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Turkey: Müvekkilleriyle görüştürülmeyen avukatlara gözaltı


Müvekkilleriyle görüştürülmeyen avukatlara gözaltı

Halkın Hukuk Bürosu üyesi avukatların, 4 gündür gözaltında bulunan müvekkilleriyle görüştürülmedikleri için Çağlayan’daki İstanbul Adliyesi’nin 7. katında oturma eylemi yapan Avukatlar Oya Aslan, Özgür Yılmaz ve gözaltını engellemek isteyen Avukatlar Günay Dağ, Ezgi Gökten ve stajyer avukat Ahmet Mandacı gözaltına alındı.

Müvekkillerinin alındığı evde her yerin ‘kan içinde’ olduğunu aktaran avukatlardan Ebru Timtik BirGün’e şu bilgileri aktardı: “Anayasa tamamen askıda. Hukuksuz uygulamalar, Adalet Bakanlığı eliyle devam ediyor.

OHAL kapsamındaki hukuksuz uygulamalardan en önemlilerinden biri de, Anayasa’ya ve mevcut yasalara aykırı olarak tutuklu ve hükümlülerin avukat yardımından faydalanmalarını engellemek. Müvekkillerimiz 4 gündür gözaltında durumları hakkında bilgi alınamıyor. Israrlar onlarla görüştürülmüyoruz. 4 gündür soruşturma numarası bile alamadık. Bu konuda suç duyurusu ve başvurular için savcılık önündeyiz içeri alınmıyoruz. Tüm bunlar için haklarımızı alana kadar oturma eylemindeyiz.“


(commentary today on Facebook from Ceren Uysal: “Today, Att. Oya Aslan and Att. Özgür Yılmaz were in Çağlayan Courthouse to talk with the prosecutor about their clients who were under detained for 3 days. There were really important evidences that their clients had been tortured by police. But even the situation is that much urgent, no one gave them any information. Even they did not tell them the name of the prosecutor, the place where their clients are or the number of the file. So two lawyers started to sit ın the ground and protested the unlawfull situation.
Finally they were informed about the name of the judge but this time judge refused their applications and told them that their clients have no chance to access a lawyer before 22th of August.
Lawyers, of course, insisted but than the police attacked them and under detained them according to will of prosecutor. The other lawyers who are again the member of CHD (Progressive Lawyer Assosiation) ; Günay Dağ, Ezgi Gökten and Ahmet Çamur, they wanted to prevent the police while the police was trying to attack to Oya and Özgür. Than police also captured them and told them that they are also under detained.
Lawyers waited in a prison which is located in Cağlayan Courthouse for 2-3 hours but than prosecutor decided to keep them one more night and sent them to main police station in Istanbul, which is called Vatan Police Station. And lawyers resisted this decision, did not want to go cause it was just a decision which has no legal excuse but extremly “punishing them”. So than police started to torture them.
After the state of emergency and with the regulations which are directly engaged with it, right now it is impossible for all lawyers to practice their role. And also unfortunatly bar assosiations are not taking side by lawyers but last week they preferred to visit the president in his “palace” and shaked hands. So right now they prefer to act like everything is ok in Turkey. But it is not. Right now what is happening in Turkey is just fasicm. If someone claims something else, than please first change the definition of democrasy.”)

UPDATE August 20 by Ceren Uysal: “Lawyers had released! (After identity control…)”

Iran: دادگاهی دیگر برای نسرین ستوده در روز ۱۳ شهریور ماه و با اتهام نامشخص


نسرین ستوده، وکیل دادگستری به کمپین بین المللی حقوق بشر در ایران گفت او بار دیگر برای پرونده جدیدی روز ۱۳ شهریور ماه به شعبه ۲۸ دادگاه انقلاب اسلامی استان تهران فراخوانده شده است. به گفته خانم ستوده او از اتهام این پرونده و محتوای آن بی خبر است. خانم ستوده به کمپین گفت کیفرخواست این اتهام بدون حضور و اطلاع او صادر و به دادگاه فرستاده شده است و او طی روزهای آینده به دادگاه برای مطالعه پرونده و اطلاع از اتهام جدیدش مراجعه خواهد کرد.

