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Iran/The Philippines/China/Nigeria: LSO expresses concern over global human rights violations

July 16, 2019

Organization has issued statements condemning violations of legal professionals’ human rights

LSO expresses concern over global human rights violations

The Law Society of Ontario has expressed “grave concerns” regarding human rights violations against members of the legal profession across the globe.

“Lawyers should be able to exercise their legitimate duties without fear for their lives, for their liberty or for their security. The Law Society of Ontario urges all governments to comply with international human rights laws, including the United Nations’ Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers,” the society said in a statement.

The law society’s Human Rights Monitoring Group have issued public statements regarding the following lawyers:

  • Jiang Tianyong in China, who is being subjected to surveillance and restrictions on freedom of movement after his release from prison for “incitement to subvert state power.”
  • Nasrin Sotoudeh in Iran, who was convicted on seven charges, and sentenced to 33 years in prison and 148 lashes. According to credible reports, the charges stem solely from her human rights work and for having spoken out against the death penalty in Iran.





https://lso.ca/nouvelles-et-evenements/nouvelles/2019/le-barreau-est-tres-preoccupe-par-les-violations-des-droits-de-la-personne-a-l%E2%80%99encontre-de-membres-d (FRANCAIS)




Canada: Arrêté pour avoir menacé un avocat et un huissier

le 14 juin, 2019

Ce Québécois a menacé de s’en prendre aux juristes avec une arme à feu…

Un avocat et un huissier ont été victimes de graves menaces de la part de Marc Bellemare, un individu insatisfait du dénouement d’un dossier de nature civile dont il faisait l’objet.

Bellemare aurait dit aux juristes qu’il voulait s’en prendre à eux avec une arme à feu.

L’homme de 62 ans a été arrêté le 10 juin dernier pour avoir proféré des menaces envers des personnes associées au système de justice, rapporte le Courrier Frontenac.

Il a comparu le 11 juin dernier au palais de justice de Thetford Mines sous des chefs d’accusation de bris de probation et d’avoir proféré des menaces. Il est présentement détenu jusqu’à la suite des procédures, fixée le 8 juillet.


Un Thetfordois arrêté pour menaces envers un avocat et un huissier

Arrestation pour menaces envers des personnes associées au système de Justice

India/Canada: Gurpreet Singh: Indian lawyer Deepika Singh Rajawat presented with medal of courage in Surrey

May 19, 2019

Indians Abroad for Pluralist India members Rakesh Kumar and Parshotam Dosanjh were among many who were present to hear Deepika Singh Rajawat (right) speak at the Surrey City Centre Library.

A visiting human rights lawyer from India who fought for justice to the family of an eight-year-old victim of rape and murder was honoured at a well-attended public event in Surrey on Saturday (May 18).

Deepika Singh Rajawat stepped forward at personal risk to defend the family of Asifa Bano—a Muslim nomad girl who was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and killed by Hindu fundamentalists in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir in January 2018.

Those involved in the conspiracy wanted to terrorize and humiliate Muslims in the area by and using rape as a weapon.

Rajawat faced threats and intimidation in the deeply polarized society of India. The accused continue to enjoy the patronage of the ruling right-wing Hindu nationalist Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), which holds power in India.

Rajawat was presented with the Radical Desi medal of courage at the Surrey City Centre Library by members of Indians Abroad for Pluralist India (IAPI).

IAPI president Parshotam Dosanjh presented her with the medal amid huge applause.

Radical Desi is an online publication that covers alternative politics and last year it declared Rajawat as its Person of the Year. IAPI and Radical Desi have partnered on number of initiatives.



