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Venezuela/AI: Stand with Geraldine Chacón (Petition)

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Geraldine started her peaceful campaigning when she was just 14 as a youth leader in Caracas.

Since then her activism has only grown – she started an Amnesty youth network and supported individuals who were at risk of imprisonment and persecution, and later joined the NGO Community Ambassadors Foundation running outreach programs with impoverished young people in Venezuela.

Now, Geraldine finds herself in need of the same help she has given many others. This year the Venezuelan authorities arrested her, and she spent four months in prison with limited access to sunlight, food and water.

Geraldine was released conditionally which means she cannot leave the country, and she risks being sent back to prison at any moment.

Sign this petition and demand the Venezuelan authorities drop the case against Geraldine. 

With enough global pressure, we could get the Venezuelan authorities to drop the charges – add your voice now.


http://writeathon.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Venezuela.pdf (TAKE ACTION! AMNESTY WRITEEATHON)





NEW: Rule of law and human rights in Cuba and Venezuela and EU engagement


https://www.amnesty.org/es/latest/news/2018/11/amnesty-international-launches-worlds-biggest-human-rights-campaign/ (ESPANOL)

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https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geraldine_Chac%C3%B3n (ESPANOL)

https://www.amnesty.fr/liberte-d-expression/petitions/geraldine-chacon?fbclid=IwAR36BtoZtxwZocM8kX5mr3inRUrmmYWzIDlFziuGadF1T7i34RcCBfiZgVI (FRANCAIS)

https://www.amnesty.fr/presse/campagne-mondiale-10-jours-pour-signer-2018-i-amnesty (FRANCAIS)

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https://www.ots.at/presseaussendung/OTS_20181129_OTS0026/briefmarathon-2018-seite-an-seite-mit-starken-frauen (DEUTSCH)

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https://destadamersfoort.nl/deel-je-nieuws-artikel/amnesty-amersfoort-organiseert-write-rights-schrijfactie-520347 (NEDERLANDS)

http://www.committee.co.kr/38577 (KOREAN)

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Haiti: Justice : Les avocats en grève depuis bientôt 2 mois

le 2 décembre, 2018

Suite à l’arrêt de travail des avocats du Tribunal de Première Instance (TPI) de Port-au-Prince https://www.haitilibre.com/article-25953-haiti-actualite-zapping.html , depuis le depuis le 9 octobre dernier, en raison de violences exercées par des membres de la Police Nationale d’Haïti (PNH) contre des membres de leur profession, Clamé Ocnam Daméus, le Commissaire du Gouvernement en raison des perturbations que cela provoque au niveau du système judiciaire, a écrit au Bâtonnier de l’Ordre des avocats afin d’envisager une rencontre visant à trouver une solution pour mettre un terme a cette situation préjudiciable pour les justiciables.

Lettre de Clamé Ocnam Daméus :

« Monsieur Staley Gaston
Bâtonnier du Conseil de l’Ordre des avocats
Barreau de Port-au-Prince
En ses Bureaux

Monsieur le Bâtonnier,

Je vous présente mes compliments et ai l’honneur de vous adresser la présente pour vous demander d’organiser une rencontre formelle entre le Conseil de l’Ordre et le Commissaire du Gouvernement de Port-au-Prince, en vue de discuter de la situation de la crise qui persiste entre le Parquet de Port-au-Prince et les Avocats ; laquelle perturbe considérablement les relations de collaboration entre les deux institutions et d’envisager en tant que responsables, les modalités d’orientation des protagonistes vers une sortie honorable, profitable et conforme aux intérêts supérieurs de la Nation.

Je m’empresse de vous informer que cette demande rentre dans le cadre des démarches pour trouver une solution institutionnelle durable par rapport à cette situation de crise, aux fins de la reprise définitive des activités et de la collaboration, ô combien nécessaire, entre ces deux entités appelées à travailler en bonne harmonie. Car cette collaboration est indispensable pour faire reculer certains grands défis que fait face le système judiciaire, dont les fléaux de la détention préventive prolongée, de la lutte contre la corruption et l’insécurité foncière.









https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-26280-haiti-justice-the-lawyers-on-strike-for-almost-2-months.html (ENGLISH)

India/Jammu & Kashmir: An assistant professor, a journalist, a lawyer, all booked for posts on social media

December 1, 2018

An assistant professor, a journalist, a lawyer, all booked for posts on social media

An assistant professor who posted a video about a school shutting down because of a government forces’ camp coming up nearby, a journalist who posted in a Whatsapp group – of which journalists and police officers are members – news of a woman’s death due to government forces firing teargas on people, and a lawyer who posted something critical of the government on Facebook, have all been booked by police in Kulgam for “separatist” activities, “rumour mongering”, and “sharing anti-government posts on Facebook”, respectively.

