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Iran: Mahsa Amini: Intelligence ministry threatens family lawyers


The judicial authorities dealing with the murder case of Zhina Mahsa Amini have not taken any action regarding the requests of the lawyers of the Amini family.

An informed source told the Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that despite the lawyers’ objection to the forensic report and the request for the formation of a forensic medical board in which a number of trusted doctors introduced by the family would be present, so far the judicial authority has not taken any action to accept this legal request.

The source added that the Ministry of Intelligence had summoned and threatened the lawyers, banning them from interviews with the media and spreading information about the case.

Meanwhile, the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran have also tried to dissuade Amini’s family from further pursuing the case by threats or bribery attempts.

Reportedly, Ebrahim Raisi, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, during his recent trip to Kurdistan, requested to visit Mahsa Amini’s house and meet with her family. However, Amjad Amini, Mahsa’s father, rejected the request and refused to meet with the president.







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Iraqi Kurdistan: Discriminatory policies against prisoners of conscience, their lawyers


The authorities of Iraqi Kurdistan have continued to use arbitrary and discriminatory practices against prisoners of conscience and their lawyers, upon their arrest, during their trials, and during their detention, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor said Wednesday in a statement expressing deep concern.

The Kurdish authorities seem to ignore all calls to stop violations of individuals’ rights and improve the human rights situation in the region. They maintain their discriminatory and illegal practices, such as brutal arrests, spiteful accusations based on “information from a secret informant”, forcing individuals to confess to crimes they did not commit, and delaying their appearance before the courts for long periods.

Berivan Ayoub, 32 years old and a mother of five children, was released last May after detention of about 19 months for participating in a peaceful demonstration in October 2020. “I spent 15 days in solitary confinement. I was denied seeing my five children while in detention, and I was not brought before a judge until after one and a half years,” she said in a testimony carried to Euro-Med Monitor by a member of her defense team Bashdar Hassan.

“I suffered major health and social problems due to the arrest. My husband left me, and my health seriously deteriorated, as I went on seven hunger strikes in protest of not being brought to court,” she said.

What is more, not only activists were abused, but their lawyers as well. Activists’ lawyers were forced to go through unnecessary procedures, as they stepped in to defend activists and prisoners of conscience, apparently to obstruct and influence the defense process.

Bashdar Hassan told Euro-Med Monitor: “We are not able to obtain an agency from the activists during the investigation, unlike other defendants, except on the trial day. We are also denied visiting the detained activists and reviewing papers on their cases, which greatly hinders our work.”

He added, “The Internal Security Forces (Asayish) treat us terribly, as we try to follow up on the cases of detained activists and journalists in particular. This made lawyers reluctant to defend them. We submitted several complaints to the High Commission for Human Right against the Asayish’s behavior in undermining fair trial standards, but these complaints remained without an answer.”




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Three More Iranian Rights Attorneys Slapped with Unjust Prison Sentences


Three more human rights attorneys in Iran were handed unjust prison sentences in July 2021 amid an ongoing campaignto eliminate due process for activists and dissidents by intimidating the lawyers who defend them, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has learned.

At least four defense lawyers were imprisoned in the country on trumped-up charges as of August 2021 (Nasrin Sotoudeh, Mohammad Najafi, Soheila Hejab, and Giti Pourfazel), and at least two additional lawyers (Farzaneh Zilabi and Mohammad Hadi Erfanian-Kaseb) were prosecuted on false charges in June 2021.

Javad Alikordi, a defense attorney and law professor, was taken to Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad, northeastern Iran, on July 15, 2021, to begin serving a two-year prison sentence for running a Telegram messaging app social media channel.

Any peaceful action, including appearing in public without your headscarf if you are a woman, or promoting human rights as a defense attorney can be prosecuted as a national security crime in Iran, where the state is not only trying to eliminate all forms of dissent and criticism of its policies but also imprisons the lawyers who try to defend activists.

Alikordi, a former member of the City Council in Sabzevar, Khorasan Razavi Province, was arrested by Intelligence Ministry agents in Mashhad on April 22, 2020, and held in solitary confinement for more than a month.

He was tried at Branch 4 of the Revolutionary Court in Mashhad presided by Judge Mansouri [first name unknown] at an unknown date and convicted of “creating and managing a channel on Telegram (messaging app) with the intention of overthrowing the state” (6.5 years in prison), “insulting the supreme leader” (1.5 years), and “propaganda against the state” (eight months).

Upon appeal, his 6.5-year prison sentence for “creating and managing a channel on Telegram (messaging app) with the intention of overthrowing the state” was reduced to two years in prison, the length of time he must remain behind bars according to Article 134 of Iran’s Islamic Penal Code.

Branch 37 of the Appeals Court in Khorasan Razavi Province meanwhile upheld other punishments against Alikordi, including a two-year ban on teaching, a two-year ban on traveling abroad, and a two-year ban on membership in political and social groups.  

Amirsalar Davoudianother defense attorney who was imprisoned for running a Telegram channel, learned that the Tehran Revolutionary Court re-issued a sentence of 30 years in prison and 111 lashes that was initially revoked by the Supreme Court.






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Iran/Kurdistan: Sanandaj / Detention of a Kurdish lawyer in order to execute a court order


Sanandaj / Detention of a Kurdish lawyer in order to execute a court order

On Wednesday, July 14, Farhad Mohammadi, a lawyer of the  Judiciary, was arrested and sent to Sanandaj Central Prison to serve his sentence of 10 months in prison.