Human rights defender from India, Deepika Singh Rajawat, introduced to BC Legislature



I Don’t Know Till When I Will Be Alive Says Kathua Rape Case Lawyer



https://m.punjabitribuneonline.com/article/%E0%A8%AE%E0%A8%A8%E0%A9%81%E0%A9%B1%E0%A8%96%E0%A9%80-%E0%A8%85%E0%A8%A7%E0%A8%BF%E0%A8%95%E0%A8%BE%E0%A8%B0-%E0%A8%95%E0%A8%BE%E0%A8%B0%E0%A8%95%E0%A9%81%E0%A8%A8-%E0%A8%A6%E0%A8%BE-%E0%A8%AC/1551607 (HINDI)

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Pakistan/UK: Lawyer who defended Asia Bibi named Secularist of the Year

May 18, 2019

Lawyer who defended Asia Bibi named Secularist of the Year

A lawyer who defended a Christian woman who spent eight years on death row for blasphemy in Pakistan has been named as the Secularist of the Year for 2019.

Saif ul Malook, who defended Asia Bibi, was awarded the National Secular Society’s annual prize at its Secularism 2019 conference on Saturday 18 May.

The award presented by the human rights barrister and NSS honorary associate Geoffrey Robertson QC.

Asia Bibi was sentenced to death by hanging for allegedly insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad in November 2010. Pakistan’s Supreme Court ordered her to be freed in October 2018. It upheld her acquittal in the face of a petition urging its quashing in January.

Malook represented Asia Bibi from 2014 until the end of the process. He has faced death threats from Islamists in response, as have the judges who ordered her to be freed.

He is now handling another blasphemy case involving Shaghufta Kausar, who faces a possible death sentence in Pakistan over a text message that allegedly insulted Muhammad.

Saif ul Malook said:

“Thanks to the National Secular Society for recognising my efforts to secure the acquittal of Asia Bibi.

“To fight blasphemy cases in Pakistan is putting one’s own and families’ lives at risk. The moral support from organisations such as the NSS has given me the courage to take the case of Shaghufta Kausar – another Christian woman on death row on blasphemy charges.

“I assure you that I plan to continue my mission in providing legal aid to all blasphemy victims even in future regardless to the threat to my life.”







Pakistani mother cleared of blasphemy charges, joins her daughters in Canada




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Pakistan: Aasia Bibi’s lawyer will now plead the case of a Christian couple on death-row

May 11, 2019


Saiful Malook, the lawyer who pleaded the case of Aasia Bibi is all set to fight the case of a Christian couple who are now on death row for committing blasphemy.

The couple was directed to pay Rs100,000 fine each and in case of default, they would further undergo six months’ imprisonment.

Shagufta Kausar and Shafqat Masih were given death sentence under Section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) read with Section 34 of the PPC by the additional sessions judge of Toba Tek Singh on April 4, 2014.

Saiful Malook advocate confirmed to a private source that he had submitted his Vakalatnama in the LHC to plead their case, saying that he had already met with Kausar in Multan jail.

Malook – who was offered citizenship by EU countries but returned to Pakistan to play his role in human rights matters – said Kausar is lodged in the same death cell, where Bibi was imprisoned before her acquittal in the blasphemy case by the Supreme Court late last year.

The couple’s appeal is pending in the Lahore High Court (LHC) and a hearing is likely to be fixed soon.

Aasia Bibi’s lawyer will now plead the case of a Christian couple on death-row






More Christians awaiting death penalty in Pakistani jail


https://www.amnesty.org/fr/latest/news/2019/05/pakistan-government-of-pakistan-must-repeal-its-blasphemy-laws/ (FRANCAIS)

France/Iran: Douai Un soutien à l’avocate iranienne Nasrin Sotoudeh

le 10 mai, 2019

Nasrin Sotoudeh, une avocate iranienne, défend les droits de l’homme dans un pays où, c’est peu de le dire, cet engagement est risqué. Prix Sakharov pour la liberté de l’esprit en 2012 (un prix décerné par le Parlement européen), Me  Sotoudeh s’est signalée dernièrement en défendant les femmes qui ont enlevé leur voile en public, revendiquant le droit de sortir tête nue. La provocation de trop pour la justice iranienne qui l’a condamné à cinq ans…


