China: The Hellish Scene Behind Guo Feixiong’s Wishes

February 4, 2016

Guo Feixiong will soon be transferred to a prison again. His sister, after visiting him, conveyed his wishes: “I demand that in prison, [I] will have books to read, won’t have to kneel down, won’t be forced to perform labor, and won’t be beaten.” He also said that if he is subjected to torture and torment again, he will go on a hunger strike and ask that his wife “take their son and daughter to go on a hunger strike in front of the United Nations.” Guo’s sister also said, “Back in 2007, when Guo Feixiong was first admitted to the Meizhou Prison, a prison guard ordered him to squat with his hands behind his head, but Guo refused. The prison guard then directed another detainee to beat Guo Feixiong up, kicking him down the staircase and sending him rolling on the floor. The prison management personnel didn’t intervene until the 200-plus inmates present began hooting. The attacker stopped only after being warned that he might actually kill someone.”

Throwing a guiltless intellectual brimming with positive outlook and good wishes for his country and people into prison in this age of darkness—this alone is an assault on conscience and justice. Let alone forcing him to kneel down and perform labor, and savagely beating him up.

Feixiong experienced prison and torture before. And the bitter past experience forms the psychological basis for his demands. For a legitimate government with any sense of morality and responsibility, demands such as not kneeling down, not being forced to perform labor, and not being beaten would mortify the people who make up this government, would make many responsible citizens feel that their sense of justice has been barbarously offended, and would set in motion a series of corresponding internal inquiries and remedial efforts.


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