Farhad Mohammadi was arrested by the Sanandaj Intelligence News Headquarters on January 2, 2019 and was transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison on May 25, after completing his interrogation. 

On July 9, 2019 was temporarily released on bail of 500 million tomans and  and his attorney’s case has been suspended.

Mohammadi was sentenced by a Sanandaj Revolutionary Court to 4 years in prison in March, but his sentence was reduced to ten months in prison on appeal for acting against national security.




Iran: Sanandaj / A Kurdish lawyer was sentenced to 10 months in prison for political activity


Sanandaj / A Kurdish lawyer was sentenced to 10 months in prison for political activity

The Kurdish lawyer was sentenced by the First Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj to 4 years in prison for “acting against national security”, but this sentence was reviewed in recent days and then reduced to 10 months in prison.

Farhad Mohammadi was arrested by the Sanandaj Intelligence News Headquarters on May 25, 2019, and was transferred to Sanandaj Central Prison . on July 9, 2019, after completing his interrogation.



Iraq: Iraqi lawyer speaks of detention for ‘insulting authorities’


Ibrahim al-Sumaida'i was arrested on Friday. Photo: Facebook

An Iraqi lawyer and activist has spoken of his detention on allegations of “insulting public authorities” after his release on Monday. 

Ibrahim al-Sumaida’i was taken to an unknown location and placed in solitary confinement after a raid on his house in Baghdad on Friday, he said in a statement on Tuesday. His phone was searched and he was unable to leave the room to use the bathroom, he said.

Iraqi security forces arrested Sumaida’i late on Friday, acting on an arrest warrant on the charge of “publicly insulting public authorities” issued by the Al-Karkh Investigation Court in Baghdad, after a representative from the Supreme Judicial Council filed a lawsuit against him.

The warrant was issued following “his attack on official institutions, describing them with bad words that go beyond the limits of the freedom of expression,” according to a statement from the Supreme Judicial Council on Saturday, who said he had made “indecent comments” in a WhatsApp group chat with group MPs and journalists.

“The court asked me to apologize for what I said, and I repeat my apology in this statement,” said Sumaida’i, adding that he is “astonished” that authorities have lodged lawsuits against people “for having opinions.”

He was released on bail on Monday.

His arrest was criticized by the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights, which expressed “grave concern” that the arrest warrant was issued without regard for humanitarian and legal legislation. It is a “flagrant violation of human rights,” the commission said on Saturday, calling for Sumaida’i’s immediate release.




Iran/Kurdistan: Marivan: IRGC intelligence arrested a lawyer


Marivan: IRGC intelligence arrested a lawyer

Gulaleh Watandoust, a lawyer in the city of Marivan, was arrested by the IRGC.

“The Kurdish woman lawyer has been detained by Marivan security forces in recent days, and several days after her arrest, no information is available on the charges against her or where she is being held,” Asonews reported.

In the past, Galaleh Watandoust had been repeatedly summoned, threatened, intimidated, and detained by the IRGC’s intelligence service.


Iran/Turkey/Syria: Nine protesters detained outside Turkish embassy in Tehran

October 13, 2019

Nine people were detained by Iranian security forces outside the Turkish embassy in Tehran on Saturday while protesting against Turkey’s ongoing military offensive in northeast Syria.

Since Operation Peace Spring began on Wednesday evening, protests have sprung up across Iranian Kurdistan, also known as Rojhelat, concentrated on the major Kurdish cities of Sanandaj, Baneh, Piranshar, and Marivan, amid a heavy security presence.

Hundreds of protesters also gathered outside the Turkish embassy in the Iranian capital Tehran on Saturday to protest Ankara’s Syria offensive. The protesters chanted “death to Turkey and Erdogan” and “Rojava is not alone”.

One protester, who wished to remain anonymous, told Rudaw at least nine people were detained by security forces.

“Minutes after the protests started, security forces forced the protesters to leave the area with force,” the protester said. “The security forces detained nine protesters.”

Abdullah Jahanbyn, head of a Kurdish lawyers group, and Ismail Salary, a Kurdish human rights lawyer, are among those detained, he added.



Iran/Kurdistan: The Secretary of National Unity Party in Kurdistan Released on Bail

July 12, 2019

The Secretary of National Unity Party in Kurdistan Released on Bail

Farhad Mohammadi, a lawyer and secretary of the National Unity Party in Kurdistan, was released on bail.

Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) has been informed that this lawyer was released from Sanandaj Central Prison at noon on Tuesday, July 9, 2019 after a 6-month detention on a heavy bail of 500 million Tomans.

This activist was arrested on Jan 4, 2019 following the massive arrest of environmental activists and members of the National Unity Party in Sanandaj and Kamyaran. He was detained in the solitary confinement of the Ministry of Intelligence Detention Centre in Sanandaj under the Torture and pressure for about 5 months of his arrest in order to make false confessions.

He was transferred to the quarantine ward of Sanandaj Central Prison on May 25, 2019 but – contrary to the usual practice of being released on bail, his interim detention was illegally extended per the request of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Islamic Revolutionary court of Sanandaj.

Farhad Mohammadi had only one short visit with his family in the presence of his interogators during the entire term of his detention despite the fact that his young daughter had been admitted to the hospital for a serious illness at the same time.

A month after his arrest, 59 lawyers published an open letter in which they had asked for the release of Mohammadi while stressing on his good professional standing.

The Secretary of National Unity Party in Kurdistan Released on Bail

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