China: Chinese rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang to appear in court on Dec 26, after 3 years of detention – wife

December 24, 2018

wang quanzhang

Authorities in mainland China will start the trial of detained human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang on the morning of December 26, according to his wife Li Wenzu.

The announcement came three years after Wang was detained in the “709 crackdown” in August 2015, a wide-reaching clampdown on Chinese lawyers and activists. Wang was charged with inciting subversion of state power last February, but he was not heard from again until July this year.

Li posted on Facebook on Monday that she had received notification of Wang’s trial.

“Just now, lawyer Liu Weiguo sent me a message: trial begins at 8:30am on the 26th,” she wrote. “Wang Quanzhang was charged on Valentines Day, February 14, 2017. On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2018, I learn that his trial begins on the day after Christmas.”

“December 26 is a day with special meaning. The trial begins at 8:30, I am in Beijing and must get out early.” She added. “All are welcome to attend the trial.”;_ylt=AwrC1DEhySBc_hgArzDQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByOHZyb21tBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–?fbclid=IwAR26IAvL2H6ahS6phENXp6hzEwTHsjXkakDSGdbPjNKnxcLm-cebH3ffFsw

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1. 立即無條件無罪釋放王律師;
2. 追究本案刑事程序中所有執法人員對王律師實施的違法違規行為的法律責任;
3. 就羈押時王全璋所受到的權利侵害提供相應且合適的賠償;
4. 停止針對李文足及其兒子的任何形式的打壓,及譴責將來任何針對王律師家屬的騷擾行為。


臺灣聲援中國人權律師網絡 Taiwan Support China Human Rights Lawyers Network
香港市民支援愛國民主運動聯合會 Hong Kong Alliance

【Joint Statement Upon the Upcoming Trial of Wang Quanzhang, who has been Held Incommunicado for over Three Years】

Li Wenzu, the wife of detained human rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang, received a message from lawyer Liu Weiguo on 24 December informing her that Wang, who has been held incommunicado for 1264 days, will go on trial at the Second Intermediate People’s Court of Tianjin at 8:30 am on 26 December 2018. Prior to this, on 10 December 2018, 20 lawyers’ associations from all over the world released an open letter to President Xi Jinping urging for the immediate release of lawyer Wang.

Lawyer Wang was taken away by the police on 3 August 2015 during the 709 crackdown and was subsequently formally arrested on the charge of “subversion of state power” in January 2016. During the entire detention period, the Chinese government has denied Wang’s access to his family and family-appointed defense lawyers as well as the communication to the outside world. Therefore, the detention of Wang imposed by the authorities is de facto incommunicado detention.

On the other hand, the Chinese government has repeatedly imposed unilateral refusal to acknowledge the family-appointed lawyers as the legal representation of Wang, indicating that Wang has been deprived of the right to legal counsel and prevented from challenging the legality of his detention. In addition, we noticed that Wang has reportedly been subjected to torture or other forms of coercive ill-treatment during the detention.

In view of the repeated violations of Wang’s right to be free from incommunicado detention and access to legal counsel, we are convinced that lawyer Wang’s right to fair trial has never been safeguarded, which is a manifestation of non-compliance of the Criminal Procedure Law, the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China and international standards. Therefore, we believe that the Chinese government should not hold any trial of Wang’s case. We hereby demand the Chinese authorities to:

1. Immediately and unconditionally release Wang Quanzhang;
2. Investigate and hold all law enforcers accountable for committing the irregularities and violations of the criminal procedure against lawyer Wang;
3. Provide appropriate remedy for the violations of rights suffered by Wang Quanzhang in detention;
4. Stop any form of harassment against Li Wenzu and their child, and condemn any future harassment of Wang’s family members by local authorities.

In the meantime, CHRLCG, TCLN, Hong Kong Alliance and HKLSD ask for the international community, the general public and media to continuously pay close attention to the upcoming developments of lawyer Wang Quanzhang

China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group (CHRLCG)
Taiwan Support China Human Rights Lawyers Network (TCLN)
Hong Kong Alliance
Hong Kong League of Social Democrats
December 24, 2018

(China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group / 中國維權律師關注組 Facebook, 25/12/18)


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