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Ireland/Afghanistan: Irish Justice Community Response to Afghan Crisis


afghan crisis

The Law Society is a proud founding partner of the Irish Justice Community Response to Afghan Crisis. We are joined in this collaborative initiative by our colleagues in the Judiciary, led by International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) and the Association of Judges in Ireland (AJI), The Bar of Ireland, and Irish Rule of Law International (IRLI).

We are pleased to share that the Irish State has secured safe passage and protection for 11 Afghan female judges and their families arising from the dangers they would otherwise face by remaining in Afghanistan. Their arrival in Ireland is imminent.

Collective response

This initiative represents a unique demonstration of solidarity with our Afghan judicial and lawyer colleagues who have faced enormous challenges in recent months. As we know the position of female legal professionals in particular, judges and lawyers, is precarious under the Taliban regime.

The coalition of the above parties is inviting all members of the legal community to assist as part of a collaborative, justice sector-wide effort to support their safe transition to and settlement in Ireland. The Law Society is urging on members of the solicitors profession, those in a position to do so, to respond to this urgent call.

The best and most fitting model of support is one based on community sponsorship. This is where local colleagues assist in practical, social and professional ways to welcome and integrate those arriving, along with their families.

This model of support has proved successful elsewhere, and we believe is an effective way for the Irish legal community to lend its urgent support to our colleagues.

There are three ways that you can help:






Timor Leste/USA: ‘You know we are going to kill you’: Ex-priest’s chilling threat to lawyer


Richard Daschbach has support in high places in East Timor.

A defrocked Catholic priest accused of systematic child abuse in East Timor has been reported to police for allegedly threatening to kill the human rights lawyer representing the victims.

The claim against American-born Richard Daschbach was made in a statement released on Tuesday night by law firm JUS Juridico Social Consultoria.

“At around 11.15am [on Tuesday] inside the Oecusse District Court, the accused of the case of 14 counts of sexual abuse against children, one count of child pornography and domestic violence, ex-priest Mr Richard Daschbach threatened to kill Ms Barbara Oliveira, partner of JU,S Juridico Social,” the firm said in the statement.

“This threat was made inside the court building, directly witnessed by one member of the national police. While Ms Oliveira was sitting and working in the waiting area of the court waiting for the conclusion of the hearing, Mr Daschbach left the defendant waiting room to go to the toilet.

“Upon his return, Mr Daschbach walked across the open area and stood right in front of her while she remained sitting, at a distance of approximately 1.5m to 2m, and clearly uttered in English, ‘Barbara, you know we are going to kill you’. After that, he went back to the defendant room.”

The incident was reported to police and because Oliveira is a Brazilian and Portuguese national, their embassies in Dili have also been informed about the alleged death threat, the statement said.

Miguel Faria, one of the lawyers defending the sacked priest, told Portuguese news agency Lusa his team “were not aware of the situation”.

Daschbach, 84, is facing charges of child pornography, domestic violence and 14 counts of alleged abuse of girls under 14 at a shelter he operated in the country between 1991 and 2018.

The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age last month revealed a letter sent in 2018 by Daschbach to the Rome headquarters of the Society of the Divine Word, the church’s largest missionary order, in which he agreed to comply with any measures it imposed, saying “the victims could be anyone from about 2012 back to 1991”. The church expelled him soon afterwards.

His high-profile criminal trial in mostly Catholic East Timor has been held before three judges in the remote territory of Oecusse.




https://www.rtp.pt/noticias/mundo/organizacao-que-defende-vitimas-de-abuso-diz-ter-sido-alvo-de-ameacas-em-timor-leste_n1335072 (PORTUGUES)

https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2021/06/10/un-ex-pretre-americain-en-proces-au-timor-pour-abus-sexuels-sur-des-enfants (FRANCAIS)


October 21, 2019

Lawyer Jorge Menezes has appealed to the security forces in both Macau and Portugal to protect his family after they were threatened in a cyberattack that has the hallmarks of triad activity.

