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Egypt: Shameful treatment of human rights defence lawyer Mr Mohamed Sadek lawyer and human rights Researcher , a member of Egyptian Coordination of rights and freedoms

January 8, 2017


Mr Mohamed Sadek lawyer and human rights Researcher, (This case is a clear example of ‘forced disappearance’, meaning the person in question was taken illegally, from the street, place of work or home and no one can get any information of their whereabouts). Mr Sadek was born 8 April 1980, graduated bachelor of shariah law, with Islamic law diploma from Cairo University in 2004.

He then went on to complete a general law diploma from Beni Suef University with masters in shariah and general law in 2007 from Al Azhar University Cairo. He also earned a diploma in international human rights from the College of economic and political science, Cairo University in 2015.

A specialist in the appeals court system. He is married and has 4 children, The lawyer in this case was defending prisoners from the “‘Aqrab prison”, he won visitation rights for prisoners families to see their loved ones as well as defending cases of enforced disappearance .Mr Sadek was invited by United Nations in Geneva , to attend a conference on the matter of ‘concern over enforced disappearances.’.

He then himself disappeared on 30 August, for 90 days. His arrest was witnessed at Giza Rail station by his relatives. On 31 August his family filed a complaint at the Egyptian Attorney General office, (complaint number 11472), and complained to the Bar association, who referred it to the organisation for lawyers “freedom committee “in protest against his illegal arrest by the security forces.




January 8, 2017

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Today, in Tamilnadu, Advocate Murugan, Secretary , CPCL was arrested by TN Q branch police. He has been framed under Sec.18A, 18B , 20 , 38 UAPA , and 120B IPC.
He has been following up cases of political prisoners in Tamilnadu. Q branch went about 4 am today to Adv Murugan house with a search warrant on a case connected with two women Maoists political prisoners who were arrested at Karur.

(source IAPL – Indian Association of People’s Lawyers Facebook)




http://www.idhae.org/observatoire-fr-page4.1.ind170108.htm (FRANCAIS)

India: SANSAD Condemns The Silencing Of Human Rights Defenders In India

January 7, 2017

South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy (SANSAD) condemns the arrest and incarceration of the seven-member fact finding mission of the Telengana Democratic Forum on December 26 in Chhatisgarh, India, on the false charge of carrying Maoist literature and the charge by the Bastar police against human rights lawyer, Shalini Gera on December 28 of exchanging demonetized notes for the Maoists.

The fact-finding mission of Telengana Democratic Forum, comprising high court advocates, research scholars, and journalists, who had set out to investigate the killing of a thirteen-year old Adivasi child by the Chhatisgarh police, was arrested by the Telengana police on December 25 and handed over to the Chhaitsgarh police on December 26. They were then arrested by the Chhatisgarh police under the draconian Chhatisgarh Special Public Security Act on the false charge of carrying recently demonetized currency and Maoist literature and jailed on judicial remand. People’s Union for Civil Liberties has called this arrest, “illegal, unprovoked, and malicious.”

Shalini Gera, a human rights lawyer belonging to the Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group that had been set up to provide the only legal aid available to the hundreds of Adivasis incarcerated in Chhatisgarh jails for years without trial, falsely charged,  or even without charges, had been forced to leave the area earlier this year when the legal aid group was driven by harassment, intimidation and evicgtion to close their office in Jagdalpur. The current charges were laid following Gera’s attempt to oversee the postmortem of Somaru Pottam, an Adivasi who had been killed in a fake “encounter” by the police.

These arrests and the patently false charges are a part of the established pattern of state terror in Chhatisgarh, where the state’s counter-insurgency measures in defense of extractive rights of corporations against Adivasi resistance have established a regime of impunity. Under this regime labelling someone “Maoist” is a license of kill and any attempt to bring this violence to light is  criminalized as aiding Maoists.