.htm?fbclid=IwAR2lT2R_herNRCBWt1zG_ma-sTKaPBW0id9a1EBmy0Z2LDZk1w6CvqL60iw (FRANCAIS)

http://www.lefigaro.fr/flash-actu/2019/01/21/97001-20190121FILWWW00283-des-magistrats-francais-denoncent-la-condamnation-infondee-d-un-confrere-turc.php (FRANCAIS)





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