China: Liberty University student petitions for release of father from Chinese prison

April 26, 2017

LNA 04262017 Xia Family.jpg

“I will be back within 24 hours.”

That was the last thing Liberty University student Chongyu Xia recalled his father saying as security officials escorted him out of their Beijing home.

That also was the last time Chongyu Xia saw his father.

It’s now been 900 days since his father was taken, according to Chongyu Xia’s recently released petition meant to urge the Embassy of China in Washington, D.C., to broker the release of his father, Xia Lin, a human rights lawyer.

Xia Lin was arrested Nov. 8, 2014, accused of “gambling and fraud,” according to the Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD), a coalition of Chinese and international human rights non-governmental organizations dedicated to the promotion of human rights through peaceful efforts, according to its website. According to a CHRD letter to the United Nations, Xia Lin was accused of defrauding $1.5 million to pay off debts incurred through a gambling addiction.

India: Lawyer shot in Munger

April 26, 2017

Three unidentified criminals in their early 20s killed advocate Jaldhar Yadav (50) in his house at Heru Diaraunder New Ram Nagar police station area on the outskirts of the town on Tuesday. The criminals fled on foot, his neighbours said.
“The advocate was declared brought dead by the doctors at the hospital,” police said.

“According to family members, three persons posing as clients came and discussed about filing a bail application at the civil court on Wednesday. After going through the papers, Yadav started writing the bail petition when one of the criminals shot him from close range,” police said. ASP Harishankar Kumar said the reason behind the crime was not known.

Iran: Shirin Ebadi: ‘Outside of Iran I knew I’d be more useful. I could speak’

April 25, 2017

The Nobel peace prize-winning human rights lawyer Shirn Ebadi.

Of all the places one might encounter Shirin Ebadi, Tallahassee should not be one. I was to meet her in the state capital of what is officially known as America’s sunshine state, but is more widely regarded as America’s weirdest state. Ebadi was in Florida for PeaceJam, which connects Nobel peace prize laureates with youth. But I found it hard to imagine the greatest Iranian human rights icon spending Persian New Year week at a teen camp on the Florida panhandle. “I go everywhere, I live on planes,” she tells me on the phone and indeed days later I’m scheduled to meet her closer to my home in New York City.

On the phone I hold my breath every time we speak – her informal, easy Persian contrasts with mine, layered with too much cloying etiquette, the kind you prepare for some relative of your dreams. Persian is my first language – I use it to speak to my family and Iranian friends, but recently I feel anxious. I consider the prospect of translating Persian for those trapped in legalese at airports during the “Muslim ban”, and I don’t trust my tongue.

Trouble came soon enough: in 1999 she was charged with “disturbing public opinion”, for which she spent 25 days in solitary confinement in Evin Prison, where she had visited her clients many times. More convictions quickly followed and she was threatened with more imprisonment and a bar on practicing law for five years but due to international pressure her sentence was reduced to a fine.

When the Nobel came in 2003, Ebadi was shocked. “I had no idea I was a candidate. When I found out, I was very surprised. The [prize] money helped me so I could get a good apartment, get some computers in there, and our work really progressed.” She set up an office for what would become a major human rights organisation, the Center for Defenders of Human Rights (CDHR) which supported the families of political prisoners.

Pakistan/India: Pakistan lawyers told to not take up Kulbhushan Jadhav case

April 25, 2017

Ex-naval officer can move Supreme Court of Pakistan against order of military court.

India: Enactment of “HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS (RECOGNITION, SUPPORT AND PROTECTION) ACT” – Please sign the petition!

April 24, 2017

Human Rights Defenders often face several kinds of reprisal for their legitimate human rights work both in the hands of State and/or non-state actors whose wrongdoings/illegal activities they challenge to redress a promote human rights and/or to redress an incident of human rights violation. They often work alone with no or limited knowledge, skill, resource and support and often their important human rights work is derecognised and discouraged. So, to recognise their work,  to provide support for their human rights work and to provide protection to them when they are at risk facing reprisal or under attack for their legitimate human rights work, it is pertinent to enact a law by Indian Parliament to expressly acknowledge the Rights and Responsibility of the Human Rights Defenders as per the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Defenders, 1998 and as Recommended  to the Government of India by the United Nations Special Rapporteur  on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders after her Country Visit to India in 2011 and as recommendations received by Government of India in United Nations Universal Periodic Review  from  four countries in 2012.  The proposed Act will afford protection to lawyers as well.


Cameroon: Cameroon -Anglophone crisis :”I will be happy if Dr NKongho and Co rot in jail”‘-Ekame

April 25, 2017

patrick Ekame

Man who instructed shops of North westerners to be burnt at mile 17 Buea three months ago for respecting ghost town say he will be happy if the Anglophone leaders arrested during the current movement and imparticular the Président of the anglophone civil society consortium (CACSC) Barrister  Nkongho Félix Agbor  Balla and the secretary general Dr. fontem Neba rot in jail,a source close to him hinted following his recent release on radio yesterday .

Mayor Patrick Ekame of Buea council who has been on the other side of the cry of anglophones against marginalization. He made no secret about his stands against the restoration of the Southern Cameroons statehood and says he will be pleased if at the least those arrested and transferred to Yaoundé receive life imprisonment.

After failing to ingnit Anglophone divide and thanking Biya for restoring Internet in English speaking Cameroon, mayor Ekema Patrick yesterday during the 6pm news over Equinox blamed that senator Mbella Moki Charles is one of the south west elites fanning the strike in the South west region.

Cameroon: Affaire Ayah Paul: La famille accuse le gouvernement d’intimidation: Cameroun

le 25 avril, 2017

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