The assistant professor, Dr Abdul Bari Naik, a doctorate from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), teaches at Government Degree College Kulgam. He told Kashmir Reader that he was being punished for the social work he does.

“I have been vocal about several social issues and, inadvertently during the course of doing so, a target of the ire of powerful people as well,” said Bari, who unsuccessfully contested 2014 assembly elections from Homeshalibug constituency.

He said he recently posted a video about the closure of a school in the vicinity of a newly established forces’ camp in Redweni area of Kulgam district.

“The school had remained closed for over a month because people in the area were protesting against the establishment of the camp. In the video I suggested that either the camp be removed or the school,” Bari said.

The officer also confirmed that a lawyer named Muzammil Butt has been booked for “sharing anti-government posts on Facebook.”

Despite repeated attempts by this reporter, the lawyer could not be contacted.

He, as per sources, has got a stay order from the High Court. The lecturer and the journalist face arrest, though.


USA/Ecuador: New York Bar Trying to Block Donziger From Presenting Evidence of Chevron Fraud and Witness Bribery in Secret Licensing Hearing

November 30, 2018

Lawyers Dopico and Goldstein Seek Court Order to Deny Human Rights Lawyer Public Hearing Where He Can Challenge His Suspension

Lawyers from the New York bar grievance committee are seeking an extraordinary court order to block U.S. human rights attorney Steven Donziger from presenting explosive evidence of Chevron’s fraud and witness bribery that he says was relied on to illegally suspend his law license without a hearing after helping Ecuadorian Indigenous groups win a landmark $12 billion pollution judgment.

Earlier this week, New York bar staff attorneys Jorge Dopico and Naomi Goldstein obtained an order from a New York appellate judge staying Donziger’s two-day fact hearing which had been scheduled to begin Dec. 4 in Manhattan. Donziger, whose law license was suspended in July without a hearing, was going to present the evidence of Chevron’s fraud after a court-appointed referee issued a hugely important ruling last month allowing the attorney to challenge the 2014 pro-Chevron findings of federal judge Lewis A. Kaplan in a civil racketeering case.

The stay will allow a New York court time to determine whether it will overturn the bar referee’s procedural decision favoring Donziger in the middle of an ongoing attorney disciplinary proceeding – something that is virtually unprecedented in the history of New York, according to several attorneys in the state. “It appears to our team that the bar staff lawyers in New York are nervous about letting Steven expose the truth about Chevron’s fraud, which might embarrass Judge Kaplan and other judges to whom the staff attorneys must answer,” said Patricio Salazar, the Ecuadorian lawyer against Chevron and a colleague of Donziger.

The referee in the case, John Horan, had examined the Kaplan RICO trial and concluded there might be support for Donziger’s long-held contention he did not get a fair trial.  He also questioned whether Kaplan violated Donziger’s constitutional right to due process by denying him a jury of impartial fact finders even though he was effectively facing criminal charges, albeit in the context of a civil case with a relaxed evidentiary standard.

Long known as a pro-business judge who maintained undisclosed investments in Chevron during his trial, Kaplan effectively “created a criminal indictment” and tried Donziger for conspiracy, said Horan. “It is doubtful that is an indictment in the same terms had been brought by the United States Attorney, (Donziger) would have elected to have a trial by a single judge and would have waived his right to a trial by jury,” Horan wrote.

Donziger has categorically challenged each of the Kaplan findings, saying they are based primarily on false or decontextualized evidence and Kaplan’s stubborn refusal to consider the voluminous scientific evidence of Chevron’s environmental contamination in Ecuador.






https://www.eluniverso.com/noticias/2018/11/27/nota/7071576/replica-solicitada-chevron (ESPANOL)