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France: Une avocate de Besançon menacée de mort

le 13 septembre, 2018

Déjà condamné pour apologie du terrorisme, cet homme au profil inquiétant a adressé une lettre injurieuse et menaçante à son ex-avocate, qui a déposé plainte. Des mots haineux pour lesquels il a écopé, hier, de six mois de prison.

L’avocate a reçu une lettre de menaces de son ancien client. Il était jugé ce mercredi pour menaces de mort.  Photo d’illustration Sam COULON

« Tu n’es qu’une grosse chienne de merde. Je vais te faire un truc de fou, ici en France ou ailleurs. Je vais te gâcher la vie, connasse […]. » Certain(e)s avocat(e)s ont la chance, parfois, de recevoir de véritables déclarations d’amour. Agrémentée de dessins sans équivoque de pistolet, de couteau ou de grenade, cette lettre inquiétante se situe à l’extrême opposé.

Un ressortissant tunisien de 26 ans était jugé, ce mercredi, pour menaces de mort. Sa victime est une avocate bisontine qui l’avait assisté, par le passé, dans une procédure administrative ponctuée d’une obligation de quitter le territoire français (OQTF).

« Quand on connaît ses antécédents, ça fait froid dans le dos »

Lorsqu’il comparaît en mai dernier à Besançon pour outrage, rébellion et apologie publique du terrorisme, audience à l’issue de laquelle il a écopé de deux ans de prison, le prévenu ne comprend pas l’absence de son avocate. Pourtant logique, puisqu’il ne s’agit pas du même dossier, et que cette dernière n’était même pas avisée… Mais lui voit rouge.

« J’étais mal quand j’ai écrit ça, mais je regrette sincèrement », exprime-t-il à la barre. On sent le garçon impulsif, sur le fil du rasoir. Il parle vite, par à-coups. Explique qu’il « a la poisse ». Le président du tribunal le reprend : « Le stylo n’est pas arrivé dans votre main par hasard pour écrire ce courrier. »



Syria: Razan Zeitouneh and the #Douma4

September 5, 2018

Syrian activist and documenter of rights violations Razan Zeitouneh – outspoken, courageous, impartial, and secular – was kidnapped on 9 December 2013, alongside her husband, Wa’el Hamade, and colleagues Samira Al Khalil and Nazem Al Hamadi. The four, since called ‘The Douma Four’, after the city in Eastern Ghouta in which they were working, have been missing ever since.

Years before the 2011 Syrian revolution, the name of Razan Zeitouneh was well-known within activist circles in Syria.

In 2005, she founded the bilingual (Arabic and English) website Syrian Human Rights Information Link (SHRIL), which became one of the earliest sources documenting human rights abuses by Syrian regime forces when the revolution started in 2011.

Her activism had already resulted in a travel ban in 2002, just two years after Bashar Assad took over from his father, Hafez.

Despite threats and ongoing risks, Zeitouneh did not want to leave Syria. In a 2005 interview, she stated “I will never leave this country – never”. She also said that she was psychologically prepared to be arrested at any moment, adding “I’m not afraid”.

Shortly after the initial 2011 protests, Zeitouneh co-founded the Local Coordination Committees (LCCs) to help organise demonstrations and document the protests as well as the brutal crackdown inflicted upon protesters by regime forces.

Then, in June of that year, she co-founded the Violations Documentation Center in Syria (VDC) to help document “all kinds of human rights violations in Syria”.




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India: Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekhar, Jailed Under NSA for Over a Year, to be Released as BJP Reaches Out to Dalits

September 13, 2018

Azad is the chief of The Bhim Army, or the Bhim Army Bharat Ekta Mission

Chandrashekhar had been jailed in the Saharanpur caste violence case and was charged under the draconian National Security Act.

The Uttar Pradesh government has ordered early release of Dalit leader and Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad alias Ravan, who has been in jail since June last year in the Saharanpur caste violence case .

The prison stint of Azad, who had been slapped with charges under the draconian National Security Act, was set to end on November 1, but in an official communication, the state government said he would be set free earlier because of “present circumstances and his mother’s appeal”.

According to highly placed sources, legal aides and top leaders of Bhim Army were contacted by the UP government on Thursday afternoon and given the information about his early release. Two of Azad’s aides, whose jail terms were till October 14, will also be released early along with him, the government statement said.

The decision to withdraw NSA and release Azad is being seen as BJP’s move to reach out to Dalits ahead of 2019 elections and comes just weeks after it faced Dalit ire for Supreme Court’s alleged dilution of the SC/ST Act.











Who is Chandrashekhar Azad alias Ravan?




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Turkey/UK/Scotland: Imprisoned Aberdeen University graduate shares letter of thanks

September 13, 2018

Imprisoned Aberdeen University graduate Hanifi Baris has written a letter of thanks to his supporters across the world.

