January 13, 2017

The Association at the outset strongly condemns the brutal atrocious and autocratic action of the Police of Telangana in conducting illegal search and seizure of the office of the Arunodaya Samskruthika Samakhya (Arunodaya Cultural Federation) on 2nd December,2016 . The search was conducted up till the late night and the members of the said Federation have been virtually driven out even without allowing them to take their belongings.

The said cultural organization is functioning since its inception in 1972 and it is having its office at H.No.1-2-234/13/44, Arvindanagar, Domalguda, Hyderabad.

The background leading to the search and seizure of the office is said to be arrest of one Bheem Bharat, member of CPI(ML) Jana Shakti – a political party predominantly working in Telugu speaking tates. The Arunodaya Samskruthika Samakhya functions as its cultural wing and B. Vimalakka is the organisation’s Chairperson. The Police allege that the said Bheem Bharat, who was arrested with possession of 20 Grenades, had confessed that those Grenades were prepared and assembled at the office of Arunodaya Samskruthika Samakhya at Hyderabad. The police also alleged that B.Vimalakka and Amar are the Central Committee Members of CPI (ML) Jana Shakti and at whose behest some armed squads are functioning in Nizamabad area. During the search the telugu literature bearing the following titles are said to have been seized: ‘Godavari Loyalo Gogupoolu’ (The hemp flowers in Godavari Valley); ‘Bayyaram lo Khanizam Evaridhi’ (Whose minerals are they in Bayyaram); ‘Red Salute Comrade Rangavalli Gynapakam’; and ‘Praja Viplava Senani’ (Peoples Revolutionary Soldier). Also seized were certain pamphlets related to 30th Death Anniversary of Com. Chandra Pulla Reddy, some leaflets along with copies of PRAJA VIMOCHANA (Periodical) Magazine. As can be seen from the material recovered there was absolutely no prohibited or banned literature seized by the Police. The literature seized is easily available at any book shop across the two telugu speaking States and in some across the country also. Foremost, the CPI(ML) Jana Shakti is not a banned political organization. There was no seizure of any ammunition from the Office even if one were to believe that the Police have conducted the search for recovery of arms and ammunition in pursuance of the confession made by Bheem Bharat.

During the hey days of Telangana movement, the present Chief Minister, K. Chandra Sekhar Rao (KCR) had once praised B. Vimalakka as inspiring and moving. He said she had the ability to build a cultural army so as to motivate the participation of the youth in the historical Telangana State formation movement. At such times, KCR and its party completely depended on such the cultural organizations for the movement for separate statehood.

However, KCR, after taking reins of the power has unleashed a neo fascist attack with the first target being all democratic and revolutionary organizations. Despite his policies being anti-people and anti-democratic, KCR doesn’t want the people to raise any dissent against them. However he ought to learn lessons from the history that those regimes which have sought to suppress and repress the democratic voices have been ousted by the people, whether it was the Congress Government under the stewardship of J Vengal Rao, Janardhan Reddy or the Telugu Desham Party led by NTR and Chandrababu Naidu or other regimes.

Of late the Telangana Police brazenly detained a team of fact finding members consisting of Lawyers, Journalists and Students at Dummugudem and handed over them to Konta Police Station, Chhattisgarh State. The IAPL is aware about the nature of Chhattisgarh political and police administration, as seen in the State sponsored SALWA JUDUM pogrom meant for eliminating the tribal people’s struggle for their rights to land at the behest of mining corporations. Youth have been tortured in the concentrated camps, women were stripped off and raped and children killed mercilessly for having resisted in every possible way the onslaught of the Police and SALWA JUDUM excesses. The seven member team was falsely implicated in an offence of alleged exchange of old demonetized currency notes for the new ones for the Maoists. It is obvious that demonetized notes can be exchanged only in the cities not in the woods. Hence the demonetized currency should have should come from the illegal source, say from the Maoists who would send it to urban cities for their exchange. But the police allege otherwise. It is merely the Police administration’s attempt to give a legitimacy to the Modi government’s claim that the step of demonetization was to check the activities of Naxalites and dry their monetary resources.

As Indian Association of People’s Lawyers (IAPL) it is matter of great concern that our own advocate Fraternity and General Secretary to Committee for Protection of Civil Liberties (CPCL) was arrested by the Police for the alleged crime of defending the cases of some Maoists in Tamil Nadu. As per the convention of International Human Rights and as well as Advocates Act it is the duty of the lawyers to defend the case of their clients irrespective whether he is charged for the most heinous and condemnable offence. The cardinal principle of criminal jurisprudence is that the accused is innocent till he is proved guilty. The Advocate is immuned not to divulge the details of his client who comes solicit his expertise to defend in the Court of Law. Therefore, the Advocate cannot entertain his personal opinion about his client. Thus the Advocate is dutifully discharging his enjoined duties and Mr. Murugan also did the same.

The IAPL strongly condemns the brutal arrest of Murugan. For that matter the Indian Association of People’s Lawyers condemns all forms of State repression against the struggles by the organizations, individuals, institutions that are fighting for the protection of democracy, fundamental rights, civil rights and political rights specifically those movements meant for the marginalized voiceless and beleaguered unorganized.

Thus IAPL, therefore, is of the opinion that a united and integrated struggle of all the Democratic Right Organizations to come together under one umbrella so as to raise a banner of protest and stand by struggles against the State repression in different forms.

The IAPL demands

(1) Immediate handing over of Arunodaya Samskruthika Samakhya Office back to the organization.

(2) Unconditional release of the fact finding members, viz., Balla Ravindranath, Advocate, High Court, AP and Telangana and General Secretary of the Committee for Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP); Chikkudu Prabhaker, Advocate, High Court, AP and Telangana and Convener, Telangana Democratic Forum; Durga Prasad, Independent Journalist, Hyderabad; Duddu Prabhakar, President, AP Kula Nirmulana Porata Samiti (Committee for Caste Annihilation); Rajendra Prasad, Telangana Vidhyarthi Vedika (Telangana Students Forum); Nazeer, Telangana Vidhyarthi Vedika (Telangana Students Forum); and Ramanala Laxmaiyya, Secretary, Adivasi Tudem Dubba, Khammam.

(3) Unconditional withdrawal of criminal case against Murugan, Advocate in Tamil Nadu

M.VENKANNA, Advocate, IAPL National Vice President
D.SURESH KUMAR, Advocate, IAPL National Executive Member

(source IAPL – Indian Association of People’s Lawyers Facebook)


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