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Egypt: Mahienour El-Massry, Youssef Shaaban to be released after completing prison term

August 10, 2016


Lawyer Mahienour El-Massry and journalist Youssef Shaaban will begin release procedures on Thursday, after serving a 15-month prison sentence against the backdrop of a case dating back to the Muslim Brotherhood’s regime, also known as the ‘Raml police station’ case.

Local and international organisations have repeatedly called for the release of the two activists. The Press Syndicate, along with other groups, led a campaignin solidarity with Shaaban. Amnesty International also called for urgent action in November 2015, calling on Egyptian authorities to release the two prisoners of conscience, along with activist Loay El-Kahwagy.

According to the group’s lawyer Mohamed Ramadan, El-Massry, held in Al-Qanater female prison, should be transferred to the Raml police station and be released by Thursday.

As for Shaaban, he should be released from Borg El-Arab prison Thursday night, and be transferred to the Raml police station on the same day. He may have to wait until Saturday to complete the release clearance procedures, the lawyer told Daily News Egypt Wednesday.



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الحرية لماهينور – Free Mahienour

Pakistan: IBA condemns brutal attacks on Pakistan’s legal profession

August 10, 2016

The slaying of Bilal Anwar Kasi, President of the Balochistan Bar Association, and the targeted mass murder of lawyers gathered at Sandeman Civil Hospital in Quetta, Pakistan, on Monday 8 August to mourn their colleague’s death, are condemned outright by the International Bar Association (IBA).

IBA President, David W Rivkin stated, ‘The International Bar Association mourns for Mr Kasi and all those killed in the brutal and senseless attack at the hospital in Quetta, and stands with Pakistan’s legal fraternity in opposing such atrocious crimes.’ He added, ‘It must be deduced that the perpetrators of these tragic actions intended to intimidate the legal profession and destabilise the rule of law. The ensuing and understandable rage, pain, and confusion can have a debilitating and demoralising effect on those attempting to protect the most vulnerable in Pakistan. At this time, we call on Pakistan’s authorities to do all in their legal power to safeguard the independence of the legal profession and to ensure effective and adequate access to legal services for Pakistan’s citizens. And we want the lawyers of Pakistan to know that the lawyers of the world stand with them.’

Mr Kasi, shot dead in the early morning of Monday 8th August as he was on his way to court, had recently condemned a number of targeted killings that had taken place in Quetta over the past few weeks, several of which had targeted lawyers specifically.

The IBA’s Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI) Co-Chair Baroness Helena Kennedy QCcommented, ‘Our thoughts are with the grieving, the injured and the traumatised. In the wake of this tragic event, we call on the Government of Pakistan to ensure it does everything in its power to protect those who are simply carrying out their professional duties. The legal profession plays a pivotal role in protecting and upholding human rights and democracy in a country. There is much at stake.’

Presently, the death toll is at least 74, following the suicide bomb blast as mourners and protestors gathered to commemorate the life of Mr Kasi.




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Turkey: ABA condemns mass detentions and arrests of Turkish legal community

August 9, 2016

Kevin Curtin

In the wake of a failed coup attempt by the Turkish military, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan arrested about 3,000 lawyers, judges and journalists in the country without charges or access to counsel. On Tuesday morning, the ABA’s House of Delegates condemned any state’s detention of people without charge or counsel and called for the Turkish government to provide fair hearings, release people detained without evidence of a crime and meet its human rights obligations.

Resolution 10B was moved by the Massachusetts Bar Association’s Kevin J. Curtin, speaking with privileges of the floor.

“The people of the world are watching us,” said Curtin, senior appellate counsel at the Middlesex County, Massachusetts District Attorney’s Office. “What does this association do? This is what the ABA does. We stand up for justice.”

The Criminal Justice Section’s Stephen Saltzburg, a professor at the George Washington University School of Law, conceded that the ABA can’t do everything—“but the policy cannot be that because we cannot do everything, we will do nothing.”




Turkey: El golpe de estado no es pretexto para abolir la democracia en Turquía

Una periodista detenida es escoltada por la policía turca.

La Asociación Libre de Abogadas y Abogados solicita al Embajador de Turquía que el Gobierno Turcolevante las restricciones a derechos y garantíasque ha impuesto bajo el pretexto del Golpe de estado del pasado 15 de julio.

Haciéndonos eco de las noticias facilitadas por medios de comunicación, organismos internacionales de derechos humanos y asociaciones internacionales de jueces, fiscales y abogados, la Comisión de Defensa de la Defensa ha escrito esta carta solicitando:

En la carta le recordamos igualmente que los abogados Ayse Acinikli y Ramazan Demir continúan en prisión provisional desde hace más de cien días por haber defendido en estrados a miembros del Partido de los Trabajadores del Kurdistán (PKK), y exigimos su libertad inmediata y la retirada de los cargos.

Porque si no puedes defender tus derechos en los Juzgados, es como si no los tuvieras.

Comisión de Defensa de la Defensa de ALA.


Pakistan: Communiqué de l’Observatoire international des avocats en danger (OIAD) : Attentat suicide au Pakistan tuant plusieurs dizaines d’avocats

le 9 août, 2016

Communiqué de l’Observatoire international des avocats en danger (OIAD) : Attentat suicide au Pakistan tuant plusieurs dizaines d’avocats

L’Observatoire international des avocats en danger (OIAD) déplore l’attentat suicide qui a eu lieu le lundi 8 août à Quetta, capitale de la province du Balouchistan, dans le sud-ouest du Pakistan.