Mr Baris, who graduated last year, has been confined in a Turkish jail since July, charged with “posting items of criminal content” on his social media accounts.

Turkish news outlet Bianet reported that the “content” was a news report about the Kurdistan Regional Government, and confirmed he had been charged with “propagandising for a terrorist organisation.”

In a letter addressed to friends and colleagues, dated September 11, he shared his thanks.

“[Your support] has been the greatest source of my strength and resilience in here,” Mr Baris wrote.

“Please forgive me for not being able to write to all of you separately, for the time I spend reading and answering your messages is very limited.

“I hope I will make it up to you when – hopefully not ‘if’ – I am out of here.”

Mr Baris had been scheduled to return to Aberdeeen last week as a key-note speaker in a conference at the university’s Centre for Citizenship, Civic Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL).

In his letter, he lamented the fact he was unable to participate or listen to “inspiring talks” from Aberdeen students.

CISRUL Director, Trevor Stack, said he was “very concerned” about Baris’s situation.



Hanifi Baris





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New message of solidarity from Hanifi for you all! Court case confirmed for next Tuesday 18 September at 10.30 a.m. Thank you everyone for such a wonderful display of support. Let’s not give up hope just yet!

(The Free Hanifi Bariş Campaign Facebook, 12/09/18)

Tajikistan: Rights lawyer Shuhrat Kudratov re-arrested

September 12, 2018




https://news.tj/ru/news/tajikistan/laworder/20180824/advokat-shuhrat-kudratov-vishel-na-svobodu (RUSSIAN)

Turkey: Turquie • Faites entrer les avocats des avocats

le 12 septembre, 2018


Nous avions le 28 août 2018 publié “l’appel pour les avocats emprisonnés” lancé par le “Comité belge pour la levée de l’état d’urgence en Turquie” et appelant à constituer par la même une délégation qu’y assisterait au procès.

Ce procès s’est donc déroulé et nous y faisons suite en publiant un compte rendu que nous avons reçu et quelques attendus.

Résumé de l’audience du lundi 10 septembre

Selçuk Kozağaçlı, avocat et président de l’Association turque des juristes progressistes (ÇHD) emprisonné depuis 10 mois, prononce l’une des défenses politiques les plus audacieuses de l’histoire.

Selçuk accuse.

Ce lundi matin, 21 avocats poursuivis pour leur prétendue appartenance à une organisation marxiste clandestine ont comparu devant la Cour de Bakırköy à Istanbul.

Au départ, les autorités turques étaient déterminées à les juger à distance, par visioconférence. Finalement, au bout du 3e jour de grève de la faim des avocats, les juges ont dû plier face à leur détermination.

Les 21 avocats ont donc pu comparaître, une situation inespérée quand on connaît le nombre d’opposants politiques qui ont subi un procès expéditif par visioconférence.

Des dizaines de soutiens ont fait le déplacement pour assister au procès parmi lesquels leurs clients: familles de mineurs de fond morts dans la catastrophe minière de Soma (301 morts), familles de manifestants tués parmi lesquels la mère du petit Berkin Elvan abattu à 13 ans et mort à 14 ans ou encore Nuriye Gülmen, l’universitaire victime des purges.

Parmi les soutiens, notons aussi la présence de plusieurs bâtonniers, de l’Association d’entraide avec les familles des détenus politiques (TAYAD), de députés du Parti démocratique des peuples (HDP, gauche pro-kurde) et du Parti républicain du peuple (CHP, social-démocrate et kémaliste) ainsi que plusieurs observateurs représentant des associations internationales de juristes comme l’Association européenne des juristes pour la démocratie et les droits de l’homme (EJDH), les Avocats européens démocrates (AED), l’Association internationale des juristes démocrates (AIJD) et la Confédération des avocats d’Asie et du Pacifique (COLAP).


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China: Make Sacrifices to Illuminate the Future. Commemorating the fifth anniversary of the founding of the China Human Rights Lawyers Group

September 13, 2018

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On September 13, 2013, lawyers Wang Cheng (王成), Tang Jitian (唐吉田), and Jiang Tianyong (江天勇) announced the establishment of the China Human Rights Lawyers Group (中国人权律师团). All three had been disbarred by the Chinese authorities because of their commitment to defending the rights of the Chinese people. In just one year, more than 300 Chinese lawyers joined the Group. Many seasons later, the Human Rights Lawyers Group now marks the fifth anniversary of its founding. On this otherwise ordinary day, we will take inventory of what we have done over the last five years, reiterate the basic principles of the group, and plan our steps for the future.

In the past five years, we have gone through hardships and sadness; we have seen our hopes dashed. We struggle to improve the human rights situation in our country, only to see it worsen progressively.

In the past five years, Chinese human rights lawyers have been demonized by the authorities and smeared by people who harbor ulterior motives. Our members have endured persecution of a severity seldom seen, stunning the international community.

