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CCBE Statement on the rule of law


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The CCBE calls for a more developed analysis of the independence of lawyers and Bars in the next #RuleofLaw Report 2022.

Le CCBE appelle à une analyse plus développée de l’indépendance des avocats et des barreaux dans le prochain rapport sur l’#étatdedroit 2022.

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China: Lin’s Uprising — A Rights Lawyer Recounts How His Law Firm Was Shut Down and His License Revoked


Lin Qilei (蔺其磊) is one of the most productive human rights lawyers in China for over a decade. Like many human rights lawyers, especially since the 709 Crackdown, he has been targeted and now driven out of the profession for his work. In this 12-minute video, he recounts how the Beijing Municipal Justice Bureau denied his law firm of annual reviews and then shut it down, and how it eventually revoked his license in October 2021. More than 40 human rights lawyers have been disbarred since 2016, and Lin Qilei is the third lawyer disbarred in 2021. All three were involved in the defense of “the Hong Kong 12.” You may also want to watch “Lawyer Lin”, a short documentary made by German student David Missal. — The Editors

Hello, I am lawyer Lin Qilei. Today is November 9, 2021. I have been wanting to make videos, and here I am today. This is my first time. The main purpose of recording this video is to sum up how my law license was revoked and my law firm, the Beijing Ruikai Law Firm, was shut down by the Beijing Municipal Justice Bureau.

The law firm I founded, Beijing Ruikai Law Firm, was established in Sept. 2009. At first we handled some public interest cases, followed by many cases of religious believers and pro-democracy activists that were considered “sensitive” by the authorities. This got us noticed and targeted. As a result, the firm met difficulties during the Justice Bureau’s annual review of lawyers and law firms, the cases we handled were interfered. But I have always insisted on doing what a lawyer should do, adhering to my professional duties within the scope of the law. That means I wouldn’t obey certain directives from the authorities.

Our firm and our lawyers then became targets unfortunately. When the authorities failed to control us, they started to make things difficult for us; when this too failed to have the intended outcome, they resorted to denying us some of the conditions required for lawyers to practice law. June 1, 2018 was the deadline for Beijing Justice Bureau’s annual review. Both the Beijing Justice Bureau and the Chaoyang District Justice Bureau refused to accept our law firm’s materials for the annual review.

This was followed by a so-called on-site investigation of our law firm, including the issuance of an administrative investigation notice. One of the problems they cited was that our legal practice certificates were not displayed in the office. This was the reason the Justice Bureau cited for refuse to pass our annual review. During the two-year administrative investigation, our firm’s annual reviews were denied twice in a row. In the end, we were unable to reach a consensus with the Justice Bureau, as I could not accept some of their arguments.

On January 4, 2021, I received a written decision from the Beijing Justice Bureau to terminate Beijing Ruikai Law Firm. Our firm, which had been operating for more than 10 years, was thus illegally shut down on the grounds that the firm had not taken part in the annual review. Within the statutory deadline, we filed a complaint in the Beijing Tongzhou District Court against the decision, because it clearly stated that, if we do not accept the decision, we may file a complaint with the Beijing Tongzhou District People’s Court.





https://latribune.avocats.be/fr/lin-qilei (FRANCAIS)

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