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Afghanistan: Law Professor Faizullah Jalal Arrested by Taliban


Sources in Kabul report the arrest of Faizullah Jalal, the Kabul University professor, and political expert.

He was arrested by the Taliban forces from his home in the Macroyan area, sources told Hasht-e Subh.  

So far, the cause of the arrest is unknown, according to sources.

Earlier, Faizullah Jalal, a law professor at Kabul University, had sharply criticized the Taliban during a live TOLOnews discussion in Kabul on November 21, with Mohammad Naeem Wardak, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar which part of Jalal’s speech had made headlines among social media users, who were worried about his life.

At that time, Faizullah Jalal sharply criticized the Taliban for their actions and called on them to reform themselves.






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Iran: Human rights lawyer Mustafa Nili released on bail


On 18 December 2021, human rights defender Mustafa Nili was released on eight billion IRR bail after spending more than four months under arbitrary detention in Evin prison, in Tehran.

On 14 August 2021, Iranian authorities arbitrarily arrested a group of seven human rights defenders, including Mustafa Nili, four other lawyers and one journalist, as they were preparing to file a complaint against the country’s National Task Force Against Coronavirus, the Minister of Health and other officials responsible for the mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis.

Mustafa Nili is a human rights defender and lawyer, who has represented many political prisoners, including student union activists. He was arrested in December 2009 as a result of taking part in peaceful protests against the results of the 2009 presidential elections in Iran. In November 2010, Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court convicted the human rights defender to three years on the charge of “gathering and collusion to act against the national security” and an additional six months in prison on the charge of “propaganda against state”, due to him taking part in the protests and publishing critical content against violent crackdowns on the peaceful protests in 2009. Branch 54 of the Court of Appeals confirmed the prison sentences in April 2011 and consequently the defender served his sentence from 18 July 2011 to 18 November 2014.





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