D’après les autorités du Balouchistan, l’attaque a eu lieu alors que des dizaines d’avocats venaient à l’hôpital de Quetta afin de se recueillir auprès du corps de Bilal Anwar Kasi, Président du Barreau du Balouchistan, tué par balle le matin même alors qu’il se rendait à un tribunal de Quetta.

Le Ministre de l’intérieur de la Province du Balouchistan, Sarfraz Bugti a dénoncé cette attaque comme un « acte de terrorisme » visant directement les avocats présents à l’hôpital.

Ali Zafar, Président du barreau près la Cour Suprême a condamné l’attentat comme étant « une attaque à la justice ».

Le président Bilal Anwar Kasi semblait particulièrement engagé dans la restauration de la paix qui venait de se réaliser récemment dans la province, secouée par des violences confessionnelles.
L’Observatoire international des avocats en danger témoigne de sa solidarité avec le barreau du Balouchistan et toutes les familles des victimes.

L’Observatoire international des avocats en danger appelle les autorités provinciales et nationales à mener une enquête afin d’identifier les auteurs de cet attentat et à prendre les mesures nécessaires afin d’assurer la sécurité des avocats.



Pakistan: Des avocats ciblés par le terrorisme au Pakistan

le 9 août, 2016

Un avocat pakistanais (au centre) découvre les corps de ses collègues tués lors de l’attentat de Quetta, au Pakistan, lundi 8 août.

Il y a encore peu, l’Europe et, en particulier, la France ne prêtaient guère d’attention aux massacres perpétrés, pendant dix ans, par le terrorisme à l’encontre de civils au Pakistan. Les drames connus récemment par les Européens ont changé leur manière de percevoir cette violence lointaine.

Au point que le chef de l’Etat français, François Hollande, et son premier ministre, Manuel Valls, ont estimé nécessaire de prendre, tous deux, la parole pour condamner l’attentat-suicide commis, lundi 8 août, devant un hôpital de Quetta, capitale de la province pakistanaise du Baloutchistan, où se tenait une cérémonie mortuaire.

Selon un bilan donné par les autorités pakistanaises mardi matin, près de 70 personnes ont été tuées et près de 120 ont été blessées, après qu’un kamikaze a fait exploser la charge explosive qu’il portait sur lui au milieu d’une foule en deuil réunie devant les urgences de l’hôpital civil de Quetta. Venues saluer la mémoire d’une figure locale de la défense des droits, Bilal Anouar Kasi, bâtonnier de la province, assassiné le matin même, les victimes étaient, en grande majorité, des avocats.





China: The Hellish Scene Behind Guo Feixiong’s Wishes

February 4, 2016

Guo Feixiong will soon be transferred to a prison again. His sister, after visiting him, conveyed his wishes: “I demand that in prison, [I] will have books to read, won’t have to kneel down, won’t be forced to perform labor, and won’t be beaten.” He also said that if he is subjected to torture and torment again, he will go on a hunger strike and ask that his wife “take their son and daughter to go on a hunger strike in front of the United Nations.” Guo’s sister also said, “Back in 2007, when Guo Feixiong was first admitted to the Meizhou Prison, a prison guard ordered him to squat with his hands behind his head, but Guo refused. The prison guard then directed another detainee to beat Guo Feixiong up, kicking him down the staircase and sending him rolling on the floor. The prison management personnel didn’t intervene until the 200-plus inmates present began hooting. The attacker stopped only after being warned that he might actually kill someone.”

Throwing a guiltless intellectual brimming with positive outlook and good wishes for his country and people into prison in this age of darkness—this alone is an assault on conscience and justice. Let alone forcing him to kneel down and perform labor, and savagely beating him up.

Feixiong experienced prison and torture before. And the bitter past experience forms the psychological basis for his demands. For a legitimate government with any sense of morality and responsibility, demands such as not kneeling down, not being forced to perform labor, and not being beaten would mortify the people who make up this government, would make many responsible citizens feel that their sense of justice has been barbarously offended, and would set in motion a series of corresponding internal inquiries and remedial efforts.



Pakistan: An entire generation of a city’s lawyers was killed in Pakistan

August 9, 2016

Baluchistan is a place that desperately needs lawyers.

Pakistan’s largest province by area, it is the home of a decades-old separatist insurgency, fueled by real grievances over neglect and lack of political representation. It is also increasingly the target of Sunni extremists, who bomb and kill its Shiite minorities. What leaders the province has are widely considered corrupt. Dozens of local journalists have been kidnapped in the past few years. It is nearly impossible for foreign reporters to enter Baluchistan. Lawyers are almost all that give the province a semblance of justice.

About 60 of them were killed in one attack on Monday in Baluchistan’s capital, Quetta. They were packed into an emergency room where the body of a slain colleague lay, riddled with gunshot wounds. A widely circulated video showed lawyers milling about the hospital before an enormous explosion. A Pakistani Taliban offshoot claimed the attack, as did the Islamic State, though analysts say the latter’s claim is dubious.

A week earlier, another lawyer was fatally shot. In June, the principal of the province’s law college was, too.

A generation of lawyers has been wiped out in Quetta, and it will leave Baluchistan, in more ways than one, lawless.

On Tuesday, the Pakistani bar association called for an indefinite boycott of the courts. But so few lawyers are left in Baluchistan that it will be years, probably, until its legal community recovers.












Lawyers boycott court proceedings on 2nd day



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