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Syria: We remember Razan, Samira, Nazem and Wa’el five years after their kidnapping

December 7, 2018

On 09 December, people around the world rememberRazan ZaitounehSamira KhalilNazem Hamadi and Wa’el Hamada, kidnapped in Douma, Syria on this day five years ago. We, the undersigned human rights organisations, call on the United Nations, international and regional actors, and all parties to the Syrian conflict to actively facilitate an investigation into what happened to the four human rights defenders. They are among many Syrians who have been kidnapped, jailed, murdered or exiled for their peaceful human rights activities. We ask all friends and supporters to help remember Zaitouneh and her colleagues by sharing her work.

On 09 December 2013, a group of armed men presumed to be connected to the Army of Islam, a large local rebel faction at the time, broke into the Violations Documentation Centre (VDC) office in Douma city, kidnapped the four human rights defenders and took them to an unknown destination. According to unconfirmed reports, the Army of Islam kept captives, including possibly the VDC staff, at Tawbeh Prison for some time, but it has since been abandoned following the armed group’s departure from Douma in 2017.

Zaitouneh has published dozens of articles and reports on various websites and in newspapers about human rights including freedom of opinion and expression in Syria since 2004. In order to keep her work in the spotlight, her family has now published a website with a collection of her articles, as well as testimonies from people who admire her and worked with her.

Zaitouneh is one of the most prominent human rights defenders in Syria and along with other activists established the VDC, among several human rights NGOs that she helped found. She has played a key role in the promotion and protection of human rights through her brave work as a lawyer, human rights defender and journalist.








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Iran: Imprisoned Activist Reza Khandan Defies Politically Motivated Charges, Demands Public Trial

December 6, 2018

Civil rights activist Reza Khandan (left) has been detained since September 2018 while his wife, prominent attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh (right), has been detained since June.

Khandan Denied Lawyer of His Choice

Detained civil rights activist Reza Khandan refused to appear at Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran on December 2, 2018, Mohammad Moghimi, who is trying to represent him, told the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) on December 5.

“Mr. Khandan believes that the charges brought against him are political in nature and therefore, based on Article 168 of the Constitution and the Political Crimes Law, his trial should be held in the open at the Tehran Criminal Court in front of a jury,” Moghimi said.

“Moreover, he is objecting to the court’s rejection of his chosen lawyer and not being given a chance to meet him to review his case,” he added. “These are the reasons why he refused to show up in court.”

According to Article 168 of Iran’s Constitution, “Political and press offenses will be tried openly and in the presence of a jury, in courts of justice. The manner of the selection of the jury, its powers, and the definition of political offenses, will be determined by law in accordance with the Islamic criteria.”

In January 2018, as part of an intensifying state crackdown on human rights defenders in Iran, judicial offices in several Iranian cities received state-approved lists of lawyers that have been allowed by the judicial branch to take on cases involving national security charges at the preliminary investigation stage.

CHRI has since documented several cases of experienced defense attorneys being barred from representing individuals held on political charges as well as the attorneys themselves being arrested.







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The Philippines: Lawyer shot dead inside passenger van in Maguindanao

December 6, 2018

Story image for lawyer Nasser M. Laban from INQUIRER.net

An unidentified gunman shot dead a lawyer and wounded the driver inside a passenger van traveling from Tacurong City to Cotabato City Wednesday.

Police identified the victim as Nasser M. Laban, 48, a lawyer, peace advocate and a resident of Cotabato City. He has been moving around conducting fora about the Bangsamoro Organic Law.

Senior Supt. Madzgani Mukaram, Maguindanao police director, said the victim was on board a passenger van with about 10 passengers on the way to Cotabato City.

Mukaram said while the van was traversing the isolated stretch of the national highway in Barangay Meta, one of the passengers asked the driver to pull over so he could disembark.

But before the man alighted from the van, he shot Laban on his head using a cal. 45 pistol. He then left on board a motorbike driven by an accomplice.

Kaliman Sangkad, 35, the van driver, was hit by stray bullets and is now in critical condition.

Mukaram said the family was surprised by the incident since Laban has no known enemies and a leading peace advocate.


N.B.: This makes 39 lawyers (36) and law workers (3) victims of 45 murderous attacks (6 survivors) under the authoritarian Duterte regime (c. 29 months), considerably more than under his two predecessors as President.

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