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Canada: Shameful that Toronto school board opposed Marie Henein event


Lawyer Marie Henein during a press conference in Ottawa on Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

In 2016, I attended an event where Marie Henein was the keynote speaker. It was one of those events geared to young women in the legal profession. Usually at events like this, the speakers rattle on about the fictional notion of “work life balance” and how to manage a career and running a household. By the way, these talks never happen at events geared towards men.

At the time of this event, I had recently had a baby and was feeling all the uncertainty and insecurities that come with being a first-time mom. I was lost and trying to find my way in the legal industry, and Henein’s keynote was a breath of fresh air. She delivered the straight goods. No sugar coating or fluff. She talked about her experiences defending high-profile clients and making a name for herself as the top criminal defence lawyer in Canada.

That day, Henein told the crowd of young female lawyers in the room to avoid becoming cynical about the justice system and to never forget why we went to law school in the first place. She said “take your rightful place in this profession” and be confident about what you are doing.

I held onto every word of her speech and remember thinking at the time that this is the kind of empowering message I wanted my baby daughter to hear one day. Henein’s words truly had an impact on me. I continue to look to her for inspiration and I know many other women in law who consider Henein their hero.

I was, therefore, disgusted and appalled to learn that the organizer of a book club for adolescent girls was told by the Toronto District School Board that they would not promote an event scheduled with Henein this month about her new book, Nothing But the Truth: A Memoir . As reported by the Globe and Mail , the book club, which is largely attended by teenaged girls who come from low-income families, had planned an event where the girls would discuss the book and meet with Henein for a virtual discussion.

Apparently, Henein is too good at her job for the liking of the TDSB.

Tanya Lee, the organizer of the book club for four years, has alleged that she was told by the TDSB last month that they would not be promoting the event to their students because Henein defended former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi, who was acquitted of multiple sexual assault charges. Apparently this sends the wrong message to girls. In the past, the TDSB has promoted Lee’s book club events.

It is so absurd it is hard to believe this actually happened.








https://www.ledevoir.com/societe/648201/toronto-des-criminalistes-deplorent-le-traitement-reserve-a-l-avocate-marie-henein (FRANCAIS)





India: Advocate Protection Bill PDF 2021 Download


The draft and the draft of the Advocate Protection Bill have been prepared by a seven-member committee of the Bar Council of India (BCI). It proposes several provisions to protect the interests of lawyers. It has 16 sections. Here we will give you complete information about Advocate Protection Bill PDF 2021 today. Before this, let us know what is an advocate/lawyer and what is this protection bill.

Advocate, solicitor, or lawyer has many meanings, but in Hindi means a person who has the right to represent his cause or suit on behalf of any other person in the court. An advocate presents the argument on behalf of (or on behalf of) another person. It is mainly used in the context of the law. Often most people do not have the ability, knowledge, skills, or language power to express themselves effectively. The need for an advocate underscores this point. Among other things, an advocate should be a lawyer. A lawyer is one who is an expert in law or who has done a professional study of law.

Advocate Protection Bill 2021

In the proposed bill, threatening to cause any kind of damage and injury to the lawyer and his family members, forcibly disclosing any information, getting pressure from the police or any other officer, preventing lawyers from appearing in any case. Acts such as damage to the property of a lawyer, using a derogatory word against an advocate have been categorized as an offense. All these offenses will be non-bailable offenses. There is a provision for imprisonment of 6 months to 2 years as well as a fine of ten lakh rupees for such offense. For these offenses, the police will have to complete the investigation within 30 days, which will be heard by the District and Sessions Judge / Additional District and Sessions Judge, but if a lawyer is accused then this law will not apply to him.






Kashmir/India: Female lawyer assaulted in Bandipora courtroom


According to the lawyers representing the opposing client, a 25-year-old junior lawyer was assaulted by the clients of the other party when the case was called up for hearing.

A female lawyer along with her colleagues was allegedly assaulted by the clients of the opposite party during the hearing of a civil dispute case before the court in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district on Saturday.

According to the lawyers representing the opposing client, a 25-year-old junior lawyer was assaulted by the clients of the other party when the case was called up for hearing.

“The assault occurred in the courtroom and three other lawyers who tried to stop the female lawyer from being assaulted were also injured,” said Adil, a local lawyer who refused to give his second name.

The female lawyer was hospitalised in a state of shock for a detailed checkup. As per the members of the Bandipora Bar Association, she has received bruises on her face and injuries in her left arm and other body parts.

A senior lawyer of the Bandipora Bar Association, Mushtaq Ahmad Malik said that they approached the Police Station Bandipora for registering an FIR against the accused.

“The accused client had previously too resorted to assault and the Bar Association has unanimously denounced the act and condemned it vehemently as three lawyers were injured,” he said.