Liberté pour Maître Nasrin Sotoudeh – آزادی برای وکیل نسرین ستوده



https://www.dw.com/fa-ir/interview/a-48685775?fbclid=IwAR0Eee7Ph6X9NflZeD6yNX9hNAn-xnRBA8J3-Hwj6quumNCKhLXYlKx-Nz4 (FARSI)

https://www.iranhumanrights.org/2019/05/proposal-aims-to-allow-authorities-to-hold-detainees-for-at-least-20-days-without-counsel/ (ENGLISH)

https://observatoryihr.org/news_item/canada-challenges-iranian-culture-of-impunity-at-ottawa-conference/ (ENGLISH)

https://www.voanews.com/a/iranian-students-protest-mandatory-headscarf-rule/4915075.html (ENGLISH)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nasrin_Sotoudeh (ENGLISH)

https://www.amnotizie.it/2019/05/10/nasrin-sotoudeh-socia-della-camera-penale-di-patti/ (ITALIANO)

https://www.emiliaromagnanews24.it/lunedi-13-maggio-riunione-del-consiglio-comunale-di-bologna-106532.html (ITALIANO)

https://palermo-24h.com/patti-nasrin-sotoudeh-socia-onoraria-della-camera-penale/ (ITALIANO)

https://www.jagran.com/world/middle-east-iranian-human-rights-lawyer-nasrin-sotoudeh-sentenced-to-38-years-in-prison-and-148-lashes-jagran-special-19218344.html (HINDI)


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Pakistan: Why Pakistan’s blasphemy law must be abolished

May 10, 2019

Asia Bibi is now safely in Canada. Picture: AFP.

Asia Bibi‘s long and highly publicized ordeal is finally over – she has been allowed to leave Pakistan. Bibi, a Christian, was convicted of blasphemy and sentenced to death. However, she was acquitted by the Supreme court in October last year after the prosecution failed to submit valid evidence against her.

Bibi’s acquittal sparked protests by religious fundamentalists across the country, and despite being acquited by the highest court in the country, Bibi was not allowed to leave Pakistan. The review petition against Bibi was also dismissed by the Supreme Court, but she was forced to remain in Pakistan until she quietly left for Canada on Wednesday. Such is the sensitivity of the matter that the government is tight-lipped about Bibi’s departure and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declined to confirm she was in Canada for security reasons.

Bibi is one of the more fortunate victims of Article 295-C of the constitution: unlike many others accused of blasphemy, after spending eight years in prison, she was able to flee the country. There are still dozens of people accused of blasphemy languishing behind bars in until their cases can be heard. The lower courts do not like to go against public sentiment and in most cases, despite the evidence against them being weak, the accused are given death sentences. The case of Professor Junaid Hafeez is a classic example. Hafeez, a lecturer at a government university in Punjab, was charged with blasphemy because of a Facebook post he made in 2013, and since then his case has been pending in the lower courts and the judge presiding over the case has been replaced six times. His lawyer, Rashid Rehman, was murdered in broad daylight after he refused to abandon the case.

Despite the prevalence of people being wrongly accused of blasphemy, Pakistan is still not ready to embrace reform. Hafeez is in solitary confinement and his misery is likely to continue indefinitely. The unsung hero of the Bibi case, the lawyer Saif ul Malook, who courageously fought for her acquittal, told this correspondent that in future he may take up the case of Hafeez. Malook is considered the best lawyer to defend people accused of blasphemy. He is immensely courageous and his knowledge of the law and the prosecution system is unrivaled. But what about the other people who are still waiting for justice to be served and why are their cases not getting media attention?



Asia Bibi happy to be in Canada but ‘very tired’ after blasphemy ordeal, says friend


Asia Bibi leaves for Canada: Lessons for Pakistan








https://www.asiabibi.com/ (FRANCAIS)