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(Taipei Conference 2016) China: Initiatives for Supporting the Chinese Human Rights Lawyers: A View from the International Association of People’s Lawyers

By Gill H. Boehringer (presentation at the International Conference on Rights of China Lawyers, Taipei, 9 January 2016)


I feel privileged to be here today amongst such a distinguished and, I must say, formidable line-up of speakers and conference participants.

And I would like to congratulate our hosts for their splendid work in organizing this historic event and, of course, their hard work and commitment in supporting the Chinese human rights lawyers.

I also wish to pay my respects to our friends and colleagues from Hong Kong for the singular and inspiring work they have been doing for the defence of the Chinese lawyers, but also in providing the rest of the world with so much, and so immediate, information that has allowed the international community to push back against the government in China.

Finally, to the courageous lawyers from mainland China- I salute you.

I have been asked to talk about the work done by the IAPL on this matter of the “709” (July 9th 2015) crackdown in China, and attacks on lawyers generally. It was also suggested that I should indicate what I believe the international legal community and human rights groups can do to assist the beleaguered Chinese lawyers-and the others suffering along with them which includes family, friends, colleagues, and the activists who support them as well as the lawyers who defend them.

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(IAPL) Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2016

The political and social situation in Honduras was aggravated by the U.S. backed coup d’etat in 2009, and the society has plunged in the interests of corruption and violence of private groups and organized crime organizations associated to the state. The National Comissioner of Human Rights  (CONADEH) reports that, between 2010 and March 2015, 89 lawyers were fallen in violent death.

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(Alternative Law Journal) Updates by country

Down Under All Over, by Gill Boehringer, Monitoring Committee on Attacks on Lawyers, IAPL, volume 40(4), see last page

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(PhilStar) The Philippines: Australian law prof: Philippines a very dangerous place for lawyers

September 8, 2015

(Crime scene investigators examine the vehicle of slain trial court Judge Jude Erwin Alaba at the court compound in Barangay Suklayin, Baler, Aurora September 1. )

An Australian law professor on Monday said the “Philippines is a very dangerous place for lawyers” following the death of a Baler Regional Trial Court (RTC) judge.

In a letter sent to, Gill Boehringer, former dean of Macquarie University School of Law in Sydney, Australia, urged the government to act on protecting the lawyers under threat.

“Lawyers are not the most admired profession, but without them the rule of law would not survive. It is often the lawyers who are most concerned to protect the rights of others without thought for their own safety who are the victims of murderous attacks,”

Boehringer cited that Baler RTC Judge Erwin Alba, shot dead last September 1, was the 24th judge murdered in the Philippines since 1999.

(DISSENT) Special issue on attacks on lawyers

Special issue of the journal of International Association of People’s Lawyers (IAPL), released in May 2015.

DISSENT Special Issue Attacks on Lawyers

(Alternative Law Journal) Attacks On Lawyers: A threat to democracy by Gill H Boehringer, Stuart Russell, Kristian Boehringer and Julio Moreira

Lawyers, and other human rights defenders (‘HRDs’), are currently under attack. In The Perils of Defending Human Rights (2014) 39(3) AltLJ 183, Hina Jilani provided a valuable overview of the precarious position of HRDs in the world today. They are caught between state forces on the one hand, which are attempting to ensure the fulfilment of pro-development and often anti-people, neo-liberal practices and policies and, on the other hand, non-state actors (‘NSAs’) such as para-militaries, private armies and hired assassins, acting on behalf of private interests.

It is impossible to get precise figures on the extent of attacks on HRDs, but available research indicates they are targeted in large numbers around the globe. Interestingly, and not surprisingly, the media has for years given considerable exposure to the deaths and other attacks on journalists. And so they should, as journalists are also fighters for rights and freedoms, essential for the preservation, or establishment, of democracy. But the daily toll of attacks on HRDs is surely much higher and deserves more prominence in the media. A recent French report indicates that in Colombia alone there have been 400 lawyers killed since 1991.…word/833-attacks-on-lawyers-a-threat-to-democracy

(IAPL) Day of Endangered Lawyer 2015

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The IAPL expresses solidarity with lawyers and legal workers around the world on the Fifth “Day of the Endangered Lawyer”, Friday, January 23, 2015. The date has been celebrated since 2010. The international focus this year is on the Philippines and IAPL has deep concern for our colleagues in the Philippines who have experienced the loss of more than 100 fighters of legal profession since 1998.

Attacks on lawyers, fatal and otherwise, occur across the world in all types of countries. They are increasing in frequency. More than 1000 lawyers and legal workers have been killed or disappeared in the past several decades.

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