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Turkey: Erdogan gets infinite authority over the national and provincial bar associations

September 24, 2018

Presidential Decree No:5

Erdogan, under the so-called Turkish-type Presidential Regime, has infinite authority over the civil society as well as all branches of the state. Turkey’s new constitution let Erdogan to issue Presidential Decrees that have equal power with law.

Presidential Decree No:5 of which name is Presidential Decree as to the State Inspection Institution (Devlet Denetleme Kurumu – DDK) regulates (article 1) that Turkish Presidency has authority to inspect Bar Associations, Professional Organizations, Trade Unions, Chambers of Commerce, Employer and Employee Unions, Association and Foundations.

Moreover, any senior inspector (Grup Başkanı) of the D.D.K. would be able to suspend the chairperson, and the board members of the aforementioned entities should the inspector decides that it is necessary for the soundness of the inspection or the public weal (article 6).

By the Decree No:5, Erdogan gets infinite authority over the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and provincial bars, Union of Turkish Doctors, and all other unions, chambers, unions, associations and foundations though it flagrantly violates article 135 of the Turkish Constitution. Hereafter, Turkish President has authority to unseat chairperson, and board members of those entities which are defined in the Constitution as professional organizations with public institution status incase of they call a strike, file a case against an administrative decision, document a torture incident and so on.

In Turkey,  Bar Associations and Union of Turkish Doctors play a vital role in preventing torture while Unions of Engineers have a vital role in protecting the environment and the work and worker safety.

Since the coup attempt of 2016, there has been immense oppression by the Turkish government over the bar associations, law societies, unions and other elements of civil society.  So far, fourteen incumbent or former presidents of the provincial bar associations were targeted by Turkish government.

Erdogan gets infinite authority over the national and provincial bar associations

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Syria: Human rights lawyer Yasser Al-Saleem arrested

September 24, 2018

In the early hours of the morning on 22 September 2018, an armed group stormed the home of human rights lawyer Yasser Al-Saleem in Kafr Nabl, located in Idlib governate in Syria, and arrested him with activist Abdelhamid Al-Bayoush, who was visiting him.

Subsequent reports indicated that they were taken to Al-Eqab prison in the Jabal Al-Zawiya area, located about 40km south-west of the governorate capital, Idlib city, but the reason for the arrests was not made public.

Al-Saleem has worked effectively carrying out peaceful human rights activities in the city of Kaft Nabl, and has recently been calling for the release of detainees and abductees. The day before his arrest, he participated in demonstrations that took place in the city of Kafr Nabl on 21 September 2018 which called for the release of citizens of the city of Sweida, who were kidnapped by Da’esh recently.





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Saudi Arabia: 3 Saudi human rights activists awarded “Alternative Nobel”

September 24, 2018

Image result for waleed abu al-khair

The Right Livelihood Award — known as the “Alternative Nobel” — was awarded Monday to three jailed Saudi human rights defenders and two Latin American anti-corruption crusaders.

The prize foundation said the 1 million kronor ($113,400) cash award for 2018 was to be shared by Abdullah al-Hamid, Mohammad Fahad al-Qahtani and Waleed Abu al-Khair “for their visionary and courageous efforts, guided by universal human rights principles, to reform the totalitarian political system in Saudi Arabia.”

The 2018 honorary award was given to Thelma Aldana of Guatemala and Colombia’s Ivan Velasquez “for their innovative work in exposing abuse of power and prosecuting corruption.”

Created in 1980, the annual Right Livelihood Award honors efforts that the prize founder, Swedish-German philanthropist Jakob von Uexkull, felt were being ignored by the Nobel Prizes.

Al-Qahtani and Al-Hamid were founding activists of the Saudi Association for Civil and Political Rights, known by its Arabic acronym HASEM. In 2013, they were sentenced to 10 and 11 years respectively. Soon after, other verdicts followed against nearly a dozen members. The sentences came in the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring.

Activist and lawyer Al-Khair, who defended a blogger sentenced to prison and lashings over his posts, was arrested in 2014 for signing a statement with dozens of others calling for reforms in the kingdom. He later received a 15-year sentence for “disobeying the ruler” and “harming the reputation of the state by communicating with international organizations,” likely over his work as an outspoken activist.





Laureates of the 2018 Right Livelihood Award announced





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South Africa: Tear gas and handcuffs at Mantashe’s meeting near Xolobeni village

September 24, 2018

Human rights attorney Richard Spoor arrested and charged with ‘incitement’ after altercation with minister

Lawyer Richard Spoor has a heated argument with mineral resources minister Gwede Mantashe on the Wild Coast at the weekend. Image: AMADIBA CRISIS COMMITTEE/VIA FACEBOOK

Human rights attorney Richard Spoor was arrested after a heated fracas with mineral resources minister Gwede Mantashe on the Wild Coast which reportedly ended with tear gas fired against anti-mining protesters on Sunday.

Spoor‚ who represents members of the Xolobeni community who are opposing an Australian-backed venture to mine ilmenite and other heavy minerals on community land south of the Wild Coast Sun Casino‚ was arrested on Sunday.

A video clip from the scene showed Spoor‚ shortly before his arrest‚ engaged in a heated discussion with Mantashe outside a large marquee erected during the minister’s weekend tour to KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape to address community tensions over several coal and dune mining ventures.

“Don’t call me a liar please! I am trying to help you. If you work with us we can work together to solve problems‚” Spoor told Mantashe in the clip.

Mantashe responded: “Okay. But you are disrupting my meeting.”

Attorney Johan Lorenzon told TimesLIVE that Spoor was released on warning on Sunday afternoon after being charged with “incitement” under the Riotous Assemblies Act and was due to appear in the Bizana Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.





Prix Ludovic Trarieux/Iran: Justice : l’avocat est-il une cible ? Entretien avec Maître Bertrand Favreau

le 23 septembre, 2018

Justice : l’avocat est-il une cible ? Entretien avec Maître Bertrand Favreau

Rencontre avec l’avocat qui a fondé le prix international des droits de l’homme Ludovic Trarieux, décerné à l’iranienne Nasrin Sotoudeh.

« Sud Ouest ». Comment avez-vous eu l’idée, en 1984, de ce prix Ludovic Trarieux (1) ?

Bertrand Favreau. À l’occasion de recherches sur la IIIe République, j’avais découvert le nom de cet avocat. Sa mémoire a été occultée par le barreau de Bordeaux dont il avait pourtant été le bâtonnier. Convaincu très tôt de l’innocence de Dreyfus, ce sénateur de…







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