In the past five years, many Chinese human rights lawyers have been imprisoned or disappeared. Since the “709” crackdown of July 2015 that shocked people in China and abroad, human rights lawyers have sustained heavy blows to the point of near destruction.

But even in the face of these cruel realities, members of the Human Rights Lawyers Group have continued their fruitful work. They issued joint statements to express their solidarity and expose human rights violations. It is an endeavor fraught with hardship that is difficult to imagine. They defended political dissidents until they themselves were labeled as dissidents; they defended people of faith until they themselves became the target of the authorities’ “stability maintenance;” they defended the petitioners and the victims of forced demolition, until the day they were disbarred by the judicial establishment under orders from the Party. They defended the ethnic minorities until the day they themselves were denounced as traitors; they defended the workers until they themselves were deprived of their right to practice. Their sacrifices are too numerous to list.

We cannot help but ask why the human rights lawyers, passionate for justice, should be targeted for political persecution. Why do the judicial authorities restrict human rights lawyers from working on their cases? Why does the judiciary use sly tricks to revoke or suspend their right to practice?

The answer is simple: it is because human rights lawyers pursue justice, and their persecutors represent darkness and evil.

Today, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the establishment of the Human Rights Lawyers Group, we reaffirm our mission to advance human rights in China. We shall continue to uphold the values we cherish through the practice of law.

We yearn for freedom, but we know the importance of order; we pursue justice, but we do not subscribe to self-righteousness; we emphasize basic human rights, but we will honor the principle of gradual progress through proper procedures; as human rights lawyers, we insist on the right of independent judgment, but respect the different perspectives and views held by others.

Once again, we announce to the world that we are not this country’s enemy. We are a group of true patriots. We know that we must transcend class, nationality, and faith in order to work for the dignity and basic human rights of all Chinese. Regardless of how others perceive and label us and attempt to discredit our work, we will stand by our principles as we strive to improve human rights in China.

At the same time, we look forward to healthy cooperation and dialogue with the authorities to find a feasible path to furthering and improving human rights. We want everyone to know that human rights lawyers regaining their own rights is a victory for everyone, regardless of occupation, social status, economic background, or ethnicity.

We are aware that the effort of human rights lawyers alone cannot change the human rights situation in this country. We are ready to work with all people and groups that pursue freedom, justice, and the rule of law, and to take a stand for the beautiful goals to which we all aspire.

In the next five years, we must first and foremost fight for the freedom of every citizen to be free from fear. We demand the repeal of the provision in the Supervision Act that affords law enforcement officials the power of wanton detention, as well as the provisions in the Criminal Procedure Law that allow for secret detention known as “residential surveillance at a designated place.”

We vow to fight for victims who have been forcefully disappeared and tortured by the authorities, and we will not tolerate the illegal detention and disappearance, in the name of the state, of anyone living on this land, be they officials or ordinary citizens. Everyone has basic rights, including the right to litigation.

We will advocate establishing open records of human rights violations committed by public officials. This list will record the deeds of all, from leaders at the highest levels down to infractions committed by local level of guobao, or public security police. If they do not rein themselves in, they will one day stand trial to face justice in court.

We will offer strong and unconditional support for citizens’ freedom of speech. We will never tolerate the administrative detention or legal punishment of a citizen simply for criticizing the government or the party. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of all other freedoms. If no one dares speak out against abuse, all of society will taste the bitter consequences.

We love blue skies and green hills, and we will not turn a blind eye to the environmental pollution or tainted food and drugs. We will urge governments at all levels to take effective measures to reduce pollution, improve the environment, and enforce regulations over the food and drug industry so that everyone can have safe food, medicine, air, and water. We want to tell citizens who have suffered persecution for their efforts to improve the environment or expose the safety hazards posed by tainted food and medicine: you have our full support.

We are extremely concerned about the friction between police and civilians. We call on law enforcement throughout the country to act in strict accordance with the law, to explain the law in good faith, exercise restraint, respect and protect human rights, and not act as accomplices to brutal “stability maintenance.”

It’s been more than three years since the 709 Crackdown; we exhort the authorities to carefully review their attitude and policy towards human rights lawyers, and to treat properly these conscientious and responsible professionals. We ask the authorities to immediately release Tang Jingling (唐荆陵), Jiang Tianyong, Wang Quanqi (王全璋), Yu Wensheng (余文生), Li Yuhan (李昱函), and other lawyers. It is important for everyone to enjoy a more civilized society that upholds reason and the rule of law.

Five years have gone by in a flash, but it’s been five years with historic import. We the human rights lawyers are ordinary human beings, but we are not cowards. If for the sake of China’s human rights we must lose our licenses or even our freedom, then we are willing to make these sacrifices for our country and our people.

Only through sacrifice can we forge ahead to the future! That’s our solemn proclamation on the 5th anniversary of China Human Rights Lawyers Group.

Thank you all!

The China Human Rights Lawyers Group























(Facebook, 13/09/18)