Widely viewed as an attack on the legal profession, Macau lawyers are rallying around Jorge Menezes with messages of solidarity.

Last week, the lawyer’s email account was hacked and a message was sent to himself with the negative image of his relative’s resident identity card (BIR) attached. The hacking occurred on the eve of an important trial hearing in Macau and is being interpreted as an attack against Menezes, his family and the legal profession.

Contacted yesterday by the Times, Menezes declined to comment on the emailed threat on the basis that it is now under investigation by the authorities in Macau.

News of the threat was first reported by Hoje Macau, which reviewed a letter sent by Menezes and addressed to Portugal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. According to the Portuguese-language daily, additional letters were sent to Macau’s Secretary of Security, Wong Sio Chak, the President of Portugal, the Secretary of State of the Portuguese Communities, and the Consul-General of Portugal in Macau.

In the letter seen by Hoje Macau, dated October 15, Menezes appeals to the government of Portugal to intervene “in the manner that it deems most efficient, with the authorities of the MSAR, so that they act to investigate and, mainly, to prevent the materialization of this threat.”

Lawyers rally in support of Menezes after triad-like threat



Portugal/ECHR: Infringement of the freedom of expression of two lawyers found liable for criticising two judges while acting in their capacity as representatives

October 8, 2019

In its Committee judgment in the case of L.P. and Carvalho v. Portugal (applications nos. 24845/13 and 49103/15) the European Court of Human Rights held, unanimously, that there had been:
a violation of Article 10 (freedom of expression) of the European Convention on Human Rights
The case concerned findings of liability against two lawyers for defamation (L.P.) and for attacking a person’s honour (Mr Carvalho) in respect of two judges, on account of documents drawn up by the lawyers in their capacity as representatives.
The Court found, in particular, that both applicants had been acting in the performance of their professional duties as lawyers. It further considered that the penalties had been apt to have a chilling effect on the profession of lawyer as a whole, especially with regard to lawyers’ defence of their clients’ interests. Consequently, the reasons given by the domestic courts to justify finding the applicants liable had been neither relevant nor sufficient and had not corresponded to a pressing social need. The interference had thus been disproportionate and had not been necessary in a democratic society.


https://www.lemondedudroit.fr/professions/238-avocat/66295-cedh-violation-de-la-libert%C3%A9-d-expression-de-deux-avocats.html (FRANCAIS)

Macau: Trial against assailants of lawyer Jorge Menezes held today

June 3, 2019

Image result for lawyer Jorge Menezes

On Monday, the Court of First Instance (TJB) held the first session of the trial against two Chinese men accused of attacking lawyer Jorge Menezes, six years after the attack took place.

According to court documents to which MNA had access, charges for assault with intent to cause serious injury were put forward against two Chinese nationals, a 29-year-old man, surnamed Feng and a 45-year-old, surnamed Yan.

None of the defendants was present in court today, and both did not present any written statements to be read in the session, with Mr. Menezes expressing after the session that he believed the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) did not make the necessary effort to assure the men could be present, or to assess who was behind the attack.

A daylight attack

According to case documents, the assault took place at 9:00am on May 16, 2013, when Mr. Menezes left his residence in Avenida do Infante D. Henrique to take his son – at the time five years of age – to the Jose Costa Nunes kindergarten.

Mr. Menezes stated that in Praca da Amizade, near the Macau Portuguese School (EPM), the defendant surnamed Yan attacked him from the back with a violent hit to the back of his head.

The man was said to have tied a 23.5 cm long brick in his fist ‘like a boxing glove’ with the purpose to inflict more damage, with the force of the blow said to have been such that it broke the brick in two pieces, one having fallen on the sidewalk and the other still remaining in the assailant’s hand.

The lawyer stated that he almost fell on the ground after the hit, with his head, face and chest becoming covered in blood. When he turned to the assailant, he was attacked two to three more times, managing to fend off the attacks with his right arm.