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The Netherlands/Pakistan: Blog rechtszaak Asia Bibi (Update)


Advocaat Saif-ul-Malook na de speciale dienst in Vianen. Foto: Cees van der Wal

Dhr. Saif-ul-Malook, Asia Bibi’s advocaat, heeft toestemming gekregen om een langere periode in Nederland te blijven. Hiervoor heeft de IND aan hem een verblijfsvergunning verstrekt. Malook vluchtte 3 november jl. naar Stichting HVC, omdat zijn veiligheid in Pakistan na de vrijspraak van Asia Bibi niet kon worden gegarandeerd. Stichting HVC is dankbaar voor de inspanningen van de christelijke politieke partijen ChristenUnie, SGP en CDA en de snelle beslissing van het ministerie om Malook een plek in Nederland aan te bieden. Malook verblijft op een geheim adres in Nederland en wordt opgevangen in het overheidsprogramma Shelter City.

Asia Bibi zelf verblijft nog altijd in een safehouse in Pakistan. Zodra de Pakistaanse overheid toestemming geeft, zal zij het land onmiddellijk verlaten. Verschillende westerse landen hebben de bereidheid uitgesproken om de vrouw met haar man en dochters op te vangen. In de toekomst is blijven in Pakistan onmogelijk, extremistische moslims hebben een grote geldsom beloofd aan iedereen die haar om het leven brengt. Stichting HVC blijft zich op de achtergrond bezig houden met de zaak en doet er alles aan om Bibi en haar gezin in veiligheid te brengen. Ook blijft Stichting HVC met juridische hulp betrokken bij diverse andere rechtszaken tegen christenen. Vaak komen hun zaken minder in de media, maar zijn ze niet minder schrijnend.





N.B.: Saif-ul-Malook, Asia Bibi’s lawyer, has been given permission to stay for a longer period of time in the Netherlands, and he has just been given a residence permit. Asia Bibi is still staying in a safe house in Pakistan. As soon as the Pakistani government grants her permission she will leave the country immediately, according to the Dutch NGO which is assisting Saif-ul-Malook.

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Kenya: Ray of hope as courts jail 10 cops over extrajudicial killings

December 23, 2018

Members of the civil society carry a coffin stained with mock blood as they chant slogans during a protest in Nairobi dubbed 'Stop extrajudicial killings', on the killing of human rights lawyer Willie Kimani, his client and their driver, July 4, 2016. /REUTERS

(Members of the civil society carry a coffin stained with mock blood as they chant slogans during a protest in Nairobi dubbed ‘Stop extrajudicial killings’, on the killing of human rights lawyer Willie Kimani, his client and their driver, July 4, 2016. /REUTERS)

At least 10 police officers were convicted of either murder or manslaughter in 2018, sending a warning of no more room for perpetrators of extrajudicial killings.

The latest to be convicted was former Ruaraka OCS Nahashon Mutua who was found guilty of killing a man arrested for fighting with his wife.

Judge Stella Mutuku on December 13 held that there was sufficient evidence to prove that the officer killed Martin Koome in a police cell.

Mutua’s is just but one case which mirrors the extent to which police excesses have led to the loss of lives and disappearances of persons.

Several other cases are still lined up in court even as human rights agencies warn that the situation is yet to improve.

Key among them is of four police officers charged with the murder of IJM lawyer Willie Kimani, his client Josephat Mwenda, and their taxi driver Joseph Mururi.

Four AP officers Fredrick Leliman, Stephen Chebulet, Sylvia Wanjiku, Leonard Maina Mwangi, and a police informer Peter Ngugi have denied the charges.









China: Rights lawyer Wang Quanzhang on trial December 26th

December 24, 2018

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Human rights lawyer #WangQuanzhang‘s trial will be held at 8:30 on 26 December 2018, according to his wife Li Wenzu who got the information from his lawyer Liu Weiguo.

(Facebook, 24/12/18)

Iran: Lawyer Says Iranian Activist Khandan Released, Support Hunger Strikes Ended

December 23, 2018

Nasrin Sotoudeh was imprisoned this year.

Iranian activist Reza Khandan, the husband of imprisoned human-rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, has been released from custody in Iran, his lawyer said in a post on Facebook on December 23.

Lawyer Mohammad Moghimi wrote that following Khandan’s release, both Sotoudeh and activist Farhad Meysami ended hunger strikes that were partially motivated by support for Khandan.

Moghimi said Khandan was released on December 23 but did not provide details on the circumstances or conditions.

Khandan was detained on September 4 after he complained on Facebook about human-rights violations in Iran, including the imprisonment of rights defenders and the prosecution of women who have campaigned against the requirement to wear the Islamic hijab.

Khandan faced charges of acting contrary to Iran’s national security and promoting “anti-hijab” activities.

On December 2, Khandan refused to attend a hearing before a branch of the Revolutionary Court, arguing that the charges against him are political, so his trial should be held in open session before a jury at the Tehran Criminal Court.

Meysami’s hunger strike lasted 145 days. Sotoudeh began her hunger strike on August 25.

Sotoudeh, 55, was arrested on June 13 and ordered to serve a five-year sentence imposed on her in absentia in September 2016 for allegedly carrying out “activities against national security in collaboration with domestic and foreign antirevolutionary elements,” according to Human Rights Watch.








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