نسرین ستوده همچنین به کمپین گفت از آنجا که برای پرونده قبلیش که مربوط به سال ۱۳۸۹ می شود از پنج وکیلی که انتخاب کرده بوده سه نفر آنها تحت تعقیب قضایی قرار گرفتند در این پرونده جدید دیگر وکیلی انتخاب نخواهد کرد و خودش از خود دفاع خواهد کرد.

نسرین ستوده درباره پرونده قضایی جدیدش به کمپین گفت: «سال گذشته کمی پس از تمدید پروانه وکالتم، احضاریه ای از سوی دادسرای زندان اوین دریافت کردم. متاسفانه در این احضاریه طبق معمول اتهام من ذکر نشده بود اما خواسته بودند که به دادسرای اوین بروم. من آن روزها به دلیل عمل جراحی پایم نمی توانستم به دادسرا بروم بنابراین همسرم به دادسرا رفت و از آنها مهلت خواست. آنها هم مهلت را به من دادند و قرار شد که سه هفته بعد مراجعه کنم اما وقتی در زمان مقرر من به دادسرا رفتم اجازه ورود به من را ندادند.»


(L’avocat des droits de l’homme Nasrin Sotoudeh a été convoqué à un tribunal de Téhéran le 3 Septembre pour un nouveau cas. Me Sotoudeh a dit qu’elle n’était pas au courant de l’affaire, mais va essayer de connaître les charges dans les prochains jours. Elle a également dit qu’elle va se défendre ainsi que trois des cinq avocats qui ont tenté de défendre son cas pour la dernière fois en 2010, qui ont été eux-mêmes l’objet de poursuites.)


Lawyer Released from Prison in Iran Describes Grim Conditions for Political Prisoners

China: Wang Qiaoling, Wife of “709” Arrested Lawyer is Forced to Move Home again with Police Plotting Further Against Her

August 19, 2016

After being forced out of her previous apartment, Wang Qiaoling, wife of rights lawyer Li Heping, found a new one in the afternoon of 19 August. However, slightly after she signed the lease, the landlord called to cancel it. He had been told by the Villagers’ Committee not to rent the flat to her.

Ai Xiaoming: in such a vast country like China, such a gigantic city of Beijing, is it really that hard to find a shelter for lawyer Li Heping’s family?

(source Chr Lawyers Facebook)

#Freethelawyers #709crackdown #LiHeping

China: Lawyer Lin Qilei: lawyer Ren, haven’t you been released on bail, but why is there no trace of you?

August 19, 2016


Lawyer Lin Qilei: 17:45, 17 August, I rushed to Henan Guidao Law Firm from Zhengzhou East Station, a few great fellas were right there, solely missing Lawyer Ren Quanniu. I said, ain’t that Lawyer Ren has been released on bail? How pity that he is not ight here. Those fellas told me that though Lawyer Ren has been on bail, neither his family nor colleagues knows his whereabouts, the only thing that could be confirmed is he is now in China.

It seems like the legal knowledge I acquired has been outdated: people who are released on bail is not meant to be able to meet people as they wish, including their family members. Apparently, the rule of law with (Chinese) characteristics is again given new elements.

(source Chr Lawyers Facebook)

#Freethelawyers #709crackdown

China: Prominent Chinese Dissidents Still Face Surveillance, House Arrest

August 18, 2016


Three prominent critics of the ruling Chinese Communist Party have been prevented from leaving their homes by state security police in recent days, indicating that they are still living under considerable restriction on their freedom.

Bao Tong, former political aide to the late ousted premier Zhao Ziyang, veteran political journalist Gao Yu and top rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang were all prevented from leaving home in recent days, they said.

Bao said he was issued with a “counter-invitation” by state security police after being invited to a gathering of prominent intellectuals in the city.

“They told me I got an invitation from some people today, but that I wasn’t to go, and that they would take me to dinner instead,” Bao told RFA on Thursday.

“It wasn’t until I saw what Gao Yu wrote that I released,” Bao said. “It was people visiting town from a long way away who wanted to meet and chat for a while; a perfectly normal social interaction.”

“I don’t know why security has to be so tight … there are also good reasons for relaxing it,” he said. “My feeling is that they are seeing enemies behind every